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Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes “deployed” Rob Joseph as his political assassin.  Joseph’s task was to do a “hatchet job” on Reyes’ political competition.  Reyes succeeded along with the complicity and corruption of various Utah Elected Officials, the U.S. Justice Department and the FBI.

Below is the story Rob Joseph shared personally with us.  Each video clip contains a short segment of his entire video (see link at the end). 

Utah’s respected “Academic” and award winning “Senior” among investigative journalists, Lynn Packer, mentions Joseph as a source ~27 times in “PACKER CHRONICLE 44 The Sean Reyes Criminal Cases One dropped and another pending By Lynn Kenneth Packer March 31, 2017.”  We also publish with confidence and want to share the Joseph story with you. 

To our more than 10,000 email recipients, including Delegates to all political parties and most of Utah’s Elected Office Holders: Choose wisely this election season.

Clip 1: Introduction to Rob Joseph

  • SLCPD Officer.
  • Private Investigator.

Clip 2: Assassin

  • Political assassin.
  • Take out John Swallow.
  • Ensure he would not be the AG.

Clip 3: Alan Crooks … Reyes’ sidekick, step’n-fetch-it and factotum

  • Lengths willing to go to put Reyes in office.
  • Crooks boasted about connections with governor and legislators.
  • Manipulating them to get Reyes appointed AG.

Clip 4: Tribune’s Robert Gehrke
for Reyes

  • Crooks boasted about Gehrke.
  • Robert Gehrke of the Salt Lake Tribune in his back pocket.

Rob Joseph reached quickly into his archives and produced the following chronicle for this blog posting:

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Clip 5: Former AGs “couldn’t hold a candle to Reyes’ corruption”

  • Recruited as political assassin.
  • Once Swallow out-of-the-way Reyes is the guy that’s got to clean up the corruption in the State of Utah.
  • Later learned the exact opposite.
  • Swallow and Shurtleff conduct couldn’t hold a candle to Reyes conduct.

Clip 6: USDOJ fixer/cleaner for Utah’s U.S. Senators

  • Attorney Steven Reich, U.S. Justice Department “fixer.”
  • In Utah to cover for U.S. Senators.
  • Shows up when senators are accused of crimes.
  • Comes in and whitewashes.
  • Had to justify spending $11,000,000.00 of Utah Taxpayers’ money.

Clip 7: FBI is IN & OUT with U.S. Attorney Huber as a fixer/cleaner

Thank you “Dr. Seuss”
  • FBI is out but in … controlling the investigation by “inside watching.”
  • The Steven Reich “thing” was a big case and represented a continuing campaign to protect Utah Senators.
  • Utah’s U.S. Attorney John Huber a “wannabe” fixer/cleaner [like his big brothers].
  • Reich and Huber are fixers who protected Senator Harry Reid.

Clip 8: Joseph didn’t get his Crime Commission, but was offered a bribe

  • Joseph wanted a Crime Commission in the State of Utah where whistleblowers could go.
  • Reyes couldn’t do it because it would end his career.
  • “…If anybody knew what we had done and how Sean was actively involved in it, his political career was over.”
  • An overt attempt to “buy Joseph off.”

Clip 9: Joseph threatened in Reyes’ office

  • “Bushwhacked” in Reyes office.
  • Threatened to keep his mouth shut.
  • Marcos Ortiz of Channel 4 was informed and briefed.
  • Ortiz can verify the meeting took place.
  • The FBI can verify.
  • Text messages verify.

Clip 10: FBI recruited Joseph to collect evidence from AG, and U.S. Justice Department “punked out” again

  • FBI followed up on Joseph’s information.
  • Joseph was vetted and then asked to assist in an investigation of Reyes and Crooks.
  • Joseph gave FBI emails, recorded conversations.
  • Joseph gave recorded conversation to FBI regarding Crooks’ attempt to buy him off for $150,000.00.
  • FBI looking to prosecute Reyes and Crooks for bribery.
  • Crooks asked Joseph to delete everything.
  • Justice Department refused to move the case forward
  • FBI Agent was re-assigned.

Clip 11: Conclusion

  • Alan Crooks threatening to sue everyone.
  • Not afraid of Crooks.
  • Not afraid of Reyes.
  • Reyes more corrupt … thinks he’s untouchable.

Reyes’ History of Shame

Below is a sampling of Utah AG Sean Reyes’ shameful, scandalous, fraudulent and corrupt conduct:

Entire 46 minute video with Rob Joseph
Found by Clicking HERE

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