“Rub a dub dub ….

… three men in a tub and who do you think they be? The Good, the Bad, and the really Ugly!” … and … “Mr. President … you’ve been Hatched!”



The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – The Danish National Symphony Orchestra

The music sets the tone!

Click the photo to activate.  It’s fun to bring back fond memories of a classic movie.  Let the theme song play in the background as you read the following.

 The Good, the Bad, and the really Ugly!”


We’ll name them right now.  In the tub we find, Secretary Ryan Zinke the Ugly, Senator Orrin Hatch the Bad, and President Donald Trump the Good.  rub-a-dub-dub-three-rats-in-a-tubNow that isn’t to say they are personally/individually only one dimensionally  all Good, all Bad, or all Ugly.   They are characters fully rounded out as individual human beings possessing all of the characteristics of humanness (good, bad, ugly) in one degree or another at one time or another in their lives.  However, we’ve selected and assigned the preponderance of certain characteristics accordingly.

We are talking about sacred space and Bears Ears here.

Ugly:  For example, we will continue on with Zinke who is a man of courage, strength, and determination.  What more “good” could one report of a Navy SEAL?   However, what he has gained in the foregoing he’s lost in the other areas that we’ve reported and will be examining more completely in the next posting about him.

Bad:  As for Hatch, undoubtedly he is a beloved husband, father, grandfather, and friend to legions.  He has been re-elected for 40 years by a clueless gaggle of blind followers  and is supremely, politically savvy.  However, we allege that he is a pox on the body politic and one of the most corruptly powerful legislators this country has ever seen.  More … much more will be said of Hatch in the posting following the Zinke finale.

Good:  Now to President Trump.  We are relieved that he is our President. We are absolutely delighted with his constant references to and demonstration of love of Country and the American people.    We enjoy watching him connect positively with the military, our veterans, children, police, and many others.   And he donated his salary to military cemeteries?  Absolutely unheard of and beyond wonderful.  We admire his willingness to engage the enemy both foreign and domestic (Our comments about “domestic” enemies would be mind boggling.) … engage them with directness and no nonsense.

Is the foregoing real?  Only time will tell but we pray for it and for him.

Yet the President, vis-a-vis the connivance of Hatch, Zinke, and the “Goodfellas,” has sacrificed some of our Nation’s most sacred space far too naively, quickly, and blindly.    More simply expressed, we believe the President has been conned, deceived, duped, scammed, hoodwinked, hornswoggled and hung out to dry by Hatch and his sleazy tribe of “Goodfellas.”

Zinke is just a clueless factotum carrying water for the “Bears Ears” scam … carrying water for the slimy, unruly scrum of “Goodfellas” from the “Deep State Swamp.”

“Mr. President  … you’ve been Hatched!”


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