The Real Reason Europe Needs The EU

I had been somewhat persuaded by “grey propaganda” that the European Union had no merit or redeeming value and was on the wane and way out.  However, Statista sheds light on the multifaceted nature and value of the Union and an unusual goodness that transcends mere economic considerations.

Statistical analytics combined with visual presentations give us a look at life in ways that can enlarge and enliven our understanding of the World around us.  Consider this posting a hearty endorsement of

Niall McCarthy publishes Statista and always manages to bring something new and thought provoking to me daily.  His site has our highest recommendation.  s/ The Ole’ Buzzard

In the UK, many Remain voters have made the point that lasting peace in Europe needs to be considered one of the primary achievements of the European Union. How valid is that claim? In order to find out, we analyzed Peter Brecke’s Conflict Catalog which documents violent deaths in 3,708 conflicts going all the way back to 1400. The result is the following infographic which estimates the number of violent deaths in wars in Europe between 1800 and 2016.

Back in the 1800s, continental Europe was ravaged by conflict after conflict. Between 1803 and 1815 alone, well over six million people lost their lives in the Napoleonic wars while the Hungarian Revolt and Franco Prussian war saw the deaths of hundreds of thousands more. The first half of the 20th century was of course the bloodiest period in the continent’s history and according to Project InPosterum (rather than Peter Brecke’s global analysis of World War II deaths), 32,156,000 people died in WWII in Europe.

Soon after the conflict ended, the Greek Civil War erupted in 1946, costing another 158,000 lives. Things suddenly started to improve when the European Economic Community was founded in 1957. For example, Europe only experienced 18,409 violent war deaths between 1961 and 1992. The European Union was established in 1993 and conflicts continued to be rare events. Violent deaths still occurred during the breakup of Yugoslavia, the Russo-Georgian War, the conflict in Donbass and elsewhere.

However, those deaths certainly were not on a scale matching the extensive bloodshed of the 1800s and first half of the 20th century. That certainly backs up the argument that the European Union has played a major role in uniting and keeping the continent peaceful since its inception.

Infographic: The Real Reason Europe Needs The EU | Statista





An Open Letter to America’s Senior Military Leaders

Preface from the Ole’ Buzzard: When the military wanna’ be leaders and empty suits that Ray writes about read his comments from the following article, they should all resign. Not that we have feelings about these issues! 

Dear Senior US Military Leaders:

You were born in the 1950’s and 1960’s and came of age in a US military wounded internally and psychologically from the effects of the Vietnam War, a war in which US military forces fought bravely and competently, but were betrayed by the country that sent them to Southeast Asia.

Your mentors were all Vietnam veterans, who crawled out of the ashes and vowed to rebuild the military, in what was for many of them, a near holy crusade, a ‘hot blue flame’ that burned inside them every day on active duty.

You had a front row seat in the rebirth of the US military, which rose like a Phoenix in the sands of the Middle East in 1991, and which performed spectacularly, a performance which was a testament to the dedication of the men who led you, men who honored and maintained the military’s traditions – traditions and a way of life that are often juxtaposed to the civilian world.

You know what those traditions are: Duty, Honor, Country…

Your duty – to do everything in your power to ensure that the military focuses on warfighting and nothing else.

Your honor – to do everything in your power to ensure that those who serve under you know that you care about the mission and the troops and not just about you.

You country – to do everything in your power to protect the nation you have sworn to defend, and most importantly, to serve as a buffer against the wayward and often destructive instincts of politicians and Beltway bureaucrats who wish to use the military as a social laboratory.

You know how generals and admirals are supposed to lead. You know what constitutes good leadership at all levels. You know what it takes to make the US military an efficient and lethal fighting force. You saw it rise to a majestic peak and then gradually fall into an abyss of diversity.

You know, and yet you have abandoned all pretense of your duty as senior officers, logic, common sense and intestinal fortitude to placate identity groups and diversity engineers that have never spent one day in uniform, much less one second in combat.

You know and yet you sit like stoic martinets, calculating your promotions, pensions and your future defense contractor salaries.

You have allowed the US military to become a social experiment; a feminized, weakened, PC force that is a shadow of its former toughness and greatness.

You continue to allow the US military to become nothing more than a leftist play land, while betting everything on the hope that our armed forces will never face a real enemy like the Chinese, the Russians or the North Koreans.

You have sold out the nation’s national defense and allowed the military’s operational tempo to decrease, all for the greater good of your careers.

You have allowed policies to be implemented and events to take place that I would have never thought possible while serving on active duty as a US Army officer.

From open homosexuality to transgenders on active duty to Mommy Rangers and breastfeeding support memorandums, you have stuck your heads in the sand as the military became nothing more than just a corporation with uniforms and C4.

You are undoubtedly well educated, and many of you hold multiple degrees.

Many of you served several combat tours and have an array of citations for meritorious service and valor that adorn your finely tailored uniforms.

There is no doubt that some of you have exhibited extraordinary courage in battle.

But, it is more than apparent that many of you left your courage on the battlefield, for you lack that one integral trait that all leaders must possess; moral courage, aka professional courage, aka the ability, as General MacArthur said, ‘to stand up in the storm;’ to say and do what you know is right, your careers and pensions be damned.

For some of you, it is not a matter of just lacking moral courage, but being loyal to a President no longer in office and a candidate who was soundly defeated in the last election. You so-called members of the ‘resistance’ in the Pentagon and across the military are traitors who have violated your oaths.

Others will argue, what could you do, what can you do? You were and are just following orders. But, there is no Fuehrerprinzip in the US military. There is no such thing as an order is an order.

It is your duty as senior officers to defend not only the nation, which you have sworn to serve, but the institutions themselves. It is your duty to question orders which you believe are detrimental and devastating to the military.

When did one member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff ever resign in the last decade, in personal protest against the Obama administration’s destructive military policies, and the same policies which still linger today?

When did just one senior officer write even an anonymous OPED criticizing current military policy?

When did any of you ever lift a finger or utter one word of protest in what was being done to the US military?

Where were your voices of protest when male ROTC cadets were parading around college campuses in red high heels, when Senator Kirsten Gillibrand questioned you about the value of transgenders serving on active duty and women in combat, when standards disappeared overnight at the Special Forces Qualification Course, when the Marines’ Combat Endurance Test was no longer a graded event for future infantry officers, when army basic training dumped the grenade throw and land navigation…? Where were you when the lactation stations opened up at combat units across the world and male soldiers of the Big Red One conducted physical training in pregnancy simulators? Where were you when senior leaders were railroaded out of the service for uttering the words, ‘sweetheart’, ‘faggot’ and the term ‘drunker than 10,000 Indians?’

Where were you? You were AWOL mentally and spiritually.

During the Gulf War in 1991, a young soldier told General Fred Franks, commander of VII Corps, ‘Don’t worry general, we trust you.’ Would anyone serving on active duty trust any of you? I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t follow any of you into water.

I believe you are the worst generation of American senior military leadership in our long and glorious history, bar none.

Last week, a retired US Army officer and Vietnam veteran asked me, “Isn’t there just one senior leader in uniform who has the guts to say what needs to be said?”

The answer is no.

Ray Starmann Editor in Chief US Defense Watch

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Mr. President … Senator Orrin G. Hatch is NOT your friend!

Preface: Shakespeare’s dark tragedy “Julius Caesar” mirrors ever shifting landscapes underlying pomp and power in government.  Having been stabbed in the back by his Senators and left to bleed out, Caesar cried in agony, “Et Tu, Brute?” … “Even you, Brutus?”  Yes … even Brutus, Caesar’s trusted friend and “angel,” was among the traitorous elite Goodfellas who coveted, conspired and committed the irredeemable.  Caesar’s beloved General Marc Antony proclaimed Brutus’ treachery as, “the most unkindest cut of all!”  Unfolding hereafter is a classic replay of “the most unkindest cut of all” that we allege is conspiracy to deceive a serving President of The United States of America.

Mr. President


Senator Orrin G. Hatch is NOT your friend!

In the rural America of by-gone days, railroad crossings were forewarned to drivers by a mere wooden sign with the words, “Stop, Look and Listen!”  Unfortunately for many who did not heed the warnings, their auto and personal body parts were often left pasted to the front of locomotives and strewn piecemeal down the tracks.  Most of the old signs have since been replaced by lights, warning horns, bells, whistles and long sturdy bars to the tracks … bars that descend well in advance of oncoming trains.   

Having lacked the capacity to reach out and warn President Trump in advance, we warn in arrears of the hazards associated with his proximity to Senator Orrin G. Hatch.  For the following reasons, we wish to have had the horns, bells, whistles, lights and long sturdy bars that would have saved the day in the advance of the oncoming Hatch and others.

Senator Orrin Grant Hatch and Robert Swan Mueller III have been hooked at the hip since the 1990s.  Suffice it to say, Mueller is the significant Pariah, Deus ex Machina, Machiavelli, Rasputin, Judas Goat, Bane and Brutus that currently plagues our divided Nation.  See “13 Shocking Facts….”  Hatch is Mueller’s confidant and equal.  We will demonstrate evidence of that. Both, when teamed together, are like two backyard chiggers crawling into the darkest sweaty recesses of the Government’s hide … itching to be embedded in every corrupt opportunity available therein.  

Here is the history.  The Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) began to crumble under the weight of considerable criminal activity even before the 1990s.  BCCI was characterized at the time as the most corrupt bank in the history of the World. BCCI had folded the CIA, the covert activities of other similar National and International agencies, drug trafficking, arms dealing, money laundering, and high level international political corruption into its portfolio.  Surprisingly, Chief of the U.S. Justice Department’s Criminal Division Robert Swan Mueller III stepped out in front of all legitimate investigations and did damage control for BCCI and its corrupted, Deep State minions … Hatch among them.

Describing Mueller’s role in the BCCI cover-up more clearly, reporter Chris Floyd wrote: When a few prosecutors finally began targeting BCCI’s operations in the late Eighties, President George Herbert Walker Bush boldly moved in with a federal probe directed by Justice Department investigator Robert Mueller. The U.S. Senate later found that the probe had been unaccountably ‘botched’–witnesses went missing, CIA records got ‘lost,’… Lower-ranking prosecutors told of heavy pressure from on high to ‘lay off.’ Most of the big BCCI players went unpunished or, like [Khalib bin] Mahfouz, got off with wrist-slap fines and sanctions. Mueller, of course, wound up as head of the FBI, appointed to the post in July 2001–by George W. Bush.

From Wikipedia, In 1990, U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch presented an impassioned defense of the bank (BCCI) in a speech on the Senate floor. He and his aide, Michael Pillsbury, were involved in efforts to counter the negative publicity that surrounded the bank, and Hatch solicited the bank to approve a $10 million loan to a close friend, Mazur Hourani.   

Excerpting from “Lawmaker’s Defense of BCCI Went Beyond Speech in Senate,” Hatch’s speech in defense of BCCI was written by the bank’s officer Robert Altman.  

Altman and his partner Clark M. Clifford, a former Defense Secretary, were charged with taking bribes from BCCI.

After Hatch was caught with his knickers down for attempting to solicit a $10 million bribe from BCCI, he worked overtime to alibi out of it.  One such attempt can be seen in the video found here  

The Senate Ethics Committee cleared Hatch of wrongdoing in BCCI and he will likely “trot this out” as proof of his exoneration.  We don’t buy it. Hatch’s sleazy record speaks for itself but to detail it here would deflect from our purpose.  Likewise, the integrity of the Senate Ethics Committee is justifiably under fire. See “HOUSE AND SENATE ETHICS COMMITTEES PROTECTING THE MOST CORRUPT MEMBERS OF CONGRESS.” The Ethics Committee has often been characterized as a “Toothless Watchdog.”  We agree. Our own personal experience with Hatch and a Google search regarding his corrupt conduct also yields information convincingly sufficient.

Mueller “deep sixed” the BCCI investigation and prosecution.  Hatch escaped prosecution and censure for his BCCI conduct and shortly thereafter Mueller was confirmed as FBI Director by a Senate panel led by Leahy (on the BCCI bribes list) and championed by Hatch (also on the BCCI bribes list).  The Senate’s record of Mueller’s confirmation hearing is a long read. There were no dissenting votes which makes one wonder just how many other Senators were also on the BCCI bribes list, or otherwise compromised or leveraged by Mueller, Hatch, and Leahy.  The sweet syrupy, effusive commentary from Hatch at the hearing would have gagged a maggot. The hearing was a communal exercise in back slapping and scratching while slobbering all over each other.


But that was then and this is now.  Most recently, Hatch has conjured a sly, quid pro quo coup in exchange for his support of the President’s tax plan.  Hatch has managed to “play” (con) the President like puppet master Edgar Bergen pulled strings on Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd.  Hatch snookered the President and secured the downsizing of Utah’s Bears Ears freeing up a cornucopia of strategic resources for exploitation by a far flung, Global cartel.  The reader can see more details of this machination by visiting “Hatch’s Inc.”  The full import of this is also in the details of another report.

Finally, Hatch was, by proxy, firmly ensconced in the White House inner circle until his mole Rob Porter, Hatch’s former chief of staff and President Trump’s staff secretary, was tossed out for wife beating. White House staff secretary Rob Porter, a mostly unknown but deeply influential aide… resigned.  

More tellingly and currently, Hatch and Mueller share a Mole in the person of Peter Carr.  Carr, a Bountiful, Utah native who previously worked as press secretary for Sen. Orrin Hatch, serves as Mueller’s spokesman. We repeat … Hatch and Mueller are hooked at the hip.

Hatch has repeatedly opposed the call to fire Mueller.

Mr. President … please! Stop, Look, and Listen! 

Hatch is NOT your friend!  You have been conned by him!

Thank goodness you were “savvy” about Romney from the beginning.

“The Manufactured McCain:Lifting Up A Bloodstained, Lying, Venal Servant of Capitalist Empire” … Even the Left weighed in to expose this RINO fraud!

MAGA in spite of or because of the RINOs round about!  It’s time for the Ole’ Buzzard to also weigh in with the following:

From a Google search titled “john mccain organized crime Arizona.” Sample results are … John McCain’s Mob Connections   John Mccain, Mafia ties?  ‘Not a Hero’: John McCain’s family ties to Jewish organized crime syndicates in Arizona   MCCAIN FORTUNE TRACED TO ORGANIZED CRIME   Chapter 2 – John McCain and Organized Crime in Arizona   John McCain, Meyer Lansky, and Organized Crime in Havana  (The foregoing are hyperlinked to their respective articles.)  See also McCain First, Second, And Always  MCCAIN ADVISERS TIED TO FOREIGN LOBBYING  ………………………………

Agents, Investigators, Attorneys, and reporters known to us …  they … having worked in Arizona or on the peripheries … spoke of McCain’s corruption and Organized Crime connections … some almost shouting but many nearly whispering in hesitatingly yet convincingly hushed tones.  s/Wayne L. Wickizer  See bio here

We at the “Ole’ Buzzard’s Blog” call em’ like we’ve seen em’!

Although we doubt we’d align with Dixon’s politics, his article nails it. By Bruce A. Dixon From the Black Agenda Report. Reposted from the Fabius Maximus website

The Manufactured McCain and the Real McCain. There’s a real John Sidney McCain III and there’s a fake one, manufactured for the public relations of US empire. Imperial PR needs to justify, even sanctify the ecocidal and genocidal rule of the rich by portraying its servants not as the venal and bloodthirsty thieves they are, but as the brightest, the best, the most noble and deserving among us. The Manufactured McCain whom the corporate media will spend another week on top of the previous one lifting up to the heavens bears only passing resemblance to the real John McCain. The real McCain was no hero. He was a lying, bribe taking, neo-nazi sympathizing politician and war criminal, who served the US empire and himself for all of his long life. …The real John McCain was born in 1936 in US occupied Panama, which the empire’s law at the time considered an “unincorporated territory of the US.” That’s why McCain never took part in the Republican birther craze, which falsely claims that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, and why the Manufactured McCain never talked much about his birthplace.

Shadows of John McCain

The real John McCain spent many childhood summers at Teoc, the 2,000 acre Carroll County Mississippi plantation which belonged to his great great grandfather Dr. William Alexander McCain. The antebellum McCains once owned at least 52 slaves who made their masters quite wealthy raising corn and cotton. There are still black McCains in Carroll County whose ancestors were owned by white McCains with whom they neither claim nor deny any blood kinship. The black McCains hold a family reunion every other year, and though they did invite Senator McCain he never attended.

One of William Alexander McCain’s grandsons made brigadier general in the US Army, and another, Henry Pinkney McCain was a US Army major general. A third of Dr. McCain’s grandsons was Senator McCain’s grandfather, a 4 star US Navy Admiral. His son, Senator McCain’s father was also a 4 star US Navy admiral. Their ancestors include officers in the American Revolutions related to the family of George Washington.

Despite the real McCain’s military-aristocratic lineage and those childhood summers on the plantation, the Manufactured McCain campaigning for president in 2000 ridiculously claimed he didn’t think his family had ever owned any slaves. Reporters had to produce with the names and descriptions of 52 McCain plantation slaves before the Manufactured McCain acknowledged his family had been slaveholders. “It makes sense… I didn’t know that,” he reportedly said.


The manufactured war hero……. vs. the real accident-prone pilot.

The Manufactured McCain sometimes called himself a “fighter pilot.” That’s not what the US Navy called the Real McCain. In navy language, fighter pilots are the elite of the elite, the ones who fight other planes in the air. The Real McCain flew ground attack aircraft, which in Vietnam meant bombing mostly undefended civilian ground targets.  The real McCain was a slipshod and reckless pilot who totaled 3 aircraft in incidents where navy investigators pinned the cause of the crash upon lapses in pilot’s judgment, in each and every case contradicting the Real McCain’s official reports of those accidents. A 2008 Los Angeles Times article titled “McCain’s Mishaps in the Cockpit” by Ralph Vartabedian and Richard A. Serrano examines the Real McCain’s 3 plane crashes in some detail.  Aircraft are not cheap, and it’s hard to believe any military on earth allows pilots with three at-fault plane crashes to keep his wings. That is, unless you’re US Navy royalty, the son and the grandson of admirals.  Decades later, as a politician writing one or another version of his autobiography the Manufactured McCain was more truthful, describing a 1961 incident in which he flew into power lines in southern Spain causing a local blackout, as “daredevil clowning.” He managed to bring the plane back to the carrier that time, trailing ten feet of power line, so that didn’t count among the Real McCain’s at-fault plane crashes.  McCain was assigned to Yankee station off the coast of North Vietnam where he took part in Operation Rolling Thunder, the US code name for 31 months of the bombing of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia and killed tens of thousands of civilians at the very least. McCain flew 27 ground attack missions before being shot down in October 1967 trying to bomb a Hanoi power plant.  Many have argued that bombing undefended civilian targets is a war crime. That’s certainly the way the Vietnamese viewed the matter, and they subjected the already seriously injured McCain and other downed US pilots to close confinement and torture. His own mistreatment during 5 years as a prisoner of war was the reason why Senator John McCain would later publicly disagree with 21st century US policy that publicly embraced the idea of torture.  When the Vietnamese discovered that McCain was US Navy royalty, they sensibly offered him early release ahead of pilots captured before him. Just as sensibly, he refused the offer, and the manufactured narrative of John McCain as the heroic prisoner of war began to be established, and since has been added to many times by his own writing and speeches and by others connected to actual events and not. Released after five and a half years imprisonment, he was already a kind of celebrity.

McCain remained in the Navy several years after his release. His final Navy assignment was US Navy liaison to the Senate. During this time he divorced his first wife and married Cindy Hensley, daughter of one of the biggest beer distributors in the country. Hobnobbing with politicians and military contractors seemed to suit him, so he left the navy in 1981, as Jeff Gates put, cashing in his war hero chits to start a political career.The Manufactured McCain:….. the straight talking war hero as venal bribe taking politician.

The Manufactured McCain: ….. the straight talking war hero as venal bribe taking politician.


While still in the Navy McCain had campaigned for Ronald Reagan vigorously enough to earn warnings from his superiors, and to be a frequent guest of honor at Reagan dinners. He moved to Arizona to campaign for Congress. According to Jeff Gates’ book Guilt by Association: How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War, his wife received a gift of $689,000 from her wealthy family just before or at the beginning of his congressional run, which probably enabled him to lend his own campaign $167,000. McCain’s prenuptial agreement allowed him to omit his wife’s multimillion dollar income and holdings from public financial disclosures.  Fresh from his insider stint as Reagan’s favorite dinner guest Navy liaison to the Senate he campaigned as the straight talking political outsider and war hero, winning election in 1982 and again 1984. As expected, Arizona senator Barry Goldwater, who’d been the 1968 Republican presidential candidate retired in 1986 and McCain won the seat.

Among the early investors in McCain’s political career was a Phoenix millionaire Charles Keating who got in on the ground floor. According to Gates in the aforementioned book: “Keating family members and employees made 40 donations to his first congressional campaign, at least 32 to his second… no less than 45 when ran for the Senate in 1986…“The McCains made 9 vacation trips on a jet owned by Keating’s company including… trips to Keating’s posh resort in the Bahamas. Only after the S&L scandal years later did McCain reimburse Keating…“McCain’s wife and father in law invested $359,000 in a Keating shopping mall deal. Their profit remains unknown.”  In 1984 Keating bought a California savings and loan with 26 branches. Under Presidents Carter and Reagan, restrictions on how and what savings and loan institutions could invest had been repeatedly loosened.  Keating was one who pushed even these limits and purchased legislators by the pocketful to sometimes meet directly with federal regulators to argue his case. The so-called Keating Five were a handful of senators receiving $1.3 million in contributions, of which McCain got $112,000. They met with federal regulators on a number of occasions, and according to one regulator, argued Keating’s case like defense lawyers. Republican John McCain was one of these, along with Democrats John Glenn and Alan Cranston and two others.  A few years later, 1,038 Savings and Loan institutions went belly-up, causing the savings of hundreds of thousand to vanish overnight, and the fund which supposedly insured them unable to cover the losses. The $150 billion savings and loan scandal was the biggest financial crisis in recent history till the crash of 2007-2008 and bribes paid to the real McCain were directly instrumental to making it happen.

McCain was to spend 32 years in the Senate, and became the go-to guy for a galaxy of military contractors, telecoms, Big Ag, Big Real Estate, Big Pharma, Big Energy and more, and the Manufactured McCain ran for president in 2000 and 2008.


From 1992 till weeks before his death John McCain served as chairman of the International Republican Institute, a US government-funded organization that interferes in the political processes of scores of other countries, training rebel groups to overthrow inconvenient elected governments, like that of John Bertrand Aristide in Haiti, Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and many others.  McCain and the IRI were prominent backers of neo-nazi politicians and armed militia groups in Ukraine who are now part of that country’s army and civilian government.  To be fair, the Obama administration and Democrat Hillary Clinton were big backers and enablers of the same forces.  After all this is the US, where we do have two government parties to choose from, not just one as in some backward and benighted places.

Democrats and many in the so-called resistance are throwing flowers at the grave of John McCain. It’s a bipartisan thing.  During his 32 years in the US Senate, the real John McCain was a consistent warmonger, advocating US military intervention in Africa, South America, Korea, and almost everywhere. He sang “bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran” before a veterans group, and called demonstrators against Henry Kissinger “despicable scum.” The record of his public calls for coups, invasions, blockades, bombings and assassinations to advance US military and economic domination of the planet is far too long to list.  All this explains why corporate media are lifting up their whitewashed and manufactured version of John McCain. He’s one of their own, a genuine war criminal and loyal servant of capital. Lifting him up, creating and embellishing his heroic story lifts up and legitimizes the rule of the rich. Now they’ll be looking for parks, schools and airports to name after him. Just as the elementary school in Aaron McGruder’s “Boondocks” was named after J. Edgar Hoover, we’ll soon see John McCain’s name staring back at us from what little public property is left. Get ready for it.

Another perspective on the late John McCain “Do NOT Let Them Make A Saint Of This Asshole” by Caitlin Johnstone. Excerpt…“One of the most aggressively protected narratives in corporate liberal circles is that John McCain is a hero whose very name should be uttered with the greatest reverence. It gets traction with rank-and-file Democrats because supporting McCain for his opposition to Trump allows them to feel as though they are non-partisan free thinkers, in exactly the same way Trump supporters believe their hatred of McCain makes them non-partisan free thinkers. In reality, McCain is just one of the many bloodthirsty neocons like Bill Kristol and Max Boot who have aligned themselves with the Democratic party in recent years in order to better advance their warmongering agendas.”

Bruce A, Dixon

About Bruce A. Dixon   “A habitual troublemaker and incorrigible activist, Bruce Dixon has been comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable since 1968. “As a rank and file member of the Black Panther Party in 1969-1970, a 1970s rank-and-file union activist in a string of factories, plants and workplaces, a 1980s community organizer in what were then some of the nation’s poorest neighborhoods, to organizing and consulting through the 1990s Dixon has built an impressive record of service in and to the cause of human liberation.  “In 2002 he began writing articles for Black Commentator, the predecessor of this publication, and broke the first accurate analyses of the phenomena around the election of Denise Majette over Cynthia McKinney in Georgia that year.”

In 2006, Dixon co-founded Black Agenda Report, and now serves as a managing editor. He currently resides in Marietta GA, and is a member of the state committee of the Georgia Green Party. See his Twitter feed. See his articles at the BAR, especially these …The Top 10 Things Black America Will Have To Show For 8 Years of President Obama — None of Them Are Good.  What Would An Authentic 21st Century US Left Look Like? — “Let’s face it, the US left is a long way right now from contending for power.”On Magical Thinking VS Sober Analysis of the Ocasio-Cortez Victory in NY — “Being the only sober guy at a victory party isn’t fun.”Obama and Democrats Share the Blame For Trump’s Supreme Court — “We can’t blame Trump and the Republicans alone for the Supreme Court. Democrats had a big hand in it too.”Black Agenda Report “

Do NOT Let Them Make A Saint Of This Asshole” AUGUST 24, 2018 AUTHOR: by CAITLIN JOHNSTONE


“Our strategy should be not only to confront empire, but to lay siege to it. To deprive it of oxygen. To shame it. To mock it. With our art, our music, our literature, our stubbornness, our joy, our brilliance, our sheer relentlessness – and our ability to tell our own stories. Stories that are different from the ones we’re being brainwashed to believe.” ~ Arundhati Roy

John McCain’s family has announced that the Arizona Senator has opted to end treatment for brain cancer and live out his final few days in peace, presumably under the best hospice care money can buy. And I sincerely hope that it is peaceful. My statements about my desire for John McCain to shuffle off this mortal coil sooner rather than later have been highly publicized, and I stand by all of them, but I don’t wish him a painful or agitated end.

And, also, I am going to keep hammering on how very important it is that we refuse to bow to the aggressive demands from establishment loyalists that we be respectful of this warmongering psychopath and his blood-soaked legacy.

McCain is at the top of the trends list on Twitter in the US as I write this, and clicking on his name brings up countless blue-checkmarked establishment loyalists from both sides of the imaginary partisan divide sternly admonishing us all to put aside our differences and show reverence for this brave, noble hero in his final days. They are using guilt, sympathy and patriotism to bully their followers into showing reverence for a man who has dedicated his entire political career to facilitating the violent slaughter of human beings at every opportunity, and in so doing they are sanctifying his legacy.


One of the most aggressively protected narratives in corporate liberal circles is that John McCain is a hero whose very name should be uttered with the greatest reverence. It gets traction with rank-and-file Democrats because supporting McCain for his opposition to Trump allows them to feel as though they are non-partisan free thinkers, in exactly the same way Trump supporters believe their hatred of McCain makes them non-partisan free thinkers. In reality, McCain is just one of the many bloodthirsty neocons like Bill Kristol and Max Boot who have aligned themselves with the Democratic party in recent years in order to better advance their warmongering agendas.

It is those agendas that are being promoted with the hero worship of John McCain. By committing the outrageous heresy of mocking, ridiculing and scorning that sacred cow, we are fighting the attempts of the empire loyalists and war propagandists to normalize and sanctify the act of inflicting neoconservative military bloodbaths upon innocent people around the world.

If you want to see a world with more and more John McCains, with more and more US wars of aggression and regime change interventionism, then by all means play right along with his public beatification. If you want to see a world where neoconservative war whores are treated with the revulsion, disdain and rejection they deserve, then now is your chance to help create that world. Refuse to be shamed and guilted into polite silence and move in the exact opposite direction from where the establishment shepherds are herding you.

You don’t have to be as brash about it as I am if that’s not your cup of tea. But now, while they are telling us that we are not permitted to speak about McCain’s unforgivable record of facilitating military bloodshed in Iraq, Syria, Libya and elsewhere, it is precisely the time to speak. By publicly disrupting the narrative of McCain’s sanctification, we make it harder for the war propagandists to manufacture consent for more war. It really is that simple.

So just look at the emotional environment that the empire lackeys are trying to create, and create the exact opposite, loudly and without apology. Fight the seriousness and solemnity with mockery and ridicule. Fight the reverence and hero worship with irreverence. The more people see this being done, the harder it will be to shame and bully everyone into playing along with the normalization and celebration of a career that is drenched in the blood of children. By making it clear in the most irreverent ways possible that you are happy to see McCain go, you are giving others permission to step outside of the lines they’re being herded into, and you are helping to create a world where murderous warmongers are marginalized instead of celebrated.

You will be told that you do not have permission to say such things. You have permission to say such things. You will be told that you are being impolite to John McCain’s family. The families of mass murderers are not entitled to our politeness. You will be told that you are making yourself look bad. Creating a world where neoconservative war whores experience an appropriate amount of rejection is more important than looking good. Kill their propaganda narratives with mockery and irreverence and help usher in a new world where it is no longer considered okay to be a psychopathic neocon.

Let death get its wish. Let death die so that life may live. So long, John McCain, you despicable death cultist. I wish you and everyone like you a peaceful, painless, permanent end.  by CAITLIN JOHNSTONE


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John McCain was a far more interesting, colorful and controversial man than most Americans and no journalists know. If you saw the Sunday political shows you would think a saint had passed on. John McCain was a man driven by two ghosts: His father and grandfather. Both were four-star Admirals in the US Navy so John’s appointment to the US Naval Academy was his destiny, but John McCain graduated 894th in his class of 899 students. He was known for being wild, chasing young women. He was in a student group calling themselves “The Bad Bunch.”
John married Carol Shepp, a swimsuit model who had been married to one of his classmates with whom she had two children. She and McCain were parents of a daughter in that marriage. At heart a playboy, John was soon bored with domestic life and as advancement was more likely in the military services in combat he requested active duty in Vietnam. While there Carol faithfully stayed at home looking after the children.
His plane was shot down in 1967 when he ignored mission instructions to stay above 15,000 feet he went “down on the deck” and was shot down, survived and became a Prisoner Of War, POW.
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On Christmas Eve 1969, Carol and slid head-on into a telephone pole taking gifts to friends. She was thrown from the car through the front window. Her legs, spine, and right arm were crushed and she was in the hospital for six months. Ross Perot was an advocate of POW’s and paid her extensive medical bills. She requested John not be told feeling he had enough to deal with.
McCain was released in 1973 and returned home to much fanfare. Carol’s several surgeries cost her five inches in height, and she gained weight. McCain told reporters he was overjoyed to see Carol again. But friends said he was appalled by the change in her appearance.
As a war hero, McCain moved in elevated circles. Reverting to his old ways he started “running around with women.” according to Robert Timberg, a retired Marine, journalist, and author of four books, including “John McCain: An American Odessy.”
McCain admitted he started having many girlfriends and affairs during this time. On one trip to Hawaii, at a cocktail party. he met Anheuser Busch distributor heiress, Cindy Hensley. She was 17 years younger than McCain and worth $100 million dollars. He invited her to have drinks with him at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. He said by the end of the evening he was in love.
They had an affair for nine months, while he was still married to and living with his wife Carol. McCain wanted to marry Cindy but needed to get a divorce. He and Carol separated in January 1980. He requested a divorce in February; the divorce was sped along and granted in April. John and Cindy married five weeks after the divorce was final on May 17, 1980. Carol and their children were devastated. McCain callously left his first wife and children behind. He and Cindy moved to Arizona. Cindy’s father was well-connected and helped McCain move smoothly into Congress representing Arizona in Washington DC. John McCain has been in Congress since 1983.
McCain’s new wife and her family were extravagantly wealthy. Her father was one of the largest distributors of Anheuser Busch in the country and she an only child. The divorce settlement afforded Carol McCain full custody of their three children, alimony, child support, including college tuition, houses in Virginia and Florida, and lifelong financial support for her continuing medical treatment from the car accident.
Carol said the reason for the divorce was John turned 40 and he wanted to be 25 again. Carol was extremely hurt. She went to work as the press assistant for soon-to-be First Lady Nancy Reagan. She was respected in Washington and kept a dignified silence about the way John McCain had treated her.
Some of the McCain friends were less forgiving, however. They portray the politician as a self-centered womanizer who effectively abandoned his crippled wife to “play the field.” They accuse him of finally settling on Cindy, a former rodeo beauty queen with a barn full of money.
Ever the opportunist, John McCain ran as a Republican, but spoke, voted and collaborated as a Democrat. No wonder all the national television shows treated John McCain as a modern saint. He was not, but we can understand the “ants in his pants.” He lived haunted by his father and grandfather. Two bona fide war heroes.
Ross Perot paid her medical bills years ago, says both Carol McCain and the American people have been taken in by a man who is unusually slick and cruel, even by the standards of modern politics. Perot said, “McCain is the classic opportunist. He’s always reaching for attention and glory.”
Cindy has also had to learn the lessons about her husband the hard way. Even though she and McCain put on a perfect front for the public, especially when he is running for office, she is an invisible wife.
Tom Gosinski, who served as the Director of Cindy McCain’s nonprofit American Voluntary Medical Team, AVMT wrote in his journal of the McCain marriage: “During my short tenure at AVMT I have been surrounded by what on the surface appears to be the ultimate all-American family. In reality, I am working for a very sad, lonely woman. Her marriage of convenience to a U.S. Senator has driven her to distance herself from friends, cover feelings of despair with drugs, and replace lonely moments with self-indulgence. She became addicted to Percocet and had a doctor prescribing them for her illegally. When her parents learned she was taking them, they helped her stop.
Washington rumors were saying McCain had an inappropriate relationship with the young and lovely lobbyist, Vicki Iseman. Ms. Iseman began visiting McCain’s offices and campaign events so frequently in 2000 that his aides were “convinced the relationship had become romantic.” One staff member supposedly asked, “Why is she always around?”
His staff members began a campaign to “save McCain from himself” by restricting Iseman’s access to McCain during the year 2000 Presidential Primary. According to the Washington Post, McCain’s political advisor John Weaver met with Iseman at Washington’s Union Station to tell Iseman not to see McCain anymore.
It is not a real marriage between John and Cindy McCain. Real marriages involve living together. McCain and Cindy have not “lived” together for 20 years. To defend this, McCain brags the family takes two vacations together every year and Ms. McCain is the one who has always made that happen.”
Two vacations per year! Little of this man was real. He had no compassion or empathy for anyone except himself. The only real thing emotion he was capable of was anger. He is famous for his anger.
His father and grandfather were both decorated Navy Admirals. He was given special privileges and extreme preferential treatment while he served in the Navy. He was a pilot but according to his colleagues, he was a very bad pilot. He actually crashed three planes. There was a horrendous incident that happened on his aircraft carrier, the U.S.S. Forrestal, that killed 134 men. There has been a rolling debate since the incident and some are convinced John McCain was responsible.
Witnesses reported McCain attempted a “wet start.” When a pilot wants to be a show-off, with a “wet start” his engine start creates a large startling flame and lots of surprise noise from the rear of a jet engine on startup. McCain did the “Wet Start.” The flames torched the launch of a Zuni rocket on the plane behind him. Zuni rockets were notorious for problems. It shot across the carrier’s deck hitting other parked planes that were packing 1,000 high-explosive pound bombs which exploded. Destruction and fire went several decks below and nearly sunk this major 82,000 ton U.S. aircraft carrier.
This stunt caused the death of 134 sailors and blew off arms, legs, and caused blindness and burns to another 161 sailors. McCain jumped from his plane, rolled across the flames, and escaped. He watched the men dying and the burning from a closed circuit television on the ship.
The ship off line for two years in port for $76 million dollars of major repairs, not including the cost of the airplanes or ammunition. Any other Navy pilots causing this type of death and destruction would have been arrested and still be in prison, but not John McCain III. McCain was not even reprimanded. When there is a cover-up, the soldier is usually simply assigned to another ship. McCain was quietly assigned to another ship. There is an ongoing debate about the incident to this day.
John McCain’s lack of character was further demonstrated when he voted not to repeal Obamacare. He ran his 2016 Senatorial race under the banner he would lead the fight to repeal Obamacare! But, he hates Donald Trump so very much he gleefully held his thumb down for his vote rather than give a thumb up. He laughed afterward saying, “Let’s see Donald Trump save America now!”
John McCain there stabbed his constituents and the citizens of America in the back. John McCain, Liberal Socialist Hero!
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God Bless! Have a good day.
Tony & Edee

“Our strategy should be not only to confront empire, but to lay siege to it. To deprive it of oxygen. To shame it. To mock it. With our art, our music, our literature, our stubbornness, our joy, our brilliance, our sheer relentlessness – and our ability to tell our own stories. Stories that are different from the ones we’re being brainwashed to believe.”
— Arundhati Roy in “Confronting Empire”, 27 January 2003.


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“Our strategy should be not only to confront empire, but to lay siege to it. To deprive it of oxygen. To shame it. To mock it. With our art, our music, our literature, our stubbornness, our joy, our brilliance, our sheer relentlessness – and our ability to tell our own stories. Stories that are different from the ones we’re being brainwashed to believe.”
— Arundhati Roy in “Confronting Empire”, 27 January 2003.

My mind and inclinations are fueled by a variety of sources.   One of which is the “Conservative Tribune” from “The Western Journal.”  Before anyone starts screaming at me, just remember that I’m from a generation that tolerated and embraced and loved the generally healthy competition that existed between “Good” Democrats and “Good” Republicans.  (See below) Such tolerance and affection and love has disappeared in the cloud of smoke that billows from the “Nuclear Dust Ups” between the evil Leftist Goodfellas and their equally or most often transcendentally evil counterparts the RINO Goodfellas.

I personally have found that I can tolerate and do believe much of the news from “The Western Journal.”   However, anyone regardless of inclination should be able to appreciate the following video from that same source.

From the “Who Gets the Dumb Ass Award” posting, “Let’s talk terms.  In his youth, Grandpa began as a “Wobbly.” Wobblies were a bit too “over and under the top” for him so he settled down as a Democrat for the rest of his life.  He died a 32nd Degree zGrandpaMason, loved his Country and the Lord.  So I learned to love “real” Democrats just as much as I fancied that loving “real” Republicans was legitimate also.  However as time passed, both have been overwhelmed by a cacophony from rabble rousing, self serving minorities on all sides.  Real old time Democrats and real old time Republicans are now seldom seen or heard. We mostly hear only from Leftist Goodfellas and RINO Goodfellas.   So we at the Buzzard’s Blog are wont to lump them all into “Goodfellas.”  However, the distinctions between them are still considerable so we are forced to use “Leftist” and “RINO” from time to time.”

“Our strategy should be not only to confront empire, but to lay siege to it. To deprive it of oxygen. To shame it. To mock it. With our art, our music, our literature, our stubbornness, our joy, our brilliance, our sheer relentlessness – and our ability to tell our own stories. Stories that are different from the ones we’re being brainwashed to believe.”
— Arundhati Roy in “Confronting Empire”, 27 January 2003.

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Let’s all Help Drain the Swamp

Every time we encounter political “Road Kill,” we stack it up, sort through it looking for the smoking guns and report the findings to our followers. In order to maintain and upgrade the Buzzard’s Blog, we are encouraging regular donations beginning with any amount. This is a labor of love. No money ends up in anyone’s pocket.