Mitt’s Not Fit to Lead …
’cause He’s Always
Dancin’ with the Devil!

“Unfit Mitt” is a Shameless Pulpit Pretender … a Soulless Predator & Destroyer.

"Vietnam veterans and Vietnamese nationals who were exposed to Agent Orange and other dioxin ...

World Poisoner

“Unfit Mitt” set out to poison the World as Bain Capital and Monsanto’s Chief Maven of Misery.

He collected a grisly ~$69,995.00 from chemicals fertilizer & pesticide special interests to help him “slither” into office.  Agriculture contributions to ROMNEY, WILLARD MITT (within federal, state and local data) include 1,889 contributions totaling ~$2,120,040.00.

Google… “Mitt Romney Monsanto” and a thread with 242,000 results pops up in micro seconds. 

Mitt … Bain … Monsanto are inextricably intertwined with the dark angel of incalculable chemical tragedy and death.  Successor corporation Bayer reports more than ~42,000 plaintiffs knocking on their doors for justice.

Here are a few of many disturbing exposés:

“The Vietnam Memorial lists the names of more than ~58,000 Americans who died overseas. However, the wall does not document any names of the estimated ~2.8 million U.S. vets who were exposed to the poisonous chemical (Monsanto’s Agent Orange) while serving and later died.” Forbes May 28, 2018

Anti-smoking symbol reveals 'worst moment' - CNN
Before Tobacco                         After Tobacco

Big Tobacco Filth

“Unfit Mitt” gleefully inhales from Big Tobacco campaign coffers to the tune of ~$94,540.00.  Big Tobacco murders ~480,000 Americans EVERY YEAR. Roughly ~1,300 Utah adults die each year from smoking.

Does Romney care?  Not … one … “Mitt” … bit.

Image result for opioid victims crying

Big Pharma Blood Money

“Unfit Mitt” “mainlined” Big Pharma blood money to the tune of ~$713,009.00. All-the-while standing passively by as Big Pharma murdered ~750,000 victims between 1999-2017.  In other words, “Unfit Mitt” took almost one dollar for every victim.

Only his mentor, “Opioid Orrin” Hatch took more Pharma filth: ~$756,917.00 or ~$2,597,744.00 — depending on the source.

Terrorizes & Intimidates

“Unfit Mitt” relishes the chance to terrorize and intimidate people who stand in his way, or simply “games ’em” for the hell of it.

See a local writer’s angry rant reporting that, “Romney is vain and vindictive and certainly no hero.” See also, “Mitt Romney’s Mean Streak.”

Slithering in a Den of Vipers

“Unfit Mitt” is proudly in League with Vipers like the Bush crime family.  See, “Mitt Romney: Just Another Corrupt Bush Son.”

Grovelling Globalist 

“Unfit Mitt” glommed onto “grift” from globalist manipulators like George Soros.  See, “Mitt Romney CAUGHT Accepting Big Money Donations From Soros Fund Management.”

HOW did “Unfit Mitt” happen to Utah?

Mormon Bishops are unpaid volunteers who lead local congregations.  They are generally revered and respected by Church members.  Bishops are ideally selfless, caring individuals dedicated to serving their members.

As a former LDS Bishop and Stake President, “Unfit Mitt” knows how to play on people’s trust.  He enshrouds himself in the mantle of bishop-like leadership, and is portrayed as an ecclesiastical extension for all of Utah to fawn over.  This pretentious image suits to a “T” Utah’s pay-to-play” elites, or those we call Utah’s Goodfellas.

The Week in Pictures: Pierre Delecto Edition | Power Line

How the Romney Ponzi Scheme Works

In a Ponzi scheme, the perpetrator sells something he doesn’t own over, and over, and over again.  Romney’s “schtick” is to relentlessly propagandize, push and project his faux credibility unto a gullible, political, Utah public. In “Unfit Mitt’s” case (or perhaps Pierre Delecto’s” case), with a “waffle” and “flip-flop-flourish,” he cunningly chooses which speech to deliver  to which crowd and when. He soft sells ethereal, political “services” like:

    • Gun control OR the right to keep and bear arms;
    • Taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand OR abortion restrictions;
    • Government ethics OR the complete lack thereof;
    • Higher taxes and more government OR lower taxes and less government.

Utahans selectively hear the smooth words of a fellow-Mormon (with friends in “high places”) who fits their ideal image.  “How could he possibly be lying?” they conclude.

  “I’ll do Anything for Money,” said Unfit Mitt!

With misguided faith in his pretended mantle of leadership, they buy into his false promises of a positive political return by voting for him.

“Unfit Mitt” takes your trust to the bank… literally.  He is a part of the national disgrace and showcase of Shame and Corruption that has made Utah the Affinity Fraud Capital of America.

Unfortunately, a majority of Utah’s officeholders and bureaucrats are cut from the same mold. 

A look at others who own “Unfit Mitt”

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It’s worth repeating: Utah is the fraud capital of the United States.  And you tolerate it.

Until Utahns wake up in greater numbers, they will dance with the Devil and political criminals like “Unfit Mitt” and the rest of Utah’s Goodfellas.

Friends, your “Tips” are priceless!

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Co-Authored by Daniel Newby

“The Ole’ Buzzard”
Wayne L. Wickizer

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  1. Daniel, I am placing you and your family on the prayer list. You have been bold. Huntsman is just as bad. Remember he withdrew from being governor, and went to China. He is a part of the Cabal as well.

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