William V. Cowan … Peerless Special Operations Professional

According to Politico …

The ‘Steely-Eyed Killer’ Who Became a Star on Fox News – Then Lost It All

For years, Bill Cowan ran top-secret programs for the Pentagon and appeared regularly on Fox as a military analyst. Today, he’s on the run.  By KEITH KLOOR August 10, 2018 Politco

On July 21, 2018, our Buzzard’s Blog posting about “Hatch’s Inc” exposed Senator Orrin Hatch’s relationship with his “Skunk Works”…Policy Impact Communications (PIC).  Bill Cowan is named in PIC’s roster as “Senior Advisor.”  Simply put, the importance of this expose and relationship “gaming” is directly related to Hatch’s Global reach, influence, capacity, power and impact … all at his beck and call and will to use.

William V. Cowan, PIC’s operative, makes James Bond look like a piker.

  Anticipating that the following article may influence PIC’s relationship with Cowan, we have cut out a slice of their roster containing Cowan’s partial credential and post it here for safekeeping. zcowanpic

We will have much more to say about Hatch and PIC, but are leading up to it in a logical and systematic way forward with future postings.

In the meantime, here are highlights from the article found at https://goo.gl/UU7inW .

  1. His (Cowan’s) work for the Pentagon was so secret that only about a half-dozen people in the U.S. government were aware of it.
  2. The Pentagon declined to comment about Cowan’s contracts while he was a Fox contributor: “We don’t discuss Special Access Programs with the public,” a duty officer wrote in an email.
  3. Cowan’s career dovetails with some of the most troubled chapters in American military history over the past 50 years, from Vietnam to Iraq. Over the course of that career, as the number of countries where the U.S. military has troops ballooned to some 150, Cowan often found himself in the thick of the fight.
  4. After graduating from the Naval Academy in 1966, Cowan was shipped to Vietnam—at the height of the war—as a young Marine officer and platoon commander.
  5. There, Cowan collaborated with the CIA in a notorious counterinsurgency initiative dubbed the Phoenix Program….
  6. In 1983, he was recruited into a super-secret new U.S. Army unit called the Intelligence Support Activity (ISA).
  7. In 1987, he helped write legislation that established the U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) in Tampa, Florida.
  8. As Cowan describes it, his original SAP contract grew into multiple “tasks.” Some of them were actionable covert missions; others died in the planning stage—for example, an operation against Hezbollah, the militant Islamic group that has dominated Lebanon’s political landscape for decades.
  9. In an unpublished, unfinished autobiography Cowan gave me (the author), he writes that his media perch at Fox was a useful front while working secret government programs in the 2000s. “My public persona was in my being a Fox News Channel contributor,” he writes. “My real persona was something else.”
  10. The ultra-secret work had been Cowan’s livelihood and the primary source of his income: He had made roughly $300,000 that year from the SAP, he told me, clocking in 12-16 hours a day while on his undercover trips in the Middle East.

Enough … you are invited to read it all at https://goo.gl/UU7inW

Cowan in uniform in Vietnam.

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