Senator Orrin Hatch to the Supreme Court?

Senator Orrin Hatch to the Supreme Court? Do ya’ feel the Earth shaking? Well it’s not shaking half as much as I am and this limb I’m crawling out on … just for the hell of it of course! Hatch for SCOTUS? Candidly … most unlikely but we can propose it for the wry tragicomedy of it.

Out on a limb

If Mark Twain says so … why not?

Give it up?  For what on Earth?
hatch glasses
Absentmindedly re-re-re-moving his glasses that aren’t there.

Ok … Ready or not?  Here we go!  Senator Orrin Hatch, Chair of the Senate Committee on Finance, ramrodded President Trump’s tax reform legislation through to closure.

That was a real big deal!  Then in short order, President Trump returned the favor and

bears ears
A Bagley Cartoon from the Salt Lake Tribune 2017

hung the Bears Ears Monument out to dry by rescinding President Obama’s expansion of its protections and geography.  What a lovely love fest it created in Utah with all the Goodfellas bowing, scraping, genuflecting, and sniffing one another.  Utah’s reprehensible Republican “Goodfellas” haven’t had such an euphoric, orgasmic political event since the driving of the Golden Spike.  Now the Goodfellas can, with impunity, despoil a pristine wilderness and advantage themselves and their ilk of a cornucopia of the strategic resources that abound there.    Shake, wobble and bend this branch I’m on!

hatch trump
A kiss and a Curtsy
Utah Goodfellas and Bears Ears
Gaggle of Goodfellas in full revel.

Oh but by-the-way … a murky backstory parallel to all of this churlish “tee-heeing” is unraveling as shady deals with Kazakhstan and a certain scary Skunk Works and, and, and ….  come slowly to light.  However, that’s to report later after we’ve finished slithering out on this limb for some fruit that we believe is there.  We smell it.  We sense it. But … we’ve yet to see it. It needs to ripen a bit more.  We’ll be brave and keep crawling.  Shake, wobble and Bend!

So … here we have the President, reprehensible Republicans, Rinos and fellow travelers all  giddy about Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy’s retirement.  The despicable Dems are baring their fangs.  Almost before the dust had settled on the retirement airing, Utah Senator Mike Lee emerged as one of President Trump’s “chosen.”  Shake, wobble and Bend!

“He’s an outstanding talent,” the president told reporters. “I actually saw him on television last night, where he said he would love the job. You know, usually, they don’t say that.” “We’ve become good friends … very good guy, very talented, very smart,” Trump said of Lee, who once was a #NeverTrump Republican and voted for third-party candidate Evan McMullin in the 2016 election. Salt Lake Tribune

 Now … Senator Mike Lee may be a Utah Goodfellas’ darling, but he’s hardly likely to survive after the despicably desperate, liberal, democrat,  Goodfella, denizens of the Deep State and the Swamp get through with him.  I believe that is so.  I believe that President Trump knows that is so.  And … inching farther out on this limb … I believe that Lee knows it’s so … yet he is ready, willing and able to be sacrificed at the pleasure of the “Grifters” that grip partisan politics in Washington and Utah.  Shake, wobble and Bend!

Here now … we refer back to our discussion of the “Black Arts”  found at  It’s all about propaganda, deflection, and most likely in this case a False Flag operation in embryo.  I can smell the fruit.  Will this dang branch hold up much longer?  Shake, wobble and Bend!

Exit … Senator Mike Lee … eventually rejected for being too Mormon and too conservative. Or … in the alternative … there are a few other candidates who could step up to be sacrificed and rejected.  It’s great personal PROPAGANDA to have even been considered. The liberal Goodfellas are handed a hollow victory by their conservative counterparts.  “It is what it is” in Washington and the Swamp.  Shake, wobble and Bend!

Enter … Now here’s where we venture farther out onto this bending, creaking, skinny ole’ branch … but we smell the fruit … enter Orrin Hatch … mostly Mormon … professed conservative but best buds’ with anyone or anything with or for a dollar or two.  Potentate and Patriarch Hatch knows more about the Goodfellas than their wives and girlfriends and mothers do.  Shake, wobble and Bend!

What if? … just “what if” Hatch were really the nominee to the SCOTUS?  Candidly … most unlikely but we can propose it for the wry tragicomedy in it.  He would be a shoo in.   He’s got “juice” and he could “twist” the liberal Goodfellas into screaming for mercy til’ their tongues turned Screaming.gifblue.  Hatch’s got 40+ years worth of dirt on “them’ despicable Dem’ Goodfellas.”  No one … I mean no one … would dare seriously contest his appointment.  Hatch could serve until a safe political majority swung sufficiently to the reprehensible  Republicans.  He could retire from the SCOTUS and his replacement would be uncontested.  It’s a win win for all and Hatch could post another line to his seamy resume.  Shake, wobble and Bend!

Stop … That’s enough said!  If wrong about Hatch for SCOTUS, we’ve already spent too many words to eat them all back before the fat lady finally sings … sings over the surviving nominee … whoever?  Shake, wobble, bend and break … what?


hatch glasses.gif

“Gotta’ get rid of these durn’ glasses somehow! Where are my handlers when I need ’em?  Who said WHAT about Kazakhstan?  This is all very confusing.”

Can’t leave without another jab or two.  So thanks to Stilton … here goes ….


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