The Ole’ Buzzard’s “Think a’ Thon” Challenge!

So what is America?  Viewed from the outside in and the inside out, our ‘merica is a rollicking, rowdy, rocky mess.  And … we’ve a President who thrives on churning and mixing it up at the center of us.  Donald Trump may become, rolled into one, the most reviled and revered President in the history of our Nation.

Ok Folks!  Here’s the challenge now for all.  Let’s have a little “Think a’ Thon” over and about the President.

Challenge … Mentally capture each of the following presidential candidate names one by one.  View each President Trump visual below and mentally replace President Trump’s name with the name of the person you have chosen.  Do the names, claims and values listed for President Trump conform with your view of what’s important?  If so, then how does each candidate or person you’ve compared with him shape up?  When finished, do that for former presidents going back as far as you can personally remember.

If you are still teetering one way or the other after accomplishing the foregoing, then repeat after me, “Greater good. Lesser evil. Greater good. Lesser evil. Greater good. Lesser evil!”

Here are the names and personalities but just in case you want a short cut to our think’n … non of em’ can even touch him and never would!






We rest our case!

If you are still having a problem, may we suggest that you …

Or … in the ultimate alternative … when we find ourselves in a paroxysm of cynicism we re-read our posting … “As for the Black Arts & As for Propaganda & As for Psychopaths & As for Sociopathsfor the other “side of it” all.

After a dose of our “Black Arts” posting, you may well emerge thinking the whole Nation needs or is on  meds. 

For a fact…that’s probably right!


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