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Worship, Understand, Anticipate, Predict, Forecast, Modify then …




Tempus Global Data:

Tempus Global Data – preparing to launch planet shaking and saving technology –  was hijacked by litigation.  Tempus Global Data has been ripped from the public domain where it had the potential for saving countless lives while earning and saving hundreds of millions of dollars. The motto was once … “We see the weather before there is weather!“… now there is nothing.  We launch this story from the word cloud above.  It is our mission to rain reason and logic on the stormy saga that follows.  We’ll sort, organize and communicate “CIA, Promis, The U.S. Justice Department, Weather, Gag Order, Sealed, Conflict of Interest” and hosts of other images and concepts.

The reader will be guided through a maelstrom of historical, legal, strategic, economic, military and cultural – fact, phenomena and myth.

In the end it will be clear that those who purport to represent and lead us have deceived us and deprived us of priceless technologies and resources.


Regardless the sophisticated, new age glut of technology and advanced learning and practice, we humans still worship the weather with awe and reverence for its impact and importance.  We awaken to each bright Summer day with renewed energy or crawl out of bed in a gloomy funk anticipating endless Winter drizzles.  We watch in shock and apprehension the forecasts that alert us to impending disaster or with elation energize ourselves for a deep powder day of bliss on the slopes.

If “worship” is not the word, then we’ll find another among:  revere, reverence, venerate, honor, adore, praise, glorify, exalt, extol, cherish, treasure, esteem, adulate, idolize, deify, lionize, laud, magnify, and fear.  No matter how we personally and instinctively react to the weather, we still do so more primitively than intellectually.  We’ll simply “worship” and “fear” it herein.  zWeather3

From Wikipedia, “Storm gods are conceived of as wielding thunder and lightning.  They are typically male, powerful and irascible rulers.” More than 40 Storm Gods are found here (  The bumpy bridge between “worshipping” and “understanding” the weather spans Ancient to Contemporary History ( and even to this day is confused and convoluted by myth, mystery and lore.

“Red sky at morning … Sailor’s take warning!  Red sky at night … Sailor’s delight!” … are age old admonitions followed religiously even to this very day.


Understand – Anticipate-Predict-Forecast:

Bridging the gap between “myth, mystery, lore” and “understanding” could have occurred as early as 650 B.C. when cloud patterns heralded anticipated, near term weather.  It wasn’t, however, until much later that our sciences began more seriously to adapt to weather forecasting.

See “History (Highlights) of Weather Forecasting … a timeline by  manunicast” ( A few snippets are listed hereafter …

  • 650 B.C. the Babylonians predicted weather from cloud patterns.
  • 1400 Leonardo da Vinci built the first basic hygrometer to measure humidity.
  • 1643 Italian physicist Torricelli invents the barometer. 
  • 1806 Francis Beaufort introduced the Beaufort wind scale.
  • 1835 Invention of telegraph led to modern age of weather forecasting.
  • 1849 The Smithsonian Institution established an observation network.
  • 1870 The United States established a national weather service.  
  • 1936 World’s first televised weather forecast. 
  • 1948 United States Air Force forecasters issue the first tornado warnings. 
  • 1950 The invention of computers in the late 1940’s.
  • 1954 George Cowling was the first presenter in front of a weather map.
  • 1960 The polar-orbiting satellite TIROS 1 was launched.
  • 1966 National Meteorological Center developed a computer model.
  • 1975 The first (GOES) Satellite was launched into orbit.
  • 1982 The 24 hour cable network began broadcasting in the United States.
  • 1989 The U.S. $4.5 billion modernization of the National Weather Service.  
  • 2005 Hurricane Katrina makes landfall in Louisiana, killing over 1800 people.

Predict – Forecast – Modify:

Writer’s note: Ventusky found here is a prime example of the power and evolution of Weather Forecasting technology.  See also the cell phone application here

We remained in a predict and forecast loop until along came Vincent J. Schaefer, a self-taught chemist who invented cloud “seeding” and created the first artificially induced snow and rainfall.  Mr. Schaefer drew worldwide attention with his 1946 experiments for General Electric making the first snowstorm in a laboratory and inducing precipitation outdoors, solving many of the mysteries of rain and snow that had baffled scientists.  He was hailed as the first person to actually do something about the weather and not just talk about it. Hopes grew that cloud seeding could fight drought, control storms, reduce hail, quench forest fires and even guarantee a white Christmas.

Schaefer broke the predict and forecast closed loop by actually modifying the weather … although on a very minor scale. (

Control the Weather – Control the World

Modify then CONTROL:

So to our “predict, forecast, and modify” paradigm, we add “control.”

Image result for caravan of immigrants headed to us

For example, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could control and deploy a weather tool that would halt the steadily advancing caravans of wanna’ be immigrants who threaten to breach the limits of our Southern borders?  What if they could be impeded and disbursed by non-lethal, weather means?  We vision drizzling on them at the outset with ominous black clouds hurling roiling torrential rains and raging winds in the way if their rag tag armies persisted …  halting and diverting their progress to the front, scattering and disbursing them to all sides and rearward where food, shelter and medical attention await.

Pie in the sky? Perhaps yes, but comparing recent progress with past eons of time, control of the foregoing immigration weather scenario becomes altogether feasible and foreseeable.

We were well on the way to telling the Tempus Global story but necessarily digress to illustrate how other, similar Technology has been hijacked by litigation, conspiracy and corruption.

“Hijacking, Litigating, Conspiring and Corrupting” are concepts replete with suspicion, conjecture, inference and emotion.  Therefore, a firm foundation of precedent and example are necessary to convince.

Government Secrecy Orders Serve to Hijack Technology:

The “Inslaw – Promis” story is a prime example of how the U.S. Government, successfully hijacked critical defense and intelligence technology by employing litigation, conspiracy, corruption and murder.  We allege that Tempus Global Data fits, at least in essential parts, the Inslaw Octopus template.

Image result for the inslaw octopus

The following “clips” are from Wired … THE INSLAW OCTOPUS by AUTHOR: RICHARD L. FRICKER 01.01.93  (

Software piracy, conspiracy, cover-up, stonewalling, covert action

Just another decade at the Department of Justice

“The DOJ, aware that its case management system is in dire need of automation, funds Inslaw and PROMIS. After creating a public-domain version, Inslaw makes significant enhancements to PROMIS and, aware that the US market for legal automation is worth $3 billion, goes private in the early ’80s.   Designed as case-management software for federal prosecutors, PROMIS has the ability to combine disparate databases, and to track people by their involvement with the legal system. Hamilton and others now claim that the DOJ has modified PROMIS to monitor intelligence operations, agents and targets, instead of legal cases.

According to Federal court documents, PROMIS was stolen from Inslaw by the Department of Justice directly after Etian’s 1983 visit to Inslaw (a later congressional investigation preferred to use the word “misappropriated”). And according to sworn affidavits, PROMIS was then given or sold at a profit to Israel and as many as 80 other countries by Dr. Earl W. Brian, a man with close personal and business ties to then-President Ronald Reagan and then-Presidential counsel Edwin Meese.

A House Judiciary Committee report released last September found evidence raising “serious concerns” that high officials at the Department of Justice executed a premeditated plan to destroy Inslaw and co-opt the rights to its PROMIS software. The committee’s call for an independent counsel have fallen on deaf ears. One journalist, Danny Casolaro, died as he attempted to tell the story (see sidebar), and boxes of documents relating to the case have been destroyed, stolen, or conveniently “lost” by the Department of Justice.

The House Judiciary Committee lists these crimes as among the possible violations perpetrated by “high-level Justice officials and private individuals:” Conspiracy to commit an offense; Fraud; Wire fraud; Obstruction of proceedings before departments, agencies and committees; Tampering with a witness; Retaliation against a witness; Perjury; Interference with commerce by threats or violence; Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) violations; Transportation of stolen goods, securities, moneys; Receiving stolen goods.”

The Congressional Investigation

“The string of lawsuits and widening allegations caught the eye of House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jack Brooks, D-Texas, who in 1989 launched a three-year investigation into the Inslaw affair. In the resulting report, the Committee suggested that among others, Edwin Meese, while presidential counselor and later as attorney general, and D. Lowell Jensen, a former assistant and deputy attorney general and now a US district judge in San Francisco, conspired to steal PROMIS.”

How was the CIA involved?

“The agency accepted stolen goods, not aware that a major scandal was brewing. In other words, the DOJ robbed the bank, and the CIA took a share of the plunder.” Video Follows:

Onward now to the CIA, Weather Wars and Tempus Global Data:

Why Is The CIA Funding Geoengineering Research? Posted in Science on 19th July, 2013 11:35 PM by AlexMuller (

“The Central Intelligence Agency is joining with the National Air and Space Administration, the National Academy of Sciences, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to spend $630,000 studying a subset of potential global warming solutions. Geo-engineering, as the solutions are broadly termed, is the science of manipulating the environment in a way that mitigates, halts, or otherwise disrupts global warming. It makes sense that three science agencies are examining this, but why the CIA?”

CIA wants to control the weather, climate change SMARTER AMERICA Published July 23, 2013 Last Update October 21, 2015 (

“The CIA is funding a study examining various ways mankind can geoengineer the planet — blocking or limiting the sunlight that reaches the Earth, stripping carbon dioxide from the skies, seeding the clouds and so on.  The project, a panel called “Geoengineering Climate: Technical Evaluation and Discussion of Impacts,” is backed by the National Academy of Sciences, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), NASA — and the U.S. intelligence community.  That’s spy-talk for the CIA, William Kearney, a spokesman for NAS, told Mother Jones.”  

Matt Berrett an example of a CIA Mole Planted as the Director of Analytics at USU’s Space Dynamics lab.

Matt Berrett – Former Associate Director of the CIA! “One of my key tasks is to help the Lab engage across the US Intelligence Community, which—by design—is an opaque, challenging world to enter and navigate.”  From Linkedin, Matt Berrett Director of Analytics, Space Dynamics Lab. Notice that his Linkedin history does not mention the CIA although the following job placements are listed:

  • Director of Analytics Company (Also in joint appointment at USU, where I’m standing up the Center for Anticipatory Intelligence) Dates Employed Jul 2017 – Present Location Logan, Utah.
  • USG National Security Institution Assistant Director Company Name USG National Security Institution Dates Employed Mar 2015 – Jun 2017Location Washington DC Area; In addition to being a member of the institution’s senior leadership team, I headed the Global Issues Mission Center, which delivered analyses and performed operations across concerns ranging from strategic energy, international trade and finance, and emerging disruptive technology to foreign conflict and counternarcotics.
  • National Security Institution, Directorate of Science and Technology, Mission Manager, Near East, South Asia, Africa Company Name National Security Institution, Directorate of Science and Technology Dates Employed Nov 2011 – Mar 2015 Location Washington D.C. Metro Area
  • National Security Institution Director, President’s Daily Brief Company Name National Security Institution Dates Employed Nov 2009 – Nov 2011 Location Washington D.C. Metro Area
  • National Security Institution Director, Office of Near East and South Asia Analysis Company Name National Security Institution Dates Employed Apr 2007 – Nov 2009 Location Washington D.C. Metro Area
  • Education University of Utah Field Of Study Economics Dates attended or expected graduation 1980 – 1985

Author’s note:  Notice the interesting gap between UofU graduation 1985 and Berrett’s Near East and South Asia Analysis postings. (In the) “Executive Office … The Office covers a number of CIA directors for different sub-departments. In reality, the Executive Office reports daily issues to and cooperate with the White House for national security activities.  A series of Associate Directors also support the Executive Office for internal communications.  ( )

CIA’s ‘surveillance state’ is operating against us all 

Modify and Control the Weather:


TEN TECHNOLOGIES TO OWN THE WEATHER TODAY! from the site WMH Weather Modification History (

“Speculation on the internet abounds on the subject of weather control. With the recent flop of the 100+ million dollar Geostorm movie (, many are searching for answers to the question “Is someone controlling the weather?” The answer is unequivocally yes. We will now explore ten weather modification technologies in use today and explain how each could be used as a weapon of war.  Go here please (  Each timeline entry here ( is loaded with quotes, reference links, photographs, and videos to fully explore the history from rainmaking to weather warfare.” 

USU, USTAR, Storm, GeoMet Watch, Tempus Global Data:

USU Commercialization Rising to New Heights Tuesday, Apr. 16, 2013 (

“Utah State University (USU) is working on a technology that will help meteorologists to better predict severe weather and atmospheric instability in a faster, more detailed way. The sophisticated technology, called the Sounding Tracking Observatory for Regional Meteorology, or STORM, is a weather sensor that will sit some 23,000 miles above the Earth’s surface and collect detailed data and measurements critical to those needing the most accurate and up-to-date weather information.  As part of USU’s Utah Science Technology and Research Initiative (USTAR) portfolio, STORM has become an integral component of the university’s commercialization efforts. The commercialization team has worked diligently to move the STORM program forward since 2011. It hopes to have the technology launched into outer space by late 2016 thanks to a partnership formalized with GeoMetWatch and Asia Satellite Telecommunications Company Limited (AsiaSat) in April 2013.  ‘This is the single largest applied engineering project in our USTAR portfolio,’ said Behunin. While the actual cost to build the sensor is proprietary and competition sensitive, we are in a range of more than $100 million to build one sensor.’”


In the time-space between Utah State University and GeoMet Watch the funding for Storm fell apart. GeoMet Watch couldn’t do the deal.  Tempus Global Data picked up the baton and ran with it.  Thereafter, GeoMet Watch initiated litigation against USU, Tempus Global Data, other entities and individuals.  The technology is stalled in Utah’s federal system.  The plot thickens. ( 

We continue with USTAR or Utah Science Technology and Research Initiative.  USTAR is USU’s goose that lays research golden eggs for technology … especially STORM in this case.  USTAR is Federally and State funded.  A Google search of “Stimulus Fund Fraud ” ( yields enough reading for a year.  Suffice it to say that the FEDS were “on it” all over the Country,  but for some reason the FEDS were absent when USTAR tapped the Federal Stimulus till and Utah’s Attorney General was nowhere to be seen.

USTAR, although prized and publicized ad nauseam by Utah’s Goodfellas,  is a front runner among Utah’s many corrupted, quasi governmental entities.  USTAR, DABC, UTA, Utah Dairy, LPP, GOED, Utah MEDICAID, UCA, URS, ULCT have all been the subject of countless Utah Legislative Auditor General reports wherein, corruption, shady dealings and/or mismanagement are documented.

From “Quasi-Government Entities Need Increased Oversight,” by Michael Melendez of Libertas Institutes: (

“Interlocal agencies, independent entities, special service districts, Associations of Governments (AOG), and conservancy districts—each of these is a type of government-sponsored or created organization given control of some aspect of administration, localized policy making, or government service. In short, they have control over a portion of your tax dollars and/or your life.

Who are these mysterious organizations that, up until recently, have hidden their operations in the shadows? To be clear, they hold some public meetings, report to the Utah Legislature periodically, and probably even have up-to-date websites. However, they probably would rather you not know about the size of their budgets, nor their too frequent misappropriation of funds.

Collectively, these types of public entities control over $1 billion in annual taxpayer funding every year and whenever any amount of taxpayer funding is entrusted to an organization, strict accountability should follow. Better training is needed for government officials and employees accompanied by more oversight. Regular audits are essential–without them, none of this malfeasance would have been discovered.  Just today, an audit of the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control was released showing huge accounting discrepancies totaling more than $300 million as well as lacking performance measures for state liquor stores.”

A series of media reports revealed that the $334 million USTAR effort inflated jobs and revenue as reported by The Salt Lake Tribune on 3/8/2017. (  “The $334 million Utah Science Technology and Research (USTAR) initiative is designed to create jobs and businesses by investing in and leveraging university research.  USTAR, hailed as an engine for innovation, has exaggerated — by thousands — the number of jobs it has created and inflated — by millions — the amount of money it has brought in, a new audit says.   In a January report, the organization said it had created 3,380 jobs, but about 60 percent of those no longer existed — they were construction gigs at already completed research facilities. The number of research based positions, meanwhile, was based on projections rather than actual jobs and auditors could confirm only a fraction of those had actually been created and filled.  The organization also claimed to bring in $463 million in contracts, sponsored research and private donations. But more than half that money, about $268 million, was either overreported, hardly involved USTAR or represented contracts that hadn’t yet paid out.  During the past seven years, the state has invested $134.2 million from the general fund, $33 million in federal stimulus money and construction bonds worth $116.5 million in the program.”  

Somebody(s) should be doing the “perp walk” to jail over the foregoing.  Yet, Utah’s United States Attorney John Huber has a penchant for issuing non-prosecution agreements all-the-while losing complex cases. See also Clinton, Comey, Uranium One: Who Is John W. Huber? Judicial Watch APRIL 10, 2018 (  Also, the Utah Attorney General has been conspicuously AWOL in matters such as USTAR, DABC, UTA, Et. al. the subjects of numerous Utah Legislative Auditor General reports wherein, corruption, shady dealings and/or mismanagement are documented.  

Control the Weather – Control the World!

USTAR – Raytheon –  GeoMet Watch – Tempus Global – Lawyers, Liars and Litigation Frenzies Stirring the pot! 

 Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble.  Fillet of a fenny snake, In the caldron boil and bake; Eye of newt and toe of frog, Wool of bat and tongue of dog, Adder’s fork and blind-worm’s sting, Lizard’s leg and Howlet’s wing, For a charm of powerful trouble, Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.”  SHAKESPEARE from Macbeth  


Raytheon has histories and credentials for accomplishing its means and ends at all costs.  Have they stirred the USTAR – GeoMet Watch pot at USU?   The STATE OF UTAH SINGLE AUDIT REPORT FISCAL YEAR ENDED JUNE 30, 2016 “SCHEDULE OF EXPENDITURES

OF FEDERAL AWARDS By Federal Agency” reveals Raytheon quietly placed in Utah’s Research and Development Programs. (

From a blogger with the Nom de Plum Angel Gabrial commented, “Wars are big business for Raytheon and it has a dark relationship with the US Government. As the vast majority of Raytheon’s revenues have been obtained from defense contracts, there has been a tight relationship of cooperation between itself and the U.S. Department of Defense and other U.S. government departments and agencies (e.g. in the Fiscal Year 2007 the National Science Foundation awarded Raytheon $152 million dollars in grants, more than to any other institution and organization in the country[14]), for managing NSF South Pole Station. This, along with heavy lobbying, has led to perennial charges of influence peddling.  Raytheon, for instance, contributed nearly a million dollars to various defense-related political campaigns in the presidential election year of 2004, spending much more than that on lobbying expenses. And there are many tight ties between the company and all levels of government. For example, Richard Armitage, a former United States Deputy Secretary of State, is linked to the company through consultancy work. John M. Deutch, a former U.S. Director of Central Intelligence, sits on the board of directors, along with Warren Rudman, a former Senator. On the other hand, Raytheon has also been involved in several contract disputes with the U.S. Government.” (  

From a compilation of our own notes ( we list the following headings: History of Raytheon; HAARP; Raytheon E-Systems CIA; The Dark Side; Utah State U. MAE Advisory Board; USU Awarded $99MM (; E-Systems Background; Raytheon Offers $2.3 Billion for E-Systems.

We’ll stop with Raytheon here.  Crawling down the Raytheon/Defense Contractor rat hole is for another day and story. 

Rising from USTAR’s litany of false and misleading statistical representations, Tempus Global Data emerged from cash strapped GeoMet Watch’s ashes like a Phoenix … ready to start seeing the weather before it happened.


The Vision

Tempus Global Data envisioned a $50 Million National Headquarters Project and National Critical Technology Center for Ogden, Utah.  This center was to have housed an advanced weather, science, technology, operations, education, and research facility.  As an active weather center, it would collect and disburse critical, marketable, weather information to a variety of commercial and government subscribers, house a Disney like “World of Weather” designed to educate and entertain thousands of children and adults, and create significant numbers of jobs and economic enterprise for Utah and the Ogden area. Furthermore, from a SatNews” story quoting Tempus Global we learn, “Research suggests there are some $90 billion in savings that our approach to weather data could help create. NOAA estimates that the value of weather information to the U.S. economy is $31.5 billion.” (  Video follows:

However … Tempus Global Data has now been hijacked by litigation.  Tempus Global Data has been ripped from the public domain where it had the potential for saving countless lives while earning and saving hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Where once … “We see the weather before there is weather!”… now there is nothing.

The Litigation:

The Courtzdocket

26 Attorneys Piling On


The Court’s Docket in this matter spans 05/16/2014 to 10/26/2018 with 794 entries so far.  (  There have been 26 individual attorneys of record involved in one capacity or another at one time or another: Alba, Adam; Ballif, Philip M.; Balmanno, Alain C.; Barclay, Robert D.; Bell, Ryan B.; Berger, Arthur B.; Burton, H. Dickson; Ferre, Joel A.; Geary, Stephen W.; Goff, Darin B.; Green, Tyler R.; Harrington, Robert P.; Hufford, Andrew A.; Kaiser, Kyle J.; Kovalov, Yevgen; Magleby, James E.; Moxley, Paul T.; Orme, Matthew J.; Pahnke, Z. Ryan; Ranschau, Beth J.; Stringham III, Reed M.; Terry, Rachel G.; Tomsic, Peggy A.; Tufts, David W.; Von Maack, Christopher M.; Wentz, Adam D.

In addition to the 26 individual attorneys listed above, if one were to count the law firms, governmental litigation divisions, clerks, paralegals and others, the numbers would be staggering.

A word search shows 598 references to “seal” or “sealed.” When refined “Seal” or “Sealed” connects to approximately 100 documents that are noted “*SEALED DOCUMENT*.   The Federal courthouse has been papered with legal documents from floor to ceiling and wall to wall.  This lawsuit is “raw meat” to a ravenous Utah legal community that gleefully gorges on frenzies surrounding spurious and questionable litigation.

The Judge and her Magistrate


Federal Judge Jill Parrish presides in this matter along with her Magistrate Paul Warner.  Judge Parrish was overheard to have commented that GeoMet Watch should have been heard in Utah State Courts.  Judge Parrish is endorsed by Senator Orrin Hatch as are also a significant number of the judges on the Utah Federal Bench.  Magistrate Warner has an extensive historical record of Orrin Hatch endorsements.   See also, Hatch says he shielded Warner By Robert Gehrke The Salt Lake Tribune March 24, 2007 (

Can the reader imagine a defendant’s angst when upon reading the complaint against oneself there is encountered in the body of the complaint Hatch’s endorsement of the complainant and the judges sitting in judgement are known to have been endorsed by Hatch?

Well, Recuse Me! When a Judge Shouldn’t Hear a Case ( By Neil Goodman at “One of the key principles of the American judicial system is that the judge who presides over a case must be fair and impartial. In the vast majority of cases, the issue of the judge’s fairness and impartiality never comes up. There are instances, however, when one of the parties in a civil case has reason to believe that the judge cannot be fair and impartial. Sometimes the judge recognizes his or her own inability to maintain partial. In those situations, the judge will either recuse himself or the litigant will move to have the judge disqualified from presiding over the case. Let’s look at some of the circumstances that may lead to a judge’s recusal or disqualification.

Both Parrish and Warner have failed in their duty to exercise restraint, good sense and decorum by not recusing themselves after their first reading of the initial complaint wherein the complainant GeoMet Watch (GMW) reports a “formal endorsement” from Hatch.  (  Even the slightest potential for bias and conflict of interest should have been formally noticed and dealt with immediately upon their reading the complaint.

zhatch endorse

Issues regarding this conflict of interest were addressed by the writer who on 4/25/2017 flew to Denver, Colorado and filed ethics complaints naming Parrish and Warner. ( Knowing that chances of prevailing in an ethics complaint against any judge are slim to none, the writer went forward regardless.  On 8/4/2017 the complaints were dismissed. (

Shaming is indeed a viable social justice strategy and we were not to be denied this opportunity.

Concurrent with the filing of ethics charges, this writer hosted a former Chief Judge of the Utah District in his Criminal Justice Academy class and informed the Judge of the ethics filings.  And, as might be expected, the Circuit Court also informed Parrish and Warner.  We will work to keep the shaming going herein and hereafter.

From The Guardian, an article “Corrupt justice: what happens when judges’ bias taints a case?  one reason judicial violations are common is because they frequently go unpunished. When litigants ask a judge to back away because of a conflict, they risk being told no, then face possible retaliation, so many don’t bother. If a litigant or an attorney files a complaint with an oversight body, there’s only about a 10% chance that state court authorities will properly investigate the allegation, according to a analysis of data from 12 states.  The analysis shows that a dozen of these commissions collectively dismissed out of hand 90% of the complaints filed during the last five years, tossing 33,613 of 37,216 grievances without conducting any substantive inquiry. When they did take a look – 3,693 times between 2010 and 2014 – investigators found wrongdoing almost half the time, issuing disciplinary actions in 1,751 cases, about 47%.


As regards Federal Judges, the prospects of ever having a complaint against a Federal Judge heard by the Circuit Court of Appeals are from dismal to abysmal to none!

Utah gets (a) D- grade in 2015 State Integrity Investigation A slowly changing landscape By Joel Campbell November 9, 2015   From the chart below, one is compelled to notice these grades: Political Financing “F“; Executive Accountability “F“; Judicial Accountability “F”; State Civil Service Management “F“; Lobbying Disclosure “F“; Ethics Enforcement Agencies “F“; State Pension Fund Management “F”


From …99.83% of complaints against judges were dismissed and that without investigation; appeals from those dismissals to the respective circuit council, set up under §332(a) (1), were denied up to 100%. Those percentages hold true for the other circuits. Those statistics show that Judge Kavanaugh and his peers dismissed 100% of the 478 complaints about them lodged with their District of Columbia Circuit and reported in the annual official statistics for the 1 Oct 06-30 Sep 17 11-year period. They have abused their self-disciplining authority to grant themselves 100% exoneration from complaints regardless of the complained-about conduct’s nature, extent, and gravity.” (

In addition to no recourse for ethics and conflict of interest concerns, our most current understanding is that a “Gag Order” is enforced covering the individuals and entities referenced above and matters pertaining thereto.

Dane Wigington, writing for Geoengineering Watch October 21, 2015 (, has this to say about such orders, “The power structure is beginning to panic as the public wakes up to the criminal climate engineering insanity. The growing police state is completely out of control and becoming unimaginably blatant with their actions. In recent weeks Washington has placed “gag orders” on the following agency employees, “The National Weather Service”, the “National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration”, and the “US Department of Commerce”. This is a massive red flag that should trigger alarm bells everywhere.More here. (

“Justice delayed is indeed justice denied!”


Senator Orrin Hatch … Deus ex Machina:


A Deus ex Machina or God in the Machine as some would say, is an unexpected power or event saving a seemingly hopeless situation, especially as a contrived plot device in a play or novel.  In the matter of GeoMet Watch Et. al., we allege that true to form Hatch is personally in the mix of it.  We allege that whoever or whatever is behind the GeoMet Watch lawsuit knew precisely the impact Hatch’s endorsement would have on the judges and the processes. And … by-the-way … who is covering legal expenses for the cash strapped, GeoMet Watch?

Hatch’s endorsement of the plaintiff in the complaint was “chum and fish feed” for his prized judicial endorsees who, with impunity and no oversight whatsoever, were ready to do his bidding without even an “ask” and are now presiding over the litigation.  

A timeline of Hatch’s historical hijinks is more than sufficiently revealing of his sleazy conduct. (

Notable quotes regarding Hatch:

His utter lack of integrity that rises from his unquenchable thirst for power .The Salt Lake Tribune 12.25.2017

The Utah senator exemplifies the career politician who stands for nothing and rolls over for everything .” The National Review 02.04.2015

Sleep with dogs and get fleas!

A reminder to visit A timeline of Hatch’s hijinks for all of the above and more. (

Opportunity – Incentive – Risk – Players

Opportunity: To derail a priceless resource and send it spinning into the arms of a Deep State bureaucracy to be gobbled up by self serving Goodfellas for personal profit and plunder.

Incentive: Profit, plunder and control of an asset that will one day lend a leg up to controlling the Weather.

Risk: Only if exposed.

Players: The State of Utah, USU and the UofU … the nests from which the ugly duckling USTAR and its perfidious and nefarious misrepresentations were hatched; The judges and their lack of good judgement, impunity and no oversight; Orrin Hatch the Deus Ex Machina of corrupt politics; A Utah legal fraternity that feeds on the frenzy of any handy litigation; Prosecutors who aren’t; and … see all of the rest above … those who purport to represent and lead us have deceived us and deprived us of priceless technologies and resources.

Tempus Global Data a Flagship in the Weather Fleet, seeing the “Weather before it is Weather” got caught in the eye of a legal storm … blinded by litigation … the Flagship has sunk!

Sinking not far behind it are our hopes and dreams of a better, bigger wide wonderful Weather World for all.


We end with a personal note

After having flown 2891 hours and 15 minutes in U.S. Air Force WB-50s during the 1950s and 60s, this author has the weather in his DNA.  “WB” stands for Weather Bomber and “50” is the model.   This wonderful, terrible bird is the successor of the famed B-29 bombers used in WW-II to drop atomic bombs on Japan.  We say “wonderful” because of the beating that it regularly took flying typhoon and upper air sampling missions while struggling to stay airborne.  We say “terrible” because for its day it was the “hot rod” of four engine, propeller driven bombers and subject to any number of serious to near catastrophic mechanical failures.  Many “May Day, May Day, May Day” messages have been launched from these old birds when in distress.

“Atomic” was indeed an important, highly classified mission at the time but no longer classified. “Atomic” was but a small “slice” of our several, critical missions.  When directed to do so or sometimes driven by a chance finding, we climbed to extraordinarily high altitudes (high for the 1950s) where we found and collected radioactive fallout from Soviet nuclear experiments that spread their poison into the winds across the Northwestern Pacific. The box like appendage on top of the WB-50’s fuselage visible just above and to the right of engine #4 was the device that scooped radioactive fallout from the upper atmosphere.

On many “planned” radiological sampling missions, our Aircraft Commanders were issued exfiltration plans, gold certificates, and firearms should we be forced down over unfriendly territory.




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“Q” and “The Plan to Save the World”

From DR MICHAEL SALLA ON . POSTED IN FEATUREDUS POLITICS  “It’s worth beginning this examination by noting that the military intelligence group QAnon, has just beenincluded in a Time Magazine listing of the “25 Most Influential People on the Internet”. While there have been an increasing number of mainstream news articles debunking QAnon, the worldwide interest in QAnon’s posts has been rapidly increasing due to mounting evidence that President Trump’s White House is secretly behind the disclosures.”  See the article here.

From the Ole’ Buzzard’s perspective, there’s FAR more right than wrong about this SUPERIOR video.  “Q’s” one glaring error is the inclusion of and reference to John Huber … an Orrin Hatch endorsed Sessions flunky who knows nothing better to do than issue “non-prosecution agreements” in order to protect the Goodfellas from being exposed, shamed, and jailed.  Thank you Pete Alfonso for putting us on this path.


References from the video;;; The Edge of Wonder;

The Ole’ Buzzard responded, “Huber is a lightweight brought to D.C. by Sessions to issue “Non-prosecution Agreements” in order to cover and protect the Deep State’s Goodfellas just like he has done in Utah. He’s as much the President’s friend as is Orrin Hatch … see here

The good people of America, Left and Right, Democrat and Republican, White or of color, young and old, are witnessing the take-back of America from a large number of very powerful criminals who have been destroying society and the world for several decades, maybe longer.

This is the greatest story of our time. You have the choice of either scratching your head in confusion when seeing events unfold, or looking at the information provided by Q to understand the real story. It started on underground internet channels, then moved to the mainstream.

Q has been a fun distraction for those who follow world events and desire truth, but it is about to begin a much more important and necessary phase – keeping the public informed when the Deep State war breaks out onto the surface. By this, I mean high-profile arrests.

Yes folks. The criminals I am referring to are famous politicians, actors, singers, CEOs and celebrities. People who have earned our trust, respect and admiration. They have done very bad things that are all fully known and documented, and they will be severely punished. Those of us who have followed Q since the beginning will be here to help you make sense of the coming events. We are among the first to realize that our petty partisan divisions are just trivial distractions, and we are all enslaved by a hidden enemy.

We realize that the problem was never Capitalism or Socialism, Democrat or Republican, black or white, Muslim or Christian. We know it was just very powerful criminals who had too much power and were crushing us under debt and asinine entertainment, Fellow slaves.Is time to buckle your seatbelt, recognize your true enemy, and embrace a new future that we all owe to the brave patriots who risked their lives to achieve this victory against the greatest force of evil the world has ever seen.

Now settle back into your favorite chair, have a drink or snack handy, start the fireplace, and prepare for about 2 hours of mind bending and Earth shaking.

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MAGA and “Here come the Mobs”

In other words, Clinton's reign resumes after we the people roll over and let leftist mobs wreak their havoc on The Rule of Law!


What promises has he kept? Here’s a comprehensive list. Like the moves or not, he does what he says he is going to do.

  • Trump kept his promise to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, something the last three presidents all promised but failed to do
  • Obama presided over the rise of ISIS and said it would be a long slow battle to defeat them, Trump promised to “crush and destroy ISIS” and after two years at the helm, the Islamic State’s physical caliphate is all but decimated
  • Trump promised to impose a travel ban on terrorist-ridden countries, after a bit of trouble getting it going, his latest version has been upheld by the Supreme Court
  • Trump promised to nominate conservative judges similar to Antonin Scalia, we now have both Gorsuch and Kavanaugh on the high court and 29 young conservative judges on the federal appellate courts, more than any recent president at this point in their administration
  • Trump promised to cut taxes, and with the help of Congressional Republicans, enacted historic tax reforms in the first major overhaul of the tax code in three decades, the law also provided Opportunity Zones, aimed at providing incentives to investors and developers to revitalize struggling cities and urban communities
  • Trump promised to rollback unnecessary regulations by eliminating two existing regulations for every new one … in his first year, $8.1 billion in regulatory costs has been saved and his administration is on track to achieve $9.8 billion more this year, eliminating far more than the two-to-one
  • Trump promised jobs for struggling African Americans and today we are witnessing the lowest black unemployment level in history
  • Trump promised to cancel Obama’s Clean Power Plan, withdraw from the Paris climate accord, approve the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, and open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil exploration … he has accomplished all three
  • Trump promised to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, renegotiate NAFTA, renegotiate the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement … he has recently signed trade deals with Canada, Mexico, and South Korea
  • Trump promised to take on China’s bullying trade policies and has committed to imposing tariffs
  • Trump promised to increase defense spending, he has done that
  • Trump promised to bring back manufacturing jobs, they are growing at the fastest pace in more than two decades
  • Trump promised to sign “Right to Try” legislation to give dying Americans the ability to access experimental treatments that have been approved in Europe and other countries and he has done that
  • Trump promised to take on the opioid epidemic, he has labeled it a national health emergency and is on the verge of signing a significant bipartisan bill into law
  • Trump promised to build a wall … he’s still working on that
  • Trump promised to get us out of Afghanistan, unfortunately, he has backtracked on that

If Trump keeps this up, he will go down as one of the most accomplished presidents in our nation’s history. Believe me. I don’t agree with everything he does. He is a far from perfect so far. But he is getting things done. He is doing what he said he would do. He doesn’t always make it easy on himself but he knows how to get over the finish line. He knows how to take the country in the right direction. He knows how to get under liberals’ skins. He knows how to play the media. He knows how to put America First. And he is on the right track.

Meet the organisation responsible for the caravans: pueblo sin fronteras (people without borders) Soros funded October 23, 2018 

The Airborne and 1st Armored will hold sway!

Minutes ago, President Donald Trump signed DEPLOYMENT ORDERS for the 82nd Airborne Division of the United States Army, instructing them to deploy from Ft. Bragg, NC, to the U.S. southern border at Mexico.

In addition, the 1st Armored Division of the United States Army at Ft. Campbell, KY has been given 72 Hour ready-standby orders to begin shipping armored vehicles to the southern border via rail.

Covert Intelligence information confirms the present "migrant caravan" heading toward the US border from Honduras and Guatemala has grown to slightly more than TEN THOUSAND, but that an additional 40,000 Mexicans are staging in northern Mexico to join-up with that caravan.

The OPEN PLAN THEY ARE IMPLEMENTING is for more than fifty thousand of these so-called "migrants" to physically storm the U.S. border to gain entry into our country.

President Trump is not going to allow that.

Article 4, Section 4 of the US Constitution REQUIRES the federal government to protect each of the states from invasion.  The "migrant caravan" is now classified as "an invasion force" against which the US government will take action.

These people not only tore down Border fencing to unlawfully enter Mexico from Guatemala and Honduras, they physically smashed-through Border gates.  They are using force and it is now highly likely that US military force will  be used against them if they try those same tactics at the US Border.

Prepare yourselves mentally for the reality that we may have to gun down these people.  Prepare yourselves mentally for the reality they may end up in piles of dead bodies all over your TV.

Many of us have known it was going to come to this sooner or later.  Looks like it will be sooner.

This is a developing story, check back for updates. . .

The caravan of Central American migrants regrouped and heading to the U.S. from the southern Mexican city of Ciudad Hidalgo. Photo: Pedro Pardo/AFP/Getty Images




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Suicide rate among our young veterans jumped up AGAIN and by more than 10%.

Few things consume a unit like a suicide.

zsuicide 3


To all ships at sea by former Marine

Steve Boyle

There is an immediate need for all veterans and other interested parties among our MAGA mission to consider throwing their support behind a proposal just mailed to Secretary Robert Wilkie, head of the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs to approve a new “outside-the-box” methodology to address the suicide rate among our young veterans, which jumped up AGAIN, and by more than 10%, which was announced in late September, 2018.  For the proposal see here.

(see and 2018/05/31/white-house-finalizes-plan-to-stem-suicides-among-recently-separated-troops/)  See also Suicide Among Veterans and Other Americans 2001–2014 Office of Suicide Prevention 3 August 2016 (Updated August 2017 by the Office of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention)

This proposal to Secretary Wilkie was sent on October 15, 2018, by former Marine, Steve Boyle, who is the founder and president of The Bellows Foundation, dedicated to rebuilding American education from the ground up. His proposal includes a statement to the effect that the VA’s psychology PhDs will roll their eyes at the fresh perspective reflected in the proposal, but, in fact, they should be sent to the showers because they have made no headway in reversing the increasing suicide rate of young veterans.

Moreover, according to Steve, the removal of the psychology “experts” would clear the way for groups like the Bellows Mentors Team to come on the field with:

  1. A pragmatic, non-academic, and common sense frame of reference as well as …
  2. A methodology to re-instill an authentic and strong sense of brotherhood that he believes will greatly appeal to our at-risk young veterans, and …
  3. Life-long refresher upgrades in workforce training and life-long placement and re-placement services from specific Bellows Mentors who stay in routine contact from the beginning with the young, at-risk veterans as they age.

Steve has a new website,, (see “About Us”) which provides substantial additional information, good research, and images in support of the attachments.

Image result for young servicemen suicide rate

Affliction in a Godless Army: Suicide in the Heavy Rain
by Bradford Smith | 18 May, 2018 |

My brigade had two in a span of months. One particular weekend, a young soldier full of heartache and alcohol hung himself in his barracks room. He and his girlfriend were having some significant relationship issues. Two months later, another young soldier hung himself with his belt. Hours before his death, he posted a picture on social media of him in his barracks room, alone…with a bottle of liquor.

Shockwaves roiled across the Brigade. Neither young man had previously displayed overt suicidal ideations.

Thankfully, they came from separate battalions, but in the immediate aftermath and for days and weeks following, the units were consumed. The chain-of-command was focused entirely, as it should’ve been, as it had to be, upon the care of the family and the unit. We sent teams to funerals, executed memorial ceremonies, and supported the families in any way we could.

More than that, we tore ourselves apart, seeking answers that never presented themselves. How could we have prevented this?

We were asking the wrong questions.  For more go here

Related image

The foregoing charts “headline” and “highlight” the problem.

However, those figures, although publicized by Presidents and repeated by the public, have been challenged as they apply to “Young” veterans.  Bradford Smith says the following:

As suicide proliferates the active ranks, it likewise afflicts our nation’s veterans. A popular narrative claims that 22 veterans commit suicide every day which translates to roughly one every 65 minutes. 22 suicides a day—politicians regurgitate it, veterans groups made it a banner, and sympathetic citizens demand answers.  Even one suicide is too many. Yet I wondered, if this is accurate, then this is an astonishing number!

Peeling the onion reveals some problems.

The statistic, 22 a day, is based upon the Veterans Administration 2012 Suicide Data Report which surveyed statistics from 1999 to 2011 across 21 states and then extrapolated for the general population. The researchers themselves cede the lack of veracity of the conclusions. Further, the average age of the victim was 60 years old, effectively undermining the popular narrative concerning the afflicted Afghanistan and Iraq war veterans. A more recent and comprehensive survey yields that roughly one veteran commits suicide each day, still too many but a far cry from 22.  For more go here

The visuals that follow may be a bit outdated but the message remains the same … one is too many and suicide among our young veterans is on the rise.

Related image

Related image

Image result for young servicemen suicide rate

Related image


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Donald J. Trump, President, Master Chief, Command Sgt. Major, “Gunny,” 1st Sergeant.

“Sometimes God uses the no-nonsense, salty sailor to get the job done.”

… says KAREN VAUGHN, Gold Star Mom of Aaron Vaughn, Navy Seal.

zGold Mom

Aaron Vaughn

Navy Chief Special Warfare Operator (SEAL) Aaron C. Vaughn
Died August 6, 2011 Serving During Operation Enduring Freedom 30, of Stuart, Fla.; assigned to an East Coast-based SEAL team; died Aug. 6 in Wardak province, Afghanistan.

Read this once, pause for a minute or two to think honestly about it, then read it again. I can find no fault with it… The views this mother has about Donald Trump are much like many other people. Her characterization of Trump as the “Salty Sailor” or as “The Fireman” paint an excellent picture!! She has written many great books about her son and family. This is a Comment from KAREN VAUGHN, Mother of Aaron Vaughn, Navy Seal. by Tami Jackson 

“Sometimes God uses the no-nonsense, salty sailor to get the job done. Appreciating what the man is doing doesn’t mean we worship the salty sailor or even desire to be like the salty sailor. It doesn’t even mean God admires the salty sailor. Maybe He just knows he’s necessary for such a time as this.

I believe with all my heart that God placed that salty sailor in the White House to give this nation one more chance in November 2016. Donald Trump is what he is – and he is still the man he was before the election – and without guilt. I very much admire what that salty sailor is accomplishing.

He’s not like me. That’s okay with me. I don’t want to be like him. I will never behave like him. I know we’ve NEVER had a man like him lead our nation before. It’s crazy and a little mind-blowing at times. But I can’t help admire the stamina and ability he has – acting with his heart rather than a calculated, PC, think tank-screened, carefully edited script. I still believe that is WHY he became our President and WHY he’s been able to handle a landslide of adversity and STILL pass unprecedented amounts of good legislation for our country AND do great works for MANY other nations, including Israel.

I’m THRILLED with what he’s doing for my nation, for the cause of Christ (whether intentional or unintentional, doesn’t matter to me), and for the concept of rebuilding America and putting her FIRST. I will not be ashamed of my position because others don’t see him through the same lens.

Should it matter to me if a fireman drops an f-bomb while he’s pulling me from a burning building? Would I really care about what came out of his mouth in those moments? Heck no! I’d CARE about what he was DOING. He wasn’t sent there to save my soul and I’m not looking to him for spiritual guidance. All I’m thinking in those moments is, “Thank you, GOD, for sending the fireman.” AND DONALD TRUMP IS OUR FIREMAN.

I’ll soon post this article again for those who still might not understand me. This man is crass. Okay. He’s not careful with what he says. Okay. You feel offended that he’s not a typical statesman. Okay. But he is DOING THE JOB of rebuilding the nation my son died for… the nation I feared was on a fast track to becoming a hopeless cause.
Forgive me if I’m smiling.”
Written by

So … have some fun and visit with our “Big Bad Don!”

Donald J. Trump,

President, Master Chief, Command Sgt. Major, “Gunny,” 1st Sergeant.



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The Diplomatic Dance with the Evil Saudis around Jamal Khashoggi’s killing is all about the numbers above!

Top Story

Steve Hilton: Mr. Trump, you've promised 'severe punishment' over Jamal Khashoggi's death. How about this?
Steve Hilton: Mr. Trump, you’ve promised ‘severe punishment’ over Jamal Khashoggi’s death. How about this?

Can they afford to offend us and watch their jets, tanks, and other military hardware rust in the desert for want of parts?  Can we afford to offend them and suffer our Military Industrial Complex’s weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth?

Where will the “moral/practical middle” fall?


Zero Hedge News

Khashoggi Murder Suspect Dies In “Suspicious Car Accident”

Mashal Saad al-Bostani was reportedly on a 15-man hit squad dispatched to Saudi Arabia’s Istanbul Consulate in Turkey on October 2 during Khashoggi’s visit, before the team quickly left the country, according to daily Yeni Şafak.

Albostani entered Turkey at 1:45 a.m. local time (2245GMT). He stayed at the Wyndham Grand Hotel and left the country at 9:46 p.m. local time (1846GMT) on a private jet which belonged to the Sky Prime Aviation company. -Yeni Şafak

Bostani’s alleged role in the murder of the Saudi journalist are unclear, as are details of the traffic accident in Riyadh – prompting accusations of a cover up by those who orchestrated the Khashoggi hit. Meanwhile, a columnist for Turkey’s Daily Hürriyet wrote on Thursday that Mohammad al Otaibi, Saudi Arabia’s Istanbul consul-general, would be “the next execution.”

Turkish daily Yeni Şafak reported Oct. 17 that Al-Otaibi’s voice could be heard in one of the recordings, which Turkish authorities are believed to have, of Khashoggi’s “interrogation” at the consulate.

According to the report, after Al-Otaibi told the interrogators to “do it somewhere else outside or I will be in trouble,” he was told to “shut up if you want to live when you are back in Saudi Arabia.”

Al-Otaibi returned to Saudi Arabia on Oct. 16 before his residence in Istanbul was searched by police for more than eight hours on Oct. 17 and Oct. 18. -Daily Hürriyet

Hürriyet Daily News
Oct 18, 2018
Saudi suspect in Khashoggi case ‘dies in car accident’: Report


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Every time we encounter political “Road Kill,” we stack it up, sort through it looking for the smoking guns and report the findings to our followers. In order to maintain and upgrade the Buzzard’s Blog, we are encouraging regular donations beginning with any amount. This is a labor of love. No money ends up in anyone’s pocket.



For the Evil Saudis … Jamal Khashoggi’s killing took seven minutes, Turkish source tells MEE

Saudi Arabia Delivers $100 Million Pledged to U.S. as Pompeo Lands in Riyadh

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Riyadh on Tuesday.CreditCreditPool photo by Leah Millis

From the New York Times …

By Ben Hubbard Oct. 16, 2018

BEIRUT, Lebanon — This summer, Saudi Arabia promised the Trump administration $100 million for American efforts to stabilize areas in Syria liberated from the Islamic State.

That money landed in American accounts on Tuesday, the same day that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo landed in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, for discussions with the kingdom’s leaders about the fate of a missing Saudi dissident.

Securing the funding is a win for President Trump, who has complained about how much the United States spends abroad and has tried to get allies to foot more of the bill. But the timing of the money’s arrival raised eyebrows even among some of the bureaucrats whose programs will benefit from the influx of cash.

“The timing of this is no coincidence,” said an American official involved in Syria policy who spoke on condition of anonymity because this person was not authorized to speak to journalists. The official confirmed that the money arrived on Tuesday.


From the Middle East Eye

Middle East Eye publishes first details of audio tape acquired by Turkish investigators probing what happened to Saudi journalist

The residence of the Saudi consul-general in Istanbul remains cordoned off by Turkish police (AFP)
David Hearst's picture
Last update:
Wednesday 17 October 2018 11:45 UTC

It took seven minutes for Jamal Khashoggi to die, a Turkish source who has listened in full to an audio recording of the Saudi journalist’s last moments told Middle East Eye.

Khashoggi was dragged from the consul-general’s office at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul and onto the table of his study next door, the Turkish source said.

Horrendous screams were then heard by a witness downstairs, the source said.


Full coverage of Jamal Khashoggi

“The consul himself was taken out of the room. There was no attempt to interrogate him. They had come to kill him,” the source told MEE.

The screaming stopped when Khashoggi – who was last seen entering the Saudi consulate on 2 October – was injected with an as yet unknown substance.

Salah Muhammad al-Tubaigy, who has been identified as the head of forensic evidence in the Saudi general security department, was one of the 15-member squad who arrived in Ankara earlier that day on a private jet.

Tubaigy began to cut Khashoggi’s body up on a table in the study while he was still alive, the Turkish source said.

The killing took seven minutes, the source said.

As he started to dismember the body, Tubaigy put on earphones and listened to music. He advised other members of the squad to do the same.

“When I do this job, I listen to music. You should do [that] too,” Tubaigy was recorded as saying, the source told MEE.

A three-minute version of the audio tape has been given to Turkish newspaper Sabah, but they have yet to release it.

Saudi national Salah Muhammad A Tubaigy at Ataturk Airport on 2 October 2018 (AFP/Sabah/screengrab)

A Turkish source told the New York Times that Tubaigy was equipped with a bone saw. He is listed as the president of the Saudi Fellowship of Forensic Pathology and a member of the Saudi Association for Forensic Pathology.

In 2014, London-based Saudi newspaper Asharaq al-Awsat interviewed Tubaigy about a mobile clinic that allows coroners to perform autopsies in seven minutes to determine the cause of death of Hajj pilgrims.

The newspaper reported that the mobile clinic was partly designed by Tubaigy and could be used in “security cases that requires pathologist intervention to perform an autopsy or examine a body at the place of a crime”.

These are the first details to emerge of the Saudi journalist’s killing. Khashoggi was last seen entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on 2 October to retrieve paperwork.

To date, Saudi officials have strongly denied any involvement in his disappearance and say that he left the consulate soon after arriving. However, they have not presented any evidence to corroborate their claim and say that video cameras at the consulate were not recording at the time.

Calls for credible investigation grow louder

On Tuesday, both US President Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo, his secretary of state, came out in support of Saudi officials’s denials they know anything about what happened to Khashoggi.

Trump tweeted that he spoke to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who “totally denied any knowledge of what took place” in Istanbul. Trump said MBS told him “that he has already started, and will rapidly expand, a full and complete investigation into this matter”.

On Monday, CNN reported that Saudi Arabia was preparing to release a report that would blame Khashoggi’s death on a botched interrogation.

That would be a sharp reversal of earlier statements in which Saudi officials said they had nothing to do with the journalist’s disappearance and said he left the Saudi consulate minutes after he first arrived on 2 October.

Khashoggi, a prominent journalist and columnist for the Washington Post, had been living in self-imposed exile in the US capital when he disappeared.

On Tuesday, Washington Post publisher and CEO Fred Ryan called for a “full and honest explanation” of Khashoggi’s disappearance.

“The Saudi government can no longer remain silent, and it is essential that our own government and others push harder for the truth,” Ryan said in a statement. “Until we have a full account and full accountability, it cannot be business as usual with the Saudi government.”


What happened on the day Khashoggi vanished

The United Nations human rights chief also called for diplomatic immunity to be lifted for officials who might be involved in Khashoggi’s disappearance.

Due to the seriousness of the case, the immunity generally accorded to diplomats “should be waived immediately”, Michelle Bachelet said.

This article is available on Middle East Eye French edition.

A Post Script

The latest investigative reporting by David D. KirkpatrickMalachy BrowneBen Hubbard and David Botti of The New York Times finds, Suspects in Khashoggi Case Had Ties to Saudi Crown Prince. Tweets Mark Mazzetti, “The Times gathered more information about the suspects using facial recognition software, publicly available records, social media profiles, a database of Saudi cellphone numbers, Saudi news reports, leaked Saudi government documents.” As a result, “The alibi weakens further: The Saudi crown prince denies knowing anything about what happened to the missing journalist, but NYT reporters discovered that some of the team sent to deal with the journalist know the crown prince very well,” tweets Matt PurdyBellingcat says this is “A really important piece of open source investigation by the New York Times on the Jamal Khashoggi, showing the rogue assassins theory doesn’t stand up.”

And now, tweets Browne, “More details from WaPo linking suspects in #JamalKhashoggi disappearance to the crown prince. One of them – Alarifi – matches info Times received that he in MBS’s security detail.” The Washington Post team of Shane HarrisErin CunninghamAaron C. Davis and Tamer El-Ghobashy report that suspects identified by Turkey are linked to Saudi security services. Tweets Aaron C. Davis, “Saudi Arabia’s ‘rogue killers’ include at least two men identified as working for Crown Prince MBS and one who traveled to the US for every Royal family visit since ‘15. Yet, Trump and Pompeo say they trust the Prince will conduct an honest investigation.”

And “This is really something. ‘(Turkish officials) also noted apparent Saudi attempts to scrub the scene by bringing in cleaning crews and repainting areas of the consulate. ‘People who have nothing to hide,’ one official said, ‘don’t behave like this.’” Anuj Chopra links to the story by Souad Mekhennet and Kareem Fahimat The PostTurkey releases passport scans of men it says were involved in journalist’s killing.

Jessica Donati and Margherita Stancati of The Wall Street Journal report a similar finding in their coverage as Pompeo Seeks Answers Amid Crisis Over Missing Saudi JournalistDavid Gauthier-Villars highlights, “Complicating investigators’s search inside the Saudi consulate: fresh coats of paint, Erdogan says.”

In an exclusive, David Hearst of the Middle East Eye reports that a Turkish source tells MEE, Jamal Khashoggi’s killing took seven minutes. “Horrific details on Khashoggi by @MiddleEastEye, much of which appears to be confirmed by @WSJ report,” tweets Sharon Weinberger. And be warned: As Ruairi Caseynotes, “The details in this are grotesque.”

Meanwhile, on the day Pompeo landed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Delivers $100 Million Pledged to U.S., report Ben HubbardAnjali SinghviSuspects and Anjali Singhviof The New York Times. “Coincidence?” asks Michael Slackman. “Subtle,” as Mick Kreversays.

Speaking of Saudi money, it flows into Silicon Valley—and with it qualms, write Eliot Brown and Greg Bensinger of The Wall Street Journal, who point out, “The kingdom is now the largest single investor for U.S. startups, an unsettling fact for Silicon Valley.”

And lastly, some scoop from Theodoric Meyer at POLITICOThe Washington Post told Ed Rogers, a prominent Republican lobbyist, he’d lose his gig as a contributing opinion writer unless he stopped lobbying for Saudi Arabia.


Hijackers in the September 11 attacks. The hijackers in the September 11 attacks were 19 men affiliated with al-Qaeda. 15 of the 19 were citizens of Saudi Arabia, and the others were from the United Arab Emirates (2), Egypt, and Lebanon.








Saudi Arabian prosecutors are allegedly pushing to behead female activist Israa al-Ghomgham



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Every time we encounter political “Road Kill,” we stack it up, sort through it looking for the smoking guns and report the findings to our followers. In order to maintain and upgrade the Buzzard’s Blog, we are encouraging regular donations beginning with any amount. This is a labor of love. No money ends up in anyone’s pocket.


Utah taxpayers’ money is in every Quasi Government Pot and now we are creating another Quasi pot called … UPOT!

The Utah State Legislature and other Marijuana “Compromisers” have created a construct that will most likely end up just like many other Utah Quasi Government Entities … fraud ridden, cornucopias of corruption.   We’ll call this construct “UPOT.”


Utah Quasi Government Entities Fraud (Pots) Interlocal agencies, independent entities, special service districts, Associations of Governments (AOG), and conservancy districts—each of these is a type of government-sponsored or -created organization given control of some aspect of administration, localized policy making, or government service. In short, they have control over a portion of your tax dollars and/or your life.  Who are these mysterious organizations that, up until recently, have hidden their operations in the shadows? To be clear, they hold some public meetings, report to the Utah Legislature periodically, and probably even have up-to-date websites. However, they probably would rather you not know about the size of their budgets, nor their too frequent misappropriation of funds.  The average Utahn might recognize these government organizations from the media attention they have received over the past few years.       By MICHAEL MELENDEZ 30TH MAY ’17 Libertas Institute 


  1. Utah’s USTAR  = Audit: $334 million USTAR effort inflated jobs, revenue High-tech initiative • Report says the project over-reported jobs it created and revenues it brought in. By Lindsay Whitehurst The Salt Lake Tribune October 16, 2013 8:59 am
  2. Utah’s Utah Dairy  = Auditor chides Utah Dairy Commission over misused credit cards, accountability CEO questions authority to probe, claims report has ‘multitudinous’ errors  Auditors found the commission had 122 credit card charges totaling $9,213 for which there were either no original receipts or no itemized receipts. There were 25 charges at restaurants, including five at Starbucks that appeared to be personal, totaling $2,500 without documentation for the purpose of the meal or who attended.  Other expenses include airline upgrades, cash advances, a Utah State University annual AG Day barbecue and football, and $180 manicure for Harrison.  By Dennis Romboy @dennisromboy Published: September 14, 2016 5:20 pm Updated: Sept. 14, 2016 5:29 p.m.
  3. Utah’s UTA  = UTA doubled execs’ bonuses last year while seeking tax hike
    Controversy • Incentive pay bumped as agency sought tax hike to restore bus service. The agency spent $1.74 million on such bonuses last year, twice the $870,368 doled out in 2012, according to UTA salary data analyzed by The Salt Lake Tribune.  By Lee Davidson The Salt Lake Tribune April 14, 2014 4:19 pm
  4. Utah’s DABC  = Audit of Utah’s liquor control authority finds millions in accounting errors POSTED 9:28 AM, MAY 30, 2017, BY BEN WINSLOW, UPDATED AT 05:47 PM, MAY 30, 2017 The report from Utah State Auditor John Dougall, obtained by FOX 13 ahead of the DABC commission’s monthly meeting, said from July to December 2016, the DABC did not record $216 million in revenue or $118 million in goods sold into the state’s ledger system, FINET.  It also found anywhere from $26 million to $308 million in discrepancies through the state liquor control authority’s various financial reporting systems for December 2016 and January of this year alone.Office of the Utah Legislative Auditor General Fraud Prevention “No audit since the 1980s & Illegal Activities” Office of the Utah Legislative Auditor General 
  5. Utah’s GOED  = Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) Type: Branch of Governor’s Office Funding: Sales Taxes (General Fund) and Tax Credits Funds in question: Post-performance tax deals to board member businesses. In 2009, for example, they totalled over $2 million.  “GOED board endows one of its own, again Incentives » MediConnect accepts $1.8 million tax credit.” By Lesley Mitchell The Salt Lake Tribune December 11, 2009 12:14 am
  6. Utah’s Medicaid  =Office of the Utah Legislative Auditor General Fraud Prevention  Spring 2017 Conference.  Utah Medicaid Audit found complete lack of oversight and control with fraud, waste, and abuse likely.  Estimate: $20 million MORE could be recovered in Utah Medicaid with proper controls in place. 
  7. Utah’s LPP  = Lake Powell Pipeline Conservancy District Funds; Washington County Water District Water Fees and Property Taxes; $1.3-2.8 billion over 50 years for Lake Powell Pipeline Who will pay for Powell pipeline? All of us, U. economists say Powell project • Analysis concludes that the consultant underestimated costs and didn’t consider interest on proposed bonds.  By Brian Maffly The Salt Lake Tribune September 21, 2016 4:55 pm
  8. Utah’s UCA  = Utah 911 Utah Communication Authority (UCA) Type: Independent State Entity Funding: Local & State Taxes Over $1 million embezzled FOX 13 POSTED 4:01 PM, APRIL 8, 2016, BY LAUREN STEINBRECHER AND MARK GREEN, UPDATED AT 09:30 PM, APRIL 8, 2016
  9. Utah’s URS  = Utah Retirement System Insider Trading Asset Misclassifications Office of the Utah Legislative Auditor General Fraud Prevention Spring Conference Report  Utah Retirement Systems Slide 25  “Found asset misclassifications and Chief Investment Officer (CIO) involved in an outside  consulting business. Outside activity vaguely disclosed, but nobody questioned it. Utah Retirement Systems Turns out, CIO’s partner was a URS Board Member, who happened to be an investment advisor for the LDS Church. Front-Running/Insider Trading was occurring.” Office of the Utah Legislative Auditor General Spring 2017 Conference.
  10. Utah’s Utah Capital Investment (formerly Utah Fund of Funds) = Type: Public-Private Partnership Funding: Contingent Tax Credits Funds in question: Over $100 million invested every year with questionable returns  Overstated the Returns on its Investments,Downplayed the Costs of Doing Business, Lacking in Transparency.  By Robert Gehrke The Salt Lake Tribune August 27, 2014 5:26 pm
  11. Utah’s Utah League of Cities and Towns  = Utah League of Cities and Towns (ULCT) Type: Interlocal Agency Funding: City/Town Membership Fees Over $1.3 million in improper trust fund Deseret News By Katie McKellar @KatieMcKellar1  Published: April 21, 2017 11:10 am

  12. Utah’s future UPOT Pot ScamProp-2 … pro and con … can fight it out.  The real issues are, “Who will benefit in the long run?”

The UPOT Scam

We’ve been fed up for decades with the stupidity, hypocrisy and mendacity that surrounds the War on Drugs.  See Forbes’ “Marijuana’s $40 Billion Dollar Green Rush ” and “Legal U.S. Marijuana Market Will Grow to $7.1 Billion in 2016: Report

And we are perpetually vexed over the stupidity, hypocrisy,and mendacity that reeks from Utah’s legislature whenever they begin to legislate moral issues and have their sticky fingers in the POTs. See “Big Tobacco and 54 of Utah’s Legislators.

Now we note that Utah’s legislature and other Goodfellas are working hard to find a way to control a Marijuana supply, marketing, and sales chain that benefits and monetizes their select insiders, nominees, and cutouts. 

UPOT Scam … Another Utah Quasi Government Entity 

There will be favorite sons and daughters … Goodfellas … controlling this process all the way.  Why do we believe this?  Well, while working a securities market manipulation case in Salt Lake when Utah was characterized as the Stock Fraud capital of the Nation, a wise old broker,  Edda Eldridge, once told me, “Sonny … don’t bet on the horse.  Bet on the rider.”  Meaning of course that I should know who the riders were and then I could find and follow the fraud.
After all, they’re just Goodfellas 

Well … I follow many of the riders in Utah’s government and I’m betting they are setting up a Billion Dollar Pot scam.   You’ll find a fair share of them on a timeline here  The timeline is interactive in that when your mouse turns to a hand, you can click on and view the underlying information.

Utah’s Goodfellas will control the following processes through insiders, nominees, and cutouts!

Each numbered item below represents an operational entity created by the proposed Marijuana Compromise construct and the corresponding acronym we assigned to it:

  1. Medical Cannabis Cultivation Facilities = CCPOT
  2. Medical Cannabis Processing Facilities = CPPOT
  3. Independent Cannabis Testing Laboratories = CTPOT
  4. Medical Cannabis Pharmacies = MCPOT
  5. State Central Fill Medical Cannabis Pharmacy = CFPOT
  6. Qualified Medical Providers = MPPOT
  7. Medical Cannabis Inventory Control System = ICPOT
  8. Transportation of Medical Cannabis = TPOT

We believe UPOT is poised as but another bottomless POT pit that swallows taxpayer’s dollars and renders up “juicy” residuals to insiders as do Utah’s League of Cities and Towns, Utah Capital Investment, URS, UCA, LPP, Medicaid, GOED, DABC, UTA, USTAR et. al.


Let’s all Help Drain the Swamp

Every time we encounter political “Road Kill,” we stack it up, sort through it looking for the smoking guns and report the findings to our followers. In order to maintain and upgrade the Buzzard’s Blog, we are encouraging regular donations beginning with any amount. This is a labor of love. No money ends up in anyone’s pocket.


Report: Saudis to Admit Killing Reporter in Interrogation That Went Bad

What’s new?  Nothing!

Saudi evil has been repeated and reported “ad nauseam.”

President Trump’s comments in an interview that aired Sunday on CBS News’ “60 Minutes,” Trump said that Saudi Arabia will face “severe punishment” if the United States can prove the Saudi government is responsible for the murder of Khashoggi.

The President has kept his promises, “Please keep that one Mr. President.”

Hijackers in the September 11 attacks. The hijackers in the September 11 attacks were 19 men affiliated with al-Qaeda. 15 of the 19 were citizens of Saudi Arabia, and the others were from the United Arab Emirates (2), Egypt, and Lebanon.









Saudi Arabian prosecutors are allegedly pushing to behead female activist Israa al-Ghomgham



Let’s all Help Drain the Swamp

Every time we encounter political “Road Kill,” we stack it up, sort through it looking for the smoking guns and report the findings to our followers. In order to maintain and upgrade the Buzzard’s Blog, we are encouraging regular donations beginning with any amount. This is a labor of love. No money ends up in anyone’s pocket.


Is this Islam?

Robert Spencer: A Paul Revere of Our Times

Robert Spencer’s new book The History of Jihad from Muhammad to ISIS is a clarion call to Western Civilization.  We are under assault by Islam from all sides in a war that has raged since 632, the date of Muhammad’s death.  In trying to raise the alarm, Spencer is clearly one of the Paul Reveres of our time.  But who is willing to listen?

Spencer’s opening observation sums up his book.

“There is no period since the beginning of Islam that was characterized by peaceful co-existence between Muslims and non-Muslims .  .  .  There has always been, with virtually no interruption, jihad.  Nor is jihad in Islamic theology primarily, or even prominently anything but warfare against non-believers.”

The rest of Spencer’s well researched and thoroughly documented book are the details, fascinating, convincing and frightening details that more that substantiate his case.

Spencer is one of the world’s leading authorities on Islam.  He has written several best selling books on Islam and is founder ofJihad Watcha website that covers global Islamic attacks and activity on a daily basis.  It is a program of the David Horowitz Freedom center, where Spencer is a Shillman Fellow.  He also is co-founder of Stop Islamization of America.  A tireless speaker and advocate, he has been banned from entering the UK despite the fact the British government has no trouble allowing Islamic hate preachers full access.

“Robert Spencer’s new book The History of Jihad from Muhammad to ISIS is a clarion call to Western Civilization”

Of the Greek Orthodox faith, Spencer has spent decades researching, studying and observing the elements that fill this important book with records of events and, most damagingly, direct quotes from Qur’an, which “contain numerous exhortations to fight against the infidels, as do all the hadith collections of Muhammad’s words and deeds.” More specifically, the scriptures command Muslims to “fight those who do not believe in Allah.” The historical record is chilling.  But Spencer’s most damaging and convincing argument is letting the Muslims speak for themselves including the prophet Muhammad who bragged, “I have been victorious with terror.”

The book sweeps the reader through Muhammad’s own bloody conquests against Jews Image result for Muhammad’s conquests Jews animated gif cartoonand other infidels, and then on through centuries of jihad, mass bloodshed from Spain to India, the Barbary Wars, the Ottoman Empire, and on into modern day global terrorism.  There is no accurate body count, but it’s certainly a staggering number.

His most alarming material is in the closing chapter “The West loses the Will to Live.”  The well-documented, ongoing jihad against Israel is more than enough for a book of its own.  The fall of the Shah of Iran triggered the globalization of modern jihad terrorism.  Spencer details the rise of Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden along with the 9/11 attacks that were, not so shockingly, organized and funded by senior people in both Saudi Arabia and Iran.  Even worse were attempts by the Bush administration and the Obama administration to cover this up.  One can see the hand of Obama’s CIA director John Brennan in a good deal of this.  zobamaWho can forget Obama’s 2009 trip to Cairo where he “acknowledged civilization’s debt to Islam.” Somehow he managed not to mention the slaughter of millions over the centuries in the name of Allah.

The Obama-supported Muslim Brotherhood, which has been labeled by some as a terrorist group, and its offshoot CAIR, remain highly active in weakening America’s resolve to resist the encroachment of Islam.  In February 2012, for instance, the Obama administration, led by John Brennan, purged thousands of documents about the threat of Jihad from FBI and other government training manuals, because they were allegedly “biased, false and highly offensive to Muslim groups.”

In other words, Spencer points out, “American was going to war against jihadists while forbidding itself to understand jihad.”  Brennan, in fact, “was instrumental in the Obama administration’s recasting of the defense against terror as a localized struggle against al-Qaeda.“  This was after Spencer had led seminars on Islam and jihad for the FBI, the United States Central Command, United States Army Command and General Staff College, the Joint Terrorism Task Force, the Justice Department’s Terrorism Advisory Council and the US intelligence community.

Meanwhile, the flood of Muslim immigrants into the West has accelerated.  Spencer concludes that, “The failure of today’s leadership and the international media to inform the public about what is really going on (is) an abdication of responsibility unparalleled in history.” Spencer believes the leaders of Europe have “brought almost certain doom on their countries.” Reading daily dispatches, particularly from the UK and France, it is difficult to disagree.

Spencer is not a lone voice.  In his daily electronic ride across America warning of the increasing Islamic threat, he has active allies in Pamela Geller, David Horowitz, Brigitte Gabriel, Jamie Glazov, Raymond Ibrahim and Glen Roberts who have not been afraid to identify the ideological monster that threatens to destroy our Constitution and our way of life.  Roberts’ website, the Religion of Peace keeps daily track of jihadist attacks on a global basis: 33,943 since 9/11.  Islamic extremism and efforts to combat it were responsible for 84,000 deaths in 2017, according to a report from an organization founded by former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair..  The data found that there were 7,841 attacks in 48 countries in 2017, at least 47 Islamic extremist groups deliberately “orchestrated fatal campaigns against civilians.” Those attacks, the report says, were “designed to instill fear and erode public morale.”

The real question is how to destroy the Islamic destroyers.  Amil Imani, writing for Pamela Geller’s website, offers an action specific list that includes holding to account politicians who sell themselves to Islamic advocacy groups, staying informed and finding ways to actively wean ordinary Muslims away from their religion of destruction, intolerance, backwardness and death.  Muslims need to be openly challenged ideologically.  Do they accept Sharia law (female genital mutilation, the right of a man to beat one’s wife, total subjugation of wives by their husbands, death for unmarried fornication and adultery, death to gays, death to critics of Islam, death for apostates) over America’s Constitutional law?  Is reform of Islam even a theoretical possibility?

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich echoes Spencer,

“Western civilization is in a war.  We should frankly test every person here who is of a Muslim background, and if they believe in Sharia, they should be deported.  Sharia is incompatible with Western civilization.  Modern Muslims who have given up Sharia— I am glad to have them as citizens.  Perfectly happy to have them next door.”

On a personal note, I spent two exciting years in Beirut as chief of Middle East Services for the Associated Press.  I had many Arab, Armenian and Palestinian friends and employees.  Many of them were wonderful, lovely people who were fun to socialize and spend time with.  But this was before Jimmy Carter cut the floor out from under the Shah, paving the way for the Ayatollah Khomeini to return from Paris to Tehran to assume leadership of the country.  My friends were what I would call cultural or secular Muslims.  They were not devout and did not pray five times a day.  As far as I knew they were good people.  So it’s important to separate good human beings from radical Islam wherever we can.

In his 2002 “Letter to the American people,” bin Laden wrote that war against the United States will end

“…only with the submission of the United States to the warriors of jihad.  The first thing we are calling you to is Islam .  .  .  killing you and fighting you and terrorizing you, responding to your attacks, all are considered to be the great legitimate duty in our religion.  These actions are offerings to God.”

Will any Imam or devout Muslim challenge this or renounce it?

“The historical record speaks for itself,” says Spencer, “even more loudly and clearly than it usually does.  It is my hope that readers with an open mind and a willingness to consider unwelcome facts…will see this record for what it is and ponder carefully its implications for the future of free societies around the world.”  In other words, Islam is coming, by land, sea and air.  The warnings are all there.  It’s time to recognize what is happening and bring it to a halt.

Frank Hawkins is a former U.S.  Army intelligence officer, Associated Press foreign correspondent, international businessman, senior newspaper company executive, founder and owner of several marketing companies, and published novelist.  He currently lives in retirement in North Carolina.

Hijackers in the September 11 attacks. The hijackers in the September 11 attacks were 19 men affiliated with al-Qaeda. 15 of the 19 were citizens of Saudi Arabia, and the others were from the United Arab Emirates (2), Egypt, and Lebanon.









Saudi Arabian prosecutors are allegedly pushing to behead female activist Israa al-Ghomgham



Let’s all Help Drain the Swamp

Every time we encounter political “Road Kill,” we stack it up, sort through it looking for the smoking guns and report the findings to our followers. In order to maintain and upgrade the Buzzard’s Blog, we are encouraging regular donations beginning with any amount. This is a labor of love. No money ends up in anyone’s pocket.