Lil’ Coxy’s Cash Cow
and Hush Money Happy Hours!
Updated 02.27.23

Shameful, Inappropriate, and/or Corrupt Conduct

Utah’s quirky little Governor funded Sundance PORN with a $1MM “grift” from CORONA MANDEMIC sources.

What we expose, we verify and encourage you to do the same by clicking on the hyperlinks underlined in blue.

Below is the $1MM “grift” or click HERE for a larger view.
The roster of some Sundance PORN videos can be viewed in the following PDF.  BEWARE!  It’s nasty.

The Ole’ Buzzard has “Zero” (as in “0”) respect for the maleficent imposter who currently infests the Office of the Governor of the State of Utah … Spencer Cox.  We refuse to refer to him as Governor; therefore, he shall be known herein, based upon his aggravated bullying of little girls, as “Lil’ Coxy.”

Shameful, Inappropriate, and/or Corrupt Conduct:
We are “informed” that Lil’ Coxy controls “The Executive Office of the State of Utah.”  As such, he controls a substantial piece of the State’s “Corona Virus Relief Fund.” Let’s all count up to ~$933,976,723.00  as we start the clock to begin tracking Lil’ Coxy’s “Hush Money Happy Hour” funds spread far and wide among Utah’s Goodfellas.

Which shady corporations scored some of Lil’ Coxy’s hush money?  Today’s example is Merit Medical to the tune of $2,306,250.00.

Let’s see if “Follow the Money” can explain why Merit Medical and its CEO Fred Lampropoulos might have “merited” this funny money.

Ah-ha! Seems they generously donated ~$75-100K in campaign finance contribution “juice”. How novel.  Who’d a thunk [sic] it?

Calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) of ~$75-100K for access to Lil’ Coxy and a $2,306,250.00 “Happy Hour” loan from a swamp full of “funny money.”  Hey, Utah is all about “pay-to-play” and a guy’s gotta’ get the most “juice” for his squeeze. 

Ok, so far we know Lil’ Coxy is in charge of a cash cow that is “udderly” [sic] dripping with hush money thanks to the “Corona Virus Relief Fund.”  There’s a lot of grifting going on here.

Shameful, Inappropriate, and/or Corrupt Conduct:
A whopping $2,306,250.00 “loan” to Merit Medical comes just on the heels of Merit Medical and Lampropoulos’ campaign donations to Lil’ Coxy.  By the way, Merit Medical is to Lampropoulos as Lampropoulos is to Merit Medical.  Read all about Fred C. Lampropoulos and Open Corporates’ summary of his affiliations with Merit HERE.


De-Merited Medical:
Prepare to Hurl Your Lunch

Would you lend $2,306,250.00 of your money to a known,  corporate criminal?  Well, folks, Lil’ Coxy did it most likely with one of his effeminately faggy flourishes and your taxpayer dollars.  Let’s use Violation Tracker to learn all about Merit Medical False Claims Act and related $20,390,000 in violations.

Shameful, Inappropriate, and/or Corrupt Conduct:
Go HERE regarding Merit Medical Systems Inc.  Here are the lowlights:

Current Parent Company: Merit Medical Systems
Penalty: $18,000,000
Year: 2020
Date: October 14, 2020,
Offense Group: government-contracting-related offenses
Primary Offense: False Claims Act and related
Secondary Offense: kickbacks and bribery 05.31.2019

On July 21, 2020, we read “Utah-based Merit Medical to pay $18 million settlement in a lawsuit claiming doctor kickbacks” from media sources HERE. 

We ask, “Who is doing the due diligence and performing vendor vetting at Coxy’s cash cow before he grifted the funny hush money to Merit Medical?”


Mega-Millions to Mystery Grifters?

Shameful, Inappropriate, and/or Corrupt Conduct:
Here’s the last toxic “teaser” for today right out of Lil’ Coxy’s “Executive Office of the State of Utah” funny hush money, COVID cash cow.

All “SUB RECIPIENTS” in Lil’ Coxy’s hush money grift represent a huge red flag warning.  However, the above “awardees” termed “MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS” could blow the lid off a potential crème de la crème scam of gargantuan proportions.  Even on the face of it, they scream secrecy and fraud concealed from taxpayers.  “MULTIPLE RECIPIENTS” indeed.

Not only has Lil’ Coxy grifted openly to benefit the corporate criminal Merit Medical, but his contracts, grants, and other “types” to the total tune of $132,659,878.72 are payments in the dark for what appear to be multiple “Ghost” Recipients. 

What, pray tell, happened to transparency in government?  These transactions shout out, “Screw you, taxpayers!  Catch me if you can.” 

Who the hell are these multiple recipients?  Let your imagination run amok with how self-serving, egregious, and fraught with fraud this conduct is viewed, and the truth would likely still surprise you.  Let your imaginations run amok and you probably won’t even be close to how this conduct is viewed when connected in any way to an elected official.


Above is an undoctored photo taken on the Utah House floor.

Utah’s “Leaders” are the Problem and Lil’ Coxy is at the Pinnacle.

Utah’s unpolished, unethical, unelected, and Elected Officials, Media Owners/Publishers/Editors, Business, and Ecclesiastical Leaders should take a long, hard look in the mirror. Their impertinent posturing, prevaricating, pontificating, preaching, demanding, and dictating to us from rotundas, publications, podiums, and pulpits, is revolting, nauseating, and incredible. They pretend to care about honesty, integrity, humanity, fidelity, and “true religion” all-the-while plundering and pillaging the people to serve their own insatiable lusts.

In the law, some things are so clear and blatant between cause and effect that no direct proof is needed of causation. It is called the doctrine of res ipsa loquitur … “the thing speaks for itself.”

Shameful, Inappropriate, and/or Corrupt Conduct:
No one needs to wonder why, or how, Utah became the Second Most Corrupt State in America.  
Utah’s history of notoriously corrupt “pay-to-play” misconduct makes our State known — far and wide — as the Affinity Fraud Capital of America.

Over the years, The Ole’ Buzzard has presented mountains of donor data reflecting corrupt and degenerate activities surrounding Big Real Estate, Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, Energy Solutions, and others. 

Have your own look into Lil’ Coxy’s campaign finance figures at “Follow the Money.”  It’s up to you to search out the donations from “curiously questionable” sources.  For starters, Lil’ Coxy’s donor owners from Big Pharma can be found HERE.   

Again we ask, “Who are those ghosts among all and especially Multiple Recipients”?  Are they corporate criminals like Merit Medical?  Are they Lil’ Coxy’s “quid pro quo,” campaign financiers like those found at “Follow the Money”?  Are they “payback” to Lil’ Coxy’s co-opted elected and/or appointed officials? Are they Brothers and Sisters by religious, fraternal, business, educational, or other typical, Utah affinities? Are they a celebration replete with drugs, booze, and broads?  Are they family, friends, a new automobile, or the last payment on a mortgage?  Are they public, private, governmental, and/or quasi-governmental entities?  Did they get their grift in round numbers? 

Fraud auditors love to find round numbers and so do we.

Lil’ Coxy’s ~1,093, Total Cash Cow Grift, Round Number, Roundup!

    1. ~Seven hundred sixty-three (763) total, red flag, round numbers with the following “most notable” round numbers.
    2. ~Three (3) in the amount of $1MM each to include, just one example, the “smoking gun,” Sundance Institute. Even after the shit had hit the fan over porn prolific Sundance, $1MM was grifted to them from Lil’ Coxy’s Cash Cow. See the roster of Sundance PORN productions HERE.
    3. ~Six (6) in the amount of $300K.
    4. ~Twelve (12) at $250K.
    5. ~One hundred sixty-four (164) at $150K.
    6. ~Seventy-three (73) at $100K.
    7. ~Four hundred fifty-four (454) at $50K.
    8. ~And others before, between, and after.  Don’t take our word for it.  Deep dive for yourself. Begin by clicking on HERE

Now hear this! While imagining all of the above, also keep in mind the convolutions and machinations that the U.S.A’s 3-letter agency spooks conjure and implement in order to screw dark, black, money out of the U.S. Treasury and other sources for their evil deeds around the World.  See “$52.6 Billion The Black Budget.” See also, “CIA Funding: Never Constrained by its Congressional Budget by Peter Dale Scott.  And finally see, “How the CIA Operates Through Non-governmental agencies.” 

If you’ll but dive a little more deeply into The Ole’ Buzzard’s blog, you’ll soon see that Utah is a nexus of this corruption.  Some of Lil’ Coxy’s $132,659,878.72 ghosted funds would, could, or may have already gone a long way toward achieving the aims and objectives of spooks who subvert the rule of law and good governance with impunity at home and abroad.

Remember to count and consider the “you owe me’s” on all sides.  One of the NSA’s premier facilities is in our own backyard [think tax revenues and job creation], and Utah’s universities are craftily embedded [think research funding and technology transfer to the spooks]  with former or current, spooky moles

By keeping Lil’ Coxy’s seamy history forever visible in our rearview mirrors, we’ll be ever mindful of his potential for boundless corruption and mischief up ahead that amounts to “Shameful, Inappropriate, and/or Corrupt Conduct”

1.  Lil’ Coxy and others compromise and corrupt the officeholder and office of an Associate Chief Justice of the Utah State Supreme Court.
2.  Lil’ Coxy Venerates Abortion & Child Predation Promoter, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
3.  Lil’ Coxy and “…yet another ethics complaint.”
4.  Lil’ Coxy is Torched by Tucker Carlson for being Dumb and Racist” and a cut-rate Gavin Newsom imitator. 
5.  Lil’ Coxy Fun Boys with his opponent Chris Peterson.
6.  Lil’ Coxy, as Lt. Governor, left the door wide open for a “free for all” campaign finance banquet.  We asked for backup documentation for Utah Office Holder, and campaign finance expenditures, including invoices and receipts detailing expenditures claimed on disclosure records.  We were informed that such detail was not required of legislators; nor was it kept by the Lt. Governor’s office.
7.  Did Lil’ Coxy waltz into the Governor’s office gratis Governor Available Jones Herbert?  “Did Herbert try to BRIBE Wright to help Cox?
8.  Lil’ Coxy is Joe Biden’s RINO “darling.”
9.  Lil’ Coxy and George Soros Insult Utah’s Real Girls.
10. Spencer “Quarantine Queen” Cox pumped Utahans to wear masks while flaunting his own edicts.

Stay tuned ………………….

Oh, there are many other “Sub Recipients” in the “Corona Virus Relief Fund” files who are Ghosts or have strange names and questionable connections.  We’ve caught them and Lil’ Coxy red-handed clinging onto the Government’s virus-tainted tits.  Lil’ Coxy with his clammy hands wrapped effeminately around ’em all is gaming and grifting the system as only he and Utah’s Goodfellas have done and will continue to do.  You can count on it though, the Ole’ Buzzard is hot on their trail. 

Also, you can bet your bippies that we’re not going to show all our cards … er’ … anomalies, red flags, and smoking guns.  We’ve already been dealt a dynamite hand full of “aces” in the ~$3-6 Trillion that has spilled out of the U.S. Treasury.  We’re identifying the sources and applications and when we are moved upon by the “Spirit,” we’ll call ’em all out or keep the game going with Utah’s Goodfellas in their playpen The 2nd Most Corrupt State in the Nation.


Lil’ Coxy Worships Abortion Queen

In the “Tweet” below, note the “RBG” stands for the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the US Supreme Court judge who championed abortion and pedophilia.

While gender-confused groupie and apologist, Utah’s Governor Cox was slobbering and slavering about how he wanted “to be more like” a “badas*” abortionist, decent people were in the trenches slowly attempting to claw America’s way out of the Roe v. Wade abortion abyss.

Dr. Anthony Levatino, a gynecologist who performed around 1,200 first and second-trimester abortions early in his career, underwent a change of heart that left him sickened and distraught, and transformedg him into an outspoken pro-life advocate. Pro-choice in the 1970s and early 1980s when studying and operating his independent practice, his perspective started to change.

Watch Dr. Levatino’s testimony to see what Coxy must surely ignore, condone, and/or emulate by venerating and wanting “to be more like” the evil Ginsburg.

Once more we find Lil’ Coxy not standing strong against what real evil stands for.  The juvenile has abused Utah as his effeminate romper room.  It’s time he is removed.

How about you?  We’ve just handed you the tools you need to ferret out the folks you may already know like Lil’ Coxy who have the funds and means to corrupt Utah’s election and governmental processes.  Perhaps they also secured favors from those in government in exchange for campaign finance and other contributions and grift.

Go get ’em!
We’re here to help.


Fair Warning

Government employees, contractors, and all others should be mindful that intimidating, interfering with, and/or engaging in any way to discourage the right of a citizen to report shameful, inappropriate, fraudulent, or unlawful conduct is a crime.  Utilizing office email, or any other means of communication, to further such interference is also criminal conduct strictly prohibited because it aids and abets original, unlawful acts.  Supervisors and Division Heads may be particularly tempted to interfere and are therefore vulnerable and culpable if they do.  The Ole’ Buzzard and Team will duly report any and all unlawful conduct.

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Use or to email anonymous tips. You may also subscribe to free ProtonMail specifically designed to protect anonymous sources (see PCMag Review).

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