Comey the Homey … recycles like a delinquent, prodigal, step-child who keeps returning to plague us.

Enough now!


Gowdy even took aim at Comey’s book, smugly titled “A Higher Loyalty,” after the former director dodged any criminal charges, though in a seemingly narrow manner. “If that is your goal in life to just not meet every essential element of a criminal offense and you think you should be congratulated and apologized to simply because you were not indicted, you better give back some of those ‘Higher Loyalty’ speaking fees,” Gowdy said.

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For a look at the other side of IG Horowitz’ report (elephant), here it is …

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”zzz Ghomert the other side of the IG’s Elephant”]

Comey … you’ve been dragg’n your gagg’n  bulls**t across our horizons and through the media “ad nauseam.”  Shut up and take the place you’ve earned with the likes of  Earl Edwin Pitts, Richard Miller, Robert Hanssen and others like …

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”zzz35,000 FBI Employees that Leaking Intel is O”]

The remainder of our comments and feelings are, for the moment, silent, personal and anguished!

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