Top Ten Leader-Legislators On The Take From Energy Solutions

The Top 10 On the Take from Energy Solutions

Reyes, Adams, Bramble, Wilson, Stevenson, Okerlund, Knotwell, Gibson, Vickers, Dunnigan

Oh well … what the hell … here’s all of them. 2 Pages worth. You count ’em … WOW!

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Here’s today’s headline … 08.07.19 … from the Tribune …

Nuclear waste shipments to Nevada never passed through Utah, Gov. Herbert says!

Excellent article on a Hot Button issue with a fine reporter doing the work … Lee Davidson.  Everybody seems to be grousing about “Did it (nuclear waste) or did it not” pass through Utah.  Or one might conjecture, “Will it or will it not” pass through Utah.

Well … the Ole’ Buzzard’s take on it is … “When is the last time we could trust Herbert or his legislative Goodfellas to tell us the truth about anything Nuclear?”  Really now … would they bite the hand that feeds them so well?

The World of Nuclear Waste Disposal revolves around Energy Solutions.  

3/21/19 Update … Governor “I’m Available Jones” Herbert’s pitiful, weak-kneed response to the bill was to let it slide.  He said,“I have allowed HB 220, Radioactive Waste Amendments to become law without my signature.”  And his reservations were, “… about how this legislation came forward.”  Who wouldn’t have had such “reservations”?

Herbert, having previously “grifted” Energy Solutions a whole heap of cash to the tune of$1.7M, couldn’t bring himself to veto the bill because he also has shamefully taken a lot of money from special interests.

Utah’s legions of legislative quislings and Hatchlings have followed the “Available Jones’” and Orrin Hatch model by “grifting” a lot from Energy Solutions, Big Tobacco and others just for starters.

We suspect that Herbert was “twisted” to not veto the bill and conflicted if he were to sign it.  So … in the alternative…

Herbert whimpered to the Legislature, “… reservations about how this legislation came forward” yet he failed to “Man Up!” and couldn’t because he’s compromised all ’round. 

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Herbert’s patronage of Energy Solutions can be rewarded through “back doors” ​beyond public scrutiny.  From Vote Smart we find “Energy & Natural Resources​ contributions to Herbert of ​$172,500.00​” and $821,713.74​ that are “Uncoded.”  

How the bill came forward is reflected in and demonstrated by the summary of payments from Energy Solutions to the following legislators …

… with the two courageous exceptions of Iwamoto and Kitchen …   

Energy Solutions paid off the following Senate Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Committee members who pushed and passed the justifiably contested Nuclear Waste bill HB0220S03 on Feb 6. 

Reading from Lee’s article …

“Ashley Soltysiak, director of the Utah Sierra Club, said “what we saw was a really very incomplete answer” from the governor to concerns environmental groups raised.  She noted they also complained that DOE earlier this year revealed it had quietly shipped a half metric ton of weapons-grade plutonium from South Carolina to Nevada last year despite the latter state’s protest. They also asked Herbert to join Nevada and New Mexico to protest storing spend nuclear rods in their states. She said he was silent on all that.

“We are just hopeful to hear more from the governor on these issues. They are really pressing public issues that we feel like he has an obligation to be vocal about,” she said.

Steve Erickson, an activist who volunteers with the Citizens Education Project, said that while the mislabeled radioactive waste didn’t come through Utah, “other shipments do all the time” and said the state needs to better explain how safety and security are protected.

Also about fighting shipment of spent nuclear fuel to the West, he said, “We need to hang with our neighbors or risk hanging separately with the consequences, to paraphrase Benjamin Franklin.”

Ya’ll just don’t get it …

Oh you’re bright and well educated right off the scales in certain ways.  However, until such time as you get down and sort through the “Road Kill” with The Ole’ Buzzard and “stink it up” a bit, the Goodfellas will continue to prevaricate, procrastinate, deflect, dissemble and lie, lie, lie!

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