Utah Attorneys General Reyes, Swallow, Shurtleff … “Birds of a Feather Flock Together” … “On The Take”

Your Current Utah Attorney General LDS Bishop “Rap’n Rambo” Sean Reyes On the Take”

Notice: Energy Solutions, Altria (Big Tobacco) and $22,000 from PayDay Lenders.   See 29 pages below …

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July 15, 2015 “Two former Utah attorneys general arrested, accused of accepting bribes.”

LDS Bishop AG Swallow On The Take

See 24 pages below … 

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AG Shurtleff On The Take

See 25 pages below …

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The Ole’ Buzzard

“There are a thousand hacking
 at the branches of evil to one 
who is striking at the root.”
H.D. Thoreau
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The only Agent in the history of the FBI
of “The Washington Merry-go-Round.”

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Wayne L. Wickizer - MSAJ Major, U.S. Army Special Forces Ret. Former FBI Agent 1970-76

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