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 Participate with The Ole’ Buzzard’s Blog all-the-while Working to Protect Yourself.

Challenges and Processes and Citizens

    1. Unburden the load of remorse you may have been lugging around for accidentally being proximate to … too close to … the acts of others who have subverted the Rule of Law and Good Governance. For relief of such nagging remorse, why not say or do something about what you’ve seen or heard?

    2. Learn how to protect and practice protecting and preserving your anonymity and confidentiality  in the process.

    3. If you are more than merely proximate to the problem but in fact a participant, then we’ll work with you to help you confidentially engage seasoned, credible counsel who are at ease with working on your behalf with the proper authorities.

The first challenge is easy.  Just create a record of the who, what, why, where, when and how of the inappropriate, shameful, fraudulent and/or corrupt conduct you’ve observed. 

The next challenge and steps to be carefully taken are easy also.  Communicate the record you’ve carefully and confidentially created for us via a means selected by you that is comfortably secure.  For example, you can plan and arrange a “dead drop” of the information at a certain place, day and time.  For more “dead drop” details click here.  Right click your mouse and select “back” to return here.

With tongue in cheek and stretching the dead drop suggestion a bit, you could have us alerted to the dead drop plan telephonically by your best friend’s honorable old great uncle who lives in Tokyo and who will serve as a “cut out.”  Our cutout will simply convey the dead drop plan or more simply get the “hot” information directly to Wayne Wickizer, 6720 Buena Vista Drive, Ogden (Uintah), Utah 84405, voice & text 435 828 0496, 

While you are collecting and producing the information  you want conveyed and getting it to us via a simple dead drop or any other means, know this.  We will recover your information and cover the sender/you.  We know the drill.   

There are easier and less convoluted ways to get a message to us, but it’s up to you to create and implement what keeps you in your comfort zone.  For example, just show up and drop it on the doorstep, in our email or post office box, or as a text message, or voice via telephone.  We don’t need to know who you are to “fold” it into the Blog effectively with the information you provide to Wayne Wickizer, 6720 Buena Vista Drive, Ogden (Uintah), Utah 84405, voice & text 435 828 0496, 

The first question we would ask of the vast  majority of Legislators who indeed follow an ethical, moral compass is, “Where’s the pork?”  Who’s personally profiting from the following, huge roster of 2019 bills?

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

“Preposterous!” you protest!

“Hardly” we respond after having found with our techniques and resources among this year’s bills H.B. 310 Solid and Hazardous Waste Amendments wherein Energy Solutions stands to profit from their compromise of the Utah Attorney General and our Utah representatives. 

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”zOn the Take”]

Our record and our stories.

Many of you, as I have been, are nearing or at the point of no return.  For example, military aviators often cross vast expanses of ocean and barren terrain. They know there is a point at which they can turn back and land safely.  They calculate that point.  They plan for contingencies.   Yet, when all is said and done, they are duty bound to fly on to complete the mission.  We share similar perspectives and obligations of honor figuratively as we approach the point and time when we are about to decide that we’re fed up with putting up with the subversion of the Rule of Law and Good Governance that surrounds us.

Perhaps we’ve innocently been a small piece of a plan to create legislative “pork” and fraudulent activities that will enure to the benefit of those sponsoring the legislation or their handlers.  We may have witnessed funds passing from one account to another to attempt to conceal the flow.  Or perhaps we’ve actually seen or heard of money passing from one hand to another as an overt bribe.  No matter the scheme or process, we are just fed up with being personally and professionally touched by the inappropriate, shameful, fraudulent and corrupt conduct of others.

We’ve approached the point of no return if in contemplating the foregoing we’ve decided to do something about it and have taken a few, at first faltering steps in the right direction.   The Ole’ Buzzard has been there with you on numerous occasions and have suggestions as follows.

    • Take heart and courage, the name you were born with is not the name on your birth certificate or paycheck.  Your first given name has inherent in it an American’s right to freedom from oppression and corruption. The name we all have in common is “Citizen.”  You are a citizen first and foremost entitled to a host of protections.
    • One such protection that we’ll enlarge on is to be free from Government intrusion into your private affairs.  That may be a right but indeed is infringed upon regularly whenever the government is threatened by its citizens.

How to deal with the issues you face as you cross the point of no return for having exposed the conduct that you observe is of critical importance.  First and foremost is your safe anonymity and confidentiality.   We will never be so naive as to say, “Trust us.”  We will instead ask for you to, “Try us.”  The Ole’ Buzzard has crossed these vast and terrifying waters and wastes numerous times.  We know how to navigate and will share a couple of stories to illustrate.

As FBI Agents, our effectiveness was measured by any number of standards.  One such standard was our ability to develop and protect credible sources of information.  Although I’ve a bit of a savage mug and presence at 6′ 5″ tall, an aura of trustability seems to have surrounded me.  My sources trusted me with their lives and reputations.  All-the-while, a host of criminals decided to confess their crimes during our interrogative visits together.   That’s just the way it was.

There was, however, one time when a source was itching to give up a bank robber but he did not trust me with his own, personal identity.  That’s ok!  We worked it out and the end result was that the bank robber was identified, arrested and prosecuted successfully.  The source kept his name from ever being revealed and this Agent received a letter of commendation from the FBI Director for bringing it all together.

We omitted the Robber’s name. He did his time and for all we know he could now be a beloved father, grandfather or clergyman.  Notice the FBI Director’s comment in the following letter about our “… expert handling of a vital source.”

Here’s the rest of the Bank Robber story.

We had a series of bank robberies in the San Fernando Valley.  The bandit was not violent but regularly repeated his crimes with amazing success.  From surveillance photos, we could tell that he was average, average and more average.   Nothing really stood out about him that would help us identify him.  His downfall, however, was that he always used a demand note that he left behind with the victim teller.  The note usually said, “I have a gun (which he didn’t) give me the money.”  From the many notes that he left behind, we preserved his partial fingerprints.  From the surveillance photos we began to create a distinctive mosaic of his persona.  With hundreds of those photos in hand, I began to leave them … albeit strew them … across the broad expanse of the San Fernando Valley.  I was in and out of bars, massage parlors, whore houses, grocery stores, gun shops … you name it I had been there with those photos that had my name and phone number printed on the back.

One day while sitting in the office, a call came in for Mr. Wickizer.  I answered and caught a quick whisper from a raspy voice that said, “I know your bank robber Mr. Wickizer.”  I quickly asked, “Who?”  He responded, “We’ll have to meet first.”  The conversation went on back and forth about why he wouldn’t tell me who he and the bank robber were.  In the end, we decided on a day, an exact time and specific place to meet.  This was most unusual and somewhat unsettling in-as-much-as he demanded that I be alone, pull up to a specific crosswalk with the back driver’s side door unlocked and he’d jump in and we’d talk.

This was completely outside of any FBI protocol and could get me killed by the caller or even fired by the Bureau for exposing myself to such a plan.   Having been nurtured in another life by the old adage, “Nothing ventured nothing gained.” This lesson learned far earlier than my FBI experience.  The “ghost” and I exercised the plan with precision.   I pulled up to the specified crosswalk on the precise day and time.  Whoever he was jumped into the back seat behind the driver … me.  Then and not before and on his terms, I learned the name of the bank robber.  It just so happened that the name matched a Los Angeles Police Department record of arrest wherein fingerprints had been taken.  One of the partial prints from a demand note matched the fingerprints from the arrest record.  “Voila” we knew who the bank robber was and were hot on his trail and arrested him fairly soon thereafter.

The point to be made from all of the foregoing is that the source of information decided that the right thing to do for him was to give the information that he had to the right person … me!  He created a construct from within which he felt safe to give it up.  I, on the other hand, decided to play against the odds and venture with him.  We got the job done.  The bank robber went to jail.  The FBI Director and I enjoyed the end result.

I will guarantee that with your ingenuity, integrity and personal resources you can create a construct that will give you comfort operating from within and will render a successful outcome for the Rule of Law and Good Governance.  The burden of your knowledge about the inappropriate, shameful, fraudulent and corrupt conduct that touches you will have been lifted.  You will have successfully crossed that point of no return.

Next story about protecting a highly placed source of information.

What follows is another example that lends itself nicely to our comment, “Try us!’  In the 1980s, I was the Utah Attorney General’s case Agent on a matter involving Utah Power and Light.  For many years prior, it had been rumored and known that Utah’s public utility was fraught with fraud.  Nobody wanted to beard that lion in its den because of the social, economic, and political skeletons that would come clanging out of the closet once the door was opened.  One day the Unit Supervisor caught me as I was coming down the hall and said almost apologetically, “Got a case for you that nobody has been able to successfully investigate and prosecute.”

Several years later thanks to many more than just Wickizer, we had obtained the first ever convictions using Utah laws.  These were convictions for the complex and high level crimes of Racketeering, Bribery and Anti-trust.  We’d coalesced the support of a broad base of wonderful men and women in government, the media, the public and  pursued this case successfully in spite of the horrible opposition we faced on all fronts.  That wasn’t the end however.  There were many more crimes alleged that would sink to the vitals and bowels of the Utah scene and challenge the established elite as they’d not been challenged for decades.

Our team wrote what amounted to a 400 page, pre-prosecution memorandum and submitted it to The Utah Attorney General David Wilkinson who promptly punked out.  The United States Attorney Brent Ward wanted nothing to do with anything like our case which would most definitely unbalance his politics.

What was I to do?  Well … back to “nothing ventured … nothing gained.”  I had a good track record with the Chief Judge of Utah’s 3rd District, made an appointment with him and briefed him on the 400 page memorandum.  He read it and required the other 12 or so judges on the panel to read it also.  Then he convened the panel to hear my testimony the result of which was that a County Grand Jury was called.  Federally, a Grand Jury sits almost perpetually.  Calling a County Grand Jury is a rare event.

A Salt Lake County Grand Jury

I’m slowly getting to why “try me.”  Through the course of my investigations of Utah Power and Light, I had developed a number of high level sources of information.  One of whom was a senior level government official who gave me information that interested the attorneys for the Grand Jury.   Were the government to have known of his assistance, he would have faced severe consequences.  I had promised my source that his name would never cross my lips such that he would be outed or revealed.  Yet the attorneys for the Grand Jury were pressing for his name.  My source has long since passed away or I wouldn’t have even been telling this much of this tale.

The attorneys for the Grand Jury kept pressing and I kept refusing.  Finally they threatened me with contempt and promised me that I’d be jailed.  I kept refusing and told them to “take their best shot.”  They’d look silly jailing their Agent for keeping his word with a high level critical source.  The stand off soon stood down their side of it.  The point in all of the foregoing is that we’d go to jail before outing a trusted source.  Try us!

Rodney G. Snow was one of the attorneys and Larry R. Keller the other.  I repeat today with Puckish delight, “You took your best shot and missed”!  Yes … “You punked out like Wilkinson and Ward.”  You failed to clean up the mess that we’d placed our reputations on the line to reveal and prosecute.   You hijacked and took control of a Grand Jury called to investigate and failed to pursue leads with the same vigor we’d invested to sustain and preserve the Rule of Law and Good Governance in Utah.  We, to this day, are convinced you were “Step in fetchits,” Factotum” for your Utah Goodfella friends and legal colleagues, “Spinners & Cleaners” by our definition.

So finally, readers and followers, just simply and carefully … try us! You are vitally important to our work to reverse the following, terrible Utah trends.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”zUtah Goodfellas 04.16.18″]

Simply create a construct from which you can safely operate and divulge to us what you know and have seen about conduct in Utah that is inappropriate, shameful, fraudulent and corrupt.   We, in turn, will do our best to shed the bright light of day on that conduct via The Ole’ Buzzard’s Blog.

Know this!  We’ve more eyes and ears on The Ole’ Buzzard’s Blog than one can even begin to imagine.  Regardless the mess at FBI HQ, the other HQs, CIA, NSA Et. al. and the Media in Washington, D.C., we’ve a number of unique friends with Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity still coursing through their veins while they pound the bricks and their keyboards across the Nation and around the World … friends who are listening and following as are you  … following that which we are collecting, postulating and exposing.

Wayne Wickizer, 6720 Buena Vista Drive, Ogden (Uintah), Utah 84405, voice & text 435 828 0496,

Dead Drop” from a posting by Tradecraft Practices  

What’s a Dead Drop? 

A Dead Drop uses a physical location where material is covertly placed for another person to collect without direct contact between the parties.

Good locations for dead letter boxes are niches in walls, in and around public trash receptacles, in and around trees and shrubs, inside vegetables such as pumpkins, in someone else’s mailbox, between books in a public library, inside a paper towel dispenser, etc.

The key to success is ingenuity, so none of those mentioned above are good ideas.  😉 

The KGB devised and perfected this method for use in the UK and US during the cold war. But the technique is so effective it’s still in use today. More than 30 intelligence agencies and underground groups worldwide use this technique.  When used by two people who have basic skills in counter surveillance, this method has confounded surveillance.

You need to know three pieces of tradecraft:

          1. Pick a good site for your drop. This means choosing a spot where you’re momentarily hidden from view while you pass by (and either load or empty the box). It also means selecting a site that is easily accessible and in a public location.
          2. Use a separate set of sites to signal when you’re ready to place something in the drop, or retrieve something from the drop.
          3. Use a foolproof signal that tells both parties that material in the site has been picked up.

A simpler dead drop is explained in this video by Robert Wallace Co-author, Spy Sites of Washington, DC and former director of the CIA’s Office of Technical Services.

Wayne Wickizer, 6720 Buena Vista Drive, Ogden (Uintah), Utah 84405, voice & text 435 828 0496,

We Connect the Dots!

USTAR Part II is demanding to be revealed soon with DABC, Utah Dairy, UTA, GOED, Utah Medicaid, LPP, UCA, URS, Fund of Funds, ULCT, and Utopia published sometime thereafter.   Lots of Dots!  We’ll always Defer to the “Extra, Extra” and “The Special” which may be yours!

Other color …

We found a faded old montage of bank robbery surveillance photos with the backside contact list for the LAPD and me.  As opposed to the Robber in our posting above, these were really bad dudes.

As we have briefly introduced the Salt Lake Grand Jury above, it might be interesting to the blog’s followers to read our 1987 press release that voices our dismay.

[pdf-embedder url=””%5D

In 1980, I received the following from Senator Jake Garn’s office.

He had directed to be conveyed to me the “Code of Ethics” which I offer here for more color.


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