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by Keely Sharp July 27, 2021
I have a serious question: is Joe Biden okay? Like, is he beyond being helped in cognitive decline or is he being held against his will and controlled? Either way….the man has some extreme gaffes and statements.

Last week, while speaking to CNN’s Don Lemon, Biden reacted peculiarly when he learns that Lemon is vaccinated against COVID-19.

In the video below, you can hear Biden ask Lemon, “You got the vaccination?” To which he nods his head in response. Biden then asks, “Are you okay? I mean you seem-” and then suddenly switches gears and declares “No it works!”

Biden then goes into a strange rant that is honestly hard to follow, talking about the man on the moon and aliens.

You have to see it to believe it.

From joking about harming a reporter to “stumble speaking” for a full 41 seconds, America faces an existential problem.  Our President’s capacity for cogency has completely rotted out between his ears.  Abroad, Joe Biden is the laughing stock of “leaders” around the World.  At home, he mouths incomprehensible, dangerous gibberish about protecting us from ourselves … a Judas Goat” who is serving the USA up to “Enemies Foreign and Domestic.

As a multitude of national crises barrages our country, we are more critically vulnerable than ever before to those who seek our ruin.  Our cities, critical infrastructure, strategic resources, and technology have been degraded, exposed, compromised, destroyed, sacrificed, and served up to espionage, sabotage, and subversion by our enemies.  The “moment” is upon us and we are nearly beyond repair and restoration.

The power games playing out among and between global leaders are only possible because of fear.  Without fear, those who exist to manipulate and deceive are powerless.

To increase their leverage of fear over the American people, the “Deep State” inserted this puppet-imbecile into the presidency with the “nuclear football” at their disposal.  Biden and/or his handlers possess the green light to initiate total devastation.

Think that’s a stretch?  In one of his recent ramblings, Biden even implied that the federal regime might resort to nuclear war against its own citizens.

With more time “off the rails” than on them, Biden’s mindless, knee jerk, cognitive processes are DEADLY.  No sane person can trust this sorry cartoon caricature and empty suited dunce we have for President.

Former White House Doctor Calls for Biden to Undergo Immediate Cognitive Test as Strange Behavior Becomes an Everyday Occurrence: ‘There Is Something Going On.’
– Jack Davis, The Western Journal, July 4, 2021

When a president’s verbal aberrations become normal, there is a deeper problem than “gaffes,” that needs to be addressed, according to a former White House doctor.  

Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson of Texas, who was a White House physician for former presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump, said Saturday that he supports the standard set while Trump was in office and Democrats demanded that he take a cognitive test.

Creepy Joe Biden: Political Cartoons – Orange County Register

“The far left and the mainstream media were demanding that be the new standard for anybody who’s going to lead our country and be our commander in chief and our head of state,” Jackson said Saturday, according to Fox News.  “I’m just saying I agree with them at this point — we need to get it done,” he said.  Trump took the Montreal Cognitive Assessment in 2018, scoring 30 out of 30

“I think he’s demonstrating every single day that there is something going on,” Jackson said. “You don’t need to be a physician to look at this behavior and see there’s something concerning happening.”

Jackson said Biden’s current condition is graver than simply a continuation of the gaffes that are a hallmark of Biden as a politician.  “You can go back – there’s 40 years of tape of this man – he’s always made gaffes and stuff but these are different, he’s confused, he’s disoriented,” Jackson said. 

Jackson said the issue is not that Biden is aging, but how he is aging.

“We all know people who are 100-years old, who basically are as sharp as a tack, and we know people who are in their mid-60’s that have some cognitive difficulties … and I think he’s on that end of the spectrum,” he said.

“He’s just not aging gracefully at this point,” Jackson told Fox.

Jackson said he wants Biden to do nothing more than follow the precedent Trump set.

“I’m just asking them, when you do the physical exam include the cognitive assessment,” he said. “As far as I’m concerned the standard precedent has been set and they need to follow and do the same.”

Biden forgets what he’s talking about and then attempts to take credit for the Osama bin Laden raid (he opposed). (July 8, 2021)

The “Pro” and “Con” Google threads that discuss whether or not Biden actually opposed bagging Bin Laden are found HERE.  The focus here is Biden’s tragic decline of mental acuity and the real threat it represents to the World.

Biden forgets his HHS Secretary’s name. (July 9, 2021)

President Joe Biden stumbles through a speech to new American citizens at the White House on Friday.Watch: Biden Gives Completely Unintelligible Speech to Newly Sworn US Citizens,” Christine Favocci, July 2, 2021

From the article: “These gaffes don’t instill confidence in our allies or strike fear into the hearts of our enemies.  The world is laughing at Biden – and at us.

President Joe Biden, center, discusses the emergency situation in Miami, as crews are working to pull people from the rubble of the Champlain Towers South condominium building collapse in Surfside, Florida.With Many Dead

From the article: “Over 100 men, women and children are dead or missing, and our president is busy grandstanding about how he can act like an adult.

President Joe Biden delivers remarks on Wednesday.Watch: Biden Embarrasses Himself at News Conference, Triple-Gaffes Trying to Say ‘Oceanic’,”

From the article: “President Biden stumbled over the word ‘oceanic,’ providing ample fodder for speculation that he is in cognitive decline.

President Joe Biden grabs his cheek during an infrastructure speech at the La Crosse Municipal Transit Utility in Wisconsin on Tuesday.Watch: Biden Tells Bizarre Amtrak Story Once Again, It Makes Even Less Sense This Time,”

From the article: “‘Grabs my cheek like that. And I thought they were going to shoot him,’ Joe Biden said of a former Amtrak conductor in a dubious anecdote.

Dementia Joe? Biden Forgets He Took 8-Day European Trip, Tacks on 5 Extra Days,” Christine Favocci June 29, 2021

From the article: “Biden’s gaffes may have been great fodder for campaign humor, but it’s terrifying now that he’s the man with the nuclear launch codes.

President Joe Biden, right, and Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, left, hold a meeting in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, D.C. on Monday.Biden to Israeli Pres: ‘Not Technically Appropriate, But I’m So Delighted His Daughter Is Here,'”

From the article: “Biden prefaced a comment about the Israeli president’s daughter by noting it was ‘not technically appropriate.’

Biden Is accosted by attendees at campaign event, called 'Creepy' and 'Quid Pro Joe ...

President Joe Biden has been in office for just over five months, and so far he has done nothing to quiet concerns about his mental acuity.Is Anybody Home? Watch a Very Confused-Looking Biden Be Herded Away by Handlers,”

From the article: “A slow and confused-looking President Biden tried to answer reporters’ questions as his handlers ushered him away.

President Joe Biden gestures to reporters as he returns to the White House on Thursday in Washington, D.C.Biden Branded a Racist for Major Assumption About Hispanic Americans,”

From the article: “Biden’s use of ‘Latinx’ sparked some debate on Twitter – but the real controversy came from why he said they wouldn’t be vaccinated.

President Joe Biden makes brief remarks while hosting Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani and Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation, in the Oval Office at the White House on Friday in Washington, D.C.Not Even Mainstream Factcheckers Could Ignore the Lie Biden Just Told About the Second Amendment,”

From the article: “President Joe Biden was firing blanks in his recent comments on the Second Amendment, according to a fact-checker.

On Thursday, President Joe Biden spoke at North Carolina to promote the COVID vaccination.As Biden Faces Questions About His Mental Health, He Makes Up War That Never Happened,”

From the article: “The remarks came hours after a White House news conference where he spoke at reporters in odd, awkward whispers.

A former White House physician has expressed concerns over President Joe Biden's strange gaffes and behaviors.

From the article: “Many of the symptoms listed on the website have been on display by Biden on numerous occasions. Should this concern Americans?

Governor DeSantis on Scene at Florida Tragedy – Biden Has to Be Reminded to Mention It but Gets in a Laugh First,”

From the article: “More than 100 people were unaccounted for after part of a condominium collapsed, but Biden needed his memory jogged about it.

President Joe Biden leans forward and speaks softly during an address in the East Room of the White House in Washington on Thursday.Is Biden Losing It? Creepy Joe Bizarrely Leans Forward, Whispers to Reporters,”

From the article: “During a news conference about his infrastructure plan, Joe Biden kept whispering to reporters in a very unorthodox fashion.

President Joe Biden speaks at the White House on Wednesday in Washington, D.C.Dem Rep Reveals ‘Awkward’ Moment from Face-to-Face Meeting with Biden: He ‘Just Sort of Stared at Me.’

From the article: “‘Progressives are losing patience, and I think particularly African American Democrats are losing patience.’

President Joe Biden speaks in the State Dining Room of the White House on Friday in Washington, D.C.Watch: Biden Looks Like a Deer in Headlights When Confronted with Possibility of Communion Ban,”

From the article: “‘Please stop the killing,’ San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone said. ‘This is killing innocent human life.’

President Joe Biden questions reporters about what Juneteenth commemorates in June 2020.Flashback: Just Last Year Bumbling Biden Couldn’t Even Explain What Juneteenth Is,”

From the article: “Juneteenth is a remarkable day that should be celebrated for what it is, not for what Biden and Democrats want it to be and will use it for.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, greets U.S. President Joe Biden during the U.S.-Russia summit Wednesday in Geneva, Switzerland.Blundering Biden Just Tipped America’s Hand to Putin, All but Invites Him to Attack,”

From the article: “President Joe Biden’s recent blunder places targets on 16 of the United States’ most important industries.

At left, President Joe Biden appears to look at his notes during a press conference after the NATO summit in Brussels on Monday. At right, then-President Donald Trump listens to questions from reporters during a news conference in the Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House on April 6, 2020.

From the article: “When Biden met with Putin, he needed to bring flashcards. But when Trump met with Putin, it was Putin who brought the flashcards.

President Joe Biden speaks during a news conference after the U.S.-Russia summit in Geneva on Wednesday.Watch: Biden’s Brain Breaks, He Misquotes Declaration of Independence Then Forgets the Rest,

From the article: “Biden again apparently forgot the words to the Declaration of Independence, this time after meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, greets a smiling President Joe Biden at the La Grange Villa in Geneva on Wednesday.White House Forced to Issue Clarification on Gesture Biden Made in Opening Seconds of Putin Meeting,

From the article: “The White House communications staff moved quickly to claim the president’s action wasn’t what it appeared to be.

President Joe Biden stammers during the European Union summit in Brussels on June 15, 2021.Watch: Biden Gets Confused, Struggles to Speak for 28 Seconds Straight,”

From the article: “President Biden was speaking in Brussels on Tuesday with European Union leaders when the brain malfunction occurred.

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan fist bumps with President Joe Biden as he stands up to greet him during a plenary session at a NATO summit in Brussels on Monday.Biden Gives Turkish Pres Mistimed Awkward Fist Bump, Gets Long-Lasting Arm Stroke in Return,”

From the article: “From cultural snafus to awkward interactions, President Joe Biden has embarrassed the United States during his trip to Europe.

President Joe Biden speaks during a news conference after attending the G-7 summit on Sunday at Cornwall Airport in Newquay, England.Biden Snaps, Gives Bizarre Answer to Reporter’s Question: ‘Give Me a Break,’ ‘Need Time.’

From the article: “Biden should maintain his composure on camera so it doesn’t appear to the world and our enemies that he’s completely out of his league.

President Joe Biden attends a plenary session during G-7 summit in Carbis Bay on June 13 in Cornwall, United Kingdom.Biden Admits He’ll ‘Get in Trouble’ with His Handers for Taking an Extra Question,”

From the article: “‘I’m going to get in trouble with my staff,’ President Joe Biden said after the G-7 summit on Sunday at a news conference.

President Joe Biden talks with French President Emmanuel Macron during the final session of the G-7 summit in Cornwall, England, on Sunday.

From the article: “The incident came as Biden wanted an introduction for a leader who had just been introduced by G-7 summit[‘s British host.

President Joe Biden addresses reporters Sunday during a news conference marking the final day of the G-7 summit in Cornwall, England.Watch: Confused Biden Mixes Up Libya and Syria Not Once, But 3 Times in 1 Answer,”  

From the article: “The past six months show that Kamala Harris isn’t ready for prime time, and Joe Biden is long past his prime.

French President Emmanuel Macron, Queen Elizabeth II, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and United States President Joe Biden arrive at a drinks reception for Queen Elizabeth II and G-7 leaders on Friday.

From the article: “Most of the coverage of these mistakes at the G-7 has come from conservative media or the British tabloids.

President Joe Biden and Jill Biden arrive at Cornwall Airport on Wednesday near Newquay, Cornwall, England.Clueless Joe: Jill Biden Has to Tell Joe to ‘Pay Attention’ During Speech in UK,”

From the article: “The first lady told President Biden to ‘pay attention’ after he became distracted during a speech to US service members stationed in the UK.

President Joe Biden prepares to address US Air Force personnel and their families stationed at Royal Air Force Mildenhall, Suffolk, England, on Wednesday.Biden’s G-7 Trip Gets Off to Bad Start as Lawmaker Says He’s ‘Senile,’ ‘Won’t Remember’ What He’s Told,”

From the article: “One anonymous British politician said President Biden is ‘so senile that he probably won’t remember’ what he’s told.

President Joe Biden speaks at the White House on Wednesday.Biden’s Latest Speaking Gaffe Can’t Even Be Comprehended Without Looking at the White House Transcript,”

From the article: “The fact that a good deal of the country worries the president doesn’t have the mental ability for the job means nothing to the liberal elite.

President Joe Biden, pictured speaking in the White House on Wednesday.Washington Post Slaps Biden with 4 Pinocchios for ‘Nonsensical’ Claim About Hospital Beds,”

From the article: “The Post article noted it had consulted experts on the disease, but couldn’t find any evidence the president’s claim stood up.

President Joe Biden speaks at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday.Fact Check: Biden Says Pro-Filibuster Dems Vote More with GOP They’ve Voted with Him 100% of the Time,”

From the article: “President Biden was operating at his usual level of veracity, which is to say he wasn’t telling the truth.

From the article: “Biden was foiled by basic addition on Thursday while speaking to a crowd about free college tuition in Cleveland.

President Joe Biden jokingly threatened to run over a reporter who attempted to ask him about the tense situation in Israel on Tuesday as he test-drove a Ford truck in Michigan.This Is OK Now? Reporters Laugh Uncomfortably as Biden Jokingly Threatens to Flatten One with a Pickup Truck,” Kipp Jones May 19, 2021

From the article: “The mainstream media, which accused Trump of threatening reporters, laughed as Biden joked about running over a woman.

President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the American Rescue Plan in the State Dining Room of the White House on May 5Biden Might Not Have Mentioned the Lord in the National Day of Prayer Proclamation, But He Did Point to the Left’s New Gods,”  

From the article: “Biden’s National Day of Prayer proclamation failed to mention God, and was little more than a hat tip to his most radical followers.

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