An Idiot’s Guide to Invading the USA

The Quora “Idiot’s Guide to Invading the USA” is a bit “clunky” and poorly written but it makes much sense!  

The Ole’ Buzzard Sums It Up at the end of this Posting.

Joseph Madder Answered with, “Getting onto American soil isn’t the hard part, the hard part is getting anywhere after you touch ground.”

This is a bit of an offensive meme, be warned.

There are an estimated 120 guns per 100 people in the US, and since we’re the ones being invaded, we get to use every one of them, including civilian owned .50BMGs. If you get shot with this it will tear you in half, if your car’s engine block gets shot with this, it’s out of commission, if a helicopter is shot with this, it’s coming down.

You may Shriek, Shrivel and Cower When the Bad Guys come Knocking at your Door!

But as for the Rest of us … We have guns and Will Shoot!

Image result for have gun will shoot cartoon animated gif

Watch out for the citizen at a bus stop!

It’s time we defended and took back some territory.

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So … the Lousy, Limp wristed, Lily-Livered,Lecherous, Licentious, Lascivious, Lawless, Leftist, Lewd, Lying, Lugubrious, Lurid, Lunatic, Gun Hating Lackeys … can be Damned!