Failed USTAR is behind the Summit … or is (???) the failed USTAR behind the The Utah Technology Innovation Summit?
The email address in their blast,,” is an indicator that USTAR, in its end of life death knell/throes, may still be desperate to recover and reinvent itself by hosting or ghosting or doing at least something like the Summit … The Utah Technology Innovation Summit.   
Oh well … we suppose that Utah taxpayers can endure at least one last gasp and allow the infamous, Cornucopia of Corruption called … USTAR to drain their wallets once more before the cash is completely dried up.   

There’s also the argument for stuffing some last minute cash into presenters’ pockets.  We notice that Mitt Romney was last year’s headliner and his speaking fees are typically around $50,000 a pop.  Nice gig for him just before the election.  So sad that so many of us had to pay for a politician we didn’t want. We wonder how much taxpayer largess will be left for the current crop of presenters?

 Isn’t this convocation of Utah Goodfellas … The Summit … rather like putting lipstick on a pig … a dead pig at that?
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