Offending the Little Ones

The Willful, Wanton, and Reckless Endangerment of Children is a Crime Against Humanity. To anyone who has imperiled the health, welfare, and morals of even one child, you have flung insults into the face of Almighty God!

But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” – Matthew 18:6

Click HERE to review the 316 pages. See also the “Mormon Sexual Abuse Cases” database by Floodlit. Click HERE to review this troubling reservoir and resource naming, mapping, and video recording over 506 cases | updated: May 18, 2023. 

From sexual grooming of minors (aka “drag shows”) to child sexual mutilation (aka “transgender surgeries”), the Mormon Corporation (aka “LDS Church”) and its subsidiaries, including Brigham Young University, are openly “transitioning” from followers of Jesus Christ to child predators worthy of being custom-fitted with millstones.

As the Moon has maintained its ghostly grip on Earth by eternally pulling on the tides, the inescapable aura of the Presidency and General Authorities of the LDS (Mormon) Corrupt Corporate Church (Church) draws with similar certitude all within the sphere of its influence.  At their peril, congregations, moms, dads, and their babies were conned by the Church into fawning conformance and misinformed subservience during COVID’s Mandemic Madness.

We have demonstrated in our recent warnings and exposés sent to the Church how grooming and conditioning have set the stage and prepared all for the COVID Mandemic and other abusive disasters.

In the past, Church leaders and their fawning “flocks” of susceptible sheep have been comic suckers and “deceived” dupes for the most outrageous and transparent schemes and con jobs.  Several come to mind: 1-“Lying for the Lord” a Church general authority and a serial liar; 2-“The Mormon Murders” a “budding” serial killer and master forger; 3-“Adnan Khashoggi” an infamous, internationally accused criminal, and whoremonger left Utah in a financial lurch that ended up being salvaged by the Church. Notice how seemingly comfortably Church Apostle/President Dallin Oaks fits into the picture at the above link as he ingratiates with sleazy Adnan for the coveted photo op.  Yes, of course, “Anything for money!”

In the LDS world, there is considerable debate about when a Prophet is being prophetic enough to require LDS members to obey his words.  According to some LDS members, obedience is only required when he prefaces his remarks with, “Thus Saith the Lord.”  Without such a clear statement, whatever he utters is his opinion only.

However, according to most LDS members, whatever the Prophet and the “General Authorities” say or do is a de facto mandate to mimic and mindlessly obey.  They are groomed and conditioned to follow anything.  Unfortunately, a sad, subservient, mindless majority of members scrambled to conform during COVID.   

The photo of Corporate President Nelson above demonstrates how members are subtly inveigled (tricked/deceived) into conformance.  Nelson didn’t preface his remarks with, “Thus saith the Lord,” but he invoked God and prayer to imply that he was doing God’s will, and therefore all LDS members should follow his example. “Thus saith the Lord” is engrained and entrenched in the minds and hearts of Church members! 

Devoid of the “Spirit,” the following sleight of hand is targeted at children specifically.  For example, and thanks to the LDS Children’s Friend magazine, below is an advertisement that could have come straight from Big Pharma propaganda encouraging children to take the toxic COVID vaccinations [hellfire added for effect].

The unspoken, but very clear, message is that if children want to please Jesus, they should willingly become Guinea Pigs and missionaries for Big Pharma.  In the Book of Mormon, this kind of manipulation is described as “craft”:

For there was one Gadianton, who was exceedingly expert in many words, and also in his craft, to carry on the secret work of murder and of robbery…” (Helaman 4:2)

Contrary to the evil narrative that has spawned a Global “new” and perilous “normal” … an evil eagerly and subserviently adopted by the Church … we knew then and now know of irrefutable data demonstrating that …

… vaccinating children imperils their
physical health.

… masking children imperils their
physical, mental, and emotional health.

Hear LDS Apostle Rasband threaten to call members to repent for not conforming to his view of the
MANDEMIC mandates.

… isolating children is tragic. 

this Nation and Earth will be
perpetually devastated by the Mandemic!

“Died Suddenly” Trailer
“The greatest orchestrated die-off in the
history of the World!”

See the “Extra” section at the end of this blog
for the full version.

During COVID Mandemic Madness, Mormon Corporate “leaders” had a choice to either pursue financial profit and gain or risk standing against the powerful regimes and corporations pushing the many false and deadly narratives.

Unlike the Biblical Daniel who dared to stand alone, Church leaders completely surrendered their legitimacy and exhausted their spiritual strength in the pursuit of profit and gain.  Hiding behind and under the grim authority of their pseudo-religious cloaks, these false priests embraced the “New Normal” and ripped the Corporate Church’s roots from the “Tera Firma” of the everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Enraptured by the New Normal, Church leaders surrendered to trends and temptations.  Profit and gain won!

Financial markets are moved by the news … good and bad.  For some sectors, share prices go up with good news and down with bad news.  For other sectors, share prices go up with bad news and down with good news. 

The bad news of the MANDEMIC has been obscenely good news for Big Pharma and the Church.


Large corporate and government investors wield significant market influence.  They often collaborate together and employ their collective power to change the marketing and regulatory conditions required to skew perceptions of how markets are doing.

By setting those conditions, they obtain an advance notice on when to invest, what to invest in, and when to move those investments again.  However the markets go, these players enjoy a monopoly on the results and are set for maximum gain.

Picture a teeter-totter.  When big Market Shakers get involved, the “game” is to hang on together and keep the market moving and stable.  When there is an imbalance in the game, chaos ensues.  If the whole gang goes?  Well, see for yourself. 

Had Ensign Advisors (Church) elected to take the moral high ground and abandon the teetering totter at the outset, other market shakers would likely have followed and the crashing chaos and pain would have descended on Big Pharma markets instead of harming all of humanity.

Had Ensign Advisors (Church) elected to … with all of the power of persuasion and propaganda it is capable of delivering on a target … elected to divest itself “publicly” of its shares in Big Pharma’s giant malefactors and criminals, we believe the tide could have been turned Nationally … perhaps even Globally … away from the tsunami that is swamping us all now. 

By embracing and aligning with the fraud, 100s of billions of dollars in “grift” was doled out to corrupt corporations and their CEOs.  Chaos and madness continue to raid the U.S. treasury of more than $5 trillion and imperil the health, welfare, and morals of moms, dads, and their babies around the world.

The Mormon Corporation’s game was to propagandize and stay the course at any cost, follow the herd, and keep the markets stable, and moving. Ensign Peak Advisors survived, thrived, and ended up fat with filthy lucre.  As was said of the early Christian missionaries who plundered the Hawaiian Islands, “They came to do good, and they did very well.

Ensign Peak Advisor’s Stock Holdings
Source: Ensign Peak’s filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission
(Top Tier) Stock Value(s)
[These numbers are somewhat dated.]
Apple Inc $1,574,498,000

Microsoft Corp $1,496,120,000
Google Inc $930,020,000 Inc $855,534,000
Johnson & Johnson $645,924,000 a Corporate Malefactor
Intel Corp $604,282,000

Facebook Inc $537,903,000
Visa Inc $532,653,000
JPMorgan Chase & Co $486,018,000
UnitedHealth Group Inc $471,534,000 a Corporate Malefactor
Merck & Co Inc $418,963,000 a Corporate Malefactor
Berkshire Hathaway Inc $418,386,000

Walt Disney Co/The $384,017,000
Chevron Corp $381,260,000
Home Depot Inc/The $369,978,000
Stryker Corp $348,720,000
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc $343,760,000
Abbott Laboratories $335,744,000 a Corporate Malefactor
Danaher Corp $325,424,000
O’Reilly Automotive Inc $324,716,000
Mastercard Inc $321,394,000
Bank of America Corp $307,855,000
Pfizer ~$306,000,000 a Corporate Criminal
Enterprise Products Partners LP $305,734,000
Union Pacific Corp $303,780,000
Adobe Systems Inc $295,533,000
iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets ETF $291,015,000
Exxon Mobil Corp $290,841,000
TJX Cos Inc $290,390,000
Fastenal Co $287,527,000
Air Products & Chemicals Inc $278,951,000
iShares Core S&P 500 ETF $276,936,000
First Republic Bank/CA $276,216,000
Wells Fargo & Co $275,660,000

Church leaders had a choice.  Was it profit or principle?  Or were they hoping to ride it out on the fence … have their cake and eat it too?  After all, weren’t they surely safe and in good company?  At the outset, we caught them clinging onto “new normal” corruptors and conspirators … dancing back-to-back and belly-to-belly with the CDC, NIH, and WHO.  From all sides and persuasions, they were dancing with the  Devils of their own making and ilk.

Main Stream Media and the U.S. Government were powerful allies.  The answer, of course, was “yes” to “have their cake and eat it too.”  But what of now?  The burgeoning body of facts, contrary to former false narratives that we’ve been force-fed, is now emerging damningly, irrefutably, immutable.

Yes … at the outset … “Profit” did win at a price paid … and to be paid … and paid … and paid by moms, dads, and their babies. 

Yet now, finally, we are aware that MANDEMIC mandates to Mask, Isolate, and Vaccinate are quickly, quietly, and universally being relegated to the ash heap of history dumped there as potentially the most significant, universal disaster since the crucifixion of the Savior.

It’s too late now for damage control to cover up the 26.6 million people who were injured, to cover up the 1.36 million disabled, and cover up the 300,000 excess deaths that can be attributed to COVID-19 vaccine damages in 2022 alone.  The news about covering up the cost to the economy of more than $150 billion is leaking out as we speak.  Excess deaths have “spiked” off the charts. As a result, continuing to do damage control and covering up will be far more daunting because the worst is already on us with more yet to come.

The MANDEMIC’s promoters, purveyors, facilitators, groomers, and conditioners of this madness … we insist and add the LDS (Mormon) Corrupt Corporate Church … shall for all eternity be enshrined at the forefront even in front of lesser derelicts and despots like Genghis Khan, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Tojo, Amin, Pol Pot, Fauci, and others.

Indulge me now as I use the 1st person from time to time.  In the Justice4All blog, I have repeatedly excoriated and shamed the LDS (Mormon) Corrupt Corporate Church and its leaders for several years.  However, I remain on the membership records of the Church and have yet to be challenged by anyone in authority.  I am a High Priest who refuses to remove himself from the rolls because I’m not a quitter … still hoping for change, repentance, and restitution.  The following are links to reports that we have published.

  1. “The LDS Corporate Church grooms its members.
  2. The LDS Mormon Church Gorges on Big Pharma’s Filthy Lucre. 
  3. “Child abuse – Hush Money!” and “A generation of Vipers.
  4. Pagan God Moloch to Mandemic … False Priests Sacrifice Utah’s Children.” 
  5. Corporate Christianity – Voodoo Cash Cult.” 
  6. … and others.
  7. We suggest watching the Tucker Carlson interview HERE in order to grasp the “monument” of the disaster past, present, and pending.

The grim reminders of decades-long LDS (Mormon) Corrupt Church and Corrupt Leadership abuse of children and adults abound and are indelible.  Many of which are chronicled in the stories one can read by diving into the above links. 

Yet, current events now appear to be building to a crescendo that has rolled up into two, recent, “signal,” legal disasters:

1-The payment of $250,000,000.00 hush money to damp down the damage the Church has done to Boy Scouts;

2-The most recent case wherein the Church and its incompetent, bucket shop, law firm, Kirton McConkie have been caught with their pants down after Attorney Merrill Nelson counseled a Church leader to not report child abuse.

Former Utah State Representative Merrill F. Nelson, was listed as a shareholder of the law firm Kirton McConkie.  Now he and the firm have been named as defendants in a “signal” lawsuit.

I believe that the law firm is hiding Nelson.  His name is no longer found listed on the Kirton McConkie roster of attorneysAnd … I suggest … the Church may have called Nelson to serve somewhere on the other side of the World.  We’ll get around to tracking that down soon. 

I am convinced that our repeated warning, recounting, and retelling of stories that “shout” evidence of gross misdeeds will have a measurable and future legal impact. 

As for the most recent, “measurable impact” of their knowledge, I offer the results of our analysis as follows:

      1. I sent the following email to the Church’s General Authorities.

        “Confused and disappointed by changes in the LDS (Mormon) Church’s conduct recently? Many are. Do you know that in the past, the LDS Church has been a lifeline to the eternities for millions of moms, dads, and their children? Would you be willing to spend time with this message now to understand and be able to react to Church changes as they continue to roll out in the future? Click on HERE or on the logo above for the report.”  (This was the report about the Church grooming its members and other travesties.)

        Our reports, warnings, and impact analysis tabulate how many times each email recipient opens and how many times that person clicks on a link that takes them to our reports.  Staff and others may be responsible for “opening” and “clicking.” However, I believe that in most cases the “intended recipients” are reading our emails, warnings, and reports each time.  Notice that President Oaks is listed along with a number of Apostles.

        Should abuses be repeated in the present and future, we have evidence that the Church, its leaders, and many responsible “others” have acknowledged our prior information and warnings.  

        Recipient Email # Opens # Link Clicks Most Recent Event 1 8 2/28/2023 1 8 2/28/2023 1 8 2/28/2023 15 22 2/28/2023 1 8 2/28/2023 1 8 2/28/2023 1 8 2/28/2023 1 0 2/28/2023 3 8 2/28/2023 1 8 2/28/2023 1 8 2/28/2023 2 8 2/28/2023 1 8 2/28/2023 1 8 2/28/2023 
      2. I sent the following email to Kirton McConkie’s lawyers:

        “With regards to the actions of your client, are you concerned about potential risks to the health, morals, and welfare of children?  If so, would you like to know of our concern?  Please click on the following link to review our concerns about how and when the LDS Church has groomed children and others. Click HERE or on the logo above for the report.  This is NOT a commercial email. Our only charter is to educate and inform.  Please, by all means, unsubscribe below now if the message content may seem offensive.

        Our impact analysis follows:

        Recipient Email # Opens # Link Clicks Most Recent Event 0 26 3/6/2023 1 3 2/28/2023 0 3 2/28/2023 0 2 2/28/2023 12 0 2/28/2023 9 0 2/28/2023 3 0 2/28/2023 2 0 3/1/2023 2 0 2/28/2023 2 0 2/28/2023 2 0 2/28/2023 2 0 2/28/2023 2 0 2/28/2023

        For the most part, KMC’s reaction to this campaign and its warnings seemed frantic.  “En masse,” they rushed to delete, unsubscribe, disengage, and remove themselves from any reminder of their sloppy lawyering.  Tracking programs are NOT rocket science, and we consider the KMC openings and link clicks to be significant.  Most likely, the 12 openings are a record of forwarding around the KMC office.  The “0” openings with 26 links clicked are probably an openings anomaly.

      3. I sent the same email as in #1 above to Utah’s legislature. The results are summarized below.
        Campaign Details Total Recipients Open % Click %
        03/02/2023 Senate   30 90% 90%
        03/02/2023 House  75 99% 99%

        So far with measurably good results, I’ve launched similar campaigns into the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

        We honor the brave moms and dads who reported abuse and rejected jabbing the
        “Clot Shot” into their babies.

I hereby issue a challenge to those Church leaders who are responsible for the abuse … heretofore and elsewhere seen and reported … to publicly repent, publicly seek forgiveness, and open hidden coffers for the needs of those damaged and destroyed.

It should be simple to conjure up a “succession revelation.”  Dallin Oaks conjured up a relationship with the gay marriage and Rainbow crowd in a jiffy.  Armed with the means and methods for cleaning the house, the “right” successors could sweep the groomers, facilitators, and deceivers into the nasty ash heap of history with their fellows.

Is this what an apostasy looks like?  

I and others have managed to anticipate, capture, and repeatedly communicate reports and stories that have been avoided and covered up by Mainstream Media and public officials.  Because “repetition is the mother of all learning,” our repetition has evolved into a “New Investigative Journalism.”  As we’ve taught before, “The only way to combat evil is to be meaner than evil.”  For the seasoned and “salty” among us, we’re just doing what comes naturally. 

I sense that the Church, its leaders, and their sleazy bucket shop law firm … Kirton McConkie … are frantically doing damage control … not ready yet to challenge us and our work for fear of amplifying, from our warnings, their own guilty knowledge, and potentially disastrous, legal culpability. 

Accustomed to winning and ruling the days, I believe the Church, Kirton McConkie, and others are now looking over their shoulders.  They know (guilty knowledge) that they have legal exposure for facilitating the serial abuse of children and fear that the totality of the circumstances and warnings that we convey could become an issue or evidence in future litigation. 

The Church has been informed for decades about the reckless endangerment of and disregard for the health, morals, and welfare of children.  Once again … finally … we warn Church leaders responsible for the foregoing debacle.  There is a growing “sense” among the members that you have been abandoned by the Sacred Priesthood.  You have been abandoned for cowering behind the false façade of your high callings, covering up abuse, and using the power and influence of those callings for profit and plunder.  

The Willful, Wanton, and Reckless Endangerment of Children is a Crime Against Humanity. To anyone who has imperiled the health, welfare, and morals of even one child, you have flung insults
into the face of Almighty God!

Offending the Little Ones

But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” – Matthew 18:6

We are the New Investigative Journalists.
We Warn, Expose, Shame, and Stand Tall!


To our readers, if you wish to make a point or two (sentence or sentences) either for or against what you’ve learned above, please do so by texting 385-239-8326 or by emailing   We will review and accept the most clearly and intelligently written work and consider it for publication in this section.  All of our blog postings are living documents.  Your work, if accepted, will be appended hereto.  You MUST include your REAL name and telephone contact information with your writings.  Feel free to add links if “a point or two” isn’t space enough for you. 


Is it still “VAX to the MAX”?
“Died Suddenly”: The full movie

For the Twitter link to the 2:26:38 combination of the “Watch Party” and the “Died Suddenly” production click HERE

The First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sent the following message on Thursday, August 12, 2021, to Church members around the world:

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

We find ourselves fighting a war against the ravages of COVID-19 and its variants, an unrelenting pandemic. We want to do all we can to limit the spread of these viruses. We know that protection from the diseases they cause can only be achieved by immunizing a very high percentage of the population.

To limit exposure to these viruses, we urge the use of face masks in public meetings whenever social distancing is not possible. To provide personal protection from such severe infections, we urge individuals to be vaccinated. Available vaccines have proven to be both safe and effective.

We can win this war if everyone will follow the wise and thoughtful recommendations of medical experts and government leaders. Please know of our sincere love and great concern for all of God’s children.

(We’re also selling the Brooklyn Bridge, you suckers!)

The First Presidency

Russell M. Nelson
Dallin H. Oaks
Henry B. Eyring

The following is a Telegram posting that we
distributed to our followers:

“The Arizona Supreme Court Finds the Mormon Church Can Conceal Crimes Against Children Because of Clergy Privilege.”

We feel compelled to respond to this headlined ruling thusly:

The Arizona Supreme Court’s justices, surrounded by decades of corruption and decadence … click HERE … conformed with the norm for that State and ruled adversely for children. Without a doubt, the Court will claim that the Rule of Law must prevail and is more binding and compelling than any other consideration.

My rejoinder is that when considering Supreme Court Justices … State or Federal … one must understand that these fallible persons are just another bunch of damned lawyers who happen to have known a Governor or a President. Utah’s Associate Chief Justice Lee for example … click HERE

How, in Father’s universe, can adhering to the letter of the law be more important than the health, morals, and welfare of a child who is living night and day with an evil, serial molester and monster?

If a special checklist could be a standard to review prior to issuing a Court’s ruling, then the last item on that list should be the question, “Is this ruling reasonable and necessary?”

The Arizona State Supreme Court just managed to perpetually scare the shit out of every Mormon Bishop in the Nation who might otherwise have been morally and spiritually compelled, obligated, and justified in reporting abuses and perpetrators to law enforcement in order to save a child.

A retired Arizona judge reveals corruption in the legal system. Click HERE.

s/Wayne L. Wickizer, aka The Ole’ Buzzard

“Floodlit” has published a series of videos related to sexual abuse in the Mormon Church (LDS or Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints).  Click on HERE to access them. 

Fair Warning

Government employees, contractors, and all others should be mindful that intimidating, interfering with, and/or engaging in any way to discourage the right of a citizen to report shameful, inappropriate, fraudulent, or unlawful conduct is a crime.  Utilizing office email, or any other means of communication, to further such interference is also criminal conduct strictly prohibited because it aids and abets original, unlawful acts.  Supervisors and Division Heads may be particularly tempted to interfere and are therefore vulnerable and culpable if they do.  The Ole’ Buzzard and Team will duly report any and all unlawful conduct.

Friends, your “Tips”
 are Priceless!

We accept credible tips (whistleblower or otherwise) and low-hanging, fraud fruit that supports our mission to help return to the Rule of Law and Good Governance.  We’ll keep your correspondence in confidence.  Justice4All trustees include former government whistleblowers, a former FBI Special Agent, and Veterans of Military Intelligence, Counterintelligence, and Special Operations.  We were entrusted to guard this nation’s most critical secrets and will protect your “tips” even more rigidly and carefully.

Use or to email anonymous tips. You may also subscribe to free ProtonMail specifically designed to protect anonymous sources (see PCMag Review).

You may also mail information to:
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Authored by “The Ole’ Buzzard”
Wayne L. Wickizer
“Standing in the Door!”

A Mark Armstrong Illustration

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