We introduce … UPIG … U as in Utah … PIG as in  “OINK!” … also some Pork as in “On the Take” from Big Real Estate! 

Governor Herbert $663,072.00

Attorney General REYES $79,025.00 and Senate President ADAMS $41,661.00 


In the law, some things are so clear and blatant between cause and effect that no direct proof is needed of causation.  It is called the doctrine of res ipsa loquitur “the thing speaks for itself.”  The Ole’ Buzzard contends that when there are mountains of donor data reflecting activities surrounding Big Real Estate, Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, Energy Solutions, and others … conclusions consistent with “corrupt conduct” and “Pay for Play” are valid and speak for themselves.

Utah’s cornucopia of corruption have been labeled with catchy acronyms.  For example, we’ve “called out” “Pot Pirate” Senator Vickers for dabbling in UPOT.  Other Office Holders we’ve mentioned or are planning to mention have attached themselves to Utah’s rather infamous entities most easily identified by their acronyms … USTAR, UTA, UTOPIA, ULCT, URS, UCA and others.  In keeping with this naming tradition, we now add Utah Pigs In Government or UPIG … our newest contribution to the disreputable list on the following graphic.

On numerous occasions, we’ve defined and deployed the term Goodfellas. (Beware clicking on that blue hyperlink.  One could be sucked down a rabbit hole from which there is no return.) On several occasions, we’ve used the above graphic to illustrate Utah’s quasi government entities that have been the subject of repeatedly-reported, shameful, inappropriate, corrupt and/or unlawful conduct.  From the amalgamation and consolidation of Tobacco, Pharma, Energy Solutions, Big Real Estate, Et. al. we have created UPIG.

We’re here to report that Utah Office Holders on the take from Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, and Energy Solutions have, for at least a number of years, added to their immense booty the bottomless largess of Utah’s mother of all Special Interests’ … Big Real Estate.

Considering  Business sectors’ contributions to office holders in Utah,  Real Estate leads them all with $931,074.20 …

[pdf-embedder url=”https://justice4all.blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Sector-Contributions.pdf” title=”Sector Contributions”]

Next up are Contributions to Governor Herbert  with his real estate “take” leading a coven of others with $663,072.10 …

[pdf-embedder url=”https://justice4all.blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Herbert.pdf”%5D

Finally, comes the roster of Real Estate Contributions to other individual Office Holders on the take  …

[pdf-embedder url=”https://justice4all.blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Office-holders.pdf” title=”Office holders”]

“Oh my! Oh my’n! Hear’n all the hue’n and cry’n … the lie’n and deny’n!”

Utah’s Goodfellas have endlessly promised us that special interests hold little sway over policy and practice as they legislate on our behalf. We (including The Ole’ Buzzard) gobbled up their slick schtick over the years.

But truth is in the pudding… or pork…

We’ve created the Top10Takers’ lists and other postings that detail the amplitude and frequency of funds strewn about on Utah’s Capitol Hill.  Big special interests don’t give powerful politicians money because it makes them feel good.  They spend for a demonstrable return on their investments.  And, boy, have they got it.  The givers, receivers, and gross effects are obvious.  However, the net and specific effects must be ferreted out of the weeds bit-by-bit and over time.  A good rule of thumb is that if it looks like a pig and smells like a pig, no amount of lipstick via the media will make it pretty.   We exempt from our media criticism the Salt Lake Tribune and several, much smaller others we’ll not mention for fear of fixing the “kiss of death” from Utah’s Goodfellas on them.   For 20 examples of how that “kiss of death” operates, we suggest clicking on “Mass Media … Top Journalists Expose Major Mass Media Cover-ups.” 

Click on the video and hear us.

The Goodfellas’ risks of exposure are minimized because much of the foregoing “take” is masked by mutual admiration orchestrated between lobbyists, politicians, and the media.  These “Psyops” and “Civil Affairs” tactics and strategy are central to their political, Unconventional Warfare parlance and practices.  Their “happy talk” is slickly crafted and faithfully corresponded propaganda.

For Office Holders, the Opportunities and Incentives are indelible. Fortuitously for them, the Goodfellas’ Risks of exposure are minimized to the extent that much of the foregoing “take” can and will be masked by “happy talk.”  Such are “Psyops” and “Civil Affairs” tactics and strategy that are similarly deployed in military, Unconventional Warfare Areas of Operation. “Happy talk” is propaganda that engages the connivance of a compromised and corrupted Utah media pandering to the simple minded “sameness” of their slavish readers and viewers.

From the brilliant BYU scholar and beloved Puck, rascal and “wag,” Dr. Hugh Nibley quotes Brigham Young, “There is too much of a sameness in this community. . . . I am not a stereotyped Latter-day Saint and do not believe in the doctrine . . . away with stereotyped ‘Mormons'” See also inside the PDF at “Educating the Saints—a Brigham Young Mosaic by Nibley.

In Utah’s 21st Century, we’ve created a community of sameness that has spawned  a stereotypical plague that has infected the majority of us.  That plague has also ethically sickened Utah’s Goodfella Office Holders who with shameless abandon and limitless impunity have subverted The Rule of Law and Good Governance.

So what would our friends Al Capp, J. Golden Kimball, Jonathan Swift, Dr. Hugh Nibley, Samuel Clemens, Edmund Spenser, Samuel the Lamanite, Abe Lincoln, General Patton, Harry Truman and other such formidable yet Earthy folks have to say about all of the foregoing machinations?

“Enough is enough!  This unending and  incessant ‘Happy News’ is all …….Bull S**t!!!!”  

So … now and every time is the right time to ….

… Roast the Pork and we promise to do so faithfully with gusto!

Friends, your Tips have been priceless! 

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Edited by Daniel Newby

“The Ole’ Buzzard”

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