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Liars, Liars Pants on Fire
Purveyors of Pandemic Panic

The USA and Governments around the Globe are issuing or relying on challengeable and misleading statistics regarding COVID-19 deaths and other data. 

History is replete with lies from leaders and liars who calculate and target the impact of their prevarications for profit and power over their people and resources.  We, as a people, “pine” for the truth and hope it “springs eternal,” but have learned from many, sad, baleful experiences to expect nothing more than lies, lies, and more lies from Governments and their minions.

From the Vietnam War: “Body Count” lies. The war’s grisly numbers of enemy dead and sleazy statistical accomplishments claimed … paraded by Presidents and Pentagon Generals before an angry and anxious public … became a sordid badge of perverted dishonor.  Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf says of Vietnam War body counting, “‘Body count was a big lie, the general said. ‘O.K., I was forced to participate in that lie. ‘Many times people would call me up on the radio after a battle and say, ‘What was your body count.’ I’d say, ‘I don’t know what the body count was.’ They’d say, ‘Well, make one up. We have to report a body count.’ ‘So, eventually, just to get them off your back, you’d say, ‘O.K., the body count was 250,”  See the above at UPI Top News  The books were replete with enemy bodies and cooked by military-industrial opportunists to justify and prolong a war that nobody wanted especially the valiant warriors who fought in the “mud, mix and middle” of it. 

From the COVID-19 war: Prognostications and prevarications abound … er … ah … more LIES to prop up a Pandemic facade that’s threatening to crumble statistically without more bodies to count. From the Western Journal,  CDC Tells Hospitals To List COVID as Cause of Death Even if You’re Just Assuming or It Only Contributed.”  The books are now likely being cooked to add more fuel to waning fires that must of necessity be stoked by bodies in order to validate the Pandemic Panic’s deadly counts. 

From The Heritage Foundation: “The Massive Lies Of Past Presidents Make Trump Look Honest.” 

1st Place: “The monumental presidential lie of the last half-century is President Nixon’s denial of White House involvement in the Watergate burglary. Nixon lied until he was forced to release tapes that proved his part in the cover-up, which forced him to resign.”

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From those of us at “Justice4All: We say that Nixon and his lying band of Watergate brigands were grim reapers who presided over the first wholesale gutting of our people’s trust in government.  A pandemic of suspicion ensued settling over the land like a dank, dark cloud enfolding even our children who also became infested and infected by the spirit of cynicism that was then and is now still sickening our Nation. 

2nd Place: We agree that one of, “The most consequential presidential liar(s) was Lyndon B. Johnson, who repeatedly promised during the 1964 presidential campaign, “We are not about to send American boys 9 or 10 thousand miles away from home to do what Asian boys ought to be doing for themselves.” At the very same time and with Johnson’s approval, the Pentagon was drawing up plans to send the first wave of more than 100,000 American servicemen to Vietnam. Johnson’s macho determination not to “lose” Vietnam led him to keep increasing the number of American troops until they reached over 500,000. His strategy produced ever mounting U.S. fatalities, reaching a total of 58,000 by the time fighting ended in 1973.”
Congress passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution at the insistence of ...

From: “Our long history of Presidential Lies.”

Some, on rare occasion, even go to jail … pray that there will be more!

Obama and his gaggle of treasonist Goodfellas will hopefully


From: “People Who Exposed US Government Secrets And Lies.”


From a “personal” aside:
We found the following letter sent to me by the above referenced, rather infamous, FBI Associate Director and Watergate Whistleblower, “Deep Throat,” Mark Felt. I was assigned as an FBI Agent to work Bank Robbery, Kidnapping, Hijacking, and one Organized Crime case in the FBI’s Los Angeles Division.  The work was exhilarating and rewarding.  For example, during 1971-72, there were over 250 bank robberies in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.  We were regularly engaged with a variety of exciting and challenging major cases. This included work on the Patricia Hearst kidnapping and other high profile cases that must have attracted Director Felt’s attention and prompted the extension of his good will on my behalf.

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From: Utah powers that be.  They will Parrot and Propagandize the “PANDEMIC PANIC” and party line all-the-while not making a peep about Utah’s Drug Overdose Mortality Rate which is recorded as 32.0 Deaths per 100k population (Ages 15-64). Utah’s Drug Overdose Mortality Rate was 2,995 Total Deaths among a 3,045,350 Population in 2014-2018.  Not a “peep” and certainly NOT a PANIC by the Utah Powers that be.  WHY?  Because there’s huge political plunder and profit in Big Pharma contributions.  At least $4,264,247.00 to be candid. Click the foregoing blue hyperlink and be patient for individual Utah political profiteers and pirates to appear who are “on the take” from Big Pharma.  We add former LDS Bishop and Stake President, Unfit Mitt Romney who was not included on the above Big Pharma “take” report.  From his personal report, we caught him raking in and sucking up Big Pharma’s largess of $704,509.00. The political mantra in Utah is, “Don’t do as I do! Just do as I say.”  Even though the terrors of opioid addiction and death linger on for decades, we are implored to listen up and dance to Utah’s Goodfella tunes about the virus pandemic right now!  Even ecclesiastical leaders are pontificating,  exhorting, and exorcising the Pandemic Panic across Utah’s pulpits … many of whom like Romney are also elected leaders caught grifting from Big Pharma.

Here’s a BONUS that compliments the above: “Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death. Cigarette smoking [CDC reference] is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in the United States, including more than 41,000 deaths resulting from secondhand smoke exposure. This is about one in five deaths annually, or 1,300 deaths every day.”  Is there a Global, National, or Utah Pandemic Panic?   Nah!!!  Not even a “Peep.” Click HERE for individual Utah Office Holders, some of whom are ecclesiastical leaders, on the “take” from Big Tobacco to the total tune of $255,200.00. Not even a “Pandemic Peep” or even a squawk about such hypocrisy over the many pulpits.  Once again we add Former LDS Bishop and Stake President, Unfit Mitt Romney who raked in a BIG $94,500.00 from Big Tobacco as well.  

Heightened hypocrisy from: Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) … a Cornucopia of Lies and Coverups.  We will demonstrate that “Liars Figure and Figures Lie” in GOED’s virus-infected, government “corpus.”  For certain, we’ve a virus pandemic in Utah.  It should, however, be characterized as a pandemic lack of confidence in Utah Government’s credulity and credibility.  The books have been cooked during which the truth has been isolated and masked for far too long.  We’ll open the doors wide here to a “House of Cards” that is beginning to crumb.

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Several months ago, we were encouraged via an unsigned letter sent by an unidentifiable source that we should deep dive into Utah’s little used but publicly and legally accessible State of Utah Spending Site.  As similar letters and correspondence are wont to pile up over the weeks, we postponed our inquiry until on or about 02.07.20.  On that date, we dived into what has turned out to be a bonanza of financial source and application data for nearly all of Utah’s governmental agencies and entities. We begin with GOED which we will discuss in some detail herein. 

We learned from our first sorting and sifting through GOED’s financial records that ~57,304 Vendors were described and identified as either “Not Applicable” or “Not Provided.”  ~57,304 vendors’ true identities out of a total of ~87,702 vendors’ total identities were concealed from this tax-paying inquirer.  The recorded total amount paid out by GOED to all vendors in sum was “~$335.76 Million (for the) Governor’s Office of Economic Development All Years.”  It is obvious that those who keep the books don’t want us to know who they’re spending our money on. At first, we diplomatically characterized this as an “interesting anomaly.” 

Diving a little more deeply, we noticed unseemingly large amounts of money paid to individual GOED employees who were actually named among the ~30,398 identifiable vendors.   So far, we are looking closely at the records for more than a dozen employees but will only list the top million dollars, likely unknowing, “winners” here without actually naming them except for GOED’s Executive Director Val Hale.  We have filed an IRS Complaint naming Hale. 

Individual employees of record who have been paid by GOED according to the first set of records we downloaded on 02.07.20 are:

Val Hale ~$2.4MM … Emp#2 ~$3.7MM … Emp#3 ~$1.6MM; Emp#4 ~$1.3MM … and 13 others from ~$500K to ~$87K.  Our clean and neat “deep dive” suddenly became a nasty, smashing, belly flop into many murky unknown waters.  ASAP, we set about learning all that we could learn about the database and its contents.  

From 02.18.20 to 02.26.20, we spoke with Utah State Auditor representatives and informed them of our interest in learning more about the database. We informed them of what we were finding minus identifying the names noted above.  It was our purpose to give Auditors enough information at that time for them to be able to track our progress and launch an investigation of their own.

On 02.15.20, We re-downloaded GOED data and learned that although it contained the same total number of vendor records (~87,702) and total monies spent (~$335.76 MM) … the same as the original record downloaded on 02.07.20the books had been cooked sometime before this 02.15.20 download.  The unseeming amounts of money allocated to GOED employees who had been listed as vendors were re-allocated to other Vendors in the cooked books.  For example, the cooked books have re-allocated many millions of dollars paid to GOED employees … re-allocated those payments to STRUCK who enjoys an interesting “pre-approved sole source authorization” contract with The State of Utah that has conferred on them ~$60.82 MM total and ~$45.35 MM of taxpayers’ hard-earned money to GOED specifically.  Hmmm … that’s ~14% of GOED’s total ~$335.76 MM for years 2014-20 expenditures.  One hell-of-an anomaly we’d say! Here are several steps we’ve taken to verify and credential the foregoing:

1-Contacted select GOED employees asking if they had knowledge of the unseemingly large amounts recorded as having been paid to them.  Most report having no knowledge whatsoever of such payments.  One “lawyered up” right away and another is not communicating.  Contacts are ongoing.
2-Contacted the person listed as the “Database Owner.”  Initially, his responses were cordial but un-enlightening.  Eventually, he disappeared.
3-Attempted to Contact STRUCK CRO Ploquin with no response thus far.  We will work to learn more about the “interesting” provisions of STRUCK’s “pre approved sole source authorization” contract with the State of Utah.  Said contract and the “anomalous” information developed thus far suggest the necessity for engaging with a reputable and reliable Criminal Justice resource.  Please see below.

Our work will continue to peel GOED’s noxious and acrid onion to its core or as far as we can get into it with limited access to official and reliable Criminal Justice resources. Here is a message to those who will undoubtedly set out to shoot this messenger.

“Take your best shot because you’re going to run out of ammo if ever a competent, trustworthy, investigative and prosecutive authority using a sitting Grand Jury gets their hands on the source documents pertinent to this and other matters similar to corruption in the government of  The State of Utah.”

Bar graph: Americans' ratings of the honesty and ethics of 20 professions, 2018.

  Friends, your “Tips” sent here have been priceless!

We accept credible tips (whistleblower or otherwise) and low-hanging, fraud fruit that supports our mission to help return to the Rule of Law and Good Governance.  We’ll keep your correspondence in confidence.  Justice4All trustees include former government whistleblowers, a former FBI Special Agent, a former IRS Special Agent, Veterans of Military Intelligence, Counterintelligence, and Special Operations.  We were entrusted to guard this nation’s most critical secrets and will protect your “tips” even more rigidly and carefully.

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