Southwest Captain Brings His Dad Home

Bringing Dad Home

Southwest Airlines Captain Bryan Knight brings his Dad, Col. Roy A Knight, home from the Vietnam War in this touching video from Big Geek Daddy.

The last time Captain Knight saw his father, Col. Roy A Knight, was when he was five years old and his Dad was flying out of Dallas Love Field Airport to go to war. Col. Knight served in the Vietnam War where he was shot down and declared missing in action. Fifty two years later, his body was identified and flown home by his son, Captain Knight, a USAF veteran. I love the show of support by everyone at Southwest Airlines and Love Field.

This Ole’ Buzzard’s tears flowed freely and unashamedly as I watched the above video and now exercise the “desire” and compulsion to comment.  We’ve U.S. Air Force Aircrew service that includes 5,000+ documented flying hours yet those few hours pale by contrast. Our humble and far less remarkable record is not even noticeable by comparison with the sacrifices of those preceding, surrounding 1955-65 and following.  “Survivor’s Guilt” is the real reason for the tears!

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