Mandemic Vaccine Wars,
Transgender Terrorists,

Perversion Facilitators,
and Kowtowing Kaleidescopes!

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Utah Kowtows to the
Chinese Communist Party

Utah’s Goodfellas and feckless MSM hacks promote, elevate and venerate any village idiot with money, power, and resources who postures, pretends, prostitutes, ingratiates, and prostrates before false Gods for fame and prestige.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) works these idiots for all they are worth, and the CCP seeks to own Utah as it does so many Goodfella agents.  U.S. Senate RINO Mitch McConnell and his Chinese wife Elaine Chao (corrupt former U.S. Transportation Secretary), are to be fêted and festooned by the silly Hatch Foundation as “Titans.”  God forbid these two charlatans even cross our borders and breathe our mountain air.

Utah’s newest “Titans” have been on the “grift” from China for years.  McConnell’s wife’s family has deep business ties to China, and McConnell received millions in gifts (i.e. grifts) from Chao’s father (see also HERE).  From the Associated Press, “Amid strained U.S. ties, China finds an unlikely friend in Utah.”  See also,Stop Mitch McConnell & Elaine Chao’s corruption.”

Utah’s Goodfellas will “do anything for money.”  The LDS Church’s former Temple ceremony narrative contained dialog with Lucifer (the Devil).  Lucifer stated, “You can buy anything in this World with money.”  Ironically, the LDS (Mormon) Current, Corrupt, Corporate Church fairly recently “ripped” that statement out of the ceremony.

Why?  Likely because Church Goodfellas were up to their eyeballs in filthy lucre.  They didn’t want to continue drawing attention to their corruption during the Temple ceremony.  The old ceremony was a grim reminder of their wickedness, and the wickedness of their many comrades who co-facilitate, conspire, and revel in their Titan-level deviancy. The above and what follows should gag a maggot.  During the funeral for Hatch, “…[LDS] President Oaks called the [funeral)] service, ‘Orrin G. Hatch’s graduation from mortality, with highest honors.'”  As one can quickly discern, the nefarious legacy of “Opioid” Orrin Hatch lives on, and whatever fraudulent honors he collects from false prophets are worthless where he is now.

Deceased Senator “Opioid” Orrin Hatch still

The Opioid Crisis!

The Hatch Foundation’s Titan Award is a farce.  “Farce is a noun that refers to a comic dramatic work using buffoonery and horseplay and typically includes crude characterization and ludicrously improbable situations.  It can also refer to the genre of farce or an absurd event.

The comical Titan Award ceremony is an absurd event sponsored by buffoons who gleefully and giddily bask in communities of like-minded, self-serving, celebrants who languish and “circle jerk” in the fetid swamps of their own self-generated, pusillanimous propaganda, and political, moral, and ethical perversions.

The false prophets infesting every rotten pillar of American society are still demanding that their malevolent edicts be mindlessly obeyed.  Meanwhile, their frantic, frenetic corporate media hacks are doing their desperate best to deflect, obfuscate, and silence the truth; shamelessly attempting to draw a dark, protective shroud over their collective crimes against humanity.

Let’s defeat their deflections by focusing on the ugly facts.  Thank you Matt Orf for the underlying compilation of sociopaths and idiots on parade in the video below.

For lowlights on Utah’s infamous role in perpetrating this and many other ongoing insanities, click on the HEREs linked below.  Some sites load more slowly than others:

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  • Lockdown Lunacy” click HERE...  more … much, much, more … just wait and see.


Like American Patriot, Samuel Whittmore, we will never give in … never … ever … give in!

Samuel Whittemore, the American Revolution’s Oldest Lion

Samuel Whittmore,
American Patriot

In April of 1775, seventy-eight-year-old Samuel Whittmore was tending his farm in rural Massachusetts.  The Battles of Lexington and Concord had just concluded, and British forces were withdrawing back to Boston.  As the redcoats were being harried by American militia, Lieutenant General Hugh Percy, 2nd Duke of Northumberland was dispatched with a relief brigade to help cover the British retreat.  It came to pass that Whittmore observed said brigade marching onto his land with the obvious intent of crossing.  This offended Whittmore, who valued such an incursion as constituting an affront that a man of honor could not ignore.  He grabbed his musket along with two flint-lock pistols and set up an ambush.  When the British infantry got within range, he discharged each of the weapons, killing two British soldiers outright, and mortally wounding a third.  Thus, did Samuel Whittmore earn the distinction of being the oldest combatant of the American Revolution.

Members of the British brigade were understandably enraged by his attack, and, being in close proximity to their antagonist, immediately charged.  For reasons known only to Whittmore himself, the ancient minuteman drew his saber and ran towards the British, thus earning the distinction of being the oldest combatant casualty of the American Revolution.  He was shot in the face at close range, beaten with the stocks of an uncertain number of British muskets, and stabbed with bayonets thirteen times.  The British brigade then marched on, leaving Whittmore in a puddle of his own blood.

He was found an undetermined period of time later by Colonial forces, who reported that he was trying to load his musket so he could rejoin the fight.  As he was still obviously alive, the Colonials took him to the town of Medford, where he was attended by Doctor Cotton Tufts.  Doctor Tufts announced that Whittmore was a lost cause, and directed that he be transported to his farm so he could die amongst his family – which he did – of natural causes, eighteen years later at the age of ninety-six.


Utah Courts the UN and WEF

Thank you Utah Freedom Coalition for the video exposé below: “Utah and the United Nations/WEF Agenda – Utah is in Trouble!”


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