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How about the fun “turn” on the “Nattering Nabobs,” time-tested phrase?  Well … we can’t resist “twisting” a word or two about narcissistic behavior and self-doubt.  Seems that Utah AG “Rappin Rambo” Reyes has some serious self-doubt problems and has ramped up his image and public persona with a commercial, narcissistic plaudit or two. While narcissism is positively correlated with self-esteem, the association is actually small. This suggests it’s possible to think you are superior to others, but still not view yourself as a worthy human being.” 

We received the following from a valued source of ours:

Hey “Ol’ Buzzard,

Have you ever had a chance to look into these sham awards?  Reyes buys a number of them every year.  The more you pay, the bigger trophy you get.  Reyes wins the “Best Elected State Official” every year.  Gary Ott was the last one to win it other than Reyes and Ott won it at a time when he was clearly incapacitated.  All one has to do is pay the fee to win.  Note that Mayor Troy Walker also won, but what’s his category?  “Mayor”?  This is a link: I’ve highlighted the ones which have a connection to Reyes: Community Development – Public Sector Animal Services: Salt Lake County Animal Services; Appointed Official: David F. Pack, Ph.D.; City Planning: David Dobbins; Elected State Official: Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes; Library: Springville Public Library; Mayor: Troy K Walker; Parks & Recreation Department: Women’s Council McKay Dee Hospital; Public/Private Partnership: Utah Children’s Justice Center; Public Safety: Utah Attorney General’s Office – Investigations; Public Works: Ogden’s Christmas Village; Publication: SW Utah Public Health Foundation’s HEALTH Magazine; State Agency/Office: Utah Department of Workforce Services; Web-based Community Resource: The SafeUT Commission; Youth Organization: Utah State University Extension 4-H.

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Guess what The Ole’ Buzzard found in “Rambo” Reyes’ expense records?
3/11/2016: -$35.00 for “Best of State Subscription
4/26/2017: -$760.00 for “Best of State Subscription
3/9/2018: -$35.00 for “Best of State Subscription
Those subscriptions were paid out of only one little kitty.  There undoubtedly are other sources of funds and means used by Reyes to finance his many self-aggrandizing, narcissistic, “self doubting” behaviors.

The End of the Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar Memes? - Neatorama

Well … we like ya’ll … kinda’ maybe!

They say the size of the award a politician receives is inversely proportional to other characteristics.  Still, we are forced to acknowledge our harsh insensitivity in heaping so much self-doubt and shame on the fragile egos of Utah’s chosen.  We dare not end 2019 on a sour note against the radical food and gas taxes they announced over the Holidays.

Therefore, we dedicate the Burt and Ernie clip below to Reyes and Utah’s other self-doubting, narcissist Goodfellas … like Gary “Available Jones” Herbert, Loosey Goosey Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox, Senate Kommissar Stuart Adams, House Kommissar Brad Wilson, Curt “Junket Junkie Rambl’n” Bramble, “Unfit Mitt” Romney (aka “Pierre Delecto“), “Opioid Orrin” Hatch and their corporate handlers who fawn ceaselessly for praise and genuflect on their own greatness.

We want you Goodfellas to know you aren’t alone.  Even as Ernie felt the pain of rejection once or twice, it builds character.  Yes … we don’t trust you as far as we can throw you … but … we kinda’ like you for the useful, delightful, hilarious, bizarre fodder and fuel that you provide for our stories.  However, you’ll understand if we do keep a close eye on our chickens and cash.  As the old saying goes: “Tis’ vile to rob a henroost of a hen, but thieving largely makes us gentlemen.”

Click the video below to play it:

Disclaimer: Our style of “liking” includes a special “Time Out” for Utah’s Goodfellas right here … 

Should we add a “Time Out” for Utah’s Goodfellas among The Ole’ Buzzard’s New Year’s Resolutions?

(To) Utah attorney general Sean Reyes:

Per Utah code 63G-2-204 (GRAMA), I request documentation regarding any companies your office has hired to handle casework — since you took office.  Specifically, I seek the names of those companies, amounts they were paid, dates those amounts were paid, and any cases each of those companies was involved with.

I also request documentation regarding any contributions those hired companies made to your campaign, either directly or indirectly through other organizations.  Specifically, I seek amounts contributed, dates those amounts were paid, and if these payments were made indirectly, the organization or organizations through which their contributions passed.

Following paragraph (3)(b) of the same section cited above, I request an expedited response in 5 business days, to benefit the public per paragraph (4) of that same section, as the results will be shared with the public to further their understanding regarding legislators’ private and public actions.

Electronic versions of these records should suffice.  Please call me if you have any questions.


Daniel Newby
1379 West Appomattox Way
Taylorsville, UT 84123


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Co-authored by Daniel Newby

“The Ole’ Buzzard”

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