LDS (Mormon) Church Gleefully Gorges on Big Pharma’s Filthy Lucre by Investing in …
Johnson & Johnson $645,924,000.00 a Corporate Malefactor
UnitedHealth Group Inc $471,534,000.00 a Corporate Malefactor
Merck & Co Inc $418,963,000.00 a Corporate Malefactor
Abbott Laboratories $335,744,000 a Corporate Malefactor
Pfizer ~$306,000,000 a Corporate Criminal

… and currently much more HERE.

As the church wallows in its Filthy Lucre,
fix the following
firmly in mind …

The LDS (Mormon) Church has finally, completely removed itself from the right to cite Jesus Christ as a patron and namesake.

After slyly conning and cajoling their members into isolating, suffocating/hiding their faces in shame, and then clot-shotting their innocent moms, dads, and babies for profit, the Mormon “Corporate” Church leadership have mindlessly, stupidly, and inhumanely cast themselves and others into a religious, moral, ethical, quandary, and hellish void.

Growing numbers of us see, and are exposing LDS (Mormon) corporate leaders for what they are: Intellectually, morally, and spiritually naked.  Their only “calling and election made sure” is to the false Gods of corruption with whom they have ingratiated themselves and are obligated to serve.

With increasing clarity, we observe the ongoing mass psychosis of many LDS (Mormon) Church members.  Their health already sacrificed to the Gods of Big Pharma and finance, they still roll over like automatons to the incessant dicta and harangue to “follow the prophet.”  Impulses to do so, like characteristics inherited, are mixed into a subtle, servile, soup that’s incessantly slopped atop their susceptible, fragile psyches … albeit fueling the mass psychosis … one of epic proportions.

Some engage in senseless prattle about how to best authenticate and/or accept or reject the words of false prophets.  They conjecture ad nauseam about what “The Brethren” are doing, saying, or thinking. All the while, the puppets parading behind the Prophet pontificate endlessly and spew poisonous nonsense out of mouths perpetually in gear … spewing from vacuous minds completely out of gas.

Was it a command or merely an opinion?  Did all 12 apostles declare it?  Did he/they say, “Thus saith the Lord?”

In this case, the mental gymnastics are endless, but in the end, the members have inevitably concluded, with ample encouragement from said “leaders,” that all are obligated to “follow-the-Leader” down into the Big Pharma bred, Mandemic hell on Earth awaiting.

These culturally-spawned spiritual contortions are why the “Prophet’s” Tweeted photo below is so powerfully sinister.  It screams, in shrill finality, “Thus saith the Lord.”  And from this con job, Mormon members surrendered their agency to clot shots from Big Pharma.

The following visual, concurrent in time with the above, is equally sinister and evil.  In our edit of this picture, we cautioned that the depicted clot shot from “The Children’s Friend” magazine was “Heartless, Soulless Propaganda” for profit and to reject the Moloch Jab before you (dare) tell others about Jesus Christ.


Infallibility without Accountability

The overarching stench and inference of “infallibility” cuts many ways.  One was to deceive millions of Mormons into becoming Guinea Pigs for Big Pharma’s homicidal mania.

Another was to entice the members to join the Mormon Corporate Leviathan and partake of the largest corrupt financial feeding frenzy of all time.  In other words, they,

“…Seduced the more part of the righteous until they had come down to believe in their works and partake of their spoils, and to join with them in their secret murders and combinations.” (Helaman 6:38)

The LDS (Mormon) Corporate Leviathan is considered by the international financial markets to be a significant, institutional investor.  Its vast assets are larger than entire nation states.

In order to be an investor at this level, you must play along.  This means following the herd plan/instinct, and going where other big market players go.  The biggest profits are made by ganging up together and working in concert to manipulate governments, markets, and masses.

The recent Mandemic feast required all investors to act in strict consonance and tandem together.  If a large investor like the Mormon Corporate Leviathan, had blatantly and publicly jumped ship resisting Big Pharma’s evil, such would have created discord, panic, and considerable consternation for the globalist elites and their deadly agenda.

Therefore, Mormon “leaders” fell over themselves sucking up to every tyrannical edict and whim from their globalist, elitist peers.  Gone is any pretense to the historical defense of traditional moral and family values and the protection of individual “free agency.”  Today, profit comes before the welfare and wellbeing of its members and mankind.

Many are catching on to this deceit as the tide of public opinion turns to expose the perfidy and hypocrisy embedded in the LDS (Mormon) corporate culture and empire.  The misery resulting from the Mandemic is intensifying into a global misery never before witnessed.

Popular broadcaster Jason Whitlock, who enjoys educating and entertaining over 200K subscribers and many more followers, has this to say about “bending to the establishment.”


Investing in Death

Institutional investors in Big Pharma and related enterprises are now wallowing in the slimy excrement of a Covid Mandemic movement; feeding on a financial frenzy the likes of which the World has never known.  And, as amply depicted below, the Corporate LDS (Mormon) Church ranks high on the leader board among those bloodsuckers that have profited obscenely from our misery.



Ensign Peak Advisor’s Stock Holdings
Source: Ensign Peak’s filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission
(Top Tier) Stock Value(s)
[These numbers are somewhat dated.]
Apple Inc $1,574,498,000
Microsoft Corp $1,496,120,000
Google Inc $930,020,000 Inc $855,534,000
Johnson & Johnson $645,924,000 a Corporate Malefactor
Intel Corp $604,282,000
Facebook Inc $537,903,000
Visa Inc $532,653,000
JPMorgan Chase & Co $486,018,000
UnitedHealth Group Inc $471,534,000 a Corporate Malefactor
Merck & Co Inc $418,963,000 a Corporate Malefactor
Berkshire Hathaway Inc $418,386,000
Walt Disney Co/The $384,017,000
Chevron Corp $381,260,000
Home Depot Inc/The $369,978,000
Stryker Corp $348,720,000
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc $343,760,000
Abbott Laboratories $335,744,000 a Corporate Malefactor
Danaher Corp $325,424,000
O’Reilly Automotive Inc $324,716,000
Mastercard Inc $321,394,000
Bank of America Corp $307,855,000
Pfizer ~$306,000,000 a Corporate Criminal

Enterprise Products Partners LP $305,734,000
Union Pacific Corp $303,780,000
Adobe Systems Inc $295,533,000
iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets ETF $291,015,000
Exxon Mobil Corp $290,841,000
TJX Cos Inc $290,390,000
Fastenal Co $287,527,000
Air Products & Chemicals Inc $278,951,000
iShares Core S&P 500 ETF $276,936,000
First Republic Bank/CA $276,216,000
Wells Fargo & Co $275,660,000


A justification for unrest? Look no further than the Bible and the Founding Fathers - Raw Story - Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism

Crimes Against Humanity 

Why do we continue to challenge the LDS (Mormon) Corporate Leviathan and others over Mandemic matters?  To answer that question, sit back and let your heart watch and listen to Stew Peters’ remarkable presentation and the irrefutable evidence of “Misery and Death” in his “World Premiere: Died Suddenly” … also found on locally-owned UGETube.  Send the children to bed first and be prepared to learn in grisly detail just how tragically we’ve all been misled and deceived.  Click on the picture below for Stew’s saved version on our site.

We’ve only casually exposed Big Pharma and the Clot Shot … without our usual extensive source elaboration and validation.  In other stories we’ve exercised, repeated, validated, and detailed the evidence of horror and evil in these times.  We suggest earlier stories about the Mandemic that are found at the end of this blog posting and also HERE.

Remember.  Because it’s all for Filthy Lucre, The LDS (Mormon) Church has finally, completely removed itself from the right
to cite Jesus Christ as a
patron and namesake. 

Fair Warning

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