Are Yellow Vests Headed Our Way to the USA & Utah?

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The Yellow Vest Movement Began in France as a protest against Corruption and Inequality. (Wikipedia)


Yellow Vests Plan Protest Outside Rothschild Bank In France Published

Yellow Vests Protest Rothschild Bank
Yellow Vest protesters are planning another demonstration, this time outside the Rothschild Bank of Lyon, France.

A Facebook event reveals over 3,000 French Yellow Vest protesters have expressed interest in attending a protest at the Rothschild Bank of Lyon, France, due in part to a 40-year-old grievance with France’s private banking system.

The event description explains that “The [French] state borrows from private banks, digs debt,” allowing the private banks to make money from interest loans made to the French government.

Other countries:

  • Bulgaria: Anti-government protesters in Bulgaria began wearing high-visibility vests from 16 November.[2]
  • Canada: Relatively smaller groups of protesters wearing yellow vests in at least a dozen cities and small towns in Canada, protested against the carbon price, the endorsement of the United Nations Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM), the federal Liberal government, and a wide range of topics. [166][167]
  • Croatia: On 15 December 2018, “Yellow Vests Croatia” held demonstrations in ZagrebPula and Rijeka.[6]
  • Egypt: A lawyer was detained for 15 days after posting a picture of himself wearing a high-visibility jacket in support of the protests in France.[168] Sales restrictions on yellow reflective vests were introduced in an attempt to prevent opposition groups.[169][170]
  • Finland: Anti-immigration protestors, who had begun demonstrations before the rise of the yellow vests movement, have adopted the yellow vest symbol, beginning with a demonstration on 17 December.[7]
  • Germany: The yellow vests symbol was used both by the left and right-wing groups, including Pegida and Aufstehen, who demonstrated at the Brandenburg Gate and in Munich.[171][172]
  • Iraq: On 5 December, Yellow Jacket-inspired protesters demonstrated in Basra, Iraq, for more job opportunities and better services. They were reportedly fired upon with live ammunition.[9]
  • Ireland: On 22 December, Hundreds attended a yellow vests protest in the centre of Dublin against ‘the perceived failures of the Government’.[173]
  • Israel: Economic uncertainty and corruption led to a “yellow vest” rally at the Azrieli Center Mall in Tel Aviv on 14 December.[11]
  • Italy: The yellow vests symbol has been used by multiple protest groups in Italy. In November 2018, a pro-Italian government, anti-EU protest group launched a Facebook page with thousands of online supporters, stating it was “inspired by the French gilet jaunes“.[174]On 15 December, several thousand people wearing yellow vests marched in Rome to protest against Italy’s “tough new anti-migrant law”.[12] In January 2019, the leaders of Italy’s ruling government coalition announced their support for the gilet jaunes protests in France. AFP reported that it is “extremely rare for European leaders to back anti-government protesters in a fellow member state.”[175]
  • Jordan: According to the UAE-based The National, protesters in Jordan criticizing the economic situation in the country began donning high-visibility jackets as protests spread outside of the capital Amman.[13]
  • Netherlands: On 1 December, a small number of “yellow vest” demonstrators protested in Dutch cities. Further demonstrations occurred on 8 December, where peaceful protesters marched through Rotterdam.[115][15]
  • Pakistan: Hundreds of engineers staged a day long protested at Lahore wearing yellow vests.[16][176]
  • Poland: On 12 December, a group of farmers blocked the A2 motorway 30 kilometers outside of Warsaw, demanding compensation for pigs they were required to slaughter, and protesting the importation of Ukrainian agricultural products unlabeled with respect to their country of origin. The agricultural minister Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski met with the protesters to explain that their demands were met already.[177]
  • Portugal: On 21 December 2018, a “Coletes Amarelos” or “Yellow Vest” rally was held under the slogan “Vamos Parar Portugal,” roughly translating to “Let’s Bring Portugal to a Halt.[17]
  • Russia: On 23 December 2018, “blue bucket” demonstrators at Sokolniki Park wore yellow vests at a rally against parking fee increases in Moscow.[18]
  • Serbia: A civil rights organisation “Združena akcija Krov nad glavom” started using yellow vests in its protests to oppose the eviction of a resident in the Mirijevo district of Belgrade and to show solidarity and common cause with French Yellow vest movement.[19]Parallel to that, on 4 December, Boško Obradović, the leader of the far-right Dveri party, called for demonstrations about high fuel prices in Serbia on 8 December.[178]
  • Taiwan: The Tax and Legal Reform League, demonstrating for tax justice since December 2016,[179] organized a yellow vests march on 19 December.[162]
  • Tunisia: A derivative group, the Gilets Rouges (Red Vests), emerged on Facebook, calling for protests against the economic situation in the country.[180]
  • United Kingdom: Far-right groups involved in small-scale protests in London and other UK cities have appropriated[181] or “hijack[ed]”[182] the yellow vests symbol.[183]

USA Corruption:

The Rogues Gallery 

Federal Political Scandals in the United States … Trump to Nixon

Wealth Inequality in the United States (6min)

Corporate Greed & Political Corruption (3.5min)

Tucker Carlson: Two cautionary tales about modern corporate greed (7min)

Less than two weeks into the new year, many CEOs have already earned more than the average worker takes home annually. Apple boss Tim Cook is one such example and he has just taken home his largest ever bonus. In fiscal year 2018, Apple’s market value temporarily surpassed $1 trillion while it posted record levels of revenue and profit. That has resulted in a bumper $12 million bonus for Cook, on top of his $3 million salary and shares worth $121 million.  According to Bloomberg, his bonus was linked to revenue and operating income targets, both of which increased 16 percent from a year earlier. Previously, Cook’s biggest bonus payout came in 2017 when he took home 9.3 million.

Infographic: Tim Cook Collects His Biggest Bonus Ever | Statista

$21 Trillion Missing from Federal Coffers! Blowing the Whistle on the Largest Theft Ever ~ Lee Camp (3min)






Global War Profiteers and Update on that missing $21+ Trillion, David DeGraw & Lee Camp (5min)

War about what? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Utah Corruption:

The most corrupt political “epoch” in the history of The State of Utah


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