Zinke …

Zinke … Claim Jumper … Dumper … Pumper … You won’t believe how easy it is for a company or individual to stake a mining claim!

Goodfellas salivating over Bears Ears

He’s a Claim Jumper because He jumps at the chance to lay claim for profit and plunder to the West’s cherished lands.  JumperHe’s a claim dumper because He’s dumped those lands into a political grist mill flooded with Goodfellas ready to advantage themselves of the plunder.  He’s a pumper in the sense that He’s “pumping up” a reprehensible environmental rhetoric that is incredibly false and misleading.

President Trump opens 2 million acres inside national monuments to mining  You won’t believe how easy it is for a company or individual to stake a mining claim! Jesse Prentice-Dunn Advocacy Director | Center for Western Priorities | Denver, CO

Abandoned uranium mine in Utah | Photo by Andre Miller

Take particular note of, “Today, Energy Fuels Resources owns and operates a uranium mine and mill just outside the boundaries of the monument, and is connected to dozens of claims in the area. When Secretary Zinke visited the region, representatives for the company shadowed him, passing out maps of proposed cuts to the monument. Phil Lyman, a local county commissioner pushing for the monument’s elimination, noted “They wanted to talk to anyone who’d listen.” The full extent of the company’s demands is evident in their May 25 letter to Secretary Zinke, in which they asked for dramatic reductions to the monument, arguing “there are also many other known uranium and vanadium deposits located within the newly created BENM.”

We’ll have much more to say about Energy Fuels Resources and their connections to the Goodfellas  Stay tuned!

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