Hide Your Kids!
Corporate Christianity has Joined Big Pharma!

Big Pharma LOVES Children’s Bodies
…While Hiding Behind Jesus & Profits

The deadly pharmaceutical industry loves children … or at least their body parts.  Did you know that Big Pharma frequently harvests and replicates tissue from aborted babies for use in vaccines?  Depending on the source, some or all of the COVID vaccines appear to contain this tissue as well.  See “Covid-19 Vaccines: Pro-life or No?

Big Pharma is advantaged by the slaughter of babies via abortion to harvest their body parts and pieces for profit.  See the “World O Meter” to track abortions. 

With the help of Utahans like “Opioid Orrin” Hatch, Big Pharma has been addicting children who, although escaping the womb alive, find themselves immediately in the clutches of deadly Opioids and the Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS).   

Now these shameless, toxic drug pushers seek to increase their income streams by injecting our juveniles with another kind of poison: so-called COVID vaccines.  According to world-renowned vaccine designer Geert Vanden Bossche, these shots are highly experimental immune destroyers.  They may also represent a foundational milestone toward weaponized forms of human control, as discussed in Dr. Charles Morgan’s lecture, “How to Operate a Human by Remote Control,” delivered to West Point cadets and faculty, and by a leaked Department of Defense video regarding the development and implementation of mind-altering “immunizations.”

June 1, 2021 significant update… world-renowned Dr. Peter McCullough, Clinical Cardiologist, Preventive Cardiology Advanced Lipidology, Heart Place, Professor of Medicine, Texas A&M University College of Medicine, Dallas TX, presented the following frightening information

With Big Pharma’s devastating track record and high distrust levels among the public, how can enough parents be convinced to go along with this deadly for-profit scheme?  Enter another, perhaps more sinister, virus: The Corporate Christianity Cult


The Cult of Corporate Christianity
Corporate Big Pharma is working hand-in-glove with
Callous, Covert

The “Poster Child” above highlights the nefarious connection between these two corporate collaborators.  Taken from the June 2021, LDS Church Children’s Friend magazine, this image exemplifies hubris, hypocrisy, mendacity, social engineering, grey propaganda, psychological mass manipulation, and malevolence.

The emotional appeal is a subliminal “broadside” aimed at our most tender senses without ever actually verbalizing, pontificating, preaching, or mandating over the pulpit. In essence, the above picture slyly suggests that what issues forth from LDS Church management  regarding COVID … i.e.  masking, vaccinations, distancing, isolation … should be accepted as the Gospel of Jesus Christ. [See BYU Dr. Hugh Nibley’s Leadership v. Management delivery.]

Therefore, having come, ostensibly, from Jesus Christ, it then becomes the only narrative to be trusted. The faithful are conditioned to assume that such messages and directions are infallible.  And in this case, it’s all targeted to parents and designed to be imposed on our little children … not to be smart … but … to be subservient in the face of whatever hypocrisy and depravity may come their innocent way.

The sinister simplicity of this visual message is eclipsed only by its insidious timing at the beginning of a National and Utah “push” to vaccinate children.  The “Neon” words are:Once again, the unwary are ensnared by a visual, emotional “heart trap” in the form of a sweet, innocent, masked child holding a Teddy Bear while being jabbed by a trusted, masked caregiver.
This “push” coincides with the proclamation of Communist Chinese darling and Big Pharma recruiter of helpless foster children, Anthony “FauCi Minh” Fauci:  

“Top U.S. infectious disease specialist Anthony Fauci said he expects that by the end of 2021 the United States will have enough safety data to vaccinate children of any age.U.S. News, May 18, 2021

           To read about a Wuhan Lab leak, click HERE.

Bureaucrats in Utah’s corrupt regime regurgitate the same deadly narrative:

Health officials urge Utah parents to vaccinate children against COVID-19.FOX 13 News, May 10, 2021

And how to make that happen?  Utah’s “Quarantine Queen” and “Switch-Hitting”  Governor Spencer Cox told the world how “trusted institutions” would be employed to spread their Death Cult to the innocent children of Utah.

And, right on cue, the Corporate LDS Church’s June “Friend”  answered the Pied Piper’s call.
“Those who cannot remember the past
are condemned to repeat it.”
George Santayana


“Physician, Heal Thyself!”
LDS Callous Coverup of
Child Abuse in the Past & Current Corporate Profits

If the health and welfare of Utah’s children were truly important to officials managing the LDS Corporation, then these officials would not have spent decades covering up hundreds of well-documented child abuse cases.  There would be no covert or active campaign for children to receive dangerous, experimental vaccines.  

We believe that LDS Corporate investment gurus, including Ensign Peak Advisors, are profiteering from the COVID scam and the illusions created of a false “cure.” These toxic vaccines are key to sustaining an artificially-flooded income stream.  From the article, “A Run-Down of the Huge Profits being made from COVID-19 Vaccines,” by Corporate Watch, March 2021:

AstraZeneca: unknown profit, after forecast sales of $6.4 billion in 2021. (LDS Church investment $2,834,000.00)
Moderna: estimated $8 billion profit.  
BioNTech/Pfizer: estimated $4 billion profit. (LDS Church investment $80,705,000.00)

From the Salt Lake Tribune, March 2020:

“Two-thirds of Ensign Peak Advisors [The LDS Church investment portfolio] reported stock holdings came from 100 companies or mutual funds. Of those 100, the plurality of the investment — 26% — was in the technology sector.”  [Click HERE to see how COVID supercharged the Technology sector wherein the LDS church has ~$6.6 Billion invested.]  

“The next two biggest sectors were health care, including Johnson & Johnson [LDS Church investment $645,924,000.00 in a “failed” COVID vaccination.] and Merck stocks [LDS Church investment $418,963,000 Helping Johnson & Johnson].”

Do we practice what we pray for, preach about, and pontificate over the pulpit out to the
Nations of the World regarding
Righteousness, Justice, and Truth?

For Utah’s Goodfellas,
consider telling the truth for a change.

Is it any wonder that a perversely-twisted Corporate Christianity has helped to brand Utah as the “pay-to-play,” Affinity Fraud Capital of America, and the “second most corrupt” state in the nation?  Perhaps Utah’s elitist tables need to be turned as portrayed by the image of Jesus below?

A justification for unrest? Look no further than the Bible and the Founding Fathers - Raw Story - Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism

Interesting reading: Christianity and violence; The Profits of Religion; Prosperity Theology.


“You Can Buy Anything in this
World with Money.”  

Callous, Covert, Corporate Christianity promotes the “Jab” into young adults and little children when,

There is a statistically zero percent chance of young people dying of COVID-19.   

Yet, all signs indicate that many are, and will, suffer and even die from these toxic shots imposed on them for profit.   

Go to the World Health Organization’s VigiAccess.org and type in “Covid-19 vaccine” in the search to learn more about the 860,000+ reported adverse reactions to these shots in 2021.  Then imagine how many are not reported correctly, given the fact that we exposed that they were fudging numbers way back in April 2020.

If that isn’t enough, here is a chart provided by the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS)…

Posts Falsely Claim COVID-19 Vaccines Have Killed More People Than Other Vaccines

It’s happening right here in Utah.  Utahan Everest Romney developed blood clots in his brain shortly after receiving the first shot.  He and now his father, who also took the shot, are both hospitalized and in bad shape.  Here is a video with more information from their mother and wife.

Worldwide Carnage Ensuing

These toxic shots are causing crises worldwide.  Here are a few select headlines and talking points from Health Impact News (04.28.2021):

The entire document with photos of
extensive, tragic, case histories follows:

India in Chaos because of the Vaccine

More Evidence of COVID-19
Vaccine Injuries and Deaths

Informed Consent Matters … so …
Let’s look at the deaths one by one.



Ten Medical Facts Regarding the
COVID-19 Experimental Vaccines
Dr. Shelley Cole, Medical Director AFLDS

1. They are not acting like vaccines, according to the common definition of a vaccine. The investigational COVID-19 vaccines were granted emergency use based upon reducing symptoms only and not based upon preventing transmission of SARS CoV2. Once the trials are completed, Moderna October 27, 2022 and Pfizer January 31, 2023, the data will be analyzed and at that time it may be possible to know if either or both vaccine candidates reduce viral transmission. There has never been a situation where a vaccine candidate was rolled out to millions of healthy people under such a bizarre set of facts. 2 of 3

2. The experimental vaccine only lessens symptoms. The effective rates reported of 90% or above, refer to minimizing the symptoms of COVID-19, not immunizing you against the SARS CoV-2 virus. That is why the CDC is still recommending wearing the mask after you take the experimental “vaccine.” You are still at risk of getting the virus. It is similar to taking Tylenol to reduce the pain of a headache not a cure or avoiding of the headache.

3. You do not need to be vaccinated if you have already contracted COVID-19. Typically people who catch an illness develop natural, life-long immunity and there is no reason to think SARS-CoV-2 is different in this regard. Persons who already had COVID were excluded from the initial trials (which is strange given that now recommend it to people who already had the illness.) There is evidence the covid vaccine might actually be more dangerous for persons who have already had the illness in that they seem to develop an exaggerated reaction to the vaccine.

4. The experimental vaccine uses new technology never before used in a vaccine. All current and past vaccines use antigens, something the body detects as foreign to us. In total contrast, some of the COVID-19 vaccines use modified RNA to program our cells to make an antigen. Then, after our cells make the antigen, our immune system fights against it. For the first time, the immune system is trying to attack something our bodies have made. Will the body consider it “self” or “foreign?” This needs to be studied dispassionately and carefully before dispensing to millions of healthy people worldwide. We know autoimmune disease will occur as it always does in some percentage of standard vaccines. But we are concerned it will be in much higher percentages with this new technology. Understand, you are agreeing to be in a medical study when you take any of the COVID-19 vaccines.

5. The “vaccine” may make you sicker than if you hadn’t taken it, especially the elderly. The vaccine may cause a paradoxical reaction, called ADE Antibody-Dependent Enhancement. These enhanced antibodies are extremely dangerous to people as they actually help the virus get into the cell! If the vaccinated person with ADE is later exposed to the virus, they will have a much more serious reaction than if they hadn’t taken the vaccine. Studies show that the elderly may be more prone to ADE.  The previous unsuccessful attempts to create a vaccine against SARS-CoV1, MERS-CoV and RSV, all coronaviruses, all failed due to this antibody-dependent enhancement, or ADE.

6. Inflammation at the placenta of pregnant women who receive the vaccine have been reported. Caution if you desire future pregnancies. The “vaccine” is designed to create antibodies to attack the viral s-protein. That protein is very similar genetically to the proteins made by the placenta. Some reported cases of inflammation have been made. We urge extreme caution for those of you that desire future pregnancies. This reaction could affect future childbearing. We just do not know.

7. There are effective, safe, affordable prevention and treatment medications for COVID-19.  3 of 3 During the pandemic, well over 250 studies have shown that hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin is a safe effective affordable medication to prevent and treat COVID-19. Additional supplements including Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc and Quercetin have all been found to beneficial in the treatment of COVID-19.  For the cost of over-the-counter supplements, and a generic medication, usually less than $25, the majority of people can be treated. We know it makes much more sense to take medications that have been used billions of times across the world, that have been FDA approved for decades with unimpeachable safety record, than to try an experimental new technology. The non-Western world uses hydroxychloroquine liberally and enjoy 1% of the COVID-19 death rate of Western nations.

8. Deaths due to COVID-19 simply do not justify the use of any “experimental vaccine.”  We now know the death rate for COVID-19 in all ages in the US. According to the CDC, the chance of surviving SARS-CoV-2 without any treatment at all: age 0-19 (99.997%) 20-50 (99.98%) 50-69 (99.5%) and >age 70 (95%.) 80% of deaths are over the age of 70 with an average of 2.6 other serious medical conditions. Only 6% of deaths occur in persons without known serious problems.  The average age of death of a COVID-19 patient exceeds the average national life expectancy.  Thus, most of the reported COVID-19 deaths died with COVID-19 not from it.  The death rate is very low for most people, similar to the seasonal flu. Would you be willing to take an experimental medication that reduced symptoms only for the flu? We should focus on the high-risk groups for deaths from COVID-19, those 70 years or older with multiple diseases.

9. The known risks of vaccines can be serious.  Vaccines currently available have reported known risks including neurological diseases such as transverse myelitis, Bells’ Palsy, multiple sclerosis, autism, and Guillain-Barre. These have already been reported with the new COVID-19 “vaccines.” The FDA limited the Phase 3 trials and shortened the traditional trial periods and now, the entire world’s citizens are the subjects of the study. We are administering the vaccine to people at low or exceedingly low risk of death. These risks need to be known and weighed before someone decides to take the vaccine.

10. The experimental vaccines should be compared to other therapeutic medications to accurately determine their risk vs benefit. Whenever you take any medication, ask yourself, is the risk of taking this medication worth the benefit? If the “vaccine” can only lessen symptoms, it should be compared to other medications that do the same, like Tylenol or hydroxychloroquine. The latter two win the risk vs benefit comparison hands down.


America’s Frontline Doctors’ Petition for Temporary Restraining Order Regarding the COVID Vaccination of Children.  “There’s Dynamite in the Details Here”

An Impassioned Video Interview
Regarding the Above Petition…

Former Pfizer VP: “It’s over!”

Dr. Michael Yeadon is the 60-year-old former vice president of Pfizer, where he spent 16 years as an allergy and respiratory researcher.  He later co-founded a biotech firm that the Swiss drug maker Novartis purchased for at least $325 million.  In the above video, Yeadon has this to say about the “Mandemic.”  “It’s OVER!”

Below, Yeadon expands on the Green Passport implementation with a public plea…

“Those who think vaccine passports are good or at least ok, I’m addressing you.  If you were a vulnerable person and have been vaccinated, you’re protected. You don’t need to know others’ immune status. Note, even if they’ve been vaccinated, that doesn’t guarantee they can’t carry a single virus particle and donate it to you. So it doesn’t help you or make you safer to know everyone else has been vaccinated.

If you’ve declined vaccination, for example, because you’re not at risk from this virus, noting younger people are at MORE risk from influenza than from COVID-19, you also don’t need to know anyone else’s immune status.

Vaccination protects those who need it. Vaccine passports protect nobody.

But vaxpass is useful to our overlords. It’ll be the World’s first common format database, operable anywhere from Bolton to Bogota, containing your unique digital ID and an editable health status flag (initially about vaccination status).

Who controls that database and any algorithm governing what it permits and denies has absolutely totalitarian control over every aspect of your life.

Imagine a future in which a valid Vaxpass is required to enter a sport ground or museum. Invalid Vaxpass, no entry.

Now imagine the rules are hardened up (they will be). Now you can’t enter large shopping malls or hotels without a valid pass.

Further? Sure, why not. The algorithm is tweaked and now you cannot enter large supermarkets or any public transport.

A tyrannical step might be a Visa/MasterCard tweak that requires a valid Vaxpass BEFORE a terminal will open up for a purchase transaction.

Now you can’t even buy a bottle of water. Or fuel. Or anything.

Ping! Your Vaxpass orders you to report for your top up vaccine. If you don’t, your pass expires. Do you think you’ve got a choice?

Ping! You’re reminded to bring your grandson in, too, as his mother hasn’t. If you don’t, your pass becomes invalid, as does the baby’s mother’s pass. Still think you’ve got a choice?

The fact that I can easily come up with examples must tell you at least that the potential for utterly totalitarian control of the entire population forever lies like a worm at the center of this beyond-Orwellian future.

It’s not speculative. We’re told this system is about to happen. You’ll be coerced to be vaccinated or you’ll rapidly be marginalized.

Once you’re vaccinated, the limited freedoms they allow you can be withdrawn at any moment.

Don’t kid yourselves that “no one would be this evil”. I refer you to numerous examples during the last century. There are plenty of evil people and the only difference here is SCALE and the irreversible nature of it.

Now you’ve seen what is so easy to do to take complete control of a whole society, you MUST object and find ways to prevent a vaccine passport system from coming into being. By any and all means necessary.

Finally, to those who say this is all a series of unfortunate and incompetent errors, please watch this documentary. Long before you get to the end, you’ll realize, as I did with mounting horror, that this is absolutely not incompetence. It’s rehearsed and exercises like this have been war gamed for years if not decades. It’ll perhaps change your thoughts as to the origins of this mess and crimes.  But please, one thing: do not say you weren’t warned.”

Warning, warning, warning:  For all “soundbite scavengers,” if you are attention deficit and incapable of sustaining  time on task for less than a few microseconds, the following video is not for you.  However, if gaining a “One Over the World” perspective matters, then “think dive” into the following ~1 hour, “Pandemic Simulation Games – Perpetration for a new era?”

A large dose of the videos found HERE would be far more preventative and therapeutic than anything found in Woke “Mandemic” narratives.

For example try, “Starting Litigation for Crimes against Humanity”
with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich.

Top lawyers all around the world are filing a class action suit against the criminals who started and have kept the “scamdemic” going. The charges will be crimes against humanity for the massive damage they have done to millions of people. Nuremberg 2 is under way. 

Interview: Listen to NY pharmacist discuss his refusal to administer experimental biological agents without informed consent.

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