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This 82-year-old Ole’ Buzzard is passionate and sentimental about The United States of America. 

Love of Country is our passion. 

“I think that, as life is action and passion, it is required of a man that he should share the passion and action of his time at peril of being judged not to have lived.”  ― Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

Just this evening, we’ve revisited one of our earlier postings to again watch the following TED video that brings us to tears at the end of it.

The blog posting herein raises the alarm while in contrast the TED video that follows suggests solutions.  A passionate alarm followed by logical steps to a solution is indeed a rarity.  First, please watch …

If the TED video doesn’t bring tears, then we suggest contemplating what life would be like in North Korea, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, China ….  Perhaps living elsewhere is a better choice for our current crop of mindless rabble so quick to identify “willy nilly” and completely in a tizzy over and unsure of their religion, gender, or ethnicity.  Before moving out, however, we suggest they consider carefully what life will be like under the absolute rule of an elite, or an oligarchy, or a monarchy, or a totalitarian state, or as we reference below “Identity politics: The new form of privileged tyranny” … the ends to which so many leftist progressives within our Country seem to currently be plunging like lemmings into an abyss.

We again raise the alarm about creeping, moral/social/political decay, rule by oligarchs, mindless leftist progressives and ensconced elites all of which/whom are threatening to engulf our State and Nation.  Just this morning (Tuesday, April 09, 2019) the following headline caught my attention, “Identity politics: The new form of privileged tyranny” by Dr. David Tucker writing for The Washington Examiner.  So here we have yet another form of tyranny to understand and to avoid.  Unfortunately, all over our Land there are thousands spouting Identity Politics tripe that purports to be a new logic and raison d’etre.

After watching the TED video, please revisit “Oligarchs Toadies Goodfellas” in its entirety.  In it we expose the subversion of the Rule of Law and Good Governance … especially here in Utah.  Please watch the videos included in the posting and dive down into the hyperlinks.

When the reader is finished with all of the above, we recommend diving into an insightful, delightful “mind bending experience” with the following:

Bret Weinstein is a former Evergreen State College evolutionary biology professor who became the focus of a witch hunt on campus when he refused to participate in a ‘Day of Absence’ for white students and faculty. In this interview recorded in October 2017, Weinstein discussed the wisdom of the post-modern ideology of social justice.

BRET WEINSTEIN: To the extent that the academy is producing people who are talking utter nonsense, and imagining that it is sophisticated and enlightened — that system is a failure.

I don’t think that we can say that the entire educational apparatus is a failure. But we can say that the part of the apparatus that is a failure is taking over more and more territory.

The number of classes in a university that are immune to this extremely broken way of thinking is ever smaller. And I think we can even see from here the day in which there will be no classes that are immune because every class is going to be subject to some set of rules that is built around this very naive notion of privilege and white supremacy and all of that. So that day is coming…

If there’s one thing that people fail to appreciate about the social justice movement where it interfaces with the academy is that just because what is being said is crazy to the point of absurdity does not mean that the strategic plan is absurd. The strategic plan is far more effective than you would expect based on the sophistication of the ideas that are being promulgated…

Heather and I encountered the post-modern stuff in 1992 at the University of California Santa Cruz. We took an anthropology class that described itself as about evolution, and it took a post-modern take on evolution.

Those ideas have been morphing and bubbling through a quadrant of the university system since that point, and of course a bit before.

Each cohort that has encountered them has wielded them in some circumstances. And those arguments that were hard to defeat persisted, and those arguments that were easy to defeat have perished. Which means that the new crop of students shows up and they’re handed this toolkit of argument that are incredibly hard to confront — not because they’re true but because of the way that they’re structured, they’re built.

Each of these definitions can’t be pinned down. You can’t figure out what they mean be ‘equity.’

On the other hand, if you start asking questions about equity you’re going to run afoul of a booby-trap that’s gonna have you portrayed as a white supremacist. So that is a very potent combination. It is brilliant, but it isn’t brilliant on the part of those wielding those arguments, it is that selection has weeded out those parts that didn’t work.

I think that is what we are up against, and it is very frustrating, I would argue it is a mistake to, just because that movement looks so full of foolishness, to dismiss the structure as foolish, it is much stronger than you would imagine… it is wise in the way that a dragonfly is wise.

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