Jaw’n with Sue Dallimore. Dragon Slayer Prosecutor Extraordinaire!

Would it surprise the reader to learn that Suzanne Dallimore, One of Our Wonderful Trustees, is a “Never Trumper”?

So what?  We’ll just suck it up and take our lumps from her for supporting President Trump!  We’re sure to take more lumps from several others of our Trustees.  However, there’s always another side to every side and we’ll hear her side and your side too if you’ve the guts for it.

Suzanne Dallimore

Forty Years Fighting Corruption … Sep 1977 – Present 41 yrs 9 mos

For decades I’ve been a corruption, collusion and conspiracy lawyer. Now that I’m retirement age, I am reinventing myself as a corruption, collusion and conspiracy writer. For most of my forty years as an attorney, I’ve been engaged in investigating, analyzing, presenting, charging, litigating, settling and trying conspiracy cases.  See more at Linkedin. 

We’ll Share a Rant from Sue Here

The Ole’ Buzzard will interlineate in blue.

    1. Don’t think Mueller gave Trump a pass.  It does appear that Mueller was more intent on defending DOJ than on the evidence of conspiracy between Trump, Trump campaign, Trump Jr. and Russians, but given the detail of the witnesses denying coordination, I can see how it would be hard to convict on the meddling conspiracy. Mueller not reaching conclusion that the crime of obstruction, (and conspiracy to obstruct and lie to Congress, etc.), was, in my opinion, a pass for Trump, but not much of one. We shall see. (So what?  The whole damn thing is a charade. See, “As for Lawyers … Bob Mueller & Bill Barr … We Reveal the Chaos and Concert Created by These Two Cleaners Extraordinaire!”)
    2.  Agree on Holder/Obama not going after the “Banketeers” after the crash of 2008. Should have taken out just about all the investment banks. Clinton gave us the repeal of regulations prohibiting banks from being investment houses. Greed being what it is, failing to expect that the wall street denizens would come up with a fake mortgage-backed security was wishful thinking. Even Alan Greenspan finally admitted that the market won’t police itself. (Bah! Not my bag of tea to Dunk.)
    3. Remind me to tell you my “how Joe Bonnano, Jr. scammed Lehman Bros. Real Estate for $40 Mil and got away with it” story. (Yes, many of the Bonanno clan live in Arizona.) Came up in a mortgage fraud case I handled some years ago. (Remind me to tell you the story of how our source helped indict the Bonanno Brothers and their Utah flunky Jerry Gato.  Gato was also involved in AFCO a Utah scam that enjoyed the patronage of Paul H. Dunn a local religious leader.)
    4. Utah will always be Utah. We both know how those deals are done. The brethren take care of business which means they take care of each other. Like the GOP does. Like the Clintons faction of the Dems do. (see #3 above.)
    5. Trump is a crook, in bed with Putin. I’ve done too much research on the post USSR collapse, the rise of the oligarchs and Putin’s brilliant rise to dictator and the way they roll over an ignorant fool like Trump to doubt Trump’s complicity for wrecking the country. (“Research?” Oh balderdash good Lady.  Show me your “research” that rises to more than a rant or even a “reasonable suspicion” that any of that is true and we’ll publish it.)
    6. He thinks Putin really likes him. He thinks he can rise to level of superstar despot but he’s too crazy to achieve it. Trump is perfect for Putin’s “chaos” war on Western democracies. Whether Mueller found meeting of the minds with Putin or not before Trump became president or not, my work has gone beyond that to examine the ways in which president Trump and Putin operated in tandem. (More balderdash!)
    7. Ask how many of Trump’s policies benefit Russia. Example: Russia has been propping up Venezuela’s Maduro for years, lending over $17 billion USD. In return, Russia takes as collateral the Venezuelan oil industry. Look for a Russian at a Citgo near you. Who does Trump blame for Maduro staying in power? Who does he sanction? Cuba for cryin’ out loud, as if Cuba was even a player. And Iran.(I can buy some of this.)
    8. So he yanks the Iran treaty (A good thing!) and Bolton, (another character worth a book … agreed) insinuates we’re going to attack Iran. Madness. (Madness is the mother’s milk of movement out to and on the edges of  political extremes!  Everybody is mad.  That’s to say both angry and insane. Left, Right, Up, Down, and in between!)
      3. Everybody in Bush W’s White House was wrong on 9/11. (Oh yes, yes, and yes.  We resonate dear lady.  The Bushes are Goodfellas!) Ken Hancock, a chief FBI agent in Arizona, tracked the Saudis (not Iranians) who learned to fly in Arizona, then he followed them into Florida. He wrote a memo that absolutely predicted the plane hijacking, the crashing into the Twin Towers and Pentagon and named the perpetrators over a year before the attack. Memo never made it up the FBI chain.
    9. Cheney had money on the line through Haliburton, (his wife was on the board making half a million over the Iraq war years). Halliburton/KBR made a bloody ton “rebuilding” Iraq except the construction was so poor much of it was useless. GAO went after KBR for contact violations and Halliburton spun off KBR so it could bankrupt out of liability. (We wished for time, some seed money (not Mueller’s $40MM) you, Simonelli and a Grand Jury.  We’d have had a few of these miscreant Goodfellas in jail long ago.)

That’s it folks.  That’s how all sides could work together to embrace and sustain The Rule of Law and Good Governance without killing each other in the process … cuss’n and swing’n and spit’n … yes!   Kill’n NO!  It’s all about the law.

Best wishes,

The Ole’ Buzzard


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