Best People Quit If They Do Not Trust Their Boss. Integrity is by far the most important asset of a leader.

Published on August 15, 2018 by Oleg Vishnepolsky


Deal-breaking behaviors that break trust and make best people quit:  1) False promises to get someone to do something, e. g. to accept a job or a responsibility; 2) Plagiarism of someone else ideas and credit-taking for someone’s work; 3) Lies of omission to withhold relevant information. ; 4) Spreading rumors to damage someone’s reputation. ; 5) Cheating to get a financial or positional advantage.;      6) Misrepresenting own accomplishment to make oneself look better at expense of others. ; 7) Favoritism and nepotism. ; 8) Not appreciating loyalty, talents, honesty, hard-work of others. ; 9) Treating others as if they can not be trusted – not believing them, micromanaging them, not trusting them to do their job. ; 10) Blaming others for own mistakes

Once the trust is broken, there is no way back. Counter-offers do not work, promises do not work.  Because loyal, hard-working people’s loyalty can not be bought with money.  They act with integrity, and expect it from others.  “Integrity is an expensive gift. Do not expect from cheap leaders.” Warren Buffett  zboss

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