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Sent to Utah’s 4,000+ Political Delegates & Leaders!!!

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Your children and grandchildren will be forced to live with the decisions you make regarding awful political candidates like…

Utah Attorney General “Pimp Mobile Drive’n, Rap’n Rambo, Bling’n LDS Bishop” Sean Reyes

Reyes, when he’s not clowning around and shamelessly preening, promoting and awarding himself, is is more corrupt than his indicted predecessors.

In 2017, there were 650 drug overdose deaths in Utah and 1,300 adult Utahans died annually from smoking-related illnesses.  What has Reyes done about it?  He’s set up a diversionary “Opioid Task Force” all-the-while personally profiteering with campaign finance from Big Pharma’s ($152,750.00) blood money and  Big Tobacco ($21,500.00).

We filed an IRS Whistleblower complaint against Reyes, and also exposed $3,050,824.94 and 1,382 Mystery Recipients involved in his shady “Incentive Awards, as well as the $1,035,463.13 Reyes gave to Allen Crooks, his campaign manager, and his dark propensity to bully the innocent.

“Loosey Goosey” Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox

Cox could have made a difference and challenged Governor Gary “Available Jones”, but failed abysmally.  With Cox’s blessing, Officials turned Utah’s Capitol into a “pay-to-play” cesspool, and transformed Utah into the fraud capital of America

We challenged Utah’s State Auditors … to audit, report and expose Cox’s efforts to conceal and obfuscate the illegitimate use of campaign donation monies.  To conduct performance audits on Cox’s and Reyes’ offices, as well as Legislators like…

Gene “Caddyshack” Davis, who lavished $40,055.74 on golfing with his campaign contributions, while pretending to advocate for the poor.

Curt “Junket Junkie” Bramble, famous for spending $273,570.00 on “travel” from his campaign account, while fooling his constituents with talk of accountability and fiscal conservatism.

Paul “Super Size Me” Ray, who spent $26,514.85 on food, mostly fast food, and called it all campaign expenses, while blathering about getting tougher on crime. 

James “Wink-Wink” Dunnigan, who loves campaign-funded travel to the tune of $29,550.46, as well as paying “James Dunnigan” $8,256.00, “Jill Syme” (Dunnigan) $3,119.02, and “Jon Syme” $1,273.00.

“Loosey Goosey” Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox encouraged them and others to produce expense reports that are loosely self-generated, containing mostly meaningless slap-hazard entries without backup books, records, receipts, invoices or monthly statements to verify what was spent.  The data were not entered with enough detail to create any kind of a credible audit trail.

This clever “dodge” is an artifice, design and scheme to conceal the manner in which Utah’s Office Holders have flaunted their own rules and laws.  Cox, as keeper of the books and records, facilitated this fraud, and in so doing is the most egregious and culpable violator of them all. 

Auditor John “Delinquent” Dougall

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Utah’s kinda-sorta-maybe-coulda-been-a-real-Auditor looked the other way from numerous Mother Lodes of Corruption.   Dougall was a Do-Nothing, and the perfect pet for Utah’s Goodfellas

“Delinquent” Dougal refused to dive into “Utah’s Real Pandemic!”  He could have used a “House Cleaning“. 

See also Utah’s elected Tobacco Grifters’ and their sleazy take HERE and “Unfit Mitt” Romney’s  tobacco take on the side HERE. The Big Pharma Grifters’ take is  HERE.  Romney’s HUGE “Grift” from Killer Big Pharma is HERE.

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We’ll be back…

… with credible inside information and data  about Utah Goodfellas and the damage they do to our State.

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Co-authored by Daniel Newby

“The Ole’ Buzzard”
Wayne L. Wickizer

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    1. I’m sorry, but this type of stuff just turns me off. I wasn’t planning to vote for Cox, but I might, just because of this email. I will also still vote for Reyes. This type of rhethoric is not journalism. And it is so embarrassing to those of us who care about the politics in our state.

      1. Ryan,
        Although our messages must get out via many channels, we would be offended if someone were to call us “journalists” thinking that we should be molded after the manner of the toothless lot that purports to be such in our MSM. We are intelligence, counterintelligence and criminal justice professionals who source and salt our postings with highly credible information that underlies the blue hyperlinks you will encounter throughout. Your comment demonstrates to me that you have NOT looked deeply into what we have written beyond the end of your extremely narrow minded nose. s/The Ole’ Buzzard

    2. Alice, Unabashed as defined is, “not embarrassed, disconcerted, or ashamed.” Definition continuing, “He was unabashed by the furor his words provoked.” Excellent word choice on our behalf. It’s true, we are NOT ashamed of shaming those who would subvert the rule of law and good governance. s/The Ole’ Buzzard

  1. I agree with the above post although I’m not voting for Reyes I’m considering Cox but this is nonsense.

    1. John, The more you dig into the blue hyperlinked information, the more sense it will all make. We substantiate our claims with documentation from reliable sources. s/The Ole’ Buzzard

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