UTA & Utah’s Leaders, Legislators, Regulators, Prosecutors & The Toothless Pusillanimous Pup Award

Here comes UTA again????  Again???? and Again ????

The Office of The United States Attorney, Utah Leaders, Legislators, Regulators, and Prosecutors get The Ole’ Buzzard’s  Toothless Pusillanimous Pup Award.  Watch out Utah Policy.com, you’ve got competition.  The Utah Transit Authority is back again …

… and … Lee Davidson of the Tribune nailed it again.

[pdf-embedder url=”https://justice4all.blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/zUTA-spent-nearly-500000-on-food-in-a-year-calling-into-question-use-of-public-money-The-Salt-Lake-Tribune.pdf” title=”zUTA spent nearly $500,000 on food in a year, calling into question use of public money – The Salt Lake Tribune”]

For how many times and for how long are ya’ll going to keep plastering lipstick on that same ole’ pig? 

What a mess!  The cleaners have had a “whack” at UTA … namely United States Attorney John Huber , Utah’s Gregg Bell,  Rep. Mike Schultz and others … all have been abject failures at their charter and responsibility to “fix” UTA.

Bell, a former lieutenant governor who is now president and CEO of the Utah Hospital Association and a columnist for the Deseret News, said his top priority is building trust in the agency (UTA) among the public and policymakers. “First and foremost … we want to establish our good name with our stakeholders. ….  Bell’s plan for helping the agency move forward is making sure UTA stays up front about what’s going on. “The best antiseptic is fresh air. And so transparency has got to be a very high priority for this board and this organization,” he said. “We’re just very open. We’re a public agency.”   ‘Establish our good name’ By Lisa Riley Roche @dnewspolitics
Published: December 17, 2017 6:27 pm  (Don’t they … the Goodfellas … know that we know the above is nothing other than bluff, blarney and bull shit?)

And … has the reader ever heard a more politically platitudinous comment than the following?  “Rep. Mike Schultz, R-Hooper, the House sponsor of the UTA reform law, said some spending on food is normal and useful for businesses and governments — but UTA’s totals sound a bit high. So he is asking the agency for more information.”

“Sound a bit high?  Sound a bit high? Sound a bit high?”

      • UTA, a cornucopia of corruption, Bonuses totaling $870K to $1.74 million per year since 2012… high UTA executive salaries and bonuses, extensive international travel, sweetheart deals with developers and abandoned attempts to close transit board committee meetings to the public, federal investigation into current and former UTA officials and real-estate deals. Damage Control by Greg Bell
      • Amid complaints about $2 billion debt, UTA board approves borrowing $88.5 million more The budget includes no anticipated passenger fare hikes. Amid complaints about $2 billion debt, UTA board approves borrowing $88.5 million more Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune
      • The biggest individual bonuses for executives rose to $30,000 each, up from $25,000. That came on top of compensation packages, including benefits, that in some cases already topped $300,000 a person.

Have a “walk about” the State … stop, listen and look through the ears and eyes of average Utah wage earners and their budgets.  Have a listen and look from the perspective of $9-15 an hour, Utah wage earners who are every day “… another day older and deeper in debt.”

So sad …

… seems as though nobody wants to see any of their favorite, Utah Goodfellas in Orange Jumpsuits picking up cigarette butts and Coors Beer cans along the highway.  We conjecture that the political and cultural incestuousness that these Goodfellas enjoy … (We believe everybody in this State keeps little “black books” on everybody else.) … insures their perpetual insulation from prosecution.

So clean away peer to peer and Goodfella to Goodfella!  UTA will live on to shame, defame and corrupt another day.

“The Ole’ Buzzard”
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who is striking at the root.”
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