National, State, and Corporate Officials Have Dragged and Drugged U.S. into …
Pharma Hell!
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The Ole’ Buzzard’s analysts have compiled damning data that exposes Pharma donations to ALL 50 STATES and their officials. By sorting “Pharmaceuticals & Health Products (within federal, state and local data)” “mined” from FollowTheMoney, you will learn the following from the analyst’s .

  • How much did your state’s Attorney General PROFIT from Pharma while he/she should have prosecuted the perpetrators and stemmed the opioid crisis tsunami? (See Column “D”)
  • How much poison money did Pharma spread all over your state? (See Column “E”)
  • How much did each individual Pharma contributor spend to PURCHASE your state’s Attorney General? (See Column “F”)
  • How much did each individual Pharma contributor spread all over your state? (See Column “G”)
  • Which of your state’s office holders SOLD OUT to Pharma? (See Column “H”)

…an analyst’s toolkit.

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FREE OFFER: Click MATRIX for personal, sortable MS Excel copies.  Once downloaded and activated, enlarge row #2 to see all heading information.  See also “Opioid Misuse Tool.”

DISCLAIMER: Variables and approximations (~) are inevitable.  The foregoing numbers come from FollowTheMoney (FTM) who publish the cleanest, most conservative and comprehensive data available.  All are encouraged to use the FTM service to verify The Ole’ Buzzard’s analysis and compilations and/or conduct similar surveys from any and all available sources.

The Opioid Crisis is WAR
on our Nation and People

From 1999 to 2017, more than ~702,000 people have died from a drug overdose.  In 2017, more than ~70,000 people died from drug overdoses, making it a leading cause of injury-related death in the United States. Of those deaths, almost 68% involved a prescription or illicit opioid.” Source: Center for Disease Control (CDC)


Serpents & Vipers

Office holders “on the take” from and complicit with Pharma contribute to the destruction of individuals, families, communities and cultures.  Jesus Christ threw the Money Changers of His day out of the Temple in Matthew 21:12.  In Matthew 23:33, He cursed and condemned them with the words, “Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?”  He called Office Holders a host of nasty and deserved names in that same chapter.

Ex-Senator Orrin Hatch is the Opioid Crisis!” He has been exposed on the Pharma “take” for ~$746,717.00 to ~$2,597,744.00.  We’re weary reporting on Hatch, but predictably he just keeps coming back for more….


“Unfit Mitt” Romney’s ~$698,509 “take” should have appeared in Column “H” with other Utah Office Holders.  Why didn’t it?  The answer may shock you. We’ll be revealing LDS Church Bishop and Stake President Romney’s subversion and concealment as well….


Utah Underlies the Nexus of America’s Criminal Pharma Syndicate

Per capita, Utah is arguably The Fraud Capital of the United States and a nefarious “player” in the criminal pharma syndicate that is destroying America.  This did not happen by accident or in a vacuum.  Some of the worst dregs and lowlifes from the Swamp gravitate here.  Most are carpetbaggers who have taken grim advantage of the trusting nature of Utahns.  These abominations have systematically and systemically infiltrated and undermined every political, economic and social institution.  Here are individual examples of particularly perverse Utah officials (aka our “employees”) who we will continue to highlight in future posts.

Utah State Senator Evan “Pot Pirate” Vickers, a notorious drug peddler, quipped, “I sell drugs for a living… ha, ha, ha!

Behind the cavalier laughter lurks an “El Chapo“-like political charlatan who has sucked up ~$50,790.00 “take” from Pharma.  Vickers has worked within the Utah legislature to smother his industry’s cannabis competitors, and has flooded his end of Utah with deadly opioids.  Vicker’s Pharma source, “Cardinal Health,” coughed up $5.63B to settle opioid crisis claims. Vickers, a Bishop in the LDS Church, will likely be “on deck” again soon for further revelations….

Utah’s Attorney General “Rappin’ Rambo, Pimpmobile Drivin’, Blingin’ (LDS Church) Bishop” Sean Reyes is a prime example of hypocrisy, complicity and corruption, and on the Pharma “take” for ~$166,250.  Our analysts have drawn additional startling conclusions regarding Reyes NATIONALLY that will be revealed soon….

With lowlifes like “Pot Pirate” Vickers, Sean “Rambo” Reyes, “Unfit Mitt” Romney and “Opioid Orrin” Hatch, there’s always additional conflict, corruption, complicity and depravity to uncover as they consign their fellow citizens, neighbors and constituents to …


Peter C. Gøtzsche, MD, describes how much of what the pharma industry does fulfills the criteria for organized crime under United States law. As he explains, pharma companies corrupt everyone they can and have bought every type of person, including even government ministers of health.

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