A Deal with the Devil


President Donald Trump awards Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, the Medal of Freedom during a ceremony in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Friday, Nov. 16.

This President is crossing precariously over to the Dark Side. He has done an unforgivable deal with a Devil incomparable and incarnate … a deal The Ole’ Buzzard cannot ignore.  This President is joining ranks with the Goodfellas to include the Leftists, the Clintons, the Obamas Et. al.  He is being sucked into the Swamp.  We have hesitated to wring words out to dribble some deserved criticism over him for fear of our being identified with the Left.  That ends today.  Let the chips fall where they may!
May God help and save the USA!

See “tripe” from the Deseret News, “In our opinion: Orrin Hatch gets the medal he deserves” Deseret News editorial board Published: November 17, 2018 President Donald Trump awards Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, the Medal of Freedom during a ceremony in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Friday, Nov. 16.


So what or who is one to believe:  This  most recent “tripe” from the Deseret News and a President who has suddenly, completely lost his mind and moral compass; or a record that reflects Hatch and “His utter lack of integrity that rises from his unquenchable thirst for power.” The Salt Lake Tribune 12.25.2017; or “The Utah senator exemplifies the career politician who stands for nothing and rolls over for everything .” The National Review 02.04.2015; or “Orrin Hatch Was Never a ‘Public Servant’ The retiring senator has always been a shameless tool of billionaire campaign donors and a partisan errand boy for the likes of Donald Trump.” By John Nichols JANUARY 3, 2018; or soliciting a $10MM loan from the World’s most corrupt bank after extolling the bank’s virtues from the Senate floor; or perpetually on Big Pharma’s payroll; or investing in Big Tobacco all-the-while sitting on a Health Committee; or architect of the Bears Ears land grab;  or money made in the Corker kickback scandal; or “Senator Orrin Hatch needs to be named in opioid lawsuits filed nationwide!”  Global News 01.06.2018;  and the list goes on “ad nauseam.”  

Sleep with dogs … Get Fleas!

Here’s how we add it up.  “All a God’s chillun’ gots fleas!” Yep .. and knowing “who, what, why, where and how” is the key to navigating the Swamp.  Hatch is the Professional!  The President isn’t far behind.  We argue that Mueller and Hatch have a history of being hooked at the hip and that enures to Hatch and the President’s benefit if they scratch each other’s backs. We allege that Hatch has been in the process of putting the genie slowly back in Mueller’s bottle.  Now that Hatch has been deified by the President, the deal will be done.

See also, “Mr. President … Senator Orrin G. Hatch and his confidant Robert Mueller are NOT your friends!

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