The “Ugliest Building in Utah,”
The “Justice Dumpster,”
The “Hatch Borg House,”
and it’s Named after
Senator “Opioid” Orrin Hatch

Surprise, surprise.  The ugliest building in Utah, the federal courthouse, will be named after former Utah senator “Opioid” Orrin Hatch.  The perfect capstone for an edifice filled with corruption and degeneracy.  Source: “Utah’s federal courthouse to be named for former Sen. Orrin Hatch,” by Alyssa Roberts, KUTV, Tuesday, Nov. 17th, 2020.

From an article by David Ross Scheer …

    • “But of all the labels attached to the courthouse, the one that appears to have stuck is the ‘Borg cube,’ referring to the fearsome adversary of Captain Picard and his crew on Star Trek: The Next Generation.”
    • “This is the state of modern art. Something that is truly ugly and has the artistic shelf life of day-old bread is praised by elites for being some kind of masterpiece. Art no longer inspires. People design a giant gray box, fill it with artwork that looks like kids splattered paint on a canvas and then congratulate themselves on how good they did by giving themselves awards. We need true artists that inspire again.”
    • “A few commenters on KSL’s website were more creative, comparing the building to ‘a big swamp cooler,’ ‘a gigantic air conditioning condenser‘ and ‘the Justice Dumpster.’ These comments draw attention to the courthouse’s most prominent aspects: its free-standing cubic form and metallic materials that evoke a piece of technology.”
    • “Is this where the NSA charges you after they tapped your phones, PCs, email, etc.?”
    • “This gives the Federal Government more of the image that it does not need. Bizarro World.”
    • “…The nauseating horror of the outside appearance is an explicit representation of the stupefying inefficiencies of the modern-day courtroom system and the brutal injustices that can occur there.”

Thank you David Ross Scheer for the above excerpts from your fine article “Resistance is Futile: How Utah ended up with a Borg Cube for a Federal Courthouse” where many, high-profile criminal cases have been “Deep Sixed” to Sputter Out.

Read about its history in the PDF below, which conveys how this strikingly-sterile edifice to “avant-garde” architectural inanity has intruded so repulsively on the Salt Lake City skyline.

Dumpster Diving for a Name

The “Justice Dumpster” does accurately reflect Hatch’s decades of packing the Utah Federal Court and the Office of the United States Attorney for Utah with his Toadies and fawning Sycophants.

We like “Hatch Borghouse.”  Regardless, any signage changes shouldn’t impact Utah citizens as much as was anticipated by a proposed taxpayer contribution of $2,000,000 to Hatch’s “Obscene Monument to Himself.”

Speaking of Toadies, Hatch-backed boys Senators Lee and Romney are in lockstep, payback mode to ensure and ensconce their benefactor’s mark.  Lee and Romney introduced the “naming” legislation in order to honor Hatch, who was a senator for more than 40 long, long, long, long, long … did we mention long? … years prior to his retirement in 2018.

Lee and Romney pretend to be opposed to each other’s political flatulence but are both beholden to Hatch. After hitting each other over the head with stupid sticks, they grifted him a gift that will keep on giving in heralds and headlines of irony, hypocrisy, travesty, and ruin. 😝

Thanks to their panderings, the Hatch name will appropriately adorn the ugliest building in the State of Utah … the horrible “Hatch Borghouse” where justice is as elusive and vacant as is his nefarious character. 

All rise and raise a glass to the “Hatch Borghouse,”
a testament to Utah fraud and corruption.
May the name live on!

Wake up Utah!

We are perpetuating the most corrupt epoch in the history of the State of Utah.
With Gary “Available Jones” Herbert’s “Quarantine Queen” and protégé Spencer Cox coming on board, things will continue to devolve.  Is resistance futile?  NO!
Not if enough Utahans refuse to submit to their corruption.

Republican rats are fleeing the sinking ship | by Michael Greiner | Jul, 2020 | MediumAs the timeline above demonstrates, Utah is a floundering, former flagship awash in a sea of hypocrisy, deceit; suffocated by Orwellian “Doublethink,” “Doublespeak,” and “Newspeak.”

Above the waterline, we preach and pontificate our economic preeminence and moral superiority.

But beneath the waterline there’s a murky, bottomless bilge. Utah, a leaky ole,’ barnacle-encrusted, derelict, garbage scow, has been taking water via a long history of notoriously corrupt “pay-to-play” misconduct that makes our State known — far and wide — as the Affinity Fraud Capital of America.


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