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“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Lord Acton

Presumptions of the Goodfella elite… Prominence, Predominance, Preeminence and Power … for the Goodfellas of Utah … these Presumptions reflect Attitudes about Everything!

Presumption  to suppose that something is the case on the basis of probability – or in the case of Oligarchs and Goodfellas – to presume on the basis of power and politics.  Presumption “Let none presume to wear an undeserved dignity!” ws 

Prominence – well-known.  “Prominence … a fine linen woven to be worn with humility and dignity … reserved for the deserved  … coveted by the corruptible!” wlw

Predominance – the most common or significant within a group.  “Predominance … a social ‘station’ and notable ‘status’ … although often the sibling of unfettered powers.” wlw 

Pre-eminence – leading, most important.  “Pre-eminence … historically a self anointed and Divine imprimatur of Kings, Queens, Emperors and Oligarchs having no utility whatsoever in a Republic where the Rule of Law and Good Governance must necessarily prevail.” wlw

Power – “Power tends to corruptabsolute power corrupts absolutely.” An observation by Lord Acton that a person’s sense of morality lessens as his or her power increases.  “Too much power in too few hands for far too long.” wlwImage result for the wizard of id golden rule

by Johnny Hart from The Wizard of Id 

Goodfellas follow the Wizard’s Golden Rule

We are an Oligarchy in the USA and Utah.  We call our Oligarchs and their Toadies “Goodfellas.”

The Oligarchs and Toadies of our acquaintance are sophisticated, sinisterly sly and seemingly unassuming … often hiding behind the facade of “religiosity and right” … iron fists in velvet gloves.  The Mafiosi we have known and studied can be similarly slick.  The rules they follow, however, are dictated by their “outfit” and tend to be rude, crude, obtuse,”in your face” and situational.   While Oligarchs pretend to be leaders, they are largely so only through subterfuge, enticement and propaganda .  All the while, they shroud  themselves behind the facade of lawfulness while with impunity deceive us. They deceive us more pervasively, persuasively and insidiously in their various hypocrisies than the Mafiosis who leave the bloody remains of their criminal enterprises on their streets and in the alleys of downtown USA.

We have casually used concepts and terms Oligarch, Toady and Goodfella. We pause here to share our understanding of their meanings.

An oligarch is a very rich business leader with a great deal of political influence. An Oligarchy is a power structure that allows a few businesses, families, or individuals to rule. They have enough power to turn the county to benefit them to the exclusion of other members. They maintain their power through their relationships with each other.  From Oligarchies, Their Pros and Cons, With Causes and Examples “BY KIMBERLY AMADEO  November 01, 2018

A Toady is a PARASITE, SYCOPHANT, LEECH, SPONGE (which) mean a usually obsequious flatterer or self-seeker. PARASITE applies to one who clings to a person of wealth, power, or influence or is useless to society. a jet-setter with an entourage of parasites SYCOPHANT adds to this a strong suggestion of fawning, flattery, or adulation. a powerful prince surrounded by sycophants TOADY emphasizes the servility and snobbery of the self-seeker. cultivated leaders of society and became their toady LEECH stresses persistence in clinging to or bleeding another for one’s own advantage. a leech living off his family and friends SPONGE stresses the parasitic laziness, dependence, and opportunism of the cadger. a shiftless sponge, always looking for a handout.

Goodfella is a term used in the Mafia to determine a trustworthy person.  We use it as a “catch all” for Oligarch and Toady and their collective behaviors.  It is difficult to narrow our focus on “this or that” definition.  In this case, definitions evolve situationally, so the somewhat amorphous “Goodfella” will suffice.  For example, a sophisticated Oligarch may well instigate conduct that is as evil, malignant, obscene and violent as his Mafiosi counterpart … seen in the movieGoodfellas.” However, he will do so via the remote control of limitless assets and endless loyal toadies without soiling himself.  On the other hand, that same Oligarch may well “toady up” to the higher authority.   As an example, we suspect that  Russian Oligarchs dance to Master Putin‘s tunes and take personal, hands on roles in his nefarious schemes.  In our minds “Oligarch” and “Toady” must of necessity be as interchangeable as they are at times indistinguishable one from the other … characterized by simply calling them all “Goodfellas.”

Utah’s Goodfellas Described

All Goodfellas, not just Utah’s, are wannabe, oligarch pretenders … an unimpeded petite power elite enjoying a bottomless cornucopia of spoils … an aberrant, arrogant progeny of a fractured social and political system. They are conceived, nurtured and operate far removed from the original intent of the Framers and Founders. They have subverted the Rule of Law and ravaged Benjamin Franklin’s vision and proposition that we could enjoy a “Republic if we could keep it.” The Goodfellas have infiltrated, permeated, and presumed the right to manipulate every aspect of business, military, industry, finance, education, entertainment, law, and religion. And … as a result of their control over financing our election processes and our own history of slavish submission, We the People are relegated to choosing between the horrible and the despicable at the ballot box.  Finally, were it not for political interference, influence, compromise, and corruption, many of Utah’s Goodfellas who have subverted and perverted the Rule of Law and Good Governance would now be in jail where they belong. wlw 

Image result for We have met the enemy and they are us.” Walt Kelly

Republic … Ruled by Law … Oligarchy … Ruled by Goodfellas … Which is it to be?

Divine Right

Divine Right is the doctrine that kings, queens, emperors, and oligarchs have a God given right to rule and that rebellion against them is a sin. This belief was common through the seventeenth century and was urged by such kings as Louis xiv of France.  Divine Right is a twin to the Doctrines of Infallibility both of which are essential elements of Evil Empires.

One need only to thoughtfully observe, compare and contrast Goodfellas and their Divine aspirations to understand the genesis and underpinnings of the Evils of Empire. Rule in the extreme is illustrated by the following video.

So what of The United States of America and Utah? Are we devolving into a mileu and mix of extremes?

Oligarchic rule, as Aristotle pointed out, is a deviant form of government. Oligarchs care nothing for competency, intelligence, honesty, rationality, self-sacrifice or the common good. They pervert, deform and dismantle systems of power to serve their immediate interests, squandering the future for short-term personal gain. “The true forms of government, therefore, are those in which the one, or the few, or the many, govern with a view to the common interest; but governments that rule with a view to the private interest, whether of the one, of the few or of the many, are perversions,” said Aristotle.   From The Deadly Rule of the Oligarchs “Once oligarchs take power, rational, prudent and thoughtful responses to social, economic and political problems are ignored to feed insatiable greed.”  by Chris Hedges

“History is one long tale of the chicanery of the few manipulating and extorting the many in order to maintain power and privilege…. until, of course, real reforms or a revolution reverses the course of events.”  from Oligarchy USA

We dive down now into The State of Utah as an Oligarchy “escaped” to run amok since 2005!


Timeline Research

A 20 page timeline beginning below with “Utah’s Goodfellas – in The Pits” is but the “Tip of the Iceberg.”  Static timelines are found on pages 3 & 4 that visually demonstrate the degree and amplitude of shameful, inappropriate and corrupt conduct.    As reported in the media since 2005, the supplemental timeline  visualizes an exploding frequency of the most scandal ridden, shameful and corrupt conduct in the history of The State of Utah.

zUtah Goodfellas 04.16.18

At the Master timeline also found here “Utah’s Goodfellas – in The Pits,” most pages contain nodes that are interactive and not static.  “Interactive” means that the reader can click on a node like USTAR or any other node that when moused over shows a hand.  The reader can dive down into additional information, links, visuals and notes.

Utah since Herbert  is a timeline presenting a different visual perspective as does The Better Utah Timeline.

See also “Report: Utah’s Oligarchs (Goodfellas) – Fighting to Maintain Their Political and Economic Control” Take a Dive into Utah’s Swamp An Investigative Report on Utah’s Elite By Dr. Ronald Mortensen, Columnist at Utah Standard News / April 30, 2018

Utah gets (a) D- grade in 2015 State Integrity Investigation A slowly changing landscape By Joel Campbell and The Center for Public Integrity, November 9, 2015  From the chart below, one is compelled to notice these grades: Political Financing “F“; Executive Accountability “F“; Judicial Accountability “F”; State Civil Service Management “F“; Lobbying Disclosure “F“; Ethics Enforcement Agencies “F“; State Pension Fund Management “F”


To be “Made” in Utah

From the “Goodfellas” video, we were entertained about becoming a Mafia “Made Man.”  Service as a “Soldato” (soldier) to the “Outfit” (Mafia) comes first accompanied by unquestioned loyalty and the blood oath of allegiance to one’s Cappo (captain), Don (leader) and “Death before Dishonor” ties to “Omerta” (the oath of silence and secrecy.) Service as a Soldato runs the gamut at the street level from robbery, murder, drug dealing, prostitution, illegal gambling, extortion, kidnapping and other crimes.  Although Utah has historically not been considered a Mafia infested State, we can document connections between traditional Organized Crime and Utah’s Goodfellas … connections that have tipped the scales of Justice to favor the few.


At upper echelons, the “La Cosa Nostra,” “Mafia” or “My Familia” (family) intelligencia often “make nice” with Oligarchs as they co-venture in White Collar Crime, Corruption in Government, Racketeering, Antitrust and other enterprises.  And … even when the Mafia intelligencia break the rules … they get “whacked.”

Service as “Soldato” or a Utah Goodfella is almost always connected in some way to the predominant religion.  Utah Goodfella Governors, Senators, Legislators, Corporate Leaders, Educators and many others enjoy  “My Familia” or Utah Goodfella family ties that bind.  They meet in and preside over congregations on the Sabbath … lie, cheat and steal during the week.  When Utah Goodfellas break the rules, we don’t “whack” them we just issue non-prosecution agreements, forgive and in some instances rebaptise them.

“Tis’ vile to rob a henroost of a hen, but thieving largely makes us gentlemen”  –  or in this case a Utah “made” Goodfella!

How to be “Made in Utah?”

It’s easy to be “Made in Utah” with and by the proper AFFINITIES!

Too much power in too few hands for far too long” leads to AFFINITIES that connect more deeply and dearly than mere AFFINITY FRAUD … affinities leading to the subversion of the Rule of Law and the dereliction of those who govern us.  J. Golden Kimball Quote

Image result for such brethren will work you over kimball

From Dr. Mortensen’s report and our own collections, we list but a small sample of Utah associations and institutions that enjoy Goodfella participation and patronage.

We summarize by using the following clips from Dr. Mortensen’s report: The Salt Lake Chamber is where the Oligarchs come together to develop their plans and it plays a key role in implementing the Oligarchs’ agenda. The Chamber has conferred its “Giant of the City Award” on leading Utah Oligarchs.  Other entities include Policy Institute, Utah Foundation, Downtown Alliance, Health Systems Reform Task Force, Utah Transportation Coalition, Prosperity 2020 which is a partnership of 21 chambers across the state of Utah, Utah Policy, the United Way, Envision Utah, Hatch Election Committee, Salt Lake and Sandy Chambers of Commerce and others. 

We point to Goodfellas to be found in the following timelines:  Utah’s Goodfellas – in The Pits;  Utah since Herbert;  The Better Utah Timeline

We exemplify by using “Big Tobacco” as one small sample of Goodfella conduct in the Legislature:  Big Tobacco and 54 of Utah’s Legislators on the TAKE from Big Tobacco!   


In terms of the sum of numbers reflecting a global human tragedy, it is arguably more ethical, moral, practical and safe to take campaign finance donations from Vladimir Putin, ISIS, The Taliban, The Mafia, North Korea or Iran than it is ethical to finance one’s political campaign with money from Big Tobacco.   

The mere act of enjoying a proximity to and connivance with Big Tobacco is a travesty of unconscionable proportions … and … becomes either a study in arrogance and hypocrisy or an exercise in abject stupidity and carelessness by the Utah legislators listed below.  We scavenged them from Follow the Money.org.wlw


We seek to arouse curiosity by using Utah Valley University (UVU) as a resource for identifying and examining Higher Education Goodfellas who are imbedded in their National Advisory Board  and  The National Presidential Advisory Board. We offer a service reward to any who can scavenge Goodfellas from either of these boards.  We identified several to include one who is the CEO of a Senator Orrin Hatch “Skunk Works.”  The service reward can be claimed by requesting it at justice@utahwtp.com 

We reexposed a previously “outed” Utah State University (USU) CIA Mole as an example of a Higher Education Goodfella.  This CIA Mole has been planted as a Director at USU.  We offer a service reward to any reader who can scavenge, name this mole and successfully argue why the CIA official should be qualified as a “Goodfella.” A clue can be found here  The service reward can be claimed by requesting it at justice@utahwtp.com 

We name   Utah’s many quasi governmental entities: USTAR, DABC, UTA, Utah Dairy, LPP, GOED, Utah MEDICAID, UCA, URS, ULCT.  All have been the subject of countless Utah Legislative Auditor General reports about corruption, shady dealings and/or mismanagement.  We offer a service reward to any reader who can scavenge and name any Goodfellas from the heaps of corrupted road kill wherein they reside.  Clues are found here.  The service reward can be claimed by requesting it at justice@utahwtp.com

We agonize over the responsibility to include and the temptation to ignore that which is exposed  here and here.  These exposés rip their way into the very heart, soul and spiritual fiber of Utah’s people who have built communities of safety and excellence in so many diverse and remarkable areas.  Although tainted by the abusive few and Goodfella conduct, the vast majority of Utahns strive honestly, earnestly and tirelessly to elevate themselves, their families and their congregations above the foregoing, common fray.  

We finalize by pointing to the unfettered powers of a few who have corrupted, compromised and co-opted the Utah Justice System.  We offer a service reward to any reader who can scavenge and name the Goodfellas who preside over and practice in Utah’s courts.  Clues are found here and/or collected and presented through your own research with the reward to be claimed by requesting it at justice@utahwtp.com

Too much power in too few hands for far too long

Utah Goodfellas are sleeping with Dogs and getting Fleas!

If you’re one of em,’ just don’t break the rules or you might get “Whacked” or Merged!

There is a brighter future over the horizon if “We the People” have the will to reclaim the Republic.

A TED video by Lawrence Lessig

Judicial Watch Presents: ‘Exposing the Deep State’ 60min






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