The Barr Report of the Mueller Report

or …
… in the meantime, we watch as the “wee” Fairies continue the same ole’ District of Columbia dance.

In the Elizabethan era fairies were thought of as bad spirits who played tricks on people.  They also believed that fairies were the ones that caused disease, illness and misfortune.  Fairies were viewed as the same size and shape of humans; people were sometimes thought to be fairies because their size was supposed to be as tall as a short person.

Incompetent AG Sessions and “Free Ride” Utah United States Attorney Huber were obviously in over their heads.  Neither one could clean a bathroom sink after brushing his teeth yet the ballyhoo was that they could do something about “cleaning up” the swamp.  There’s so much other “stuff” going on that there’s no time or space to rant over the abject failure of the foregoing. “Sigh!”

And … we submit that neither Barr nor Mueller are to be trusted with the keys to their respective fiefdoms. Mueller is the Deus ex Machina of the Deep State and Barr is a clapped out, old, Bush Family retread. 

However, of all those who we have seen so far in the Justice Department, Barr is the most experienced and capable “cleaner” for the Deep State.  So history repeats and The Barr Report of the Mueller report smells like the local garbage dump at high noon on a hot August day.  Not that I don’t like some of the “tenor” of it because it gives my President some breathing room.  The President gets some breathing room before the rabble recover completely from their devastating defeat and go back to the sordid, traitorous work of dismantling and destroying the United States of America.

In case you don’t have “The Barr Report of the Mueller Report,” here it is…

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