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“The fear of the Coronavirus is more deadly than the virus itself!”
by award winning author and cell biologist Bruce Lipton.

According to a recent update of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), “so far this season there have been … 22,000 deaths from flu.” Compared with the Coronavirus that started in China in December, far more people have died both worldwide and in the U.S of the regular flu, of car accidents (40,000 deaths/yr in US), and even of hospital-related errors and infections (250,000 deaths/yr in US) than have of the Coronavirus. Should we quarantine ourselves during flu season and also ban cars and hospitals?  See the complete article in the PDF below.

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“When in worry, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout!”

More frightening than potential casualties, the Coronavirus will spawn a gaggle of incompetents and villains masquerading as experts and…

Faux Heroes, who will emerge from among our entrenched Sociopaths, Sycophants, Toadies, Tyrants, Wannabe Oligarchs, Goodfellas and political Dullards. 

Flexing Those Non-Biceps - TV TropesFaux Heroes … delight to rule amid the chaos of conflict and catastrophe, whether real or imagined.  They seek non-legitimate fame and fortune from the tragedy and travail of others.  While covering, concealing and camouflaging their innumerable, miserable, personal misdeeds, they contrive and amplify any and all available … 


“Politicians are more likely than people in the general population to be sociopaths.”
Dr. Martha Stout, Clinical Psychologist and former instructor at Harvard Medical School

The “centers of thinking” wherein the facts about the Coronavirus calamity should reside are selectively-ambiguous in their dire prognostications and prevarications.  They, in sum, equivocate, vacillate and bloviate about the potential threat.

Into the resulting vacuum of solid evidence, descend the Sociopaths, who further dilute reality with whatever propaganda suits them.  The lies they sow destroy the ability of the People to “fix” a consistent logic and center in their own hearts and minds.  The more uncertain they become, the more drastically-divergent points of view are granted competing airtime in their minds. 

Follow along with author and investigative reporter Rappaport who seems to be searching for reasonable distinctions between: 1-Diagnostic Validity … and … 2-What are the numbers that are, or should be, concerning? … and … 3-What happens predictably, annually? … and … 4-What this mutation of the Coronavirus may bring?  He said … 

“What’s the primary sign of the new disease? Pneumonia? Come to think of it, about 300,000 people in China die of pneumonia every year.”

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Play the foregoing off against PhD “Profiteer Michael Osterholm in the Rogan video below and then, again, search for a “center.”  Osterholm wrote a book predicting our current situation and …  “Voila!!!” He’s now conveniently basking in his own prophecy and literary glory.  What better way to “hawk” his “Deadliest Enemy” than to “surf” his theories out into the tsunami-sized waves of hysteria and hyperbole that surround Coronavirus? A careful “watch” of the Rogan video renders an interesting hypothesis at minute 11:25 similar to what the CDC posited … that … the Virus is spread quickly and extensively through the air.  Yet, the CDC and others seem to be “on again and off again” about theories of dissemination.

Talk about a muddle  … help!
Where’s the middle? 

Circling back again to Rappaport, his angst is with the CDC and perhaps justifiably so.  So where is the CENTER?  Bottom line … unlike the Chinese who think what they are told to think … we need to find a better center by doing some of our own thinking outside of what we’re being told.  It’ll be interesting to look back at the dust when it settles … if we’re still here. 😢 

Finally, as for faux leaders, what better way to exit the corrupt and co-opted rule of Utah’s Governor Herbert and his merry band of brigands than to be memorialized as “The leader(s) of the People”?  

No matter how carefully, extensively and repeatedly we report and record the villainous and larcenous history and legacy of Utah’s infamous Goodfellas, barring a change of mental landscape, the glory will sadly go to those faux heroes who wave the last flag over the end of this purported pandemic.  

Similar historical cases include the Bush and subsequent administrations who stirred the 9-11, Middle East pot for military-industrial profit and plunder.  They begat crisis upon crisis, over and over, ad nauseam.  

There are many planned and potentially more lethal, ominous opportunities looming on the horizon.  The Sociopaths are lined up and ready to further profit from chaos.  

Should we quarantine ourselves during every flu season and also ban cars and hospitals?

Study … think … Check out the following infographic. Consider carefully the warnings above as you make up your own minds!

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Will we shiver, shake, sweat and snivel like Snoopy?

Or calmly proclaim, “Hey Diddle Diddle we’re headed for the  middle.”  If you are near there and  your sense of humor is still intact, be of good … Cheers!!!

And … what about the insanity that goes along with hoarding, goes along with panic about critical shortages and goes along with unusual purchase compulsions?

For those of us who are incurable contrarians …

For those science junkies inclined to think contrary to the contrarians, click HERE for “Is COVID-19 more dangerous than typical annual coronavirus variants?” It’s a thread that’ll bend your minds and knock your socks off.

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Edited by Daniel Newby

“The Ole’ Buzzard”
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