Elected and appointed officials are public servants. Records reflecting their activities are public information and, within certain legal limitations, belong to all of us.  They are NOT Top Secret! Officials can be held accountable for their conduct and the accuracy of their records ONLY if they are publicly scrutinized and kept under a microscope for all to see.

Beginning with this blog posting and continuing during the weeks that follow, we will show our readers how to access Utah government records, discover shameful, inappropriate, fraudulent and corrupt conduct, and hold officials more accountable.

You may access many of their records, personal identification and contact information here:

1. Utah’s U.S. Members of Congress.

2. Utah’s Governor.

3. Utah’s Legislature.

4. Utah State Government Agencies.

5. Utah City and County Governments.

That’s enough for now.  We’ll dive into individuals, entities and agencies in the coming weeks.

Let’s “rock and roll” and uncover some “stuff.”  One of our most prized tools is Follow the Money.”  They have the data that demonstrate who owns our employees.  Harshly put?  Well … perhaps … but not in most cases.  For today’s tutorial, we’ll show how to use Follow the Money by deep diving into Senator Curt “Ramblin” Bramble’s records to see who financed this “Carpetbagging, Homesteading, Squatter’s” marathon in office.

1- Click on Follow the Money.”

2- Look toward the top right of your screen for “Ask Anything.”  Click on it … not here on the graphic … click on the website box.  Are you the little kid in the back of the class with his hand in the air all the time?  If you clicked on this visual’s box and not on the website box … for shame.

3- When you see the box below, click on “Contributions To…
No … don’t click here!  Click on the website.  Teaching is so vexing sometimes.  Guess what’s next?

4- When the next screen is displayed, click on “Office Holder(s).”

Now you’re “cooking.”  You actually clicked on the website view this time.

5- When you see this screen, click on “Specific Office Holder.”

6- We’re almost there … enter “Curt Bramble” in the “Search” box and click on “BRAMBLE, CURT” (on the website) when his name pops up.  Do NOT click on the drop-down or “Select multiple” choice right now.

7- Here we go … finally!  Click on “Go!” as represented by the graphic below. Oops … did you click on the graphic and not the web page again?  Go sit in the corner …

8- Now the challenge is to find out who gave Bramble “1,207 contributions totaling $1,176,270.00.”  Simple … here’s what you do on the following screen.

On the website, check off the above boxes: “Contributor,” “General Industry,” and “Specific Business.”  By-the-way “Grasshoppers,” you can click on any darned old thing you want to click on.  The foregoing is just a “quick n’ dirty” way of getting at “stuff.”  We’ve been using Follow the Money for over a year and still haven’t learned all it can do.

9- You are deep in the weeds.  Go ahead, click “HERE” in this posting.  WOW!  See the Special Interests who own our employee, State Senator Curt Bramble.  For example, we were angered to learn that Big Tobacco owned $34,150.00 worth of Bramble.  He and the rest of Utah’s Goodfellas will “… do anything for money….” long before they’ll do something for you. 

Big Tobacco kills 1,300 Utahns a year.  Remember to eventually deep dive into all the hyperlinks in blue … especially where you’ll see Utah’s legislators “on the take” and how much they’ve taken from sleazy, slimy, gritty, dirty, grimey special interests.  Take a good look at the roster of shameful “takers” below.  The blue hyperlinks are clickable and will take the reader down into the weeds to the source of our data.

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Download [74.88 KB]

10- Stay tuned for the next “Top Secret … NOT!!!” We’re planning to show you how to legally access Utah State Government Agency financial records where we’ve found so much “stuff” about 1AG Rap’n Rambo Reyes and 2The Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) Wouldn’t you like to see how your money is spent?

Homework - Imgflip


1- Click on and read our stories about 1Reyes and 2GOED hyperlinked above. During our next tutorial, you will learn how to do a deep dive into “State of Utah Spending” records and find what we are finding and MORE!

2-Deep dive into all of Bramble’s ill gotten gain as reported by “Follow the Money” click HERE

3- If you don’t like some of Senator “Ramblin” Bramble’s contributors, contact him at curt@cbramble.com, phone and/or text him at 801-361-5802 (mobile) or 801-226-3663 (home).  Visit him in person or send him a letter at 3663 N 870 E, PROVO, UT, 84604.  To find any senator’s contact information, go to the Utah Legislature and drill down to the Senate Roster.

Give Bramble the name of the contributor who owns him and talk to him about it.  Ask him questions like, “Is this really an accurate amount?” “Why did you take money from them?”  Be short and simple.

if you plan to visit Bramble in person.

By-the-way, Bramble is a wannabe tough guy, who likes to push people around.  He even attempted to intimidate a Pizza Delivery lady. Best to have a witness with you.

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Until Next Time…

Friends, your “Tips” are priceless!

We accept credible tips (whistleblower or otherwise) and low-hanging, fraud fruit that supports our mission to help return to the Rule of Law and Good Governance.  We’ll keep your correspondence in confidence.  Justice4All trustees include former government whistleblowers, a former FBI Special Agent, a former IRS Special Agent, Veterans of Military Intelligence, Counterintelligence, and Special Operations.  We were entrusted to guard this nation’s most critical secrets and will protect your “tips” even more rigidly and carefully.

Use justiceforallsecure@protonmail.ch to email anonymous tips. You may also subscribe to free ProtonMail specifically designed to protect anonymous sources (see PCMag Review).

You may also mail information to:
6720 Buena Vista Drive
Ogden, UT 84405  

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