“Blood Money” is tainted money obtained by “grifters” who
profit from the suffering and
harm inflicted on others.

For example, the Big Tobacco industry profits from the many carcinogenic compounds it sells to customers addicted to cigarettes.  Compounds like these…

This article focuses on a few (of many) examples of Utah officials who flagrantly and hypocritically grift blood money.

By the end, you’ll understand why Utah is ranked by BestLife as the 2nd Most Corrupt State in America, and why Utah’s history of notoriously corrupt “pay-to-play” misconduct makes our State known — far and wide — as the Affinity Fraud Capital of America.


Utah’s “Unfit Mitt” Romney
Banks on Human Suffering

Utah Senator “Unfit Mitt” Romney has followed closely behind the dark path of his late (thankfully) predecessor and mentor, “Opiod Orrin” Hatch (more on him later).  Romney has thus far grifted ~$118,625.00 in known Big Tobacco Blood Money.  Click the window below and scroll down for details.

Unfit Mitt” Romney has also grifted ~$876,501.00 in known Big Pharma Blood Money.  Again, click the window below and scroll down for details.


Ravaging “Rambo” Reyes  

Of all US Attorneys General, Utah’s LDS (Mormon) “Blinging Bishop,” Attorney General Sean Reyes is at the head of the line (barely behind Bonata) grifting ~$237,000.00.

Only California Democrat Attorney General Rob Bonta grifts more Big Pharma Blood Money at ~$331,329.00

But consider that California has ~39,512,223 citizens, while Utah has less than tenth of that (~3,205,958 citizens).  “Republican” Reyes should offer online classes to Bonta and other Democrats on how to more effectively milk their constituents.

Point is, it’s a “smoke and mirrors,” con man’s shell game, and hypocrisy extraordinaire.  For more information, see the MATRIX.

For a breakdown of Big Pharma “Blood Money” taken by US Attorneys General, click the pdf below and scroll down.


Utah Officials Notorious
for Feeding off of Misery

Utah’s Goodfellas, particularly those seeking elected office, make entire careers and lifestyles out of fleecing the public they pretend to serve.  Consider the ~$359,800.00 in known Big Tobacco Blood Money they’ve shamelessly grifted.  Click the window below and scroll down for their individual takes.

Also consider their ~$5,378,391.00 in known Big Pharma Blood Money Grift.  Again, click the window below and scroll down for individual takes.

“Blood Money” hypocrisy runs rampant among our elected, or should we say “selected”, representatives (grifters).  Click the video below for another look at their modus operandi.


LDS (Mormon) Bishops on the Take

Utah’s Hypocrisy Mandemic isn’t just limited to lay persons.  Learn about Utah’s L.D.S. (Mormon) Legislators/Bishops on the Big Pharma take.

Lil’ Coxy Leads from Behind

Utah’s Governor, Spencer Cox (aka “Lil’ Coxy“), knows how to massage his share of Blood Money.  His came via the COVID Relief Fund, totaling a known ~$896,170,036.56.


LDS (Mormon) Corrupt Corporate Church Captures Big Pharma’s Filthy Lucre/Profits by
in …

Johnson & Johnson ~$645,924,000.00 a Corporate Malefactor
UnitedHealth Group ~$471,534,000.00 a Corporate Malefactor
Merck & Co Inc ~$418,963,000.00 a Corporate Malefactor
Abbott Laboratories ~$335,744,000 a Corporate Malefactor
Pfizer ~$306,000,000 a Corporate Criminal
… and much more HERE.

As the church wallows in its Filthy Lucre,
fix the following 
firmly in mind …


Opioid Orrin Hatch’s
Vile Legacy

Like an infecting monster from horror movies,Opioid Orrin” Hatch’s seamy, sordid, corrupt legacy lives on.  See the following articles for examples:


Anti-smoking symbol reveals 'worst moment' - CNN

Big Tobacco Filth

Cigarette Smoking Mandemic: Every year in Utah, ~1,300 people die from smoking and smoking-related illnesses, while Utah’s “Goodfella” Elected Officials harvested ~$359,800.00 in tobacco, blood money, via campaign finance donations.


Image result for opioid victims crying

Big Pharma Blood Money

Drug Overdose Mandemic: In 2018 in Utah, ~437 people died (current statistics not available) of drug overdoses involving opioids.  Similar numbers extend year after year.  Meanwhile, Utah’s “Goodfella” Elected Officials harvested ~$5,378,391.00 in Big Pharma blood money via campaign finance donations.

Remember… “Blood Money” is tainted money obtained by “grifters” who profit from the suffering and harm inflicted on others.


Fair Warning

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