Utah taxpayers’ money is in every Quasi Government Pot and now we are creating another Quasi pot called … UPOT!

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“The charade is over. Utah’s supreme court has confirmed that the initiative process, the last resort Citizens thought they could use to resist the network of corruption infesting every branch of government, was an illusory fraud all along. Utah Citizens have been denied their right “to alter or to abolish” their own government (Declaration of Independence) through peaceful means. So-called initiatives are nothing more than non-binding resolutions conspiring politicians use for toilet paper.” Daniel Newby @  daniel@helmsmansociety.com

Our original posting of 10.15.2018 follows …

The Utah State Legislature, The Utah Supreme Court and other Marijuana “Compromisers” have created a construct that will most likely end up just like many other Utah Quasi Government Entities … fraud ridden, Cornucopias of Corruption.  We’ll call this construct “UPOT.”


Utah Quasi Government Entities Fraud (Pots) Interlocal agencies, independent entities, special service districts, Associations of Governments (AOG), and conservancy districts—each of these is a type of government-sponsored or -created organization given control of some aspect of administration, localized policy making, or government service. In short, they have control over a portion of your tax dollars and/or your life.  Who are these mysterious organizations that, up until recently, have hidden their operations in the shadows? To be clear, they hold some public meetings, report to the Utah Legislature periodically, and probably even have up-to-date websites. However, they probably would rather you not know about the size of their budgets, nor their too frequent misappropriation of funds.  The average Utahn might recognize these government organizations from the media attention they have received over the past few years.       By MICHAEL MELENDEZ 30TH MAY ’17 Libertas Institute 


  1. Utah’s USTAR  = Audit: $334 million USTAR effort inflated jobs, revenue High-tech initiative • Report says the project over-reported jobs it created and revenues it brought in. By Lindsay Whitehurst The Salt Lake Tribune October 16, 2013 8:59 am
  2. Utah’s Utah Dairy  = Auditor chides Utah Dairy Commission over misused credit cards, accountability CEO questions authority to probe, claims report has ‘multitudinous’ errors  Auditors found the commission had 122 credit card charges totaling $9,213 for which there were either no original receipts or no itemized receipts. There were 25 charges at restaurants, including five at Starbucks that appeared to be personal, totaling $2,500 without documentation for the purpose of the meal or who attended.  Other expenses include airline upgrades, cash advances, a Utah State University annual AG Day barbecue and football, and $180 manicure for Harrison.  By Dennis Romboy @dennisromboy Published: September 14, 2016 5:20 pm Updated: Sept. 14, 2016 5:29 p.m.
  3. Utah’s UTA  = UTA doubled execs’ bonuses last year while seeking tax hike
    Controversy • Incentive pay bumped as agency sought tax hike to restore bus service. The agency spent $1.74 million on such bonuses last year, twice the $870,368 doled out in 2012, according to UTA salary data analyzed by The Salt Lake Tribune.  By Lee Davidson The Salt Lake Tribune April 14, 2014 4:19 pm
  4. Utah’s DABC  = Audit of Utah’s liquor control authority finds millions in accounting errors POSTED 9:28 AM, MAY 30, 2017, BY BEN WINSLOW, UPDATED AT 05:47 PM, MAY 30, 2017 The report from Utah State Auditor John Dougall, obtained by FOX 13 ahead of the DABC commission’s monthly meeting, said from July to December 2016, the DABC did not record $216 million in revenue or $118 million in goods sold into the state’s ledger system, FINET.  It also found anywhere from $26 million to $308 million in discrepancies through the state liquor control authority’s various financial reporting systems for December 2016 and January of this year alone.Office of the Utah Legislative Auditor General Fraud Prevention “No audit since the 1980s & Illegal Activities” Office of the Utah Legislative Auditor General 
  5. Utah’s GOED  = Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) Type: Branch of Governor’s Office Funding: Sales Taxes (General Fund) and Tax Credits Funds in question: Post-performance tax deals to board member businesses. In 2009, for example, they totalled over $2 million.  “GOED board endows one of its own, again Incentives » MediConnect accepts $1.8 million tax credit.” By Lesley Mitchell The Salt Lake Tribune December 11, 2009 12:14 am
  6. Utah’s Medicaid  =Office of the Utah Legislative Auditor General Fraud Prevention  Spring 2017 Conference.  Utah Medicaid Audit found complete lack of oversight and control with fraud, waste, and abuse likely.  Estimate: $20 million MORE could be recovered in Utah Medicaid with proper controls in place. 
  7. Utah’s LPP  = Lake Powell Pipeline Conservancy District Funds; Washington County Water District Water Fees and Property Taxes; $1.3-2.8 billion over 50 years for Lake Powell Pipeline Who will pay for Powell pipeline? All of us, U. economists say Powell project • Analysis concludes that the consultant underestimated costs and didn’t consider interest on proposed bonds.  By Brian Maffly The Salt Lake Tribune September 21, 2016 4:55 pm
  8. Utah’s UCA  = Utah 911 Utah Communication Authority (UCA) Type: Independent State Entity Funding: Local & State Taxes Over $1 million embezzled FOX 13 POSTED 4:01 PM, APRIL 8, 2016, BY LAUREN STEINBRECHER AND MARK GREEN, UPDATED AT 09:30 PM, APRIL 8, 2016
  9. Utah’s URS  = Utah Retirement System Insider Trading Asset Misclassifications Office of the Utah Legislative Auditor General Fraud Prevention Spring Conference Report  Utah Retirement Systems Slide 25  “Found asset misclassifications and Chief Investment Officer (CIO) involved in an outside  consulting business. Outside activity vaguely disclosed, but nobody questioned it. Utah Retirement Systems Turns out, CIO’s partner was a URS Board Member, who happened to be an investment advisor for the LDS Church. Front-Running/Insider Trading was occurring.” Office of the Utah Legislative Auditor General Spring 2017 Conference.
  10. Utah’s Utah Capital Investment (formerly Utah Fund of Funds) = Type: Public-Private Partnership Funding: Contingent Tax Credits Funds in question: Over $100 million invested every year with questionable returns  Overstated the Returns on its Investments,Downplayed the Costs of Doing Business, Lacking in Transparency.  By Robert Gehrke The Salt Lake Tribune August 27, 2014 5:26 pm
  11. Utah’s Utah League of Cities and Towns  = Utah League of Cities and Towns (ULCT) Type: Interlocal Agency Funding: City/Town Membership Fees Over $1.3 million in improper trust fund Deseret News By Katie McKellar @KatieMcKellar1  Published: April 21, 2017 11:10 am

  12. Utah’s future UPOT Pot ScamProp-2 … pro and con … can fight it out.  The real issues are, “Who will benefit in the long run?”

The UPOT Scam

We’ve been fed up for decades with the stupidity, hypocrisy and mendacity that surrounds the War on Drugs.  See Forbes’ “Marijuana’s $40 Billion Dollar Green Rush ” and “Legal U.S. Marijuana Market Will Grow to $7.1 Billion in 2016: Report

And we are perpetually vexed over the stupidity, hypocrisy,and mendacity that reeks from Utah’s legislature whenever they begin to legislate moral issues and have their sticky fingers in the POTs. See “Big Tobacco and 54 of Utah’s Legislators.

Now we note that Utah’s legislature and other Goodfellas are working hard to find a way to control a Marijuana supply, marketing, and sales chain that benefits and monetizes their select insiders, nominees, and cutouts. 

UPOT Scam … Another Utah Quasi Government Entity 

There will be favorite sons and daughters … Goodfellas … controlling this process all the way.  Why do we believe this?  Well, while working a securities market manipulation case in Salt Lake when Utah was characterized as the Stock Fraud capital of the Nation, a wise old broker,  Edda Eldridge, once told me, “Sonny … don’t bet on the horse.  Bet on the rider.”  Meaning of course that I should know who the riders were and then I could find and follow the fraud.
After all, they’re just Goodfellas 

Well … I follow many of the riders in Utah’s government and I’m betting they are setting up a Billion Dollar Pot scam.   You’ll find a fair share of them on a timeline here https://goo.gl/eeD4Mf  The timeline is interactive in that when your mouse turns to a hand, you can click on and view the underlying information.

Utah’s Goodfellas will control the following processes through insiders, nominees, and cutouts!

Each numbered item below represents an operational entity created by the proposed Marijuana Compromise construct and the corresponding acronym we assigned to it:

  1. Medical Cannabis Cultivation Facilities = CCPOT
  2. Medical Cannabis Processing Facilities = CPPOT
  3. Independent Cannabis Testing Laboratories = CTPOT
  4. Medical Cannabis Pharmacies = MCPOT
  5. State Central Fill Medical Cannabis Pharmacy = CFPOT
  6. Qualified Medical Providers = MPPOT
  7. Medical Cannabis Inventory Control System = ICPOT
  8. Transportation of Medical Cannabis = TPOT

We believe UPOT is poised as but another bottomless POT pit that swallows taxpayer’s dollars and renders up “juicy” residuals to insiders as do Utah’s League of Cities and Towns, Utah Capital Investment, URS, UCA, LPP, Medicaid, GOED, DABC, UTA, USTAR et. al.

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