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Shutdown Bias Exposed

Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere,
diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedies
Groucho Marx

If you’ve followed the Ole’ Buzzard blog postings, “Victory Over Covid Fearmongers,” “The Subtleties of Slavery,” “CDC: Compromised, Degraded & Corrupted Death Certificates” and also its “Addendum,” we’ve been countering some of the manufactured false narratives associated with the Coronavirus politicization.

We add the following excellent video by “Anomaly” found on  YouTube.

In case you forgot during all the frantic fear-mongering hype, Utah is a pay-to-play romper room for political sleaze bags, most infamous as the affinity fraud capital of the United States.  Those political criminals (aka “Utah’s Goodfellas) infest every agency and office that currently “handles” the Coronavirus “response.”

Who let “Available Jones” Herbert
Wag the L.D.S. Church’s Dog?

Tail wagging the dog used to describe a situation in which an important or powerful person, organization [think L.D.S. Church], etc., is being controlled by someone [think “Available Jones” Herbert] or something that is much less important or powerful.

Herein we “prime the pump” with a teaser for next week’s posting where we’ll expose and destroy the lies behind Utah’s Wagging, Braying, COVID Prognosticators and Prevaricators.  We’ll dazzle and diss ’em with the data and information we report about their false narratives.

Guess who said this:

“Now we ask all … to be good citizens by wearing face coverings when in public.  Doing so will help promote the health and general welfare of all.”

Email your guess to the Ole’ Buzzard at justice@utahwtp.com.  We’ll confirm the correct answers next week when we announce another “Braying Jackass Award” and demonstrate…

…why the masks we wear DON’T WORK.

Population the size of of Utah in
Orange County, CA,
Ditches Masks for Children

Utah’s population at ~3.206 million is about the population of Orange County, CA, at ~3.176 million.  They are putting the needs of their children first by ditching the manufactured mask narrative in a hurry. 

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Still Waiting for the JCC…

We’re still waiting for the Judicial Conduct Commission (JCC) and Utah Supreme Court to decide our ethics complaint naming Utah Supreme Court “Associate Chief Justice” Thomas “Hoops” Lee.  We allege Lee has brought himself, his office and the Utah Supreme Court into disrepute. 

1. We filed this complaint by email on June 8, 2020, at approximately 1500 hours.  The complaint was delivered via regular mail to the JCC on June 10, 2020, at 12:37 pm, Front Desk Reception Mail Room, Salt Lake City, UT 84115.
2. The JCC assigned Case #20-SUP-049 on June 22, 2020.  See their letter here.
3. So… we’re still waiting for them to take action???
Below is our calculator.

Calculate the days lapsed from… 
06.08.20 to 07.21.20  = ~43 days.

Fair Warning

Government employees, contractors and all others should be mindful that intimidating, interfering with and/or engaging in any way to discourage the right of a citizen to report shameful, inappropriate, fraudulent or unlawful conduct is a crime. Utilizing office email, or any other means of communication, to further such interference is also criminal conduct strictly prohibited because it aids and abets original, unlawful acts.  Supervisors and Division Heads may be particularly tempted to interfere and are therefore vulnerable and culpable if they do.  The Ole’ Buzzard and Team will duly report any and all unlawful conduct.

Friends, your “Tips” are priceless!

We accept credible tips (whistleblower or otherwise) and low-hanging, fraud fruit that supports our mission to help return to the Rule of Law and Good Governance.  We’ll keep your correspondence in confidence.  Justice4All trustees include former government whistleblowers, a former FBI Special Agent, a former IRS Special Agent, Veterans of Military Intelligence, Counterintelligence, and Special Operations.  We were entrusted to guard this nation’s most critical secrets and will protect your “tips” even more rigidly and carefully.

Use justiceforallsecure@protonmail.ch to email anonymous tips. You may also subscribe to free ProtonMail specifically designed to protect anonymous sources (see PCMag Review)


You may also mail information to:
6720 Buena Vista Drive
Ogden, UT 84405  

“The Ole’ Buzzard”
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Co-authored by Daniel Newby

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  1. As a member of the church I will freely admit that I have suffered considerable frustration with the compliance of the church during this plandemic. However, this is a worldwide movement from powers far exceeding the church or Gov Herbert. I will give them some slack because they are not evil, they are just acting in a submissive manor toward authoritarian powers. Wearing a mask is obviously nothing more than a show of submission. Hang on tight because I think the ride is going to get significantly more wild.

    1. Alex … thank you for a well reasoned and enlightened response. We’re hanging on. In the meantime, we’re finalizing next week’s posting that in sum should just about be a “wrap” for our COVID commentary. wlw

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