The Medal of Freedom for Hatch the Great Ingratiator?

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What’s the medal worth NOW?

Orrin Hatch the “Great Ingratiator” has 

finally made it into the Medal winner’s circle sharing it with the likes of Bill Clinton – Philanderer; Gloria Steinemwho promotes Sex before marriage and a job after; Oprah Winfrey cozy, touchy feely with Rapist in Chief Harvey Weinstein … Medal of Freedom winners … really?

Hot diggity dog! Big deal!

Watch the posturing, preening, and pontificating in Hatch’s main media mouthpiece Utah’s Deseret News 

Real winners … all!

What on Earth has happened to the Medal?

“Hey there!  Hatch – Clinton – Steinem – Winfrey – if you ever lose ’em, come get more! There’s a grundle in White House Cracker Jack boxes.”



Everybody … quick!   Let’s run and get a tin hat on. It’s the only way we’ll ever understand Hatch’s “Winfrey for President” compulsion … unless … of course … it’s all about $$$$$$$$


Is Hatch Pimping for Oprah and Oprah Pimping for Weinstein?

Who is funding the Orrin Hatch Center? We may never know.” 

By Thomas Burr  · Published: March 18 Updated: March 19, 2018 “Donations to the center that are public include: $125,000 from Altria, which is one of the world’s leading tobacco manufacturers; $65,000 from the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), the lobbying group of the drug industry; and $50,000 from the Biotechnology Innovation Organization, the largest trade group for the biotechnology industry.  Those are just some of the companies that filed reports of their contributions with the Senate. One of those — Merck & Co., Inc., which gave the foundation $20,000 — only did so after the Center for Public Integrity found more than 20 companies and trade groups that had failed to disclose payments to nonprofits aligned with politicians or to honor lawmakers.  Merck originally didn’t disclose the payment to the Hatch Foundation, nor a $5,000 gift to a scholarship fund named for Rep. Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., the Center for Public Integrity found. A company spokesman told the center it amended the reports.

The Hatch center … his final, everlasting OBSCENE MONUMENT TO HIMSELF … a travesty in hubris to be planted across the street from the revered Prophet Thomas S. Monson’s center.

Has Oprah donated to the planned Hatch Center as pay back for his “gush” over her presidential aspirations?

Sen. Orrin Hatch says Oprah Winfrey would have a shot to be president

SALT LAKE CITY — Sen. Orrin Hatch said Oprah Winfrey would have a shot to be president if she were to run and that he’d like to talk to her about the job.  “I think a lot of people would consider her because she’s a winner,” the Utah Republican told TMZ in a brief interview Monday as he walked through the Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C.  When asked what he thought about her running, Hatch said, “That’d be great. She’s a great soul.”  Winfrey’s speech at the Golden Globes on Sunday has created a lot of buzz around the possibility of her running for president.  The senator, who announced last week he would not seek an eighth term, went on to say, “It’s a real hard job, and I’d like to sit down with her and help her if I could.” Hatch said people like Winfrey enough that she would have a serious chance of winning if she handled things properly. “But it would be uphill,” he said.

After Golden Globes Speech, James Woods Shares 3 Photos From Oprah’s Past

After Oprah Winfrey’s highly publicized speech at the Golden Globes sparked speculation of a presidential run, actor James Woods tweeted three pictures of her with disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

Winfrey, who starred in The Weinstein Company film “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” in 2013, is shown hanging on his shoulder in one picture posted by Woods.

Just Chillin’ with the Rapist in Chief!


In another, she appears to be showering affection (tongue almost in ear) on Rapist in Chief Weinstein.  Yeah … sure … wonderful Presidential prospect!

Which one?


In a third photo, Winfrey offers what looks to be a reassuring hand to Rita Ora, as Weinstein reaches over to touch the young singer.


As reported by The Western Journal, British actress Kadian Noble said that Weinstein used Winfrey and actress Naomi Campbell to fool her into believing he would further her acting career.

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey, who dedicated a portion of acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globes to speaking out against sexual harassment, was accused in November of being a Weinstein enabler.

Noble had met Weinstein in 2014 at a British Academy Film Awards after-party.

There, Weinstein allegedly introduced Noble to Winfrey and Campbell, before telling Noble that he had an interest in her acting ability.

Noble claimed to have been impressed by Weinstein after she witnessed Winfrey “swinging off his arm.”

The actress recounted that instead of helping her career he only wanted to have sex with her.


Birds of a Feather … Flock Together!


Winfrey for President?


Sleep wit’ dem’ damn dogs an yo’ gets ‘der fleas!


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