“Illegal?” and “Alien?”   “Stay Away!” or “Go Home!” or “Get Legal!” Part 2

A National Emergency has Paralyzed the Heart of the Homeland, Victimized its Children and  Compromised Revered Institutions.

The Deeply Compromised and Conflicted Church-State of Utah

The deeply compromised and conflicted church-state of Utah has traditionally been challenged by those on the left who complain about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints’ undue influence in Utah state government.  However, as Dr. Mortensen points out, the Church is now a global institution and the positions that it takes on political issues is driven by what is good for it as a worldwide Church and not as an American Church as in the past.

The impact that globalization has had on the Church’s political efforts in Utah can be seen in its support for illegal aliens who are violating U.S. laws and doing serious harm to innocent American children.

An example of how this globalization of the Church impacts the church-state relationship in Utah can be seen in the Church’s evolving position on the rule-of-law and support of the United States Constitution as discussed in Dr. Mortensen’s Backgrounder on this subject.  Some key points from that piece follow.

For most of its existence, the LDS Church was essentially an American Church with limited international interests. The transition to a worldwide Church has resulted in a major demographic shift in membership….Today’s Church leaders seldom talk about the divinely inspired U.S. Constitution during general conference sessions because they are now addressing a truly worldwide audience.  

 And, although the LDS Church continues to be based in Utah, its policies are no longer necessarily determined by what is best for Utah or for the United States. As a worldwide church, LDS leaders now have to consider the impact that legislation in Utah will have on the Church’s international operations and its ability to take its message to countries around the world.

• The Church baptizes illegal aliens who are working
without authorization in the United States in spite
of the fact that the Church Handbook of Instructions
includes the following: “Members who emigrate to
any country should comply with applicable laws.
To be considered for Church employment in
any country, a person must meet all conditions of
immigration and naturalization laws.”
• The Church allows individuals to be baptized who
have not shown sorrow for their sins, confessed their
violation of U.S. immigration law, stopped using
fraudulent documents and stolen identities to get
jobs, made restitution to individuals whose good
names have been destroyed due to identity theft, and
who are not living righteously since they continue to
commit document fraud, Social Security fraud, and
identity fraud.
• The Church calls for compassion (mercy) for illegal
aliens who are committing serious violations of
U.S. immigration and criminal laws, but ignores
justice (compassion) for an estimated 50,000 Utah
children and over one million Arizona children and
their families, who are the victims of job-related
identity theft.
• While President Monson writes about how
important it is to obey, honor, and sustain the laws,
even in a communist country, Church leaders ignore
job-related felonies committed by illegal aliens
and downplay the seriousness of their violation of
American immigration laws.
• While the Church claims to take no position on
illegal immigration, its media group (Deseret News,
KSL TV, KSL News Radio, El Observador Spanish language
newspaper) pushes an overtly pro-illegal
immigrant agenda, the Church’s political operatives
get a U.S. Senator to obtain immunity for it from
immigration laws, and the Church’s missionary
program in the United States is largely based on
bringing unrepentant illegal aliens into the Church,
who continue to commit major felonies even after
they are baptized.
• At the same time the Church tells new converts
in the poorest countries and villages in the world
to stay where they are in order to build up the
Church there, its public affairs and media groups
and surrogates accuse those who ask people illegally
in the United States to return to those very same
countries and villages of being mean-spirited and
• The Church does not oppose working families
ripping their children away from family and friends
to bring them illegally into the United States, often at
great risk to their children’s lives, but it does oppose
requiring those same families and their children to
safely return to their home countries and families.
• The Church sees itself as a worldwide Church
and yet it emphasizes American exceptionalism by
insisting that illegal aliens be allowed to remain in
the United States because it is inherently superior to their home countries.
• Free agency and opposition to governments that
deny that agency are core tenets of the Church
and yet when dealing with illegal immigration the
Church increasingly takes a social justice approach
that eventually deprives people of their agency
through forced charity, income redistribution
schemes, and increased corruption as the rule of law
is weakened.

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Where the opponents of illegal immigration see contradictions such as those listed above, the proponents see an opportunity to push Church policy closer to their social justice positions. The proponents of illegal aliens, therefore, focus on one-sided compassion.

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il·le·gal  contrary to or forbidden by law, especially criminal law. synonyms: unlawful, illicit, illegitimate, against the law, criminal, lawbreaking, actionable, felonious …

a·li·en foreigner, foreign national, nonnative, immigrant, emigrant, émigré, incomer, newcomer, visitor, outsider, stranger …

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“Illegal?” and “Alien?”   “Stay Away!” or “Go Home!” or “Get Legal!”


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