“Done” is for turkeys on Thanksgiving Day!

At the end of a posting on this blog when I’m asked, “Are you done?”  My answer is always, “I may be finished but never done.  Done is for turkeys on Thanksgiving Day.”  Well … there are no turkeys.  It’s not Thanksgiving.  I’m not finished … a long way fTurkeyrom being finished.  This blog is a work in progress and there will be postings on it that progress slowly to be navigated carefully or postings that suddenly leave the imagination spinning at warp speed.  It’s OK!  Please just remember that the site title is Justice 4 All.  And … “Justice is Mercy.” “Justice is Equity.”  “Justice is what the judge says it is.”  Achieving any one or more of that threesome in the Criminal Justice System is always a crap shoot.  Re-exposing and re-shaming the Goodfellas for their conduct which is most likely already information from open sources can be a bit less iffy and arduous.   In a word and in this blog, institutional memories of the past are brought to bear on current individuals and events that serve to further enlighten, enlarge and expose.
Road Kill RoundupThe Blog title is “The Buzzards Roost.”  The process is to create and preside over a “Road Kill Roundup.”  Road kill is messy until the bones have been picked clean.   Road kill are the stinking, scrambled heaps of moral, ethical, political, and cultural carnage that the Goodfellas from the Deep State’s Swamp leave in their inappropriate, scandalous, shameful, and corrupt wake.

The process for getting to the bottom of these “heaps” is highly imaginative.  The investigator hears of inference and innuendo first and than must project his or her imagination into a variety of what if’s.  Gaming and surmising along the way, the investigator doggedly pursues the matter until threads of “reasonableness” begin to emerge.

These threads are from a tapestry loosely woven initially into a rough cloth yet eventually emerging from the loom yielding tightly woven “bolts” of fine linens … the fine linens of Probable Cause and Proof beyond a Reasonable Doubt.   It’s the unending up and down and in and out of the weaving and the many broken threads that vex.  It’s the warp and woof of discovery in the process of weaving that enlivens.  Doggedly persisting, it’s the many threads woven tightly and logically together that will serve in the end to tie the “Goodfellas” to what they’ve done to subvert the “Rule of Law.”

Please stay tuned. We’ll soon return to “Zinke, hinky, dinky, stinky Parlez Vous” … “Rub a dub dub three Goodfellas in a tub” … “Bears Ears and Uranium One” … and other musings.rub-a-dub-dub-three-rats-in-a-tub

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Let’s all Help Drain the Swamp

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