Saudi Arabian prosecutors are allegedly pushing to behead female activist Israa al-Ghomgham


Excerpted from Conservative Tribune Article BY BRYAN CHAI AUGUST 26, 2018

“Every time I hear about an NFL player, or a far-left pundit, or a smug Hollywood elitist talk about how terrible, racist, sexist and homophobic America is, one question always comes to mind. Have you seen the rest of the world?   zexecute3Last I checked, women and minority citizens are all allowed to drive, own property and vote in democratic elections.   And last I checked, nobody on the far-left has to worry about unjust imprisonment every time they verbally attack Trump.  You know what would be worth kneeling about? If America wanted to behead a woman for simply having the courage to speak out about injustice.   That horrifying scenario is reportedly playing out in Saudi Arabia.  Saudi Arabian prosecutors are allegedly pushing to behead female activist Israa al-Ghomgham.  Ghomgham and four other activists are reportedly on trial and all face the death penalty.  The charges include incitement to protest, chanting slogans hostile to the regime, attempting to inflame public opinion, and providing moral support to rioters. Wow. If those types of charges could be levied in America, every news broadcaster and protester or rally-goer would be facing an unfriendly fate.”

Now get ready for the rest of the story …  the back story … a story of unequaled duplicity and mendacity … the epitome of naked U.S. policy and hypocrisy.  We don’t tell it.  You see it and interpret it for yourselves.


Hijackers by Nationality:

Mohamed Atta

Ziad Jarrah

Saudi Arabia
Ahmed al Ghamdi 
Hamza al Ghamdi 
Saeed al Ghamdi 
Hani Hanjour 
Nawaf al Hazmi 
Salem al Hazmi 
Ahmad al Haznawi 
Ahmed al Nami 
Khalid al Mihdhar 
Majed Moqed 
Abdul Aziz al Omari 
Mohand al Shehri 
Wail al Shehri 
Waleed al Shehri 
Satam al Suqami

United Arab Emirates
Fayez Banihammad
Marwan al Shehhi


Policy toward Saudi Arabia? … You Decide




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