He’s too big to fail and too big to jail!

We are chasing down
Corruption surrounding
JP Morgan Chase (JPMC),
Jamie Dimon,
& Jon Huntsman!

Did you know that the JPMC banking cabal has amassed ~162 violations totaling ~$39,691,463,886.00 with ~$34,664,255,752 occurring on CEO Jamie Dimon’s watch?  By invitation from Jon Huntsman, Dimon is appearing or already has presented himself at the World Trade Center Utah.  

Dimon became Chairman of the JPMC Board on December 31, 2006, and has been Chief Executive Officer and President since December 31, 2005.

Here’s how JPMC has been doing business on Dimon’s watch since 2010:

    • He’s too big to fail and too big to jail!

      Accounting fraud or deficiencies

    • Anti-money-laundering deficiencies
    • Banking violation
    • Bankruptcy professional violation
    • Benefit plan administrator violation
    • Consumer protection violation
    • Data submission deficiencies
    • Discriminatory practices (non-employment)
    • Economic sanction violation
    • Employment discrimination
    • Energy market manipulation
    • Environmental violation
    • Export control violation
    • False Claims Act and related
    • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
    • Foreign exchange market manipulation
    • Fraud
    • Insurance violation
    • Interest rate benchmark manipulation
    • Investor protection violation
    • Kickbacks and bribery
    • Mortgage abuses
    • Price-fixing or anti-competitive practices
    • Toxic securities abuses
    • Wage and hour violation

Read “The Buck Stops With Jamie Dimon” where you’ll learn … 

  • The problem with JPMorgan Chase is not a few rogue low level employees. Just as the fish rots from the head, the people with rotten morals at JPMorgan Chase are the people at the very top of the corporate hierarchy.
  • As the Senate Subcommittee on Investigations found in its Report on the London Whale, Dimon and JPMorgan Chase’s Chief Financial Officer, Douglas Braunstein, lied about the scope of the Bank’s known losses in an April 13, 2012 earnings call with market analysts.
  • Poor people who violate laws go to prison.
  • This account demonstrates Dimon’s utter disregard for the law. JPMorgan Chase has paid out $36 billion in the last four years because it has violated both civil and criminal laws. Poor people who violate laws go to prison.

Huntsman Wants Dimon to
School Utah???

Could it be that former Utah Governor, Ambassador, Goodfella, and funny-money grubber, “Prince” Huntsman wasn’t aware of JPMC’s abysmal track record? Somehow we doubt it. Obviously, Huntsman decided to elevate and exemplify JPMC’s leader Jamie Dimon as a beacon of light and good business conduct for  Utahns to fawn over and emulate. 

Alas … Harvard, Wall Street, and JPMC have come to Utah in the form of the vaunted Dimon.  This could be like “onboarding” the next strain of COVID.  By all means, “masks on” and get some “distance” before anyone is tempted to genuflect.

That’s right.  Prince Jon is abusing the taxpayer-backed “World Trade Center Utah” by grubbing and groveling for the Center’s “A Conversation with Jamie Dimon ….” about how to do business subsequent COVID.

Wow!  Will Dimon and Huntsman also discuss JPMC’s ~$34,664,255,752.00 in criminal violations as they pontificate for our benefit and enlightenment about other matters?  If you actually think so, then we have some choice swampland in the West Desert to sell you.

Just what will Dimon and Huntsman be purporting to teach young adults, budding entrepreneurs, or others during the webinar?  After all, inquiring minds do want to know how the anointed elite conduct business.  Yet … all-the-while the Ole’ Buzzard’s cast iron stomach burns, turns, and churns as he reels from the stench and sleaze surrounding and engulfing JPMC. 

The only conclusion, education, and “takeaway” possible for all is that under the influence of corruption and circumstance, JPMC and Dimon are, “Too big to fail and too big to jail” and keeping a safe distance is the best lesson and defense.

Here’s what the Ole’ Buzzard teaches,
“Sleep with the dogs and get their fleas!”

Sleep With Dogs and Get Fleas

Could the LDS Church, Utah’s 800-lbs. gorilla, have set the example, avoided even the appearance of wrongdoing, and cleared the way by “vetting” more carefully those with whom they invest and affiliate?  By all means! 

However, we’ve learned that prior to a most recent exposé, the Church had kept silent and carefully avoided revealing to its members, investigators, followers, and the World how it has profited from profiteers like … 

How does the Church rationalize conducting questionable business with bad actors in the financial markets? Could it be that publicly they are hell bent on keeping up appearances while privately they’ll “do anything for money”?

Click HERE for the LDS Church’s Ensign Peak details which include ~$36.8 billion Assets wherein the tainted Unitedhealth Group and forever tarnished JPMC are found Under Management by Ensign.

Click HERE for Unitedhealth Group violations and penalties totalling ~$603,466,164.00 since 2000.

Click HERE for JPMC violations and penalties totalling ~$35,819,302,225.00 since 2000.  

Is anyone still surprised that Utah’s history of notoriously corrupt “pay-to-play” misconduct makes our State known — far and wide — as the Affinity Fraud Capital of America?  Or that, as we reported, BestLife recently ranked Utah as the 2nd Most Corrupt State in America?  

Either before, during, or after Dimon and Huntsman preen, primp, and pontificate, our readers are invited to have a look at our take on their Harvard, Wall Street, JPMC webinar by watching the 8-minute video below.  Enlarge the screen for a better viewing experience and by-all-means … “masks on!” 

JPMC’s Sterling Business
Model Memorialized Below!

Do a Google search for  “JP Morgan Chase Corruption” and  you’ll harvest an amazingly long thread HERE.

Want to gamble on doing business with JPMC? Click the wheel below, but hang on to your hat and wallet after you do! When you’ve arrived at the site, click on any group of JPMC customers in the roulette wheel to see how much JPMC has been forced to pay that group to settle claims for fraud or violations of law in just the last five years.  The total comes to $36 billion.

For details regarding JPMC Fines and Penalties,
dive into the following:


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