Mormon Lawmakers Fund Porn & Pedophilia Purveyor

LDS/Mormon Lawmakers Earmark $1,500,000.00
Porn & Pedophilia Purveyor

Sundance Institute
Some Utah LDS Legislators will
“…do anything for money!”

In a Feb. 3, 2021, subcommittee meeting, legislators listened to Senator Cullimore’s and Sundance representatives’ request for $600,000 in additional ongoing funding.  Committee members failed to ask any questions or bring up Sundance’s support of pornography and attempted normalization of pedophilia.

In a February 9, 2021 subcommittee meeting, committee members present unanimously voted to support a $600,000 one-time increase in ongoing funding to Utah’s Porn & Pedophilia Purveyor, Sundance Institute. Utah taxpayers were already subsidizing $900,000 annually to Sundance.

Jordan D. TeuscherRep. Jordan D. Teuscher (R),  House Vice Chair: He is the LDS Church, in house lawyer over “Strategic Contracts, (for) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”  Teuscher later voted in favor of SB 2, which provided $600,000 in “one-time” additional funding to Sundance Institute.

Rep. Christine F. Watkins (R), House Chair who self-reported that she has held many positions in Primary, Young Women, Relief Society, Sunday SchoolWatkins later voted in favor of SB 2, which  provided $600,000 in “one-time” additional funding to Sundance Institute.

WEILET..jpg Sen. “Wiley” Todd Weiler: Rat Pack member and self-reported LDS Bishop.  Reported avid proponent for funding Sundance.  Ironically, in 2016 Weiler sponsored a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints supported Resolution that defines pornography as a public health hazard. Weiler later voted in favor of SB 2, which  provided $600,000 in “one-time” additional funding to Sundance Institute.

VICKEEJ.jpgSen. Evan J. Vickers (R): This LDS Bishop was featured in our “Utah’s Pot Pirate” Evan Vickers.   Self reported Bishop (twice), counselor in bishopric, counselor in stake presidency, high councilVickers later voted in favor of SB 2, which provided $600,000 in “one-time” additional funding to Sundance Institute.

Steven J. LundRep. Steven J. Lund (R): He self-reports LDS Church Missionary service.  Lund later voted in favor of SB 2, which provided $600,000 in “one-time” additional funding to Sundance Institute.

Rep. Val L. Peterson (R):Val L. Peterson This member of an LDS Bishopric later voted in favor of SB 2, which  provided $600,000 in “one-time” additional funding to Sundance Institute.

Senate President  J. Stuart Adams (R)ADAMSJS.jpg: This LDS Bishop hand-selected every senate member of this committee (see our article “Utah’s Totalitarian Troika“) and was prominently featured in “Rogues Gallery.”  Adams later voted in favor of SB 2, which provided $600,000 in “one-time” additional funding to Sundance Institute.

Rep. Brad R. Wilson (R)  : This self-reported LDS Teacher hand-selected every house member of this committee (see our article “Utah’s Totalitarian Troika“) and was prominently featured in “Rogues Gallery.”  Wilson later voted in favor of SB 2, which provided $600,000 in “one-time” additional funding to Sundance Institute.

Ask them if they did fund Sundance!  To find your Utah Legislator, click HERE and follow the instructions. 

Hypocrisy: Claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform.

“What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say!” – R.W. Emmerson

Below are committee members, many of whom are former or current LDS/Mormon Church leaders, officers, advisors, and teachers.  They also appear to have had no problem funding Utah’s Porn & Pedophilia Purveyor, Sundance Institute, and nearly all of them voted in favor of SB 2 (find their names on the final Senate and House floor votes), which provided the $600,000 in one-time additional funding to Sundance Institute.

Senator Kirk Cullimore made the request for this appropriation. Here is a summary & recordings of the Business, Economic Development and Labor Appropriations (BEDL) committee hearing.

Did they fund Porn & Pedophilia?

BEDL Committee:

Are the following members of the Executive Appropriations Committee the ones who put $600,000 in additional one-time funding in the budget for the Sundance Institute?

Did they fund Porn & Pedophilia?

Executive Appropriations Committee:

Those who did approve this funding
have exposed themselves as …

Purveyors of Porn & Pedophilia
perverting the Rule of Law & Good Governance!

Note: Nearly every Senator voted to pass SB2 which included the $600,000 in one-time funding for the Sundance Institute.  Only 10 House members voted NO on SB2: Ballard, Birkeland, Christiansen, Judkins, Lyman, Petersen, Robertson, Seegmiller, Strong, and Thurston.

Previously, all legislators had voted for the base budget which apparently included $900,000 in ongoing funding for the Sundance Institute.  That ongoing appropriation had originally been approved at $1,000,000 in 2018 in HB2 and reduced by $100,000 to $900,000 in 2020 due to COVID related budget cuts.  The Sundance funding in final appropriation bills is included in the economic development pass through funding.

Meme Creator - Funny The word of the day is... Accountability Meme Generator at!The legislative process is often convoluted, cryptic, and confusing.  Purposefully so to circumvent full accountability.  For those wishing to “de-cipher” some of it, here are links to follow:

Here are just a couple of the reports that can be accessed from the above URL that we find interesting since they break down what is hidden in each of the bills. 

Ole Buzzard’s Addition

As a graduate of the FBI’s “Command School of Advanced Criminology,”  I was taught to recognize human indicators and signs pointing to “Abnormal Psychology and Criminal, Behaviors.”  Working day-to-day crimes of violence in Los Angeles – bank robbery, kidnapping, hijacking, et al. – we didn’t have the luxury of conducting a scientific, psychological profile and analysis of the violent criminal while he was “on the run” and we were in “hot pursuit.”  Therefore, recognizing human signals and signs along the way helped us anticipate aberrant behaviors that, had we not been schooled and aware, might otherwise have led to an accident, injury, or other harm that could have been avoided.

Believe me, dear reader, the Utah signs are cropping up all over the place.  Pedophilia and perversion are becoming more and more pervasive and accepted aberrant behaviors in our Utah political community as evidenced by taxpayer money spent promoting the purveyors of it.

The template script or modus operandi for such sordid behavior was exposed publicly and recently in the evil Epstein empire.  Said script contains the co-option and co-operation of some of our Country’s and the World’s most infamous political and social luminaries.  “Where there’s smoke, there’s bound to be fire” and it’s smoldering away here as our legislators have again revealed their intent and conduct.

As to a “lay” person’s qualification to also understand and apprehend human behaviors, here’s one proposal…  First, clear the decks of all psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, and Avant-guard, pseudo-intellectual psychobabble.  Then apply the following “litmus” test: If something looks like a skunk, walks like a skunk, and smells like a skunk, it’s a skunk.

In other words, if it promotes injustice, and fails to elevate and encourage healthy, happy humans to fit seamlessly, morally, and socially into their communities, definitely keep the taxpayers’ pocketbooks out of it. 

Religious laypersons and leaders are hopefully equipped and should be the first to recognize behaviors that are clearly aberrant, abhorrent, and perverse.  Subsidizing an industry that promotes and propagandizes perversion is unconscionable.  

See also: “Pedophile Paradise … The Boy Scouts of America,” and, “Child Abuse … ‘But whoever … drowned … depths of the Sea.’


Warning!!! “X” Rated
Sundance is Terminally Ill with an Infectious and Highly
Contagious Disease Called Pornography!

One of Justice4All’s perceptive and determined friends gave notice to our legislators as follows:

Hi Representatives or Senators,

As you will recall, in 2016 the legislature unanimously passed a Resolution recognizing that “pornography is a public health hazard that is harming the citizens of Utah.”

Therefore, given the fact that pornography is a recognized public health hazard will you support the appropriation of $1.5 million in this year’s budget for the Sundance Institute since the Institute has a long history of promoting pornographic films?……..If yes, why?

Below is a list of some of the films shown, promoted and awarded at the Sundance Film Festival from 1994 to 2021. Therefore, pornography at Sundance is a longstanding and ongoing “health hazard.” For still more examples of Sundance porn click on these Google links:  “Cuties Movie is Porn ” -“Sundance Porn” – “Sundance Sleaze.”

o “Clerks” (1994) – “Kevin Smith’s debut had a similar impact on both its director’s career and Sundance itself. It also reminded festivalgoers no subject was too taboo for Park City (including and especially dying while masturbating).

o “Spanking the Monkey” (1994) – “With a euphemistic title referring to masturbation and an incestuous plot development ….”

o “Secretary” (2002)- “Plenty of Sundance movies have featured graphic sex over the years, but none have delved into the world of BDSM quite like Steven Shainberg’s cult classic.”  BDSM = Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadochism, and Masochism.

o “Saw” (2003)- “Would you like to play a game? For better or for worse, we have “Saw” to thank for ushering in the controversial era of torture porn, which dominated the horror genre throughout the mid- and late-2000s.”

o “Teeth” (2007) – This dark comedy about a woman whose vagina has literal teeth is a bold statement on feminism that was “one of the most talked-about films at the Sundance Film Festival this year,”

o   “Zoo” (2007)- Documentary on bestiality premieres at Sundance Film Festival “… is a documentary about … sex between men and animals. Some Christians have accused Zoo and Hound dog, (2007) two movies presented at the Sundance Film Festival this week, of aiding the porn industry …  due to the movies’ inclusion of bestiality and a sexual assault scene involving a 12-year-old girl.

o “Compliance” (2012) – Detractors accused the film of exploiting young female sexuality for prurient and sordid purposes.

o “Kink,” (2013) which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival is a film about, the world’s leading producer of bondage and sadomasochistic porn.

o “The Year Sex Took Over Sundance” (2015) – From a teenage girl’s sexual awakening to gay men in a three-way, from incredibly flexible gymnastic sex to a mother having her way with a teddy bear, the 2015 Sundance Film Festival unabashedly explored areas of human sexuality rarely seen in feature films.

o “KUSO” (2017) – “the grossest movie ever made for its inclusion of, among other things, a shot of an erect penis being stabbed.”

o “CUTIES” (2019?)  “Cuties has been condemned by U.S. Senators Mike Lee and Tom Cotton for sexualizing minors and as child pornography. Despite that, Sundance continues to highlight it on its website in three separate places. Herehere, and here.   [Eleven-year old] Amy, through an ignited awareness of her burgeoning femininity, propels the group [of eleven year olds] to enthusiastically embrace an increasingly sensual dance routine, sparking the girls’ hope to twerk their way to stardom at a local dance contest.

o “Zola” Film Review Sundance 2020 – Developments include a series of tricks with johns seen in an unflinchingly graphic screen scroll …

o “Pleasure” (2021) According to a review in the Daily Beast titled, The Shockingly Realistic Porn Movie That Has Sundance Talking: “Pleasure is considerably more explicit (read: realistic) than the Boogie Nights of the world. Everything shy of actual penetration is shown, including more dicks than the entirety of Game of Thrones…. Many of the reviews of Pleasure out of Sundance have focused heavily on the pain—specifically, a scene at the film’s midway point where Bella is pressured into filming an incredibly rough scene with two men that crosses the line into abuse….In one scene, Bella’s male shooting partner is struggling to get it up. He turns away from Bella and the crew, embarrassed, and begins masturbating to try to bring himself to full-mast….When it comes time to shoot her first scene, however—with a considerably older man, for $900—she panics. After some reassurances from the director and his assistant, she regains her composure, and the scene goes off without a hitch. She even memorializes it with a photo of her smiling face, covered in semen.”

According to Deadline, There’s no real surprise in any of this, but Thyberg keeps things interesting by realistically showing what goes into a porn shoot from the actors’ point of view—how the men need to have their own ways of keeping up appearances, so to speak, while the women soon learn that their value often rests on how far they’ll go, such as taking on two guys at once or being strapped up in leather and chains. The more extreme the fetishes, the better. The [film] may not be XXX, but XX is plenty sufficient in this case.

[Name Withheld]

Fair Warning

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