Oligarchs Toadies Goodfellas


  1. Prominence, Predominance, Preeminence and Power the presumptions of the Utah Goodfella elite. 
  2. “Goodfellas.” described and defined. 
  3. The State of Utah as an Oligarchy  with Timelines reflecting our Goodfellas’ scandalous, shameful and corrupt conduct.
  4. Utah gets an overall D- Grade Political Financing “F“; Executive Accountability “F“; Judicial Accountability “F”; State Civil Service Management “F“; Lobbying Disclosure “F“; Ethics Enforcement Agencies “F“; State Pension Fund Management “F”
  5. To be “Made” in Utah by/through affinity relationships.
  6. A Roadkill Roundup … Associations, Institutions, Individuals … a Scavenger Hunt.
  7. We the People and the Republic we must reclaim | Lawrence Lessig There is a brighter future over the horizon. 

Presumptions of the Goodfella elite… Prominence, Predominance, Preeminence and Power … for the Goodfellas of Utah … these Presumptions reflect Attitudes about Everything!

Presumption  to suppose that something is the case on the basis of probability – or in the case of Oligarchs and Goodfellas – to presume on the basis of power and politics.  Presumption “Let none presume to wear an undeserved dignity!” ws 

Prominence – well-known.  “Prominence … a fine linen woven to be worn with humility and dignity … reserved for the deserved  … coveted by the corruptible!” wlw

Predominance – the most common or significant within a group.  “Predominance … a social ‘station’ and notable ‘status’ … although often the sibling of unfettered powers.” wlw 

Pre-eminence – leading, most important.  “Pre-eminence … historically a self anointed and Divine imprimatur of Kings, Queens, Emperors and Oligarchs having no utility whatsoever in a Republic where the Rule of Law and Good Governance must necessarily prevail.” wlw

Power – “Power tends to corruptabsolute power corrupts absolutely.” An observation by Lord Acton that a person’s sense of morality lessens as his or her power increases.  “Too much power in too few hands for far too long.” wlwImage result for the wizard of id golden rule

by Johnny Hart from The Wizard of Id 

Goodfellas follow the Wizard’s Golden Rule

We are an Oligarchy in the USA and Utah.  We call our Oligarchs and their Toadies “Goodfellas.”

The Oligarchs and Toadies of our acquaintance are sophisticated, sinisterly sly and seemingly unassuming … often hiding behind the facade of “religiosity and right” … iron fists in velvet gloves.  The Mafiosi we have known and studied can be similarly slick.  The rules they follow, however, are dictated by their “outfit” and tend to be rude, crude, obtuse,”in your face” and situational.   While Oligarchs pretend to be leaders, they are largely so only through subterfuge, enticement and propaganda .  All the while, they shroud  themselves behind the facade of lawfulness while with impunity deceive us. They deceive us more pervasively, persuasively and insidiously in their various hypocrisies than the Mafiosis who leave the bloody remains of their criminal enterprises on their streets and in the alleys of downtown USA.

We have casually used concepts and terms Oligarch, Toady and Goodfella. We pause here to share our understanding of their meanings.

An oligarch is a very rich business leader with a great deal of political influence. An Oligarchy is a power structure that allows a few businesses, families, or individuals to rule. They have enough power to turn the county to benefit them to the exclusion of other members. They maintain their power through their relationships with each other.  From Oligarchies, Their Pros and Cons, With Causes and Examples “BY KIMBERLY AMADEO  November 01, 2018

A Toady is a PARASITE, SYCOPHANT, LEECH, SPONGE (which) mean a usually obsequious flatterer or self-seeker. PARASITE applies to one who clings to a person of wealth, power, or influence or is useless to society. a jet-setter with an entourage of parasites SYCOPHANT adds to this a strong suggestion of fawning, flattery, or adulation. a powerful prince surrounded by sycophants TOADY emphasizes the servility and snobbery of the self-seeker. cultivated leaders of society and became their toady LEECH stresses persistence in clinging to or bleeding another for one’s own advantage. a leech living off his family and friends SPONGE stresses the parasitic laziness, dependence, and opportunism of the cadger. a shiftless sponge, always looking for a handout.

Goodfella is a term used in the Mafia to determine a trustworthy person.  We use it as a “catch all” for Oligarch and Toady and their collective behaviors.  It is difficult to narrow our focus on “this or that” definition.  In this case, definitions evolve situationally, so the somewhat amorphous “Goodfella” will suffice.  For example, a sophisticated Oligarch may well instigate conduct that is as evil, malignant, obscene and violent as his Mafiosi counterpart … seen in the movieGoodfellas.” However, he will do so via the remote control of limitless assets and endless loyal toadies without soiling himself.  On the other hand, that same Oligarch may well “toady up” to the higher authority.   As an example, we suspect that  Russian Oligarchs dance to Master Putin‘s tunes and take personal, hands on roles in his nefarious schemes.  In our minds “Oligarch” and “Toady” must of necessity be as interchangeable as they are at times indistinguishable one from the other … characterized by simply calling them all “Goodfellas.”

Utah’s Goodfellas Described

Utah’s Goodfellas are wannabe, oligarch pretenders … an unimpeded petite power elite enjoying a bottomless cornucopia of spoils … an aberrant, arrogant progeny of a fractured social and political system. They are conceived, nurtured and operate far removed from the original intent of the Framers and Founders. They have subverted the Rule of Law and ravaged Benjamin Franklin’s vision and proposition that we could enjoy a “Republic if we could keep it.” The Goodfellas have infiltrated, permeated, and presumed the right to manipulate every aspect of business, military, industry, finance, education, entertainment, law, and religion. And … as a result of their control over financing our election processes and our own history of slavish submission, We the People are relegated to choosing between the horrible and the despicable at the ballot box.  Finally, were it not for political interference, influence, compromise, and corruption, many of Utah’s Goodfellas who have subverted and perverted the Rule of Law and Good Governance would now be in jail where they belong. wlw 

Image result for We have met the enemy and they are us.” Walt Kelly

Republic … Ruled by Law … Oligarchy … Ruled by Goodfellas … Which is it to be?

Divine Right

Divine Right is the doctrine that kings, queens, emperors, and oligarchs have a God given right to rule and that rebellion against them is a sin. This belief was common through the seventeenth century and was urged by such kings as Louis xiv of France.  Divine Right is a twin to the Doctrines of Infallibility both of which are essential elements of Evil Empires.

One need only to thoughtfully observe, compare and contrast Goodfellas and their Divine aspirations to understand the genesis and underpinnings of the Evils of Empire. Rule in the extreme is illustrated by the following video.

So what of The United States of America and Utah? Are we devolving into a mileu and mix of extremes?

Oligarchic rule, as Aristotle pointed out, is a deviant form of government. Oligarchs care nothing for competency, intelligence, honesty, rationality, self-sacrifice or the common good. They pervert, deform and dismantle systems of power to serve their immediate interests, squandering the future for short-term personal gain. “The true forms of government, therefore, are those in which the one, or the few, or the many, govern with a view to the common interest; but governments that rule with a view to the private interest, whether of the one, of the few or of the many, are perversions,” said Aristotle.   From The Deadly Rule of the Oligarchs “Once oligarchs take power, rational, prudent and thoughtful responses to social, economic and political problems are ignored to feed insatiable greed.”  by Chris Hedges

“History is one long tale of the chicanery of the few manipulating and extorting the many in order to maintain power and privilege…. until, of course, real reforms or a revolution reverses the course of events.”  from Oligarchy USA

We dive down now into The State of Utah as an Oligarchy “escaped” to run amok since 2005!


Timeline Research

The Master, 20 page timeline at  “Utah’s Goodfellas – in The Pits”  displays the following static (meaning not interactive), “Tip of the Iceberg,” supplemental timeline found on pages 3 & 4.    As reported in the media since 2005, the supplemental timeline below merely visualizes an exploding frequency of the most scandal ridden, shameful and corrupt conduct in the history of The State of Utah.zTimeline

At Master timeline “Utah’s Goodfellas – in The Pits,” most pages contain nodes that are interactive and not static.  “Interactive” means that the researcher can click on a node like USTAR or any other node that when moused over shows a hand.  The researcher can dive down into additional information, links, visuals and notes.  The following graphic is a static sample of the first page on the Master timeline. zGoodfellas2

Utah since Herbert  is a timeline presenting a different visual perspective as does The Better Utah Timeline.

See also “Report: Utah’s Oligarchs (Goodfellas) – Fighting to Maintain Their Political and Economic Control” Take a Dive into Utah’s Swamp An Investigative Report on Utah’s Elite By Dr. Ronald Mortensen, Columnist at Utah Standard News / April 30, 2018

Utah gets (a) D- grade in 2015 State Integrity Investigation A slowly changing landscape By Joel Campbell and The Center for Public Integrity, November 9, 2015  From the chart below, one is compelled to notice these grades: Political Financing “F“; Executive Accountability “F“; Judicial Accountability “F”; State Civil Service Management “F“; Lobbying Disclosure “F“; Ethics Enforcement Agencies “F“; State Pension Fund Management “F”


To be “Made” in Utah

From the “Goodfellas” video, we were entertained about becoming a Mafia “Made Man.”  Service as a “Soldato” (soldier) to the “Outfit” (Mafia) comes first accompanied by unquestioned loyalty and the blood oath of allegiance to one’s Cappo (captain), Don (leader) and “Death before Dishonor” ties to “Omerta” (the oath of silence and secrecy.) Service as a Soldato runs the gamut at the street level from robbery, murder, drug dealing, prostitution, illegal gambling, extortion, kidnapping and other crimes.  Although Utah has historically not been considered a Mafia infested State, we can document connections between traditional Organized Crime and Utah’s Goodfellas … connections that have tipped the scales of Justice to favor the few.


At upper echelons, the “La Cosa Nostra,” “Mafia” or “My Familia” (family) intelligencia often “make nice” with Oligarchs as they co-venture in White Collar Crime, Corruption in Government, Racketeering, Antitrust and other enterprises.  And … even when the Mafia intelligencia break the rules … they get “whacked.”

Service as “Soldato” or a Utah Goodfella is almost always connected in some way to the predominant religion.  Utah Goodfella Governors, Senators, Legislators, Corporate Leaders, Educators and many others enjoy  “My Familia” or Utah Goodfella family ties that bind.  They meet in and preside over congregations on the Sabbath … lie, cheat and steal during the week.  When Utah Goodfellas break the rules, we don’t “whack” them we just issue non-prosecution agreements, forgive and in some instances rebaptise them.

“Tis’ vile to rob a henroost of a hen, but thieving largely makes us gentlemen”  –  or in this case a Utah “made” Goodfella!

How to be “Made in Utah?”

It’s easy to be “Made in Utah” with and by the proper AFFINITIES!

Too much power in too few hands for far too long” leads to AFFINITIES that connect more deeply and dearly than mere AFFINITY FRAUD … affinities leading to the subversion of the Rule of Law and the dereliction of those who govern us.  J. Golden Kimball Quote

Image result for such brethren will work you over kimball

A Roadkill Roundup – Associations, Institutions, Individuals – and Scavenger Hunt. 

From Dr. Mortensen’s report and our own collections, we list but a small sample of Utah associations and institutions that enjoy Goodfella participation and patronage.

We summarize by using the following clips from Dr. Mortensen’s report: The Salt Lake Chamber is where the Oligarchs come together to develop their plans and it plays a key role in implementing the Oligarchs’ agenda. The Chamber has conferred its “Giant of the City Award” on leading Utah Oligarchs.  Other entities include Policy Institute, Utah Foundation, Downtown Alliance, Health Systems Reform Task Force, Utah Transportation Coalition, Prosperity 2020 which is a partnership of 21 chambers across the state of Utah, Utah Policy, the United Way, Envision Utah, Hatch Election Committee, Salt Lake and Sandy Chambers of Commerce and others. 

We point to Goodfellas to be found in the following timelines:  Utah’s Goodfellas – in The Pits;  Utah since Herbert;  The Better Utah Timeline

We exemplify by using “Big Tobacco” as one small sample of Goodfella conduct in the Legislature:  Big Tobacco and 54 of Utah’s Legislators on the TAKE from Big Tobacco!   


In terms of the sum of numbers reflecting a global human tragedy, it is arguably more ethical, moral, practical and safe to take campaign finance donations from Vladimir Putin, ISIS, The Taliban, The Mafia, North Korea or Iran than it is ethical to finance one’s political campaign with money from Big Tobacco.   

The mere act of enjoying a proximity to and connivance with Big Tobacco is a travesty of unconscionable proportions … and … becomes either a study in arrogance and hypocrisy or an exercise in abject stupidity and carelessness by the Utah legislators listed below.  We scavenged them from Follow the Money.org.wlw


We seek to arouse curiosity by using Utah Valley University (UVU) as a resource for identifying and examining Higher Education Goodfellas who are imbedded in their National Advisory Board  and  The National Presidential Advisory Board. We offer a service reward to any who can scavenge Goodfellas from either of these boards.  We identified several to include one who is the CEO of a Senator Orrin Hatch “Skunk Works.”  The service reward can be claimed by requesting it at justice@utahwtp.com 

We reexposed a previously “outed” Utah State University (USU) CIA Mole as an example of a Higher Education Goodfella.  This CIA Mole has been planted as a Director at USU.  We offer a service reward to any reader who can scavenge, name this mole and successfully argue why the CIA official should be qualified as a “Goodfella.” A clue can be found here  The service reward can be claimed by requesting it at justice@utahwtp.com 

We name   Utah’s many quasi governmental entities: USTAR, DABC, UTA, Utah Dairy, LPP, GOED, Utah MEDICAID, UCA, URS, ULCT.  All have been the subject of countless Utah Legislative Auditor General reports about corruption, shady dealings and/or mismanagement.  We offer a service reward to any reader who can scavenge and name any Goodfellas from the heaps of corrupted road kill wherein they reside.  Clues are found here.  The service reward can be claimed by requesting it at justice@utahwtp.com

We agonize over the responsibility to include and the temptation to ignore that which is exposed  here and here.  These exposés rip their way into the very heart, soul and spiritual fiber of Utah’s people who have built communities of safety and excellence in so many diverse and remarkable areas.  Although tainted by the abusive few and Goodfella conduct, the vast majority of Utahns strive honestly, earnestly and tirelessly to elevate themselves, their families and their congregations above the foregoing, common fray.  

We finalize by pointing to the unfettered powers of a few who have corrupted, compromised and co-opted the Utah Justice System.  We offer a service reward to any reader who can scavenge and name the Goodfellas who preside over and practice in Utah’s courts.  Clues are found here and/or collected and presented through your own research with the reward to be claimed by requesting it at justice@utahwtp.com

Too much power in too few hands for far too long

Utah Goodfellas are sleeping with Dogs and getting Fleas!

If you’re one of em,’ just don’t break the rules or you might get “whacked” or baptized!

There is a brighter future over the horizon if “We the People” have the will to reclaim the Republic.

A TED video by Lawrence Lessig






The Weather

Worship, Understand, Anticipate, Predict, Forecast, Modify then …




Tempus Global Data:

Tempus Global Data – preparing to launch planet shaking and saving technology –  was hijacked by litigation.  Tempus Global Data has been ripped from the public domain where it had the potential for saving countless lives while earning and saving hundreds of millions of dollars. The motto was once … “We see the weather before there is weather!“… now there is nothing.  We launch this story from the word cloud above.  It is our mission to rain reason and logic on the stormy saga that follows.  We’ll sort, organize and communicate “CIA, Promis, The U.S. Justice Department, Weather, Gag Order, Sealed, Conflict of Interest” and hosts of other images and concepts.

The reader will be guided through a maelstrom of historical, legal, strategic, economic, military and cultural – fact, phenomena and myth.

In the end it will be clear that those who purport to represent and lead us have deceived us and deprived us of priceless technologies and resources.


Regardless the sophisticated, new age glut of technology and advanced learning and practice, we humans still worship the weather with awe and reverence for its impact and importance.  We awaken to each bright Summer day with renewed energy or crawl out of bed in a gloomy funk anticipating endless Winter drizzles.  We watch in shock and apprehension the forecasts that alert us to impending disaster or with elation energize ourselves for a deep powder day of bliss on the slopes.

If “worship” is not the word, then we’ll find another among:  revere, reverence, venerate, honor, adore, praise, glorify, exalt, extol, cherish, treasure, esteem, adulate, idolize, deify, lionize, laud, magnify, and fear.  No matter how we personally and instinctively react to the weather, we still do so more primitively than intellectually.  We’ll simply “worship” and “fear” it herein.  zWeather3

From Wikipedia, “Storm gods are conceived of as wielding thunder and lightning.  They are typically male, powerful and irascible rulers.” More than 40 Storm Gods are found here (https://goo.gl/vji8WZ)  The bumpy bridge between “worshipping” and “understanding” the weather spans Ancient to Contemporary History (https://goo.gl/ertZAz) and even to this day is confused and convoluted by myth, mystery and lore.

“Red sky at morning … Sailor’s take warning!  Red sky at night … Sailor’s delight!” … are age old admonitions followed religiously even to this very day.


Understand – Anticipate-Predict-Forecast:

Bridging the gap between “myth, mystery, lore” and “understanding” could have occurred as early as 650 B.C. when cloud patterns heralded anticipated, near term weather.  It wasn’t, however, until much later that our sciences began more seriously to adapt to weather forecasting.

See “History (Highlights) of Weather Forecasting … a timeline by  manunicast” (https://goo.gl/QZfo4y) A few snippets are listed hereafter …

  • 650 B.C. the Babylonians predicted weather from cloud patterns.
  • 1400 Leonardo da Vinci built the first basic hygrometer to measure humidity.
  • 1643 Italian physicist Torricelli invents the barometer. 
  • 1806 Francis Beaufort introduced the Beaufort wind scale.
  • 1835 Invention of telegraph led to modern age of weather forecasting.
  • 1849 The Smithsonian Institution established an observation network.
  • 1870 The United States established a national weather service.  
  • 1936 World’s first televised weather forecast. 
  • 1948 United States Air Force forecasters issue the first tornado warnings. 
  • 1950 The invention of computers in the late 1940’s.
  • 1954 George Cowling was the first presenter in front of a weather map.
  • 1960 The polar-orbiting satellite TIROS 1 was launched.
  • 1966 National Meteorological Center developed a computer model.
  • 1975 The first (GOES) Satellite was launched into orbit.
  • 1982 The 24 hour cable network began broadcasting in the United States.
  • 1989 The U.S. $4.5 billion modernization of the National Weather Service.  
  • 2005 Hurricane Katrina makes landfall in Louisiana, killing over 1800 people.

Predict – Forecast – Modify:

Writer’s note: Ventusky found here https://www.ventusky.com/ is a prime example of the power and evolution of Weather Forecasting technology.  See also the cell phone application here https://www.ventusky.com/app.

We remained in a predict and forecast loop until along came Vincent J. Schaefer, a self-taught chemist who invented cloud “seeding” and created the first artificially induced snow and rainfall.  Mr. Schaefer drew worldwide attention with his 1946 experiments for General Electric making the first snowstorm in a laboratory and inducing precipitation outdoors, solving many of the mysteries of rain and snow that had baffled scientists.  He was hailed as the first person to actually do something about the weather and not just talk about it. Hopes grew that cloud seeding could fight drought, control storms, reduce hail, quench forest fires and even guarantee a white Christmas.

Schaefer broke the predict and forecast closed loop by actually modifying the weather … although on a very minor scale. (https://goo.gl/2Atdui)

Control the Weather – Control the World

Modify then CONTROL:

So to our “predict, forecast, and modify” paradigm, we add “control.”

Image result for caravan of immigrants headed to us

For example, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could control and deploy a weather tool that would halt the steadily advancing caravans of wanna’ be immigrants who threaten to breach the limits of our Southern borders?  What if they could be impeded and disbursed by non-lethal, weather means?  We vision drizzling on them at the outset with ominous black clouds hurling roiling torrential rains and raging winds in the way if their rag tag armies persisted …  halting and diverting their progress to the front, scattering and disbursing them to all sides and rearward where food, shelter and medical attention await.

Pie in the sky? Perhaps yes, but comparing recent progress with past eons of time, control of the foregoing immigration weather scenario becomes altogether feasible and foreseeable.

We were well on the way to telling the Tempus Global story but necessarily digress to illustrate how other, similar Technology has been hijacked by litigation, conspiracy and corruption.

“Hijacking, Litigating, Conspiring and Corrupting” are concepts replete with suspicion, conjecture, inference and emotion.  Therefore, a firm foundation of precedent and example are necessary to convince.

Government Secrecy Orders Serve to Hijack Technology:

The “Inslaw – Promis” story is a prime example of how the U.S. Government, successfully hijacked critical defense and intelligence technology by employing litigation, conspiracy, corruption and murder.  We allege that Tempus Global Data fits, at least in essential parts, the Inslaw Octopus template.

Image result for the inslaw octopus

The following “clips” are from Wired … THE INSLAW OCTOPUS by AUTHOR: RICHARD L. FRICKER 01.01.93  (https://www.wired.com/1993/01/inslaw/)

Software piracy, conspiracy, cover-up, stonewalling, covert action

Just another decade at the Department of Justice

“The DOJ, aware that its case management system is in dire need of automation, funds Inslaw and PROMIS. After creating a public-domain version, Inslaw makes significant enhancements to PROMIS and, aware that the US market for legal automation is worth $3 billion, goes private in the early ’80s.   Designed as case-management software for federal prosecutors, PROMIS has the ability to combine disparate databases, and to track people by their involvement with the legal system. Hamilton and others now claim that the DOJ has modified PROMIS to monitor intelligence operations, agents and targets, instead of legal cases.

According to Federal court documents, PROMIS was stolen from Inslaw by the Department of Justice directly after Etian’s 1983 visit to Inslaw (a later congressional investigation preferred to use the word “misappropriated”). And according to sworn affidavits, PROMIS was then given or sold at a profit to Israel and as many as 80 other countries by Dr. Earl W. Brian, a man with close personal and business ties to then-President Ronald Reagan and then-Presidential counsel Edwin Meese.

A House Judiciary Committee report released last September found evidence raising “serious concerns” that high officials at the Department of Justice executed a premeditated plan to destroy Inslaw and co-opt the rights to its PROMIS software. The committee’s call for an independent counsel have fallen on deaf ears. One journalist, Danny Casolaro, died as he attempted to tell the story (see sidebar), and boxes of documents relating to the case have been destroyed, stolen, or conveniently “lost” by the Department of Justice.

The House Judiciary Committee lists these crimes as among the possible violations perpetrated by “high-level Justice officials and private individuals:” Conspiracy to commit an offense; Fraud; Wire fraud; Obstruction of proceedings before departments, agencies and committees; Tampering with a witness; Retaliation against a witness; Perjury; Interference with commerce by threats or violence; Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) violations; Transportation of stolen goods, securities, moneys; Receiving stolen goods.”

The Congressional Investigation

“The string of lawsuits and widening allegations caught the eye of House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jack Brooks, D-Texas, who in 1989 launched a three-year investigation into the Inslaw affair. In the resulting report, the Committee suggested that among others, Edwin Meese, while presidential counselor and later as attorney general, and D. Lowell Jensen, a former assistant and deputy attorney general and now a US district judge in San Francisco, conspired to steal PROMIS.”

How was the CIA involved?

“The agency accepted stolen goods, not aware that a major scandal was brewing. In other words, the DOJ robbed the bank, and the CIA took a share of the plunder.” Video Follows:

Onward now to the CIA, Weather Wars and Tempus Global Data:

Why Is The CIA Funding Geoengineering Research? Posted in Science on 19th July, 2013 11:35 PM by AlexMuller (https://goo.gl/3JDgCQ)

“The Central Intelligence Agency is joining with the National Air and Space Administration, the National Academy of Sciences, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to spend $630,000 studying a subset of potential global warming solutions. Geo-engineering, as the solutions are broadly termed, is the science of manipulating the environment in a way that mitigates, halts, or otherwise disrupts global warming. It makes sense that three science agencies are examining this, but why the CIA?”

CIA wants to control the weather, climate change SMARTER AMERICA Published July 23, 2013 Last Update October 21, 2015 (https://goo.gl/AUcqtp)

“The CIA is funding a study examining various ways mankind can geoengineer the planet — blocking or limiting the sunlight that reaches the Earth, stripping carbon dioxide from the skies, seeding the clouds and so on.  The project, a panel called “Geoengineering Climate: Technical Evaluation and Discussion of Impacts,” is backed by the National Academy of Sciences, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), NASA — and the U.S. intelligence community.  That’s spy-talk for the CIA, William Kearney, a spokesman for NAS, told Mother Jones.”  

Matt Berrett an example of a CIA Mole Planted as the Director of Analytics at USU’s Space Dynamics lab.

Matt Berrett – Former Associate Director of the CIA! “One of my key tasks is to help the Lab engage across the US Intelligence Community, which—by design—is an opaque, challenging world to enter and navigate.”  From Linkedin, Matt Berrett Director of Analytics, Space Dynamics Lab. Notice that his Linkedin history does not mention the CIA although the following job placements are listed:

  • Director of Analytics Company (Also in joint appointment at USU, where I’m standing up the Center for Anticipatory Intelligence) Dates Employed Jul 2017 – Present Location Logan, Utah.
  • USG National Security Institution Assistant Director Company Name USG National Security Institution Dates Employed Mar 2015 – Jun 2017Location Washington DC Area; In addition to being a member of the institution’s senior leadership team, I headed the Global Issues Mission Center, which delivered analyses and performed operations across concerns ranging from strategic energy, international trade and finance, and emerging disruptive technology to foreign conflict and counternarcotics.
  • National Security Institution, Directorate of Science and Technology, Mission Manager, Near East, South Asia, Africa Company Name National Security Institution, Directorate of Science and Technology Dates Employed Nov 2011 – Mar 2015 Location Washington D.C. Metro Area
  • National Security Institution Director, President’s Daily Brief Company Name National Security Institution Dates Employed Nov 2009 – Nov 2011 Location Washington D.C. Metro Area
  • National Security Institution Director, Office of Near East and South Asia Analysis Company Name National Security Institution Dates Employed Apr 2007 – Nov 2009 Location Washington D.C. Metro Area
  • Education University of Utah Field Of Study Economics Dates attended or expected graduation 1980 – 1985

Author’s note:  Notice the interesting gap between UofU graduation 1985 and Berrett’s Near East and South Asia Analysis postings. (In the) “Executive Office … The Office covers a number of CIA directors for different sub-departments. In reality, the Executive Office reports daily issues to and cooperate with the White House for national security activities.  A series of Associate Directors also support the Executive Office for internal communications.  (http://www.orgcharting.com/cia-org-chart/ )

CIA’s ‘surveillance state’ is operating against us all 

Modify and Control the Weather:


TEN TECHNOLOGIES TO OWN THE WEATHER TODAY! from the site WMH Weather Modification History (https://goo.gl/5VXReC)

“Speculation on the internet abounds on the subject of weather control. With the recent flop of the 100+ million dollar Geostorm movie (https://goo.gl/GVrkRf), many are searching for answers to the question “Is someone controlling the weather?” The answer is unequivocally yes. We will now explore ten weather modification technologies in use today and explain how each could be used as a weapon of war.  Go here please (https://goo.gl/LdPKP6)  Each timeline entry here (https://goo.gl/5VXReC) is loaded with quotes, reference links, photographs, and videos to fully explore the history from rainmaking to weather warfare.” 

USU, USTAR, Storm, GeoMet Watch, Tempus Global Data:

USU Commercialization Rising to New Heights Tuesday, Apr. 16, 2013 (https://goo.gl/JTkM1w)

“Utah State University (USU) is working on a technology that will help meteorologists to better predict severe weather and atmospheric instability in a faster, more detailed way. The sophisticated technology, called the Sounding Tracking Observatory for Regional Meteorology, or STORM, is a weather sensor that will sit some 23,000 miles above the Earth’s surface and collect detailed data and measurements critical to those needing the most accurate and up-to-date weather information.  As part of USU’s Utah Science Technology and Research Initiative (USTAR) portfolio, STORM has become an integral component of the university’s commercialization efforts. The commercialization team has worked diligently to move the STORM program forward since 2011. It hopes to have the technology launched into outer space by late 2016 thanks to a partnership formalized with GeoMetWatch and Asia Satellite Telecommunications Company Limited (AsiaSat) in April 2013.  ‘This is the single largest applied engineering project in our USTAR portfolio,’ said Behunin. While the actual cost to build the sensor is proprietary and competition sensitive, we are in a range of more than $100 million to build one sensor.’”


In the time-space between Utah State University and GeoMet Watch the funding for Storm fell apart. GeoMet Watch couldn’t do the deal.  Tempus Global Data picked up the baton and ran with it.  Thereafter, GeoMet Watch initiated litigation against USU, Tempus Global Data, other entities and individuals.  The technology is stalled in Utah’s federal system.  The plot thickens. (https://goo.gl/A6f1NR) 

We continue with USTAR or Utah Science Technology and Research Initiative.  USTAR is USU’s goose that lays research golden eggs for technology … especially STORM in this case.  USTAR is Federally and State funded.  A Google search of “Stimulus Fund Fraud ” (https://goo.gl/5HgjTs) yields enough reading for a year.  Suffice it to say that the FEDS were “on it” all over the Country,  but for some reason the FEDS were absent when USTAR tapped the Federal Stimulus till and Utah’s Attorney General was nowhere to be seen.

USTAR, although prized and publicized ad nauseam by Utah’s Goodfellas,  is a front runner among Utah’s many corrupted, quasi governmental entities.  USTAR, DABC, UTA, Utah Dairy, LPP, GOED, Utah MEDICAID, UCA, URS, ULCT have all been the subject of countless Utah Legislative Auditor General reports wherein, corruption, shady dealings and/or mismanagement are documented.

From “Quasi-Government Entities Need Increased Oversight,” by Michael Melendez of Libertas Institutes: (https://goo.gl/LqDaZo)

“Interlocal agencies, independent entities, special service districts, Associations of Governments (AOG), and conservancy districts—each of these is a type of government-sponsored or created organization given control of some aspect of administration, localized policy making, or government service. In short, they have control over a portion of your tax dollars and/or your life.

Who are these mysterious organizations that, up until recently, have hidden their operations in the shadows? To be clear, they hold some public meetings, report to the Utah Legislature periodically, and probably even have up-to-date websites. However, they probably would rather you not know about the size of their budgets, nor their too frequent misappropriation of funds.

Collectively, these types of public entities control over $1 billion in annual taxpayer funding every year and whenever any amount of taxpayer funding is entrusted to an organization, strict accountability should follow. Better training is needed for government officials and employees accompanied by more oversight. Regular audits are essential–without them, none of this malfeasance would have been discovered.  Just today, an audit of the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control was released showing huge accounting discrepancies totaling more than $300 million as well as lacking performance measures for state liquor stores.”

A series of media reports revealed that the $334 million USTAR effort inflated jobs and revenue as reported by The Salt Lake Tribune on 3/8/2017. (https://goo.gl/wHSMoi)  “The $334 million Utah Science Technology and Research (USTAR) initiative is designed to create jobs and businesses by investing in and leveraging university research.  USTAR, hailed as an engine for innovation, has exaggerated — by thousands — the number of jobs it has created and inflated — by millions — the amount of money it has brought in, a new audit says.   In a January report, the organization said it had created 3,380 jobs, but about 60 percent of those no longer existed — they were construction gigs at already completed research facilities. The number of research based positions, meanwhile, was based on projections rather than actual jobs and auditors could confirm only a fraction of those had actually been created and filled.  The organization also claimed to bring in $463 million in contracts, sponsored research and private donations. But more than half that money, about $268 million, was either overreported, hardly involved USTAR or represented contracts that hadn’t yet paid out.  During the past seven years, the state has invested $134.2 million from the general fund, $33 million in federal stimulus money and construction bonds worth $116.5 million in the program.”  

Somebody(s) should be doing the “perp walk” to jail over the foregoing.  Yet, Utah’s United States Attorney John Huber has a penchant for issuing non-prosecution agreements all-the-while losing complex cases. See also Clinton, Comey, Uranium One: Who Is John W. Huber? Judicial Watch APRIL 10, 2018 (https://goo.gl/5dksHC)  Also, the Utah Attorney General has been conspicuously AWOL in matters such as USTAR, DABC, UTA, Et. al. the subjects of numerous Utah Legislative Auditor General reports wherein, corruption, shady dealings and/or mismanagement are documented.  

Control the Weather – Control the World!

USTAR – Raytheon –  GeoMet Watch – Tempus Global – Lawyers, Liars and Litigation Frenzies Stirring the pot! 

 Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble.  Fillet of a fenny snake, In the caldron boil and bake; Eye of newt and toe of frog, Wool of bat and tongue of dog, Adder’s fork and blind-worm’s sting, Lizard’s leg and Howlet’s wing, For a charm of powerful trouble, Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.”  SHAKESPEARE from Macbeth  


Raytheon has histories and credentials for accomplishing its means and ends at all costs.  Have they stirred the USTAR – GeoMet Watch pot at USU?   The STATE OF UTAH SINGLE AUDIT REPORT FISCAL YEAR ENDED JUNE 30, 2016 “SCHEDULE OF EXPENDITURES

OF FEDERAL AWARDS By Federal Agency” reveals Raytheon quietly placed in Utah’s Research and Development Programs. (https://goo.gl/qx44Qw)

From a blogger with the Nom de Plum Angel Gabrial commented, “Wars are big business for Raytheon and it has a dark relationship with the US Government. As the vast majority of Raytheon’s revenues have been obtained from defense contracts, there has been a tight relationship of cooperation between itself and the U.S. Department of Defense and other U.S. government departments and agencies (e.g. in the Fiscal Year 2007 the National Science Foundation awarded Raytheon $152 million dollars in grants, more than to any other institution and organization in the country[14]), for managing NSF South Pole Station. This, along with heavy lobbying, has led to perennial charges of influence peddling.  Raytheon, for instance, contributed nearly a million dollars to various defense-related political campaigns in the presidential election year of 2004, spending much more than that on lobbying expenses. And there are many tight ties between the company and all levels of government. For example, Richard Armitage, a former United States Deputy Secretary of State, is linked to the company through consultancy work. John M. Deutch, a former U.S. Director of Central Intelligence, sits on the board of directors, along with Warren Rudman, a former Senator. On the other hand, Raytheon has also been involved in several contract disputes with the U.S. Government.” (https://goo.gl/4F4LLp)  

From a compilation of our own notes (https://goo.gl/gShq7Z) we list the following headings: History of Raytheon; HAARP; Raytheon E-Systems CIA; The Dark Side; Utah State U. MAE Advisory Board; USU Awarded $99MM (https://goo.gl/Nvvhbw); E-Systems Background; Raytheon Offers $2.3 Billion for E-Systems.

We’ll stop with Raytheon here.  Crawling down the Raytheon/Defense Contractor rat hole is for another day and story. 

Rising from USTAR’s litany of false and misleading statistical representations, Tempus Global Data emerged from cash strapped GeoMet Watch’s ashes like a Phoenix … ready to start seeing the weather before it happened.


The Vision

Tempus Global Data envisioned a $50 Million National Headquarters Project and National Critical Technology Center for Ogden, Utah.  This center was to have housed an advanced weather, science, technology, operations, education, and research facility.  As an active weather center, it would collect and disburse critical, marketable, weather information to a variety of commercial and government subscribers, house a Disney like “World of Weather” designed to educate and entertain thousands of children and adults, and create significant numbers of jobs and economic enterprise for Utah and the Ogden area. Furthermore, from a SatNews” story quoting Tempus Global we learn, “Research suggests there are some $90 billion in savings that our approach to weather data could help create. NOAA estimates that the value of weather information to the U.S. economy is $31.5 billion.” (https://goo.gl/Wor9eU)  Video follows:

However … Tempus Global Data has now been hijacked by litigation.  Tempus Global Data has been ripped from the public domain where it had the potential for saving countless lives while earning and saving hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Where once … “We see the weather before there is weather!”… now there is nothing.

The Litigation:

The Courtzdocket

26 Attorneys Piling On


The Court’s Docket in this matter spans 05/16/2014 to 10/26/2018 with 794 entries so far.  (https://goo.gl/eD8eBo)  There have been 26 individual attorneys of record involved in one capacity or another at one time or another: Alba, Adam; Ballif, Philip M.; Balmanno, Alain C.; Barclay, Robert D.; Bell, Ryan B.; Berger, Arthur B.; Burton, H. Dickson; Ferre, Joel A.; Geary, Stephen W.; Goff, Darin B.; Green, Tyler R.; Harrington, Robert P.; Hufford, Andrew A.; Kaiser, Kyle J.; Kovalov, Yevgen; Magleby, James E.; Moxley, Paul T.; Orme, Matthew J.; Pahnke, Z. Ryan; Ranschau, Beth J.; Stringham III, Reed M.; Terry, Rachel G.; Tomsic, Peggy A.; Tufts, David W.; Von Maack, Christopher M.; Wentz, Adam D.

In addition to the 26 individual attorneys listed above, if one were to count the law firms, governmental litigation divisions, clerks, paralegals and others, the numbers would be staggering.

A word search shows 598 references to “seal” or “sealed.” When refined “Seal” or “Sealed” connects to approximately 100 documents that are noted “*SEALED DOCUMENT*.   The Federal courthouse has been papered with legal documents from floor to ceiling and wall to wall.  This lawsuit is “raw meat” to a ravenous Utah legal community that gleefully gorges on frenzies surrounding spurious and questionable litigation.

The Judge and her Magistrate


Federal Judge Jill Parrish presides in this matter along with her Magistrate Paul Warner.  Judge Parrish was overheard to have commented that GeoMet Watch should have been heard in Utah State Courts.  Judge Parrish is endorsed by Senator Orrin Hatch as are also a significant number of the judges on the Utah Federal Bench.  Magistrate Warner has an extensive historical record of Orrin Hatch endorsements.   See also, Hatch says he shielded Warner By Robert Gehrke The Salt Lake Tribune March 24, 2007 (https://goo.gl/uJYqFQ)

Can the reader imagine a defendant’s angst when upon reading the complaint against oneself there is encountered in the body of the complaint Hatch’s endorsement of the complainant and the judges sitting in judgement are known to have been endorsed by Hatch?

Well, Recuse Me! When a Judge Shouldn’t Hear a Case (https://goo.gl/PNbkzr) By Neil Goodman at Lawyers.com. “One of the key principles of the American judicial system is that the judge who presides over a case must be fair and impartial. In the vast majority of cases, the issue of the judge’s fairness and impartiality never comes up. There are instances, however, when one of the parties in a civil case has reason to believe that the judge cannot be fair and impartial. Sometimes the judge recognizes his or her own inability to maintain partial. In those situations, the judge will either recuse himself or the litigant will move to have the judge disqualified from presiding over the case. Let’s look at some of the circumstances that may lead to a judge’s recusal or disqualification.

Both Parrish and Warner have failed in their duty to exercise restraint, good sense and decorum by not recusing themselves after their first reading of the initial complaint wherein the complainant GeoMet Watch (GMW) reports a “formal endorsement” from Hatch.  (https://goo.gl/LaucxS)  Even the slightest potential for bias and conflict of interest should have been formally noticed and dealt with immediately upon their reading the complaint.

zhatch endorse

Issues regarding this conflict of interest were addressed by the writer who on 4/25/2017 flew to Denver, Colorado and filed ethics complaints naming Parrish and Warner. (https://goo.gl/6HvhLp) Knowing that chances of prevailing in an ethics complaint against any judge are slim to none, the writer went forward regardless.  On 8/4/2017 the complaints were dismissed. (https://goo.gl/xwaLdJ)

Shaming is indeed a viable social justice strategy and we were not to be denied this opportunity.

Concurrent with the filing of ethics charges, this writer hosted a former Chief Judge of the Utah District in his Criminal Justice Academy class and informed the Judge of the ethics filings.  And, as might be expected, the Circuit Court also informed Parrish and Warner.  We will work to keep the shaming going herein and hereafter.

From The Guardian, an article “Corrupt justice: what happens when judges’ bias taints a case?  one reason judicial violations are common is because they frequently go unpunished. When litigants ask a judge to back away because of a conflict, they risk being told no, then face possible retaliation, so many don’t bother. If a litigant or an attorney files a complaint with an oversight body, there’s only about a 10% chance that state court authorities will properly investigate the allegation, according to a Contently.org analysis of data from 12 states.  The analysis shows that a dozen of these commissions collectively dismissed out of hand 90% of the complaints filed during the last five years, tossing 33,613 of 37,216 grievances without conducting any substantive inquiry. When they did take a look – 3,693 times between 2010 and 2014 – investigators found wrongdoing almost half the time, issuing disciplinary actions in 1,751 cases, about 47%.


As regards Federal Judges, the prospects of ever having a complaint against a Federal Judge heard by the Circuit Court of Appeals are from dismal to abysmal to none!

Utah gets (a) D- grade in 2015 State Integrity Investigation A slowly changing landscape By Joel Campbell November 9, 2015   From the chart below, one is compelled to notice these grades: Political Financing “F“; Executive Accountability “F“; Judicial Accountability “F”; State Civil Service Management “F“; Lobbying Disclosure “F“; Ethics Enforcement Agencies “F“; State Pension Fund Management “F”


From http://www.judicial-discipline-reform.org/ …99.83% of complaints against judges were dismissed and that without investigation; appeals from those dismissals to the respective circuit council, set up under §332(a) (1), were denied up to 100%. Those percentages hold true for the other circuits. Those statistics show that Judge Kavanaugh and his peers dismissed 100% of the 478 complaints about them lodged with their District of Columbia Circuit and reported in the annual official statistics for the 1 Oct 06-30 Sep 17 11-year period. They have abused their self-disciplining authority to grant themselves 100% exoneration from complaints regardless of the complained-about conduct’s nature, extent, and gravity.” (https://goo.gl/LQevp7)

In addition to no recourse for ethics and conflict of interest concerns, our most current understanding is that a “Gag Order” is enforced covering the individuals and entities referenced above and matters pertaining thereto.

Dane Wigington, writing for Geoengineering Watch October 21, 2015 (https://goo.gl/nj7yh5), has this to say about such orders, “The power structure is beginning to panic as the public wakes up to the criminal climate engineering insanity. The growing police state is completely out of control and becoming unimaginably blatant with their actions. In recent weeks Washington has placed “gag orders” on the following agency employees, “The National Weather Service”, the “National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration”, and the “US Department of Commerce”. This is a massive red flag that should trigger alarm bells everywhere.More here. (https://goo.gl/nj7yh5)

“Justice delayed is indeed justice denied!”


Senator Orrin Hatch … Deus ex Machina:


A Deus ex Machina or God in the Machine as some would say, is an unexpected power or event saving a seemingly hopeless situation, especially as a contrived plot device in a play or novel.  In the matter of GeoMet Watch Et. al., we allege that true to form Hatch is personally in the mix of it.  We allege that whoever or whatever is behind the GeoMet Watch lawsuit knew precisely the impact Hatch’s endorsement would have on the judges and the processes. And … by-the-way … who is covering legal expenses for the cash strapped, GeoMet Watch?

Hatch’s endorsement of the plaintiff in the complaint was “chum and fish feed” for his prized judicial endorsees who, with impunity and no oversight whatsoever, were ready to do his bidding without even an “ask” and are now presiding over the litigation.  

A timeline of Hatch’s historical hijinks is more than sufficiently revealing of his sleazy conduct. (https://goo.gl/gKMVix)

Notable quotes regarding Hatch:

His utter lack of integrity that rises from his unquenchable thirst for power .The Salt Lake Tribune 12.25.2017

The Utah senator exemplifies the career politician who stands for nothing and rolls over for everything .” The National Review 02.04.2015

Sleep with dogs and get fleas!

A reminder to visit A timeline of Hatch’s hijinks for all of the above and more. (https://goo.gl/gKMVix)

Opportunity – Incentive – Risk – Players

Opportunity: To derail a priceless resource and send it spinning into the arms of a Deep State bureaucracy to be gobbled up by self serving Goodfellas for personal profit and plunder.

Incentive: Profit, plunder and control of an asset that will one day lend a leg up to controlling the Weather.

Risk: Only if exposed.

Players: The State of Utah, USU and the UofU … the nests from which the ugly duckling USTAR and its perfidious and nefarious misrepresentations were hatched; The judges and their lack of good judgement, impunity and no oversight; Orrin Hatch the Deus Ex Machina of corrupt politics; A Utah legal fraternity that feeds on the frenzy of any handy litigation; Prosecutors who aren’t; and … see all of the rest above … those who purport to represent and lead us have deceived us and deprived us of priceless technologies and resources.

Tempus Global Data a Flagship in the Weather Fleet, seeing the “Weather before it is Weather” got caught in the eye of a legal storm … blinded by litigation … the Flagship has sunk!

Sinking not far behind it are our hopes and dreams of a better, bigger wide wonderful Weather World for all.


We end with a personal note

After having flown 2891 hours and 15 minutes in U.S. Air Force WB-50s during the 1950s and 60s, this author has the weather in his DNA.  “WB” stands for Weather Bomber and “50” is the model.   This wonderful, terrible bird is the successor of the famed B-29 bombers used in WW-II to drop atomic bombs on Japan.  We say “wonderful” because of the beating that it regularly took flying typhoon and upper air sampling missions while struggling to stay airborne.  We say “terrible” because for its day it was the “hot rod” of four engine, propeller driven bombers and subject to any number of serious to near catastrophic mechanical failures.  Many “May Day, May Day, May Day” messages have been launched from these old birds when in distress.

“Atomic” was indeed an important, highly classified mission at the time but no longer classified. “Atomic” was but a small “slice” of our several, critical missions.  When directed to do so or sometimes driven by a chance finding, we climbed to extraordinarily high altitudes (high for the 1950s) where we found and collected radioactive fallout from Soviet nuclear experiments that spread their poison into the winds across the Northwestern Pacific. The box like appendage on top of the WB-50’s fuselage visible just above and to the right of engine #4 was the device that scooped radioactive fallout from the upper atmosphere.

On many “planned” radiological sampling missions, our Aircraft Commanders were issued exfiltration plans, gold certificates, and firearms should we be forced down over unfriendly territory.




Some Resources:

Author’s Note: We credit most of the foregoing resources to Jim Lee (https://goo.gl/ovXodJ) and his extensive research site at https://weathermodificationhistory.com/  Lee reports that his information is “… licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (https://goo.gl/PJvY9Q). Based on a work at climateviewer. com (https://goo.gl/Q3GDNO). Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at climateviewer terms (https://climateviewer.com/terms/)

Lee’s instructions and permissions continue …

“You are free to share, remix, and otherwise use this material for any purpose as long as it is not sold and a link is provided to the original source.

You are free to:

  • Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material
  • The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms as long as you follow the license terms.

Under the following terms:

  • Attribution — You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.
  • NonCommercial — You may not use the material for commercial purposes.
  • ShareAlike — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original.”



The Evil Saudis … Shifty as Always!

The CIA Flexing.


The President blinking.


The tail wagging the dog!


The President’s own CIA put him in a “trick box.”


Is there a better way for the Deep State’s CIA to flex and let us all know who’s in charge?  The CIA just called the President’s evil Saudi buddy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman a murderer.  Watch the muddy waters get more murky as the Agency wags the President.

The Ole’ Buzzard contends that the information and opinion contained in Dickey’s article below are “Grey Propaganda.”  There is enough truth mingled with fiction to tempt any reader to willingly suspend one’s disbelief.  As such, we also willingly suspend our disbelief and post it in order to add perspective and challenge our readers to think beyond their noses.

Please see also “Lest we Forget” 9-11.


They were Sunni Muslim Hijackers … 15 of the 19 were citizens of Saudi Arabia.

In fact, the CIA and the evil Saudi’s are wagging the President as he blinks!

zCIA report

Article begins: “Trump Bet the Whole Middle East on Khashoggi’s Alleged Murderer. Now He’s Doubling Down.”

The president put all his policy eggs in the basket of this pariah prince, and it turns out they’re rotten. But, trying to save face, he decides to side with MBS over the CIA. by Christopher Dickey

PARIS—Donald Trump decided to endorse the leadership of an alleged Saudi murderer on Tuesday.

Speaking of accusations by the CIA and others that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the president of the United States reverted to his usual fallback position: the truth is unknowable.

“It could very well be that the Crown Prince had knowledge of this tragic event—maybe he did and maybe he didn’t!” Trump said in a statement that read as if he’d dictated it off the top of his head and refused to allow corrections.

“We may never know all of the facts surrounding the murder of Mr. Jamal Khashoggi,” Trump said. “In any case, our relationship is with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

This is pitiful, and untrue.

The United States does have a longstanding, complicated relationship with the Saudis. But Trump has reduced all international relations to monetary transactions and the personalities of leaders he thinks he can trust. In the Middle East, that’s meant the Trump administration has only ever had one policy, and its name was Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

MBS, as he’s come to be known, promised the players in the Trump-Kushner regime all they could ever dream of: vast amounts of money, victory as warriors, honor as peacemakers. He’d put the whole world in their hands, like that creepy glowing globe they fondled on their debut trip abroad to his hometown in 2017.Erdogan’s Half-Naked Truths About Khashoggi Murder

Now all that is in doubt. The man who promised Trump everything promises to be a liability for at least as long as Trump is in power, and then some: a homicidal millennial headed to his decrepit father’s throne and only 33 years old in a family where, for better or worse, many men live into their eighties.

When the CIA determined “with high confidence” that Mohammed bin Salman ordered the slaughter of journalist Jamal Khashoggi—whose body allegedly was chopped to bits on Oct. 2 in the the Saudi consulate in Istanbul—it also made another determination. According to a report on the agency’s conclusions in The Washington Post, CIA analysts believe that despite the global uproar about the murder, MBS “is likely to survive” and it is “taken for granted” he will be king.

If that’s the case, the question is not what happens if MBS goes, as some pundits in Washington are asking, but what happens when he stays?

LET‘S LOOK BACK FOR A MOMENT at a snowy day in March 2017, when German Chancellor Angela Merkel had to postpone a lunch at the White House and MBS stepped in after morning meetings, sealing his bond with Trump and the several amateur statesmen of the new administration.

One of the deputy national security advisers, Derek Harvey, had been promoting the notion that Iran was the supreme enemy and Saudi Arabia was the solution, according to Bob Woodward’s book Fear. Trump echoed that view in his statement Tuesday. But the senior professionals of the time — Chief of Staff H.R. McMaster, Secretary of Defense James Mattis, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (who had dealt with the Saudis all too many times on oil deals as CEO of Exxon)—thought this was likely to be a disappointing exercise.

“When MBS offered himself to Kushner as his guy in the Saudi kingdom, that was ‘like meeting someone nice at your first day of boarding school.’”
— Michael Wolff in “Fire and Fury”

“The Saudis always talk a big game,” Tillerson said, according to Woodward. ”You go through the dance with them on the negotiations. When it comes time to putting the signature on the page, you can’t get there.”

Never mind. In the spring of 2017, Trump was desperate for a “win.” His big promises during the campaign about health care, infrastructure, and true tax reform were not materializing. Meanwhile, MBS had been courting Trump son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner, and on that snowy day MBS met Trump himself.

“The two large men, the older Trump and much younger MBS—both charmers, flatterers, and country club jokers, each in his way—grandly hit it off,” Michael Wolff wrote in Fire and Fury, which aptly described the Trump regime’s reality-show approach to the Middle East. The idea in the White House that anything previous administrations did was stupid was founded in fact on abysmal ignorance.

“There was something curiously aligned between the Trump family and MBS,” Wolff wrote. “Like the entire Saudi leadership, MBS had, practically speaking, no education.” Serendipitously and sadly, that put Trump and MBS on a more or less equal footing. “Knowing little made them oddly comfortable with each other. When MBS offered himself to Kushner as his guy in the Saudi kingdom, that was ‘like meeting someone nice at your first day of boarding school,’” wrote Wolff, citing an anonymous Kushner friend.

MBS PROMISED IN EFFECT to be the one-stop shop for Middle East solutions, and he must have sounded pretty convincing to people who really had no clue about the region. He was going to deliver the Palestinians for the peace process and recognize Israel, pulling the United Arab Emirates and others along with him. He was going to shore up the wall against Iranian aggression, and take the war home to Tehran. He was going to manage oil prices in a way that benefited the United States, and especially the Trump regime. And that Yemen thing? That wildly misconceived war? No problem. Wrap that up in a matter of months if not of weeks.

In the meantime, why not make the Trumps’ first presidential trip abroad to Riyadh, where the Trumps and the Saudis could promote all these great ideas? Plus, the Saudis would re-commit, at least verbally, to all those arms deals Obama signed off on. $110 billion. Trump could talk about “jobs jobs jobs.” Oh, and Saudi Arabia would privatize Aramco. Money, for nothing.

None of those promises panned out. Tillerson had been right.

Then comes the Khashoggi affair and everything turns to shit. The guy behind the counter at that the Saudi One-Stop Mideast Policy Drive-Thru turns out to be a psychopath.

“The man who promised Trump big wins in the Middle East is making him look like a loser. Or an idiot. Or both.”

BUT … IF YOU ARE TRUMP, what are you gonna do? We saw that on Tuesday. He clearly thinks if he can just whitewash MBS enough, while playing up Iran as the root of all evil, people might turn the page and assume, to paraphrase Franklin D. Roosevelt talking about a banana republic dictator, “He’s a psychopath, but he’s our psychopath.”

Unfortunately for Trump, that doesn’t seem to be working, and the man who promised him big wins in the Middle East is making him look like a loser. Or an idiot. Or both.

“Trump’s thinking on Saudi is magical,” says Aaron David Miller at The Wilson Center. “So far he has accommodated a guy who has been a source of instability not stability.”

Bruce Riedel at Brookings agrees. “The most likely near term scenario is MBS stays but is crippled and can’t deliver. He will be a pariah in the West.” 

Of course we know Trump is a sucker for authoritarian assassins: Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, Rodrigo Duterte, to name a few. But MBS now appears in a class by himself, not for the quantity of his killing (the foolish Yemen war aside) but for the quality of his ineptitude. Trump has scrambled to cover for the crown prince in the Khashoggi affair, wishing it would all just go away, but he continues to be confronted by the growing realization that this murderous Saudi who promised him so much is not only reckless, he’s inept.

Barbara Bodine, a former ambassador with years of experience on the Arabian Peninsula, notes, “MBS may slide through for the rest of this administration, but he will be permanently tainted. Every action or non-action will be seen through the filter of Jamal Khashoggi. Every act will be judged on ruthless to reckless to feckless. And, as he is increasingly unable to deliver—no victory in Yemen, no collapse of Qatar [which MBS tried to crush], and, if oil prices drop, no welfare state and no grand projects, he could become The Hollow Prince.”





CIA another spy scandal!

Epoch Times Video narrated by Gina Shakespeare

Newly declassified documents reveal the CIA—which is supposed to be strictly limited in the types of surveillance and other secret operations it conducts on U.S. soil—routinely monitors U.S. government computer systems. That information is contained in two formerly secret letters of “congressional notification” written in 2014 by the Intelligence Community inspector general at the time, Charles McCullough. In the letters, McCullough reveals the CIA secretly intercepted and collected emails between congressional staff and the CIA’s head of whistleblowing and source protection. The collection was said to occur as part of the CIA’s “routine counterintelligence monitoring of government computer systems.” 🔸 Follow Sharyl Attkisson 💻 www.sharylattkisson.com 🐦  https://twitter.com/SharylAttkisson About: Sharyl Attkisson is the New York Times bestselling author of “Stonewalled,” a five-time Emmy Award winner, and the host of Sinclair’s national investigative television program “Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson”. She is a recipient of the Edward R. Murrow Award for investigative reporting and has reported nationally for CBS News, PBS, and CNN. Please make sure you subscribe to Declassified and hit the notification bell, so you don’t miss any of our new videos → https://www.youtube.com/c/Declassified

All of the following is from a posting by Sharyl Attkisson …

Sharyl Attkisson: I Spy: The Government’s Secrets


I Spy: The Government’s Secrets

Posted: 19 Nov 2018 05:00 AM PST

The following is the fifth in a series of excerpts from my New York Times bestseller “Stonewalled,” which recounts the government intrusions of my computers. More excerpts to follow.

The Government’s Secrets

On January 8, 2013, I’m on my way to meet the contact who will be part of the process that gets my computer analyzed by a confidential source inside the government. I refer to my direct contact as “Number One.” He’s suggested a rendezvous at a McDonald’s in Northern Virginia. When I enter with my laptop tucked under one arm, I scan the patrons and correctly guess which one is my guy. I slip into his booth and we shake hands across the table. No need for formal intro- ductions. After a little small talk, he addresses the issue at hand. He’s a matter-of-fact kind of guy.

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“I’ll tell you one thing. People would be shocked to know what this administration is doing in terms of spying on the American pub- lic.” That’s uncannily close to what Jeff had said to me just a few weeks before. And the two men don’t know each other. But both are connected to government three-letter agencies.Number One explains his arrangements to have my computer analyzed. What I’ll receive is a verbal report. Because of who’s help- ing me, it can’t be anything formal or written. I understand the terms.

The next day, I’m working at my desk at CBS News when my mobile phone rings. It’s Number One.

Support the Attkisson v. DOJ/FBI Fourth Amendment Litigation Fund to fight the government computer intrusions

“I thought I’d give you an update,” he says. “Our friend started looking at the product. He’s not finished yet but it’s proving very . . . interesting.”

He stops.
“Did he find something?” I ask, filling the silence.
“Yes. It’s positive.”
Positive. For what? Positive that nothing is wrong? Positive for some sort of spyware?
“Really?” I say.
“Yeah,” Number One continues. “I wouldn’t have believed it. It’s

pretty shocking. We’re all kind of in a state of shock right now. I don’t want to say too much on the phone. In fact, I’d advise you to start using a burner phone. Do you know what that is?”

I do. The kind of phone that drug dealers and terrorists use so they can’t easily be followed. He says I should use burner phones and switch them out frequently. At least every month. And don’t use them from my house.

“I’ll be able to give you more information tomorrow,” he says.

A diverse group of Constitutional free press and privacy advocates is supporting Attkisson v. Dept. of Justice/FBI to fight the government computer intrusions. Click here to support.

We meet at the same place. We settle into a McDonald’s booth and look around. For what, I don’t know, but we look. Number One hands me my laptop and a piece of paper containing some typed notes. For both of us, our worldview has changed just a little.

“First just let me say again I’m shocked. Flabbergasted. All of us are. This is outrageous. Worse than anything Nixon ever did. I wouldn’t have believed something like this could happen in the United States of America,” says Number One.

He’s impassioned. My attention level escalates. Just two days ago, I’d been fully prepared to be told there was nothing suspicious in my computer. Or maybe that all the evidence was gone. I might be told that the idea of the computer being tapped was the stuff of science fiction or an Orwellian novel. I never thought I’d hear what I was hearing.

To be continued…


Let’s all Help Drain the Swamp

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A Deal with the Devil

President Donald Trump awards Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, the Medal of Freedom during a ceremony in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Friday, Nov. 16.

This President is crossing precariously over to the Dark Side. He has done an unforgivable deal with a Devil incomparable and incarnate … a deal The Ole’ Buzzard cannot ignore.  This President is joining ranks with the Goodfellas to include the Leftists, the Clintons, the Obamas Et. al.  He is being sucked into the Swamp.  We have hesitated to wring words out to dribble some deserved criticism over him for fear of our being identified with the Left.  That ends today.  Let the chips fall where they may!
May God help and save the USA!

See “tripe” from the Deseret News, “In our opinion: Orrin Hatch gets the medal he deserves” Deseret News editorial board Published: November 17, 2018 President Donald Trump awards Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, the Medal of Freedom during a ceremony in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Friday, Nov. 16.


So what or who is one to believe:  This  most recent “tripe” from the Deseret News and a President who has suddenly, completely lost his mind and moral compass; or a record that reflects Hatch and “His utter lack of integrity that rises from his unquenchable thirst for power.” The Salt Lake Tribune 12.25.2017; or “The Utah senator exemplifies the career politician who stands for nothing and rolls over for everything .” The National Review 02.04.2015; or “Orrin Hatch Was Never a ‘Public Servant’ The retiring senator has always been a shameless tool of billionaire campaign donors and a partisan errand boy for the likes of Donald Trump.” By John Nichols JANUARY 3, 2018; or soliciting a $10MM loan from the World’s most corrupt bank after extolling the bank’s virtues from the Senate floor; or perpetually on Big Pharma’s payroll; or investing in Big Tobacco all-the-while sitting on a Health Committee; or architect of the Bears Ears land grab;  or money made in the Corker kickback scandal; or “Senator Orrin Hatch needs to be named in opioid lawsuits filed nationwide!”  Global News 01.06.2018;  and the list goes on “ad nauseam.”  

Sleep with dogs … Get Fleas!

Here’s how we add it up.  “All a God’s chillun’ gots fleas!” Yep .. and knowing “who, what, why, where and how” is the key to navigating the Swamp.  Hatch is the Professional!  The President isn’t far behind.  We argue that Mueller and Hatch have a history of being hooked at the hip and that enures to Hatch and the President’s benefit if they scratch each other’s backs. We allege that Hatch has been in the process of putting the genie slowly back in Mueller’s bottle.  Now that Hatch has been deified by the President, the deal will be done.

See also, “Mr. President … Senator Orrin G. Hatch and his confidant Robert Mueller are NOT your friends!

Buster – Hillary – Donald

A little humor to cheer up your day!

There are 2 videos. The first video is an ad for The John Lewis Department Stores in UK.  It sets up the parody, so you must watch them in order….watch the parody video last for it to make sense.

Watch the “Buster the Boxer” Video #1 First


Watch the parody Video #2 after you watch #1



C H R I S T M A S!


Image result for baby jesus images

HAARP: Weather Control

Is the HAARP Project (in Alaska) a Weather Control Weapon? From Want to Know

The Ole’ Buzzard has frozen, flown and crashed in Alaska … stories to be shared elsewhere . This posting is a sidebar to The Weather and Tempus Global Data … a MUST read.

Writers’ Notes: There’s a mystery and mystique about Alaska that sticks to one’s bones like a Jack London novel or a Robert Service poem.  

At minus -60 degrees on a clear Winter’s night … lone wolf tones echoing and answering through the bush  … thunderous claps! from detonating freeze dried trees … nature’s Tantrums … Her bark shattered thermometers warning of plummeting Temperatures  … tumultuous racket overarching the snapping of pitch dripped branches giving up their last remains to our dwindling campfires … all majestically headlined by an undulating, mystifying magnificence from citadels aloft the several spheres … God’s gifts … the Aurora Borealis.  


Yet … what more contrasted companion to the inner and outer soundings and lightnings of nature’s wonderful, wintery corpus, cacophony and campus could there be than the sinister spectre of a HAARP with all its attendant fictions and facts perpetually overlain? 

The interactive, Want to Know article is found here . The pdf below is a quick read.

zHAARP_ Weather Control

Weather control: HAARP

“There are strange things done in the midnight sun By the men who moil for gold; The Arctic trails have their secret tales That would make your blood run cold; The Northern Lights have seen queer sights, But the queerest they ever did see Was that night on the marge of Lake Lebarge I cremated Sam McGee.” The Cremation of Sam McGee by Robert Service

China Is Launching Weather-Control Machines Across An Area The Size Of Alaska

Lest we forget …

they were Sunni Muslim Hijackers … 15 of the 19 were citizens of Saudi Arabia, and the others were from the United Arab Emirates (2), Egypt, and Lebanon.

10 Questions About the Compatibility of Islam with America

By Frank Hawkins on November 10, 2018  (Reposted with the author’s personal permission.)

Wikipedia defines Islamophobia as the fear, hatred of or prejudice against the Islamic religion or Muslims, especially when seen as a geopolitical force or the source of terrorism. Yes, many people around the globe who identify with Islam are good, hard working, loving people. But that’s a separate issue from Islam itself. Here are 10 questions about the compatibility of Islam in America.  Depending on your answers, does that make you an Islamophobe?

10) Are Islam and Sharia Law compatible with American culture? The generally accepted values of modern America stress a wide range of freedoms involving speech, sexuality and life styles as well as equal rights for women, minorities and a long list of others. None of this fits with the program of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) that affirmed Sharia law as supreme, with the death penalty for those leaving Islam, punishing women who are victims of rape, allowing men to be polygamous, permitting wife beating and censoring speech that insults Islam.

9) Does Islam threaten to destroy our system of law and our Constitution? Islam is not merely a religion. It is an entire societal and quasi-governmental structure with its own legal edifice called Sharia. The holy Qu’ran calls for subjugation of infidels or non-believers, if necessary, through armed jihad. Dr. Irwin Lutzer in his book “The Cross in the Shadow of the Crescent,” describes a Muslim demonstrator in Dearborn, Michigan, holding a sign stating: “We will use the freedoms of the Constitution to destroy the Constitution!” That’s the game plan. You see, Sharia law is in direct conflict with the Bill or Rights. The First Amendment, for instance, states Congress shall make no law prohibiting the “free exercise” of religion. Yet Mohammad said, “Whoever changes his Islamic religion, kill him. Those who reject Islam must be killed.” Islamic law enforces dhimmi status on non-Muslims, prohibiting them from observing their religious practices publicly, raising their voices during prayer, ringing church bells or saying anything considered “insulting to Islam.” Islamic law relegates non-Muslims to “dhimmi” status, where they are forbidden to propagate their customs among Muslims and cannot display a cross, Christmas decorations or the Star of David. There’s a lot more, but you get the idea.

8) Are Islam and Sharia Law tolerant of other religions? Tolerance is a fundamental American value. That is the polar opposite of Islam. When Muslims are not in a position of authority, they naturally call for tolerance and cooperation. But one only has to
look at Muslim societies to understand how far that goes. How many Christian churches are there in Saudi Arabia? Zero. Non-Muslims (infidels) are not permitted to visit Mecca? Christians are routinely attacked or murdered in Pakistan. More than 600 Christians have been arbitrarily arrested and detained in Iran in the past year. Iranian authorities routinely raid church services, threaten church members and arrest and imprison worshipers and church leaders, particularly Evangelical Christian converts. Christian church leaders have been explicitly been targeted by the Iranian authorities charged with ‘unfounded national-security related crimes.’

7) “When Muslims claim Islam is a religion of peace and love, are they lying to the non-Muslim world?” Ask Hicham Nostik, a former Muslim who now lives in Germany. He understands the prophet Muhammad’s famous quote, ‘War is deceit.’ Lying is
permitted to deceive an “enemy.” The Qu’ran defines the ‘enemy’ as “disbelievers.” There is no way to cover up the meaning of that. In fact, apostates who leave Islam are subject to the death penalty. Apostasy is a crime in 16 out 49 Muslim majority countries; in other Muslim nations such as Morocco, apostasy is not legal but proselytizing towards Muslims is illegal. It is subject in some countries, such as Iran and Saudi Arabia, to the death penalty.

6) Has there ever been a period in history fully characterized by peaceful co-existence between Muslims and non-Muslims? Apparently not, based on details in Robert Spencer’s new book, ‘The History of Jihad from Muhammad to ISIS” as well as Raymond Ibrahim’s “Sword and Scimitar: Fourteen centuries of war between Islam and the West,” Pamela Geller’s “Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance” and similar books written by Jamie Glazov, David Horowitz,
Brigitte Gabriel and Amil Imani.

5) Is Islam in the process of swallowing Europe? If any more proof of the danger of Islam to our society and culture is needed, look no further than the downward spiral of Europe. Growing problems caused by Muslims in France, Italy, Belgium, Holland,
Germany, Sweden and Britain continue to be well documented. The Muslim takeover of Britain is so far along I fear only a bloody civil war could reverse the tide. Douglas Murray has spelled this out in detail in his book, The Strange Death of Europe. After 25
years of intense Muslim immigration, Islam features 3,000 mosques, 130 Sharia courts, 50 Muslim Sharia Councils and dozens of ‘no go zones’ where Moslem ‘Sharia’ patrols ensure no one disobeys Sharia Law. Britain has recently released from prison Anjem Choudary, described as the most dangerous Islamic preacher in the UK. Among other pronouncements, he says, “When Sharia law is implemented, maybe in 10 or 15 years’ time, (the Queen] would be expected like all women in Britain to be covered from head to toe, only revealing her face and hands.” Or how about this? “There will be no more pubs, no more gambling houses, no more national lottery. All women would have to be covered up appropriately and wear the niqab or veil and so there will be no prostitution. By 2050, Britain will be a majority Muslim country if demographic trends continue. It will be the end of freedom of democracy and submission to God. We don’t believe in democracy, as soon as they have authority, Muslims should implement Sharia. This is what we’re trying to teach people.” Is there anything about this you don’t understand? Could we get any Muslim leaders to denounce this? The Brits are afraid to.

4) Will Muslim immigrants assimilate? In 1991, James Walsh, former Associate General Counsel of the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service said,
“Immigrants devoted to their own cultures and religions are not influenced by the secular politically correct façade that dominates academia, news-media, entertainment, education, religious and political thinking today. They claim the right not to assimilate . . . Such immigrants say their traditions trump the U.S. legal system.” But please, let the Muslims speak for themselves. Linda Sarsour, a leading Muslim activist, told the North American Islamic Society last year, “I hope that when we stand up to those who oppress our community struggling against tyrants and rulers that Allah will accept this as a form of jihad not only in the Middle East but here against the fascists, white supremacists and
Islamophobes here and reigning in the White House. Our top priority is to protect and defend our community and not to assimilate and please any other people or authority. Our top priority is to please Allah and only Allah.”

3) What is the record of radical Islamic killings since 9/11? The Religion of Peace website counts 34,034 Islamic terrorist attacks worldwide since September 11, 2001. Mosques financed by Saudi Arabia and Iran are primary sources of Jihadist activity. Israel has foiled at least 40 ISIS attacks in Western countries in just the last three years. Since 9/11, an additional 158 Americans have been killed in 53 separate acts of deadly Islamic terror or Islam-related honor killing in the United States. Hundreds of mass murder plots have been thwarted or botched. Between 5 – 25% of Muslims in America believe that violence in defense of Islam is justified.

2) Can there ever be a Muslim Martin Luther? Can Islam be reformed? A titular reform Islam movement in the US led by Zuhdi Jasser, a second-generation Syrian doctor who practices in Phoenix, says yes. But others do not believe that Islam is reformable.  Muslims have attempted to reform Islam for 1400 years and have always failed. In Indonesia last month, a rally to promote moderate Islam was cancelled after threats of violence from hardliners. Leaders of such movements have been beheaded for apostasy. Jihad and Sharia are foundational principles of Islam. No mincing of words will change that. Lying, deception and terror as basic Islamic tools to maintain control provide a platform no reformer could possibly build on.

1) Does Islam belong in America? The companion question is, are Americans willing to take steps to neutralize the threat of Islam? In its current form, with the explicit goal of a global caliphate under Sharia, Islam must be regarded as an existential threat.
Specific ways are needed to deal with an ideology that openly seeks to destroy Western Civilization. What could be done to deal with this threat? Before it is too late, consider these steps:

• Our political leaders should openly acknowledge the threat of traditional Islam to a pluralistic democracy and insist that Islamic institutions formally and in practice reject violent jihad as a condition for tax exempt status.
• Our schools should teach the violent history and core beliefs of Islam including the strict rules and requirements of Sharia law while contrasting that with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
• Muslim leaders who preach violence should be aggressively prosecuted for incitement.
• Congress should pass laws outlawing foreign financing of mosques or at a minimum require full reciprocity with Muslim
countries granting complete religious freedom for Christian, Jewish or other groups to establish houses of worship and to openly proselytize their faiths.
•Conspiracy and accessory before- and after-the-fact laws targeting anyone, including family members of terrorists, failing to report illegal activities of which they had knowledge should be strictly enforced. We can’t afford for America to become another Muslim-dominated nation.

Frank Hawkins is a former U.S. Army intelligence officer, Associated Press foreign correspondent, international businessman, senior newspaper company executive, founder and owner of several marketing companies and published novelist. He currently lives in retirement in North Carolina.

Investigative Bulletin: The Murder Curtain

“Investigative Bulletin: The Murder Curtain” in VA Hospitals where Veteran patients were murdered in cold blood!

(Reposted with Micah’s Morrison’s personal permission.)

Are Veterans Administration hospitals the perfect hunting ground for serial killers? That’s one of the provocative suggestions in former VA special investigator Bruce Sackman’s new book, “Behind the Murder Curtain.”

Sackman was the special agent in charge of the VA’s Criminal Investigation Division’s Northeast Field Office, chasing crime from West Virginia to Maine. A maverick, he bucked the system and brought two prolific serial killers—Michael Swango and Kristen Gilbert—to justice. Both murdered veterans at VA hospitals.

“There have been plenty of hospital serial killers in the private sector throughout history,” Sackman writes. “But it sticks in my mind that a VA medical center is a perfect hunting ground. The VA facilities are filled with long-term care patients with serious debilitating illnesses,” making them easy marks for medical serial killers. Often, patients are isolated and vulnerable, with visits from family members few and far between.

“Behind the Murder Curtain,” co-authored with Michael Vecchione and Jerry Schmetterer, unfolds like a police procedural, taking us through the Swango and Gilbert cases. The authors make quick stops at other cases and offer a smart program for spotting trouble.
Sackman estimates that Swango, a doctor, killed as many as 100 patients in the United States and Africa. Swango began practicing medicine in 1983 and drifted from hospital to hospital, dogged by reports of fraud and improper behavior. By 1995, he was at the Northport VA Medical Center in New York. A television news program raised questions about his past. Medical personnel at Northport were concerned.

Sackman caught the case. But he faced resistance. Allegations of killings at hospitals were largely uncharted investigative territory. The FBI considered murder on federal turf to be their territory, but had little experience with hospital cases. VA law enforcement usually focused on white-collar crimes like embezzlement and fraud.

Was Sackman out of his league? He persisted, put together a team of experts, including famed forensic pathologist Michael Baden, and ultimately was instrumental in convicting Swango on multiple murder counts and sending him to Colorado’s Supermax prison for the rest of his life.

In a chilling image, Sackman writes that most hospital killings occur behind “the murder curtain” surrounding a patient’s bed. Medical records and documents “revealed a pattern of behavior by Doctor Swango at his patients’ bedsides: he entered their rooms by himself, drew the curtains, and administered lethal injections.”
Image result for Kristen Gilbert
Kristen Gilbert, a nurse at the Northampton VA Medical Center in Massachusetts, also committed her killings behind the murder curtain. It began with the theft of epinephrine from the hospital medical cabinet. Swango also used “epi,” a common drug to speed up the heart rate, but fatal in high doses.

Like Swango, Gilbert worked the overnight shift. “When the ward was empty of other personnel,” Sackman writes, Gilbert “would pull the bedside curtain around her. She would then inject the patient with a fatal dose of the drug.” In an attention-seeking twist, Gilbert would often be on hand when the patient “coded”—began to go into cardiac arrest and die—taking seemingly heroic measures to save her victim.

Hospital killing cases are tough to make. In the Gilbert investigation, Sackman writes, “We would need to count those missing bottles of epinephrine, prove that Gilbert had access to them, prove they were administered to the patients in question, and finally, prove they died from those injections. We had to paint a picture for the jury that, given the opportunity and the resources, Kristen Gilbert would draw the curtain around her patient, and for the thrill and glory, administer a dose of fatal poison. “

In 2001, a Massachusetts jury convicted Gilbert of killing four veterans. She’s serving four consecutive life terms.

Nurses are Sackman’s heroes, on the front lines of patient care night and day. Three concerned nurses at the Northampton VA first raised the alarm about Gilbert—a tough call to make about a colleague in the tight world of medical personnel.

Nurses also first raised the alarm about healthy patients dying under Swango’s care. Early in Swango’s career, “nurses reported their concerns, but the administration conducted a very superficial investigation and then dismissed the complaining nurses as paranoid,” Sackman writes. “This was a pattern I would see often…. Hospital brass never wanted to hear bad news about their doctors. Too often, they were willing to cover up in order to save face.”

Sackman retired from the VA in 2005 and works as a private investigator and consultant, specializing in healthcare matters. (He’s also president of the Society of Professional Investigators, where I am a member.) Suspicious hospital deaths, he writes, are “a problem that afflicts every type of hospital, public or private.”

Sackman notes that “hospital managers have a well-documented history of defending employees suspected of intentionally harming patients. They are afraid that bad publicity and potential lawsuits will follow formal investigations, especially if conducted by outside authorities like a district attorney. When the police or DA get involved, a record of their activity is a public record. The media will find out about it and sensational stories will result. They are right to fear that but sweeping the problem under the rug is not a solution.”

A better solution, Sackman believes, is the adoption of what he calls “Red Flag Protocols” by nursing and medical schools to help identify possible medical serial killers. Sackman has presented his protocols at healthcare symposiums around the world and outlines them in the  book.

Is there an increased rate of patient deaths connected to the suspect? Does he (or she) work a late-night shift and frequently is alone with patients? Is the patient’s death unexpected and attributed to a “catchall like cardiac arrest?” Are “sudden-death” chemicals available on the ward? Do colleagues have concerns about the suspect? Was the suspect with the patient before the patient’s death? Do records of prior employment show questionable incidents? Does an initial review by management find insufficient evidence to proceed?

Those are some of the questions raised by Sackman’s Red Flag Protocols. “Most importantly,” Sackman writes, “hospital brass must listen to their staff when allegations are made.” Michael Swango, Kristen Gilbert and others, he notes, “were left free to kill even after hospital brass was warned.”


Micah Morrison is chief investigative reporter for Judicial Watch. Follow him on Twitter @micah_morrison. Tips: mmorrison@judicialwatch.org