As for the Black Arts….

As for the Black Arts, “Since when is anything about what it’s about?” It’s about PROPAGANDA!

We have already written of  the “Black Arts” in play along the way … truth flees and flits like fickle illusions through dark clouds of Cognitive Dissonance, Distortion, Psychological Warfare, Propaganda, Perception Management, Mind Manipulation, and Destabilization.  They, the masters (Goodfellas) of these “Black Arts,” with “malice afore thought” and intent have subverted the rule of law and good governance. 

Here are excerpts from Larry Kummer’s “The one tool that rules us and in the darkness binds us trom the Fabius Maximus website.

Voodoo Propaganda
  • …our elites use propaganda as their most powerful tool to rule us. We do not see the world clearly, we react emotionally, and become increasingly fragmented and therefore powerless.
  • …propaganda is ancient, modern methods make it vastly more effective than in ancient times.
  • …our elites rule America with … strong hand while spending tiny sums to control both parties.
  • …Modern propaganda was developed during WWI, advanced radically in the 1930s and during WWII, and has improved slowly since.
  • …It has become a formidable tool in the hands of our ruling elites. (Goodfellas)

Additional readings:

  1. A nation lit only by propaganda.
  2. The secret, simple tool that persuades Americans. That molds our opinions.
  3. We cannot agree on simple facts and so cannot reform America.
  4. American politics is a fun parade of lies, for which we pay dearly.
  5. Our minds are addled, the result of skillful and expensive propaganda.
  6. We live in an age of ignorance, but can decide to fix this – today.
  7. Remembering is the first step to learning. Living in the now is ignorance.
  8. Swear allegiance to the truth as a step to reforming America.
  9. Ways to deal with those guilty of causing the fake news epidemic.
  10. The secret source of fake news. Its discovery will change America.
  11. Important: A picture of America, showing a path to political reform.

Knowing of how impatient we sometimes all are, I have taken literary license with Larry Kummer’s editorial and have abstracted the above from the fine posting, “The one tool that rules us and in the darkness binds us.”  28 June 2018.  From the most formidable Fabius Maximus website “Reigniting the spirit of a nation grown cold.”Fair Use

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