Utah Officials…Energy Solutions…Pollute and Poison

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Utah Officials paid by Energy Solutions in order to  Pollute and Poison for Posterity  

3/21/19 Update … Herbert’s weak-kneed response to the nuclear waste bill was to let it slide.

The World of Nuclear Waste Disposal revolves around Energy Solutions.  

3/21/19 Update … Governor Herbert’s weak-kneed response to the bill was to let it slide. He said, “I have allowed HB 220, Radioactive Waste Amendments to become law without my signature.”  And his reservations were, “… about how this legislation came forward.”   Herbert, having previously “grifted” Energy Solutions a whole heap of cash to the tune of $1.7M, couldn’t bring himself to veto the bill because he also has shamefully taken a lot of money from special interests just like his legions of legislative quislings have done from Energy Solutions. 

Herbert’s patronage of Energy Solutions can be rewarded through “back doors” ​beyond public scrutiny.  From “Vote Smart” we find “Energy & Natural Resources​ contributions to Herbert of ​$172,500.00​” and $821,713.74​ that are “Uncoded.”  

It’s simply a matter of “What’s good for the Gander is good for the Geese.” How the bill came forward is reflected in the summary of payments from Energy Solutions to the following legislators.

HB 220 Legislative Leadership Letter 2019

With two courageous exceptions … Iwamoto and Kitchen.  

Energy Solutions paid off the following Senate Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Committee members who pushed and passed the justifiably contested Nuclear Waste bill HB0220S03 on Feb 6. 

See the complete list of Utah Officials who like a litter of Suckling Shoats have scrambled wildly to get at the Energy Solutions’ tit.

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Energy Solutions’ Payments to Utah Goodfellas

From “Follow the Money.org # of Checks from ES Energy Solutions Payments
Utah AG Sean Reyes 5 $47,500.00
Sen. Stuart Adams R 17 $30,250.00
Rep. Brad R. Wilson R-Speaker 11 $22,009.00
Sen. Wayne Niederhauser R 14 $21,250.00
Sen. Curt Bramble R 11 $18,000.00
Rep. John Knotwell R 15 $15,450.00
Sen. Ralph Okerlund (R), Chair 8 $15,350.00
Rep. Francis Gibson R 13 $15,255.00
Sen. Jerry W. Stevenson R 11 $14,400.00
Sen. Evan J. Vickers R 12 $12,500.00
Rep. Jim Dunnigan R 19 $11,850.00
Sen. Karen Mayne D 15 $10,950.00
Sen. Gene Davis D 14 $10,350.00
Rep. Mike Mckell R 13 $9,750.00
Sen. Margaret Dayton R 8 $9,250.00
Rep. Doug Sagers R 14 $8,090.00
Sen. Daniel Thatcher R 5 $6,550.00
Rep. Dan McCay R 8 $6,150.00
Sen. Wayne Harper R 11 $5,500.00
Rep. Craig Hall R 10 $5,000.00
Rep. Brad Last R 11 $5,000.00
Sen. Howard Stephenson R 7 $4,900.00
Sen. Don Ipson R 8 $4,850.00
Rep. Steven Eliason R 9 $4,650.00
Rep. Stewart Barlow R 7 $4,333.00
Sen. David P. Hinkins R 5 $4,250.00
Sen. Peter Knudson R 8 $3,650.00
Rep. Mike Kennedy R 7 $3,300.00
Sen. Keith Grover R 8 $3,200.00
Rep. Mike Noel R 11 $3,200.00
Rep. Keith Grover R 8 $3,200.00
Sen. Allen M. Christensen R 3 $3,000.00
Rep. Keven Stratton R 5 $3,000.00
Rep. Robert Spendlove R 5 $2,900.00
Rep. Eric Hutchings R 11 $2,900.00
Sen. Ann Millner R 3 $2,900.00
Rep. Merrill Nelson R 6 $2,788.00
Rep. Ken Ivory R 6 $2,750.00
Sen. Todd Weiler R 2 $2,750.00
Rep. Stephen Handy R 5 $2,500.00
Rep. Gage Froerer R 6 $2,500.00
Sen. Deidre Henderson R 3 $2,500.00
Sen. Kevin Van Tassell R 6 $2,450.00
Sen. Jake Anderegg R 6 $2,400.00
Rep. Jeremy Peterson R 6 $2,250.00
Rep. Lee Perry R 7 $2,125.00
Rep. John Westwood R 5 $1,937.00
Rep. Brad Daw R 8 $1,900.00
Rep. Marc Roberts R 4 $1,750.00
Rep. Dixon M. Pitcher R 5 $1,350.00
Rep. Paul F. Ray R 5 $1,250.00
Rep. Christine Watkins R 4 $1,250.00
Rep. Tim Quinn R 4 $1,100.00
Rep. Kay Christofferson R 4 $1,050.00
Rep. Mark Wheatley D 5 $1,000.00
Rep. Raymond Ward D 1 $1,000.00
Rep. Mike Winder R 2 $1,000.00
Rep. Carl Albrecht R 2 $1,000.00
Sen. Luz Robles Escamilla D 1 $1,000.00
Rep. Becky Edwards R 1 $1,000.00
Rep. Bruce Cutler R 2 $900.00
Rep. Jefferson Moss R 3 $841.00
Rep. Logan Wilde R 2 $800.00
Rep. Kim Coleman R 1 $750.00
Sen. Brian Zehnder R 1 $728.00
Rep. Carol Spackman Moss D 3 $700.00
Rep. Val K. Potter R 2 $550.00
Rep. Norm Thurston R 2 $550.00
Rep. Susan Pulsipher R 2 $550.00
Rep. Timothy Hawkes R 1 $500.00
Sen. Gregg Buxton R 1 $500.00
Rep. Justin L. Fawson R 1 $500.00
Rep. Lynn Hemingway D 2 $450.00
Sen. Lyle Hillyard R 1 $350.00
Rep. Walt Brooks R 1 $250.00
Rep. Miles Kelly R 1 $250.00
Rep. Karianne Lisonbee R 1 $250.00
Rep. Derrin Owens R 1 $250.00
Rep. Cheryl Acton R 1 $250.00
Rep. Susan Duckworth D 1 $250.00
Rep. Scott Chew R 1 $100.00
Sen. Jani Iwamoto D 0 $0.00
Sen. Derek L. Kitchen D 0 $0.00
Sen. Scott D. Sandall R 0 $0.00
Rep. Travis Seegmiller R 0 $0.00
Rep. Sandra Hollins D 0 $0.00
Rep. Marie Poulson D 0 $0.00
Rep. Karen Kwan D 0 $0.00
Rep. Joel Briscoe D 0 $0.00
Rep. Elizabeth Weight D 0 $0.00
Rep. Brian King D 0 $0.00
Rep. Arent Patrice D 0 $0.00
Rep. Angela Romero D 0 $0.00
Rep. Val Peterson R 0 $0.00
Rep. Mike Schultz R 0 $0.00
Rep. Lowry Snow R 0 $0.00
Rep. Cory Maloy R 0 $0.00
Rep. Adam Robertson R 0 $0.00
Sen. Lincoln Fillmore R 0 $0.00
Sen. Jim Dabakis D 0 $0.00
Sen. Dan Hemmert R 0 $0.00
Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck D 0 $0.00
Rep. Lavar Christensen R 0 $0.00
Rep. Greg Hughes R 0 $0.00
Rep. Edward Redd R 0 $0.00
Rep. Curt R. Webb R 0 $0.00
Rep. Brian Greene R 0 $0.00

About Pignanelli the Pig & Foxley the Fox 

Pignanelli the Pig  & Foxley the Fox … Wizards of Waste … Denizens of the Dump … Gladiators for the “Radiation-iators” … Shills for  Related image Bills

Foxley is listed as a registered lobbyist for Energy Solutions.  

Over the years, legislation like HB0220S03 has been proposed and defeated. The current result opens the way for the transport of hazardous nuclear waste from other states to Utah against the will and wishes of Utahns. This hazardous waste will be deposited in Energy Solutions’ facilities where it will grow more and more toxic as time goes by.  Lest we become too cavalier about the net effect of increasing, long term radiation for generations to come, we ask, “Who is to be concerned for the health and welfare of our great, great great, and succeedingly greater (we hope) grandchildren?”

Our concern, for example, resides in and springs from the history of poisoned sheep and irradiated Utah “Down Winder” families.  How soon we forget what we were not to have known and were to have hopefully soon forgotten … Goodfellas and liars … liars with their pants on fire … governments … State and Federal lying with impunity!

Is Utah destined to become the destination for “Waste Creep”?  

That is to say today are we creeping up to become the dump of all dumps for nuclear waste A,B,C….Z and more while tomorrow we are to be the “Permanent geological repository for …?”  Now that “The Bears Ears” has been ravaged, are we to dump there also? 

“The Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982 dictated that the federal government would identify a permanent geological repository—a long-term storage site—and begin transferring waste from nuclear power plants to that repository by 1998. A decade and a half after that deadline, the search for a repository site has stalled, with no resolution likely in the near future.” From the Union of Concerned Scientists at www.ucsusa.org/nuclear-power/nuclear-waste

Stockton, Utah chemist Matt McCarty said besides potential environmental threats, he worries about the facility’s accessibility and if there will be enough warning signs years from now about what’s buried there.  

“We’re talking about a hazard that’s going to exist for a million years,” McCarty said.  He went on to list several reasons for his concerns:

1. Depleted uranium is a very complex issue because it immediately starts to decay into radon, radium, polonium, thorium, thallium, and a host of other radioactive elements. Therefore, handling depleted uranium waste is difficult because it’s a mixture of radioactive elements each with its own radioactivity and toxicity.
2. The state legislature should not hurry to make the policy change in HB220 because the legislature is a deliberative body and has taken years to work out policy on complex issues like Medicaid expansion and medicinal cannabis. Depleted uranium deserves more time and deliberation because of its complexity.
3. EnergySolutions: In spite of having a public outreach office in Tooele County, EnergySolutions has not held a single town hall on the depleted uranium issue or this legislation in our county yet.

Kazakhstan … Template for Tragedy

Those in the past who stood to benefit and those who currently have facilitated such legislation are to include Pignanelli the Pig & Foxley the Fox.  

Foxley is listed as a registered lobbyist for Energy Solutions.  Energy Solutions also has its influencers and moles in the community and Utah government, for example Vern C. Rogers who is on the  Utah Waste Management and Radiation Control Board

“WASTE-SITE `INTRIGUE’: IS IT WASTE OF ENERGY?”  By Jerry Spangler, Staff Writer Deseret News Published: February 13, 1997

“It has all the ingredients for a classic case of corporate intrigue: Take a couple of well-heeled businessmen, add a healthy dose of rumor, a radioactive dump, innuendo, paranoia, and then throw in some payoff money and retribution. (continuing on) Dmitrich is the sponsor of a bill requested by lobbyist-businessman Doug Foxley, who has made a personal fortune buying and selling waste dumps. (and on) “We think Foxley and other folks have been waiting for a long time to do something like this,” Judd said, suggesting that the Semnani-Anderson scandal has incited any number of vultures to circle the company.”  All here https://goo.gl/z9ozXd

Here’s an article that is telling of and relates to our focus on the entire HB220 situation. Gov. Herbert signs another 44 bills, including a $1.7M fee break for EnergySolutions

From the article we learn, “HB169 was unusual legislation in that it benefits a single company — EnergySolutions. It was approved by huge margins in the House and Senate, where members are beneficiaries of the company’s generous campaign contributions. In fact, EnergySolutions was the single largest donor to sitting legislators last year, pouring in more than $67,000 in contributions. A Tribune analysis found that lawmakers who took donations were many times more likely to vote for HB169 than those who did not accept checks from EnergySolutions.  Herbert has continued the policy of his predecessor, former Gov. Jon Huntsman, in refusing to take EnergySolutions donations. (Huntsman once even returned $40,000 in contributions from entrepreneur Steve Creamer when Creamer was in the process of acquiring the company, then called Envirocare.)” ​Herbert’s patronage of Energy Solutions can be rewarded through “back doors” ​beyond public scrutiny.  From “Vote Smart” we find “Energy & Natural Resources​ contributions to Herbert of ​$172,500.00​” and $821,713.74​ that are “Uncoded.”  

“Lowell Peterson, who is registered as a lobbyist for USPCI, the company that owns a controlling interest in the East Carbon dump; Paul Rogers, a registered lobbyist for East Carbon Development Corp.; Sue Ferry, a registered lobbyist for USPCI; Dix McMullin, a registered lobbyist for East Carbon Development Corp. and Creamer & Noble (Steve Creamer is a co-owner of the facility); and Doug Foxley, a co-owner of ECDC and a lobbyist who represents USPCI, East Carbon Development Corp. and Creamer & Noble. All are among the most powerful lobbyists on Capitol Hill.” Deseret News

From “Boondoggled … 52 percent oppose the state takeover of public lands—but millions will be spent on it anyway” By Eric Ethington. ”In addition to Strata Policy, the Utah Legislature also hired the New Orleans-based Davillier Law Group, which includes Utahns Frank Pignanelli and Blaze Wharton (both former state legislators) and Doug Foxley. According to the state’s lobbyist disclosure website, Pignanelli and Foxley are currently paid lobbyists for several companies that could benefit from state management of public lands, including Big West Oil and EnergySolutions. Wharton has, in the past, lobbied for Energy Fuels.” – City Weekly

See also “Semnani living American dream”

Stephen Douglas Foxley … “Foxley has been in this role in an advisory capacity since last year. Prior to formally joining Cambia, he served as an associate at Foxley & Pignanelli, a prominent Utah government relations firm where he provided clients in-depth political consulting and policy expertise. He has also held legal and financial roles at Woodbury Corporation and EnergySolutions.”  Cambia press release.

See and hear as the Fox and Pig pander to a mindless generational age of potential voters … pander with meaningless, irrelevant rubbish and nonsense that the Fox and Pig bring into Utah’s Capitol.  Watch as they savage the essential dignity and decorum that should reside therein and disgrace themselves … they and their factotum legislators the facilitators and purveyors of the obscene HB0220S03 … Goodfellas all!

Goodfellas are …

much like “The Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight” … They are stumbling, bumbling, wannabe’ pretenders … little oligarchs … an unimpeded power elite enjoying a bottomless cornucopia of unprotected spoils … an aberrant, arrogant progeny of a fractured political system.  They are conceived, nurtured and operate far removed from the original intent of the framers and founders of this Nation.  They have subverted the “Rule of Law” and ravaged Benjamin Franklin’s vision and proposition that we could enjoy a “… republic if we could [sic] keep it.”  The Goodfellas have infiltrated, permeated and presumed the right to manipulate every aspect of business, military, industry, finance, education , entertainment, law and religion in Utah.  And … as a result of their control over financing our election processes and our own history of slavish submission … we are relegated to choosing between the horrible and the despicable at the ballot box.  Finally, were it not for political interference, influence, compromise, and corruption … Utah and Federal Investigators , Prosecutors and Judges would/could have more effectively and efficiently pursued the investigations, prosecutions and convictions of these, our very own, home grown, Utah, Goodfellas.  “We have met the enemy and they are us!” Walt Kelly & Pogo

Pignanelli the Pig  & Foxley the Fox … Wizards of Waste … Denizens of the Dump … Gladiators for the “Radiation-iators” … Shills for the Related image Bills

Wayne L. Wickizer, Bio Here …

… among other adventures has documented proof of over 5,000 flying hours many of which were flying in U.S. Air Force Bombers at upper altitudes looking for and sampling Soviet Nuclear fallout. After such a mission and upon landing, the aircraft was quickly towed to the wash rack where it was carefully and thoroughly decontaminated while we the Aircrew were sent to the barracks without even a glance at our dosimeters… small round devices we wore on every mission to measure the doses of ionizing radiation we had received. 

We were expendable then just as were the downwinders back in the day when the Government had to be forced to admit and compensate for exposing us to the hazards of ionizing radiation. 

History and science weigh heavily on the side of demonstrating that we and our posterity in Utah are at risk again to be expendable.