A Little Boy’s Dreams …

… and “Putting the ‘Big Boy’ Back Together.” (2 min)

The Ole’ Buzzard has dedicated this posting to his father and a friend.

Not quite Big Boy but it’s the 844  (17 min)

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BIG Boy getting a BIG push (6 min)

Restoration Progress HERITAGE 

Get restoration updates here https://youtu.be/Wvj7H_CZxmM?t=184

Photos galore here https://goo.gl/S3S5EH


During the Great Depression and well into WWII, Leo Wickizer (1907-1993) an ole’ Oklahoma cowboy who learned to be a “Steamfitter” labored in the Chicago rail yards. He repaired hot, broken and inoperative steam systems. The work eventually ruined his health.

We honor this father, an old time railroader, who would make such a sacrifice to keep a family fed, housed and clothed during those turbulent times.

Leo left the railroad in Chicago and with his family moved on to work until the war’s end in the shipyards of Bremerton, Washington.  Thereafter he went back to his cowboy roots taking his family with him from ranch to ranch.  Leo & Mildred Wickizer FamilyHe died in Burns, Oregon … the cow country of his choice and dreams.  s/ The Ole’ Buzzard … his son.

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Wayne L. Wickizer - MSAJ Major, U.S. Army Special Forces Ret. Former FBI Agent 1970-76

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