Katie Hopkins —– British woman’s warning! A “Must Watch!”

She is right on target.   America Wake up!

Stay with this video to the very end. No one can deny that it is not happening right before our eyes all over Europe to include England, France, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, etc.  And this same insane attitude is growing tremendously here in American as well.

Lawlessness throughout the vast majority of European countries is common place and their Intelligence services, police, and the European governments, for unknown reasons, have taken the position that they are powerless to protect their law abiding citizens. I wish I could state that there is not a damn chance we will let this happen in America, but, I honestly believe that today’s America will cave just as the Europeans, only it will be a few years later.

We cannot let our country become another United Kingdom. London is lost but other parts of the country are rising up to save what they have left of their freedom.  She is speaking in America…..


I personally endorse Katie’s message Wayne Sigs/Wayne L. Wickizer, MSAJ, Major Ret. U.S. Army Special Forces, FBI Agent 1970-76, Grandfather of 28+, MAGA  justice@utahwtp.com

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Let’s all Help Drain the Swamp

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Wayne L. Wickizer - MSAJ Major, U.S. Army Special Forces Ret. Former FBI Agent 1970-76

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